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Space Quest Collection
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Product Description

Space Quest Collection brings together the classic adventures of Roger Wilco, the janitor who saves the universe and gets nothing but trouble for it. The funny, goofy parodies of old sci-fi and modern pop culture are all here, in one great game package. Features: Space Quest 6 - The Spinal Frontier

  • 6 games: The Sarien Encounter, Vohaul's Revenge, The Pirates of Pestulon, Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers, The Next Mutation, and The Spinal Frontier.

Customer Reviews:

  • Old school fun
    Bought this because I grew up playing the games - it's great and convenient to have all the games AND manual on the same CD. This is a classic set and only true gamers would appreciate this. Highly Reccomended - kills boredom, I usually play on my laptop on long trips lol....more info
  • Fun game
    Great game from back in the day. Graphics are a bit old but it's still a really fun game to play - nice to be able to enjoy it again in the 21st century....more info
  • Great fun! (though still a little flaky)
    It had been years and years since I played my brother's copies of Space Quest IV and V, and this was a terrific flashback for me! This is great for anyone who gets a sense of nostalgia from the old games. They haven't been redesigned or anything, just updated to run on current computers.

    It's not without its faults, though. There's a few minor visual glitches (I keep getting a "shadow" of the previous screen on mine every time it changes screens), and some faster computers may have issues with processor time--my processor was too fast to allow me to escape the time police guys in the mall scene, and I had to download a patch to fix it. If third parties have figured out how to fix the bugs, surely they could have done it themselves?

    Still, a true lover of these games will forgive the minor glitches. This is especially great for people like me who had the anthologies created for Win95 and were disappointed when they wouldn't work in XP....more info
  • Good nostalgic fun
    I like the old space quest (SQ) games (SQ1 through SQ3). I guess one good thing about the old school graphics and no animation is that it forces you to be imaginative.
    The new ones (SQ4 through SQ6) have better graphics, but the animation and voice-overs are just annoying. Plus those in-game arcade sequences are horrendous.
    ...more info
  • An amazing trip down memory lane!
    Space Quest... the ultimate computer geek fantasy game from the innocent days of young graphic adventures!! We spent hours and hours trying to get through the many adventures of Roger Wilco, which were filled with perplexing challenges, tongue-in-cheek humor, and some surprisingly great graphics (especially in the later episodes) that redefined gameplay as we knew it.

    I was ecstatic that these were re-released, and was mainly pleased with this incarnation. All episodes are offered in their entirety (even the annoying copy protection schemes!!) and online web sites can now cut down on your frustration by providing tons of hints =) Excellent job reviving these classics.

    My one small gripe--the redone Space Quest I is included, but the original Space Quest is not. Although the graphics of the original pale in comparison to the remake, nostalgia forces me to comment that its exclusion makes this a slightly incomplete collection....more info
  • Worth it, but not as good as the nostalgic hype
    The games were fun, but not engrossing. There were a couple of mild glitches where the controls did not react fast enough for the challenge that your character is facing so it is difficult to complete certain levels, especially on episode 2....more info
  • Relive and old Timeless Classic
    I've played all the Space Quest games over the years (more hours than I will care to admit) from when computers were slow and I had to insert 20 disks to play the dang things! Sierra has done a great service by putting all the episodes on one CD. The manuals are there too for the copy protection stuff. It was great being able to play my all time favorite series once again! Also out there is Leisure Suite Larry and Kings Quest remastered for Windows XP! Enjoy! I know I will!...more info
  • Can't beat the original Sierra games!
    I grew up with these and I love the original Sierra games - before they sold out that is....more info
  • Doesn't work
    It doesn't work on my modest 2.8ghz p4 with 1.5 gb ram machine. Buy at your own risk. It also gives errors of the same type I have to many other users according to the forums....more info
  • Not bad if you're a nutter like me
    I haven't quite finished these games, but I think I like them. However, I'm fond of old games like these, while most people prefer newer stuff. I was disappointed that Space Quest I was a remake, and not the original. In its new form it was extremely easy, but worth it in my opinion. I have not finished Space Quest II, because of a small bug which prevents my progress (tech support has not been good about getting back to me), but I like it very much so far. The story lines of Space Quest III and IV reminded me of bad fan-fiction, but I mostly play for the puzzles and I enjoyed them. Space Quest V is my favorite right now; the play was great and the writers did a good job making the plot less ridiculous, but still tying it in with the previous games. I haven't quite finished Space Quest VI, but so far I am not impressed. The puzzles are more complicated and engaging, but it is almost not worth the playing. The plot and characters do not mesh well with those of the previous games, and the stupid attempts at 3-year-old humor are disgusting (people picking their noses, eating earwax, etc.). Furthermore, it seems someone forgot to include the entirety of this game's manual. Apparently, some information necessary to complete the game was supposed to be in the manual, but I had to find it in an on-line hint site.

    In summery, I have found these games to be entertaining and engaging, but not quite as good as the King's Quest and Laura Bow games....more info
  • Classic Series - A Must Have
    The Space Quest collection is a must for those ex-adventure gamers and Sierra fans from the `80s and early `90s. These were once the cutting edge of gaming. Space Quest was the first game we got for our PC and the color and pseudo-3D look was revolutionary. Sadly, this collection doesn't have the original EGA version of SQ1. The VGA update really wasn't much of an improvement for the most part (as it was with the King's Quest 1 VGA update). Many people will miss seeing the original. The puzzles and locations haven't changed, however. The classic parser interface will bring back memories from the pre-mouse era. SQ2 and SQ3 are also classics and I think the series reached its pinnacle with SQ3. Oddly the digital sound I had on my old Tandy SL2 is missing in SQ3.

    SQ4 introduced all voice and mouse interface. The mouse interface, first seen in Sierra's Rise of the Dragon, removed the inherent frustration factors in the parser-text system, though long-time adventure gamers probably took awhile to get use to it. The VGA graphics are great, but at times seem too static, too much like paintings and not enough animation. Granted, each Sierra game pushed the available technology. SQ5 is a mixed bag. The voice work and extensive digital sound of SQ4 is gone. The graphics seem crisper, but some animations seem to have fallen back to SQ1. The storyline is strong, though exploration on the various planets is limited. SQ6 brings back the superior sound design, updated mouse interface and superior graphics and animations. It would be the last game before the Sierra that we classic gamers knew, fell apart along with the market for classic adventure gaming.

    The problem was, while Sierra pushed the envelope of the games' technical features, they never advanced the adventure game concept itself. They should have brought the adventure games into true 3D first person style like was exploding in the FPS (first person shooter) market (Sierra would later produce Half-life). The Tomb Raider series would produce the quest/puzzle solving/FPS combination that Sierra should have pioneered. Imagine SQ or King's Quest in a true 3D environment? Now with the next generation of 3D and FPS game tech, maybe Sierra (or what is now Sierra) will go back and redo some of these classics. The level of detail and interaction now possible was unimaginable when these classics were first released (and they were ahead of their time!). ...more info
  • Poor graphics- no enhancements
    Definitely the original, unfortunately the graphics were not enhanced in any way and its difficult to play. It does work on Windows Vista but we have a large monitor and it looks terrible. We have to play it on the small laptop to get real use of the game. Wouldn't buy it again. ...more info
  • No paper manuals??? only on disc
    I don't know about the rest of you, but when I recently ordered my Space Quest (New) from AMazon, the game itself was great and works great only 1 issue: it looked used!

    First off, there was no shrinkwrap. Second, the box was basically empty except for the disc in a paper sleeve. and one small peice of paper with loading instructions.

    Other than that, the game is great and works well on Windows XP. A great resurrection of this classic game I enjoyed as a youth! Brings back memories.

    Our janitor hero is back!

    Thanks for reading....more info
  • Cheers for Roger Wilco on XP
    Like Police Quest, I loved the Space Quest series. I found SQ1-3 were easy enough to play and 4and 5 were a little more difficult. I cant say much about SQ5 because mine wouldnt run. Anway the series is centered on Roger Wilco who is a janitor looking for adventure. My ultimate favorite is SQ3. Roger was on a spaceship in its trash room and he had to somehow find a ship and get out quickly. He then learns the creators of games were captured at a facility were they are being held prisioner. Roger finds a spaceship and is taken to far off planets and fights for his life against Arnoid (funny). You get to partake in a dogfight with your spaceship as well as eat at an interstellar McDonalds. ...more info
  • Bad Amazon
    I wish I could have at least played this game , but all information on system requirements was very limeted and not very helpfull at all .Space Quest Collection...more info
  • that's a go, Wilco!
    you must have DOS Box to play, it comes with it. I recommend downloading the latest version and getting better sound out of the games! GM or Roland support in 7.2 the current as of this writting. You need to take a bit of time read that tutorial of theres to get anything done with it! The games themselves are five aces all the way. The fact it doesn't play in XP is MS's fault. Great space parody of movies across the board from mainly Star Trek(prominent in Space Quest V Next Mutation-odvious title and in jokes to boot) Also in jokes here and there from Star Wars, Buck Rogers(In the Twenty Fith century), Flash gordon, and some less known movies that were total crap anyway. Also pun jokes of badly written video games true gamers would be able to relate to that humor as why a store you visit is drawn too cheaply becasue the "writers of the game" as Roger put it "Were to CHEAP to implenmet better graphics!" MS jokes are also, belevie it or not, thrown in. Surprisng as DOS is an A+ system! Love the narrator's voice(Roger Ramjet guy!) in IV, VI. The six games I played/dreamed of since H.S back in the 80's. Much like King's Quest, Police Quest, QUest for Glory(hero's QUest) but rediculously funny instead of using logic you use Roger Wilco "logic" To solve a puzzle. Juvenile delinquency and childish pranks gets you more than professionalism. Your trusty toilet plunger and a few buckazoids is all it takes! Great game for the adult in you and the child in you too!...more info
  • A classic
    I love this game. Play it just like i did when i was younger....more info