Panasonic BB-HGW700A Network Camera Router
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Product Description

Network setup is simple, as the camera management system automatically configures up to 16 Panasonic network cameras (IP address, port number, etc.), enables Internet access, creates a custom portal page and enables multi-level security control. A customized, flexible network for your computing environment is made possible by 802.11b/g wireless communication as well as four switched Ethernet connections. The system automatically configures the network connection for up to 128 computers or devices, and additional devices can be manually added.Buying additional broadband accounts and installing new wiring to get all of your network devices online is costly and cumbersome. With a Panasonic network, you can simplify the process by connecting multiple devices to the Internet through a single cable or DSL line.The camera management system's built-in firewall helps protect every network computer from hackers. Use the system with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server to access a corporate or secure network. You can also customize the firewall to best suit the needs of your home or small business.The Camera Management System is compatible with standard 802.11b/g wireless devices, giving you the flexibility to add many standard devices to your network. Powerful 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption helps protect your wireless network from illegal intrusion. The system can use SSID, stealth SSID (hidden SSID, permitting/not permitting connection using the ANY key), MAC address filtering and open system/shared key exchange to limit access to the wireless network.The BB-HGW700A automatically adds the image from up to 16 cameras on a single web page which can be used from a local network or even the Internet. For easy access, just click a camera image on the camera portal page and that camera's individual screen will open allowing you to view and control that camera easily.

  • Connect Multiple Devices Through a Single Line
  • Protect Your Network with the Built-in Firewall
  • Easy Monitoring on the Camera Portal Page
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Router
    This Panasonic router works very well. I had to call their toll free number two or three times for help. They stayed on the telephone for nearly two hours each time and guided me through the installation and trouble shooting....more info
  • Better than the others
    I've used Linksys and DLink wireless routers for years. I wanted easy remote access to network cameras at my home and this did that trick. It also has better VOIP forwarding performance and has turned out to be more reliable than either of the popular brands listed above. A great product that I'll use in the future with or without cameras....more info