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Timex Men's Ironman Data Link USB Watch #T53722
List Price: $89.95

Our Price: $55.00

You Save: $34.95 (39%)


Product Description

Keep yourself sharp when training for that 10K race (or just trying to lose a couple pounds) and keep yourself on time for important appointments with the Timex T53722 Data Link USB Ironman digital watch. It combines the convenience of a personal organizer with the performance of a full-function, digital timepiece, and it easily connects to your PC for synchronization of schedules as well as timing data. It features a matte resin body with metallic top ring, durable polyurethane strap, crown for easy setting, 2-year battery life, and water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet).

Sport training features include a 200-lap chronograph with multiple session memory, multiple countdown timers with labels, multi-event interval timers, and dual setting options. The included software works with Microsoft Outlook for Windows PCs (Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, and XP), and it enables you to set hundreds of alarms, timers, and interval timers as well as choose custom sounds.

The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The Night Mode feature allows you to illuminate the Indiglo night-light for 3 seconds with any button press, regardless of the mode or function.

What's in the Box
Sport watch, mini-CD with software, USB cable, printed instruction manual

  • Quartz movement
  • Connects to PC; data link USB; works with MICROSOFT OUTLOOK
  • 2 lap sports chronograph
  • Easy-to-read large digit display; mulit-event timer
  • INDIGLO? night-light

Customer Reviews:

  • Great watch
    The watch is working great. I enjoy the easy update of info from my computer....more info
  • Excellent watch but battery runs out quickly.
    I bought this watch earlier this yr, and the battery is now dead. Strap also needs to be adjusted, which costs $12-15, as amazon ships the watch with largest possible strap. I love the multiple alarm function. The watch UI cud have been better. However i do think that watch provides full value for money.
    even with the strap exchange, it is worth the money, but i am not sure how much it will cost to change the battery and how often. Ideally, the watch should be shipped with "new" battery....more info
  • Better than earlier Data Link's !!
    I have owned Data Link's for quite a while I love the new version I like the alarm feature to set for only weekdays
    I recommend this watch!!!

    Santos in San Antonio...more info
  • Phenomenal, but with problems...
    This watch is phenomenal. I wish they would have kept on evolving this model. It has unlimited expandability, however it does have some negatives. First, my crown (the pull in/out setting mechanism) broke after 3 months. It no longer turns on the light, nor acknowledges I pulled it out. I have to set the watch through the computer and it limits the programs I can use on the watch. The other is the developer community has dried up for this thing. Nothing really new that I can see out there. I have some great ideas for 2 programs, but just don't have the time to make them.

    It would have been great for them to keep up the work on this and make it a little less "cheap" looking. Also, add a full higher res fully graphic LCD and it could get very interesting.

    It gets 4 stars for being great, but breaking too easily... Great first try at this type of watch!...more info
  • Helps my son be more independent
    My son suffered a brain injury almost 10 years ago, resulting in short term memory loss, problems keeping to his schedule etc. We tried many different things to help him be more independent and the Data Link watch has been the best. We can set several alarms for different times a day and different days of the week and know he 'll be reminded (with the scrolling message) what to do. He can also store important phone numbers, contacts and special days to remember. I like the fact that I can do all the adding to and editting of his schedule etc from my laptop. This is his second data link watch. When we thought he'd lost his first one, I immediately ordered a second one. Luckily, his first one showed up, and now he has a back up for those times when he can't remember where he put his other one!...more info
  • Timex Men's Ironman Data Link USB Watch (Battery dead twice!)
    Original & replacement Watch failed: Battery is dead!

    I called Timex directly and they offered to supply a replacement for the twice failed order from Amazon.

    Timex suspected that Amazon watch batteries were old.
    Hopefully the third watch direct from Timex will work!...more info
  • The indiglo light crashed on the second day...
    I bought this watch because it seemed to have a lot of nice functions...
    The problem was that the background Indiglo light stopped working during the second day of purchase... I am extremely disappointed of this Timex watch... I thought it would be a nice item but it wasn't...
    Now it is more expensive for me to return the watch than buy a new one due to the shipping cost! Now I will have to use it only for daily tasks! I already tried all the possible light configurations and it isn't working at ALL!! It is a shame......more info
  • Advice to Buyers
    I was confused trying to find out about the various styles of this watch. If you go to the Timex website you'll see there are two "models", the T53722 (silver) and 5C291 (black with silver band). The only differences are between color, and that's it. Any other IronMan data watch you find will be an older, discontinued model, no longer produced by Timex. This is the information I got from customer service today (march 11th). Nice watch!...more info
  • Great Watch
    I actually have an older version of this watch,but i have concidered updating it because its such a good watch.For exsample when the battery goes flat,all you do is load the data from your PC.That includes the time and all the alarms and phone numbers you may want to store in it.Rather than fiddling around with buttons for half an hour trying to set the time etc.Its so much easier to do all that on your PC.The reason i have not updated is because my old one still works fine.This has all the features you would want,and more.
    ...more info
  • Great Watch
    This is a great watch! I love it. I'm on my second one now...the sound on the first one stopped working, and I chose to buy another one instead of getting it fixed. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Data Link replacement
    I already have an older Timex Data Link watch that I purchased in 1997 that still works fine. The original worked by transfering data through a flashing analog monitor and it does not work with the newer LCD monitors. I had been thinking of replacing it with another because I was tired of bringing out the old computer just to update the information in my watch. When I saw that Amazon has the newer USB Data Links for only $5 more than what paid for mine in 1997 I decided it is now time to buy one.
    Even in these days of PDAs and PDA cell phones, if you wear a watch this one is still worth having. It's convenient having Phone numbers, other contact information and other downloadable information with you at all times without having to lug an expensive PDA around. The alarms, stop watch and countdown timers very useful and I find myself using them almost daily. The USB Data Link has more features than the older models and as Im getting adjusted to this newer model, I find that I am using these features more often.
    I'm surprised that these watches aren't more popular. Originaly, since the price was higher than an average watch and the technology was new it was hard to justify the extra cost. Now that the price is in line with watches without features, maybe Timex should now try to market these more....more info
  • Great Watch at a Great Price
    I've been looking for a watch like this for years. This watch is great. I used to have a Casio Forester. I could save up to 20 phone numbers in it. I quickly out grew it, always having to take numbers out to add new ones. Also, it didn't look very professional all blinking, flashing and stuff. I always felt a little silly wearing it in the work setting.

    To start off with, my Timex Data Link 5C291 looks great! Sporty yet professional enough with the metal band. To date, I've put over 100 phone numbers in it and haven't even gotten near 50% of its memory storage. I also use it at work to download my MS Outlook schedule & contacts list. It is so simple and I have set it up to auto update whenever I connect the watch to the computer. All my co-workers schlep there PDAs around with them to do what this watch does. Of course, my timex can't do everything their PDA does but most of them never use it beyond finding phone numbers and checking their schedule.

    I also love the flexibility of setting up the menus. I've customized it so that I can get the info I want fast and don't have to scroll through unwanted menus or functions. The software works well and is easy to learn and use. I'm using Windows XP at work that is connected to an office network. This is the best designed digital product I've ever purchased. This watch is a steal for the price.

    Wish List
    I do wish that there were a few additions. I've looked into the added 3rd party programs that can be downloaded to the watch and found them for the most part just toys. It would be nice if there were some more useful applications beyond just what Timex created. Also, the watch only works on one computer. That means either your work computer or your home computer. It can sometimes be a little of a hassle waiting to get to work to add a personal phone number. Another limiting function is when contacts are added to the watch from MS Outlook they are brought in last name first. I don't always know the last name of my contacts and it can be difficult and time consuming to find them when this is the case. That's it. Everything else is awesome.

    In short, this is a great watch and well worth the money. Forget the PDA, too much of a hassle. Carry it all in your watch....more info
  • Great functions but short band and battery life
    This watch truly is a PDA on your wrist. The number of alams/appointments/notes that you can set is limited only by the generous 32k of memory. 32k doesn't seem like much, but for a watch it ALOT.

    My favorite feature are the appointments that you can set. It allows you to set an alarm (one-time, weekly, monthly, yearly, weekends, week-days), along with a note-reminder so that you can remember what it is for, and with a customizable reminder (1-hour before appointment, 2-hours etc). Awesome feature and this is the ONLY watch that I've seen with this feature.
    You can also set notes with a 2-alphanumeric password. Good for storing license plate numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers etc.
    Customizable menus. Only keep the menus you want and put them in the order you want.
    Multiple countdown timers. I have ones set for 2,5,10,15,20,30 minutes as well as multiple hour countdown timers.
    USB connectivity works well, I've never had any problems.
    Indiglo night light.
    Waterproof to 100m. I wear my watch everywhere. In the shower, pool, etc.

