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Rent (2005 Movie Soundtrack)
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Product Description

It's not that surprising that Rent, a successful musical with a strong youth following, would have transferred from the New York stage to film. What is remarkable is that the material has aged very well and that most of the original cast have made the trip to the silver screen. This is no small feat since nearly ten years have elapsed since the show's Off-Broadway debut and the film's release. When it opened in 1996, Jonathan Larson's rock musical based on neobohemian life in the gritty East Village felt a bit hackneyed at times; now, Rent feels more like a Broadway fantasy about life on the edge, and that new element actually works in the show's favor. The two cast additions--Rosario Dawson (replacing Daphne Rubin-Vega as Mimi) and Tracie Thomas (replacing Fredi Walker as Joanne)--act well and with emotion, but aren't quite powerful enough. They are eclipsed by vets such as Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, and Taye Diggs, who of course had the chance to perfect their roles on stage and can also be heard on the original cast recording. It's a pleasure to hear these stalwarts New York performers strut their stuff again. This soundtrack will please the show's fans, and probably attract new ones. --Elisabeth Vincentelli

One of the longest-running shows (since 1996) in the history of Broadway, and one of its most beloved, RENT was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and four Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Based on Puccini's classic opera "La Boheme," Jonathan Larson's revolutionary rock opera tells the story of a group of bohemians struggling for success and acceptance while enduring the obstacles of poverty, illness and the AIDS epidemic in New York's gritty East Village. Now the powerful musical marks its 10th year on stage by coming to the big screen, accompanied by RENT The Motion Picture Soundtrack, produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morissette).

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome musical
    Very good musical. Music is great~ very different than your typical musical...more info
  • Awesome buy
    You can practically feel the scenes come to life through the sound track! Its that good. Any true rent head worth a salt to his or her name would have this in their collection. It is too good to pass up!...more info
  • A Great Musical for its time
    I loved this soundtrack! I think it is full of great singers and great songs....more info
  • It's what I wanted and more!
    To make it simple, it's awesome! It's everything I could of asked for in the Rent soundtrack and more....more info
  • Unbelievable
    I love my OBC recording. But the production on it is less than stellar and it can sound almost "tinny" at times. So when I listened to this version, I was scared that it would not live up to the standards set by the cast album.

    The CD opens with Seasons Of Love. As soon as I heard the fist notes, goosebumps sprang up on my arms. It sounds AMAZING...Jesse L. Martin's voice is wonderful, and when Tracie Thoms hit that high note, tears actually sprang to my eyes. It's been a very long time since Seasons of Love made me cry.

    Rent is just pure Rock and Roll. This is where we get to hear Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal for the first time. Anthony Rapp sounds great, but there was something different about Adam Pascal. After listening to both the OBCR and this version, I figured it out. He's oversinging on the cast album, so here he sounds more relaxed.

    You'll See serves more to move the story along than anything else, but Taye Diggs sings it with soul and he sounds great.

    One Song Just...WOW.

    Light my Candle is great, mainly because the chemistry between Adam Pascal and Rosario Dawson is so tangible.

    Today 4 U gives Wilson Jermaine Heredia the chance to show his stuff, and he doesn't disappoint. Once you see it performed (either in the film or on stage), it will be hard to listen to it without laughing.

    Tango: Maureen is a showstopper. It's not as long as the version used in the film, but the comment about Nanette Himelfarb is still there, and (yes I admit it) that's the reason to listen to it.

    Life Support is surprisingly tender. The first time we hear the words "No day but today."

    Out Tonight is great. Rosario Dawson's voice is the weakest voice of the bunch (and she sounds like the amateur at times), but she sings this with abandon, and it can't be easy singing the word "out" here.

    Another Day is AMAZING. I still get chills when I hear it.

    Will I - Who knew one question could be so heartbreaking? Every voice can be heard here, and what starts as a statement about the fear that comes with AIDS, becomes the voicing of a fear we all have as the whole cast reaches the final note.

    Santa Fe is where Jesse Martin first gets to show his stuff. His voice only got better with age...he DOES sound better here than on the cast album. And the song isn't so bad either lol.

    I'll Cover You was always one of my faves in the show, but it sounds better here. The production is wonderful, and Wilson and Jesse compliment each other very well. You get the feeling that Jesse would NEVER do this with anyone other than Wilson Jermaine Heredia.

