Summer Infant Baby's Quiet Sounds Video Monitor with 5" Screen
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Product Description

Large, 5 black and white picture displayNight vision allows parent to see baby in darkened room900 MHz technology for superior clarity and rangeTwo channel selection5 LED sound lightsVideo on/off button for nighttime convenience2 A/C adapters350 range02184 Also available in three language packaging

  • Large, 5? B&W picture display with night vision
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and 350? range
  • Video on/off button for nighttime convenience
  • LED sound lights to see and hear baby?s every sound
  • Two channel selection to minimize interference

Customer Reviews:

  • waste of money
    I bought this camers cause i had a very premature baby.I had a diffrent brand with my son and i loved it worked great but boys will be boys he broke it.picked it up and threw it so ihad to buy another one when my daughter came home from the hospital.i couldn't find the same one,So i bought this one didn't have it two weeks and the screen went out on it all i get is ablack screen and the recepition is bad its always making funky noises.But i didn't take insurance out on it so i couldn't return it.So here i am tring to find another with out wasting a hundred and some dollars...more info
  • Horrible product!!!
    I received this product as a gift from Target and it DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. The picture is OK most of the time, but there was so much static, that I had to keep the volume down all the way. I tried to return it to Target, but they wouldn't take it back so now I am stuck with this $100 piece of junk. I wish the product would have come from Amazon so I could get my money back. This product stinks! ...more info
  • Not worth the money.
    I had this monitor for the first 6 months of my sons life. That was untill the screen suddenly stopped working. From the start, my husband complained about the constant buzzing sound the it made. We ended up with a Sony monitor that is voice activated and love it....more info
  • worth it for piece of mind!
    We began with the typical audio monitors, but upgraded to video once we entered the 'cry it out' stage. I recommend this monitor to all my mommys-to-be, because I love being able to see WHY he is a foot caught? has he vomited? is he just being stubborn? Our 'camera' is in an upstairs bedroom, and the monitor is downstairs. There IS a bit of interference, but I think no more than can be expected, expecially in our neighborhood with house alarms, garage door openers and the like so close together.
    Well worth the money....more info
  • I enjoyed watching my daughter on this monitor
    I have used this monitor for 2 years of my daughters life. The first year it worked pretty good, I could see if she was lieing down, playing, or standing with a little static. Now it is 2 years old and it shows more static, but I can still see if she is lieing down, playing, or standing. I recommend this for the parnet that wants to see their child and not just hear.

    I just wish it had a record button, becuase watching her play alone was soooo cute....more info
  • GREAT monitor
    This is our second monitor. The first is still in use by our first born. This one is used by our newborn girl. I can not recommend this product enough for parents....more info
  • Didn't Last Long
    The product worked great while it lasted but after a year, the video quit working (the audio still works). We were very disappointed especially because of the amount of money we paid for it. ...more info
  • Horrible Product!
    My husband and I originally bought this item by mistake at Babies 'R Us. It was on the wrong shelf and we thought it was $100, but when we went through checkout, we found out it was more, but decided to just go ahead and get this one anyway. When we got home and tried it out the screen had a big fuzzy black line in the middle of it. We figured it was just a bad one and we would take it back into the store and return it. Later that week we took it to the store and returned it. Brought it back home, tried it out and this one, the screen was totally messed up! Well, we really wanted this particular monitor because of the features it had, so we were going to try once more. We took it back to the store and this time we asked them if we could try it out before we drove all the way home. They agreed and they ended up trying out about 3 before we finally realized that this product is just horrible! They said it must have been a bad shipment, but still!
    One good thing, the store was very cooperative and apologetic. ...more info
  • Good monitor, bad audio
    This is a decent concept but the makers fell short on design when they included such cheap audio electronics. The monitor and video quality are as expected - black and white CRT screen with a vertical hold adjuster, which you'll need to use just like the old days of black and white TV. Nighttime vision is OK but I have seen better IR illumination on cameras.

    The main problem is that the microphone is set to such a sensitive level that there is no way to avoid noise on the other end. There is no way to turn the sound down to an acceptable level on the reciever, so you must turn the sound off to avoid the nuisance of constant static and buzzing. The sensitivity overload is further enhanced by the blinking red lights (visual cue to sound) that blink constantly, even when there is silence by the microphone.

    Since bad audio reception and static are the main consumer complaints about these types of products, I recommend avoiding this unit until they can figure out the audio issues. If you're just looking for good video coverage for cheap, then this might be a good unit for you....more info
  • Been using this for 3 years
    We have been using this monitor for over three years. This is actually our second. The first one we had for two years and the video stopped working (but I also dropped it). I called Summer Bend and told them about it and since it was past the warranty they couldn't give me a free one, but they told me to send it in and then they sent me a new one for $35. I thought it was very nice of them. Every once in a while we get a little static, but figured it was because there was too much in between the camera and the video, so we just put the video monitor a little higher to bypass the interference and it works perfectly. I love it and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Worked great! for a while...
    I have had my monitor for just over two years and I don't think that I could have lived without it. My daughter's bedroom is on a different floor and the monitor always gave me peace of mind that she was ok. It also is great to be able to confirm that she is actually sleeping instead of playing at naptime.
    BUT.. the monitor screen just went out yesterday (the audio is fine) and it will cost ~$50 to replace it. For me it will be worth the money, but just beware that the screen may need to be replaced after a few years....more info
  • Wonderful
    I received this monitor as a gift and I love it. It gives me an amazingly clear picture and lets me see why my daughter is crying or if there is anything bothering her. I totally recommend this monitor. I wouldve been driving myself crazy without....more info
  • Love it!!!!
    The monitor is great! the image is b/w but very good. The only problem I see is the audio which is not too clear, but it really does the job and I think the price is very good compared to others....more info
  • Not Terrible, Not Great
    I have been using this monitor for 10 months now, however we only use it for the video function. We had chosen this monitor because it had the option to view the baby on the video or turn the video off and just use the audio monitor during the night, but this is not an option for us. The video works wonderfully, even with the night vision, however the audio is terrible. The first night I used the audio function by itself, I woke up to my baby screaming in the other room, but nothing coming out of the monitor. The next night I tested it and found that if you move it around so you don't hear constant (LOUD) static, you hear nothing. So I now use a separate monitor for audio (sights and sounds and I LOVE it) and use the video only when I need to take a peek at what my son is doing in his crib. I find the video very helpful for knowing when I need to go in and soothe him, or when he is just playing or just fussing a little before bed. If you choose to buy this monitor, be sure to use another means for listening for your baby....more info
  • Works great!
    I have used this monitor for over 4 years on a daily/nightly basis. I think it has been great. The only thing that went wrong with ours was that the antenna broke off. We soddered it back on and it has been fine. We have moved the camera fromm different rooms and different places in our house and have had great reception. But you get great picture and sound. I can usually understand everything my son is saying or crying about when I listen. ...more info