    Battery only last about 1 to 1 1/2 years. I've had to replace mine 3 or 4 times now. Also, your local Wal-Mart will not do it (too complicated) so you have to take it to a jeweler.
    Watch band is proprietary. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid Timex! It is a 19mm band, but it has silly projections that require a one-of-a-kind band. (Look at the picture, the black part is the band - see how it projects into the silver watch face area?). Only carries these custom bands and they seem to always be "out of stock". I have gone through 3 bands now (mine just broke again!)
    Cheap metallic finish flakes off after about 1 year and look cheap.
    I have had several of the screws on the front face come off (notice the 4 screws on the corners of the face?). However, it hasn't negatively affected the watch.
    The face scratches a little easier than other watches. No biggie. Just use some superfine sandpaper or a fingernail buffer.

    Probably. I've been spoiled by the appointment and multiple countdowns and all the other watches with multiple alarms seem to start off at around $45. However, I will order multiple replacement bands as soon as they are in stock again!
    ...more info
  • Perfect, except for ...
    Syncs perfectly with Outlook. Haven't missed a meeting since I began wearing the Data Link. Love it except for the band. It's very wide and my wrist sweats a bit under it. It doesn't seem very durable and I'm dreading the day it breaks and I have to find a replacement. ...more info
  • Great watch
    This is my third databank watch and I really like them. Quality isn't great but the price is reasonably low so it works out. I can keep my cell phone and watch in sync easily. The watch is water resistant so I swim with it on and have no ill effects. The case is very cheap and subject to easy damage if not treated carefully. The last one I had I put in my pocket while in a duck blind and the combination of moisture and friction destroyed the surface finish. The watch, however, continued to work for over a year (still does actually). So if you want to have a wrist mounted PDA function, I haven't found a better price/performer than this one. ...more info
  • A once great idea, pretty much abandoned
    I loved the original DataLink watches with the software plugin to MS Outlook and the ability to program it just by holding it up in front of your monitor. I realize the technology has changed and accept the compromise of a USB cable, but it seems Timex really has no more interest in maintaining the product line. The software hasn't been updated in over five years, nor has product design. I guess it's a niche product and most people get this functionality on their cell phones these days. The cable is difficult to connect while wearing the watch. iCal events can't be imported to Appointments (only "schedules" which don't support alarms, etc. I don't have Outlook, so can't say whether the software can still reasonably import an exported calendar file from it. But it's not really usable with Lotus Notes or GMail calendar....more info
  • A Useful and Stylish Watch
    I've owned a number of Timex Data link watches and loved each one. This particular watch is a true unisex watch. It is a wonderful fit on my wrist. Timex attention to detail has created a band that links into a small tab to keep the band from flopping if you have a smaller wrist, yet it's large enough for a big wrist.

    Here are some of the things I love about this watch:

    It has ten alarms (few watches have that many)
    It helps me plan and execute my workouts to the minute.
    Numerous timers
    Helps me keep appointments
    Is a good, yet simple and basic organizer
    Keeps accurate time
    Easy to read
    Different sounds to suit your mood
    Loud enough to easily hear yet not too loud
    Easy one glance view of date and time
    Easy to set with PC and not bad without one
    Holds lots of data
    Comfortable to wear
    Great service from the company should you need it

    That's enough for starters. I've only had trouble with one Data link. It got moisture under the crystal. Not sure what caused it. That's the only Data link that's done that. It's in for repair now.

    Also, these watches go through the batteries, which are about $10 each where I live. If you don't use many alarms or timers, etc, the battery should last two years. But, if you're like me and use the watch for lots of things and depend on the alarms and timers and occasional light, you may need to buy a battery at least once a year.

    This is a rugged watch and should give you many years of great service. The price of the watch on Amazon at this time is an exceptional value. In a range of $48 to about $54, the watch is half or less the actual retail as I write this.

    Highly recommended.

    - Susanna K. Hutcheson...more info
  • Rating my purchase
  • it was a good transaction
    it was a good transaction. I like my new watch and I got it at a good price....more info
  • The Timex Data Watch #T53722
    This is the best watch I found for the money. I don't have a cell phone and I have a terrible time remembering phone numbers. This watch will let you store the works, phone numbers, occassions, memo, timer, alarms, etc.

    This is my third one. I can put all the info on my computer and just download it to my watch in seconds.

    The only complaint I have is that it does go through the batteries, They last about a year and then the band falls apart in 14-15 months. I repalced everything within 15 months and then the face cover screws disappeared. From that point on when the battery goes just buy a new watch....more info
  • Love it!
    Simply put, this watch is great. My friends call it my James Bond watch. But seriously, it's a great watch, and you can customize it a lot.

    Best thing though: I don't miss meeting and appointments anymore.

    It's great!...more info
  • Nice Watch
    I have been using this product for years. I just needed to replace the ones that broke....more info
  • Best Watch
    Second one of these watches I've had and love them.
    Amazom had the best price around....more info