    Over the Moon is hilarious. Idina Menzel makes her first appearance here, and she attacks the song with no reservations. I've seen other Maureens, and she takes the cake.

    La Vie Boheme A and B is still the salute to all things bohemian it always was, only now you can hear EVERY word...and once you've learned every word and reference, you can sing and dance along until your heart is content.

    I Should Tell You is the tender mysterious number between Roger and Mimi as they admit they have feelings for each other. Of course they don't disappoint.

    Seasons of Love B again serves to move the plot along, but it's still a great little number.

    Take Me or Leave Me is one of the most powerful songs on the record. Here, Tracie Thoms holds her own against Idina Menzel. The two of them have powerhouse voices, and they both sing with such emotion and fervor that its hard to NOT love this one.

    Without You is where the record becomes more somber. Rosario Dawson does fine, but here is where I will openly say that I prefer Daphne.

    I'll Cover You (reprise) is the tear jerker. Jesse Martin sings with such longing and pain and love, and you can hear it in his voice. This is all the proof you need that his voice is better than it was 10 years ago.

    Halloween sounds a little over produced for my liking because the machinery seems to mask the very personal nature of the lyrics. But Anthony Rapp can always be counted on.

    Goodbye Love is great. Rosario repeats "Goodye Love" over and over again with lots of expression in her voice, and her "Hello disease" at the very end is heart breaking.

    What You Own is awesome (and I don't care what anyone says, it still applies)...if only it wasn't in the middle of all these somber songs. It makes it hard to enjoy it.

    Finale A moves the plot along, but it's a tender moment between Mimi and Roger.

    Your Eyes isn't the great song that Roger sang about in "one song glory." But I don't really think it's supposed to be, because it's about Mimi, and it's for her. His last "MIMI!" is just heart shattering.

    Finale B just soars. I always cry when I listen to it. And the final "No day but today" will give you a sense of closure, and an urge to hit the back button on the CD player.

    Love Heals is a mess of melodies and tempos, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying it. In the end, the cast sings it for Jonathan Larson...with all the fervor and emotion they can conjure up. You can almost hear their voices rising to his ears.

    My only complaint is the exclusion of Contact and Happy New Year. Contact is one of the more creative moments of the show, and the anger and tension of Happy New Year B is nowhere to be found in the film or on here. Though I do miss those tracks, I didn't enjoy it any less. Do what I did...mix and match, and create the ulimate rent soundtrack. ...more info
  • Rent Soundtrack
    I ordered this for one of my grandaughters at her request. The transaction was perfect, and the soundtrack was exactly what she wanted. Anything that makes one of my teenage grandaughters happy is bound to be worth buying....more info
  • The magic lives on
    Who would have thought a film about abject poverty, drug addiction and AIDS would be so compelling? RENT is exactly that and the positive message, NO DAY BUT TODAY! lives on in this soundtrack. The movie soundtrack omits the annoying voice mail messages of the musical soundtrack and effectively presents the musical numbers. It's no secret why Rosario Dawson played MiMi in the film version and Idina Menzel's voice training is obvious, particularly in "Take Me or Leave Me." Jesse L. Martin does not disappoint with the gospel-like version of "A Thousand Sweet Kisses." No fan of RENT should be without this great 2 CD set!...more info
  • The perfect Movie version of the BEST MUSICAL OF ALL TIME!
    I absolutely LOVE Rent, I've listened to the soundtrack since RENT the musical came out in 1999 and have never gotten tired of it. I saw the movie and fell in love with it again! The music is inspiring and heart-felt. I HIGHLY reccomend this album!...more info
  • No Day But Today....
    I have been infatuated with the idea of the musical "Rent" for years, but wa never a real fan. All that changed with the release of the feature film, starring 6 of the 8 original cast members.

    My honest opinion is this: The film's soundtrack blows the original score away. Rosario Dawson as Mimi Marquez was a stunning choice - Dawson is leagues ahead of Daphne Rubin-Vega's vocal ability at the time of the recording of the original cast. Tracy Thoms sings part of the lead vocals of the bloved "Seasons of Love" and blows me away. The substitutions of these two women were excellent choices and have bettered the musicality of this release by FAR.

    Also, unless you are a major fan of the musical, as I am now, I'm sