Canon CB-2LW Battery Charger for NB-2L and NB2LH Batteries
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Product Description

CB-2LW Battery Charger for Canon PowerShot S80

The Canon CB-2LW Compact Battery Charger is designed to take full advantage of high-capacity rechargeable batteries. The CB-2LW has been specially designed to charge Canon NB-2L and NB-2LH batteries, and runs on 100-240 volts of AC power. Easy to use, this compact battery charger weighs only 2.4 ounces and measures 2.2 x 0.9 x 3.6 inches (W x D x H).

  • Allows you to take full advantage of high-capacity rechargeable batteries
  • Specially designed to charge Canon NB-2L and NB-2LH batteries
  • Easy to use; compact battery charger weighs only 2.4 ounces
  • Measures 2.2 x 0.9 x 3.6 inches (W x D x H)

Customer Reviews:

  • This is the only one!
    As a professional cinematographer, I know batteries. The convenience in using these little chargers is unbeatable. Rather than have a big base AND a separate, almost-as-big power supply, you've a little thing that you can throw in your shoulder bag. Self contained, self monitoring, these are fantastic! It is SO much easier to keep your precious batteries charged now than anytime in the past.
    Go with this Canon OEM charger. It is well designed, well made, is not that much more expensive and is very much worth it....more info
  • Great charger!
    I lost the charger that came with my rebel xti so I purchased this to replace it. It appears to be the exact charger that comes with the camera. Works great!...more info
  • Canon Battery Charger
    THis is a great Canon battery Charger. I lost my original one, and this is the same exact one as what came with the camera/...more info
  • Canon charger for digital camery battery
    Excellent product - lightweight, small, and works over a range of voltages, so no transformer is needed. Would definitely buy again....more info
  • Not able to charge!!!
    I'm terribly dissappointed in the Cannon CB-2LW charger for NB-2L and NB2LK batteries. I have three NB-2L's and this charger cannot charge either one of them at all. Even the replacement charger couldn't charge any one of them. I'm not sure how the specifications can claim that it is for an NB-2L, because it clearly doesn't work....more info
  • great battery charger!
    I ordered this one to replace my missing orginal battery. It works flawlessly and shipping was right on time....more info
  • Quality product
    Easy to use, fast recharger for the Canon NB-2L battery. My only wish is that they had a model that would recharge more than one battery at once, since I have multiple batteries....more info
  • Works Great
    I bought this charger and an extra battery for my Canon HV30. The charger is compact and allows for a second charger to still be plugged into the same outlet. It functions fine with the Canon BP-2L13 and BP-2L14 battery packs.

    I bought this charger because I wanted a second battery for long trips and with the HV30 no charger is included. The HV30 will charge the battery through the camera when plugged in. While I don't if this has any ill long term effects on the camera, I know that it takes much longer to charge the battery that way.

    This charger gets my batteries juiced much quicker than via the camera and allows me to still use the camera while charging my backup. If you are unsure if you need the charger because of a similar situation, I would say it is well worth it, not only for convenience, but to get your battery sooner when in a pinch....more info
  • well design and built
    Trying to save a few bucks for cheap charger, end up paid more than double. The first one no brand charger were $19 with shipping and all end up $25 and it did not work. I charge the battery for 3 hrs and the battery still not charged. Throw in the trash. This charger appeared that no body ever bought them because there were no customers review what so ever. The 2nd charger is also a cheap one but it has 2 customers reviewed and was a positive review and cost $12 shipping and all was $16. This cheap charger charged the battery fine. Except, it big. It about the same size as the first charger. In that same week I decide to buy the Canon charger $36 with shipping and all $40. The Canon charger win hand down on all counts. Well designed, slim and fast charging. The other no brand chargers bigger than the Canon charger twice the size. I wished I had bought the Canon charger from the start. Oh well live and learn....more info
  • Canon CHARGER for my EOS
    I found this charger easy to use, easy to carry, and quick. I love Canon products and Amazon makes my life easier....more info
  • A Battery Charger That Works
    I had lost the battery cvharget that came with my Canon Ditial Rebel 350 and so I needed to replace it. this charger works just fine....more info
  • Canon battery charger
    This isn't so much about the battery charger because it does what it is supposed to do, but more about the seller. This was a VERY fast turn around for delivery, and the pricing was better than at Dell or Canon directly. So thank you for the great saving. As for the charger its self, it is small, compact and charges the battery quickly. It has a small LED light to indicate charge status, red for charging, green for done. it is small enough to keep in and accessory bag, and it has a collapsible. Excellent design....more info
  • Worked in China for me
    I took this with me on a recent trip to China. Because it is multiple voltage compatible, all I needed was a plug adapter. I charged up the batteries overnight and was ready in the morning. Like some of the other Canon chargers, the actual prongs can be flipped down when not in use, so they won't stick out and catch on something....more info
  • Buy Canon not a knock off
    I originally had saved a couple of bucks and bought an off brand charger. It died in 3 months. The Canon is proving to be more reliable AND it's better designed....more info
  • Just what I ordered?
    Thanks a bunch for providing exactly what I was looking for...more info
  • Excellent Charger!
    Great Charger

    Trusted Canon Brand
    Light, Compact and easy to take on trips
    Charges Battery Faster than My camcorder's plug in adapter
    Saves room so you don't have to take your camera AC adapter on trips (for my Camcorder HV20)
    Charges a variety of battery pack for the newer Canon Camcorders as well as some Digital SLRs

    None...more info
  • Sleek Design
    Its light & sleek in design. It charges fast than charging battery in camcorder itself with AC Adapter. No chords no hassles....more info
  • What can I say? It's a battery charger
    It's the charger that I need for my camera and it seems to work fine. If this is the charger you need then I would buy it. If I lose my charger again, I'm sure that I'll purchase this one again. Good enough for you?...more info
  • Excellent product
    This is an excellent product. We had purchased another "non-brand" battery charger for less money and it stopped working on the first trip we took it on. This Canon charger is small and compact and easy to pack.
    It doesn't have a bulky cord (plugs directly into a wall outlet)and works well. We are very pleased with it....more info
  • Fast and easy
    Excellent value! This product recharges my camcorder battery in less than 30 minutes. Being able to buy it through Amazon is an added bonus. I definitely recommend this charger....more info
  • Fantastic, light-weight charger which charges quickly
    Fantastic charger. Very light-weight. Charges quickly. This batter charger charges NB-2L and NB2LH Batteries, used on many Canon digital cameras. Since the cameras come with this charger, I do not see why most people would purchase this one, unless they lose or break their original one. This battery and charger are fantastic. I could shoot photos for four days of touring, which was very nice after my luggage got stolen. My battery and back-up which was in my pocket, lasted for the rest of my vacation. ...more info
  • Charging light is BEST selling point
    I lost my original Canon digital camera battery charger and needed a replacement, so I ordered the manufacturer's version despite it's greater cost because of the handy charging light. It's hard to see, but just above the battery slot, there's a small light that turns red while you're charging it, and then it turns green when the battery is fully charged. This simple added feature makes this charger worth the extra cost to me as I hate wasting energy unnecessarily and also can't stand it when I think something's charged long enough, but in fact it's not. This light eliminates the guessing game. I'd give it 5-stars if it were less expensive, but it's worth the difference....more info
  • Very handy charger
    This charger is very handy. No cord, just plugs in socket
    Easy to carry in camera bag or suitcase....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I forgot my main charger back in India while travelling to USA and Ordered this product, I am extremely happy with this product and I will recommend this product. I got this product little below 35$.It takes little longer to charge battery but does not matter for me.
    Pros: Very Handy, Light and compact. Very useful especially when you have extra set of battery. You can use one and keep other on charging.

    Cons: Not found any yet....more info
  • Love my canon camera and accessories
    When I lost my canon eos battery charger on vacation, I was devasted as I use my camera frequently and knew the charger would be needed very soon. I tried ordering another brand (cheaper), and the product didn't even work. Needless to say, I was extremely happy to get my canon battery charger. ...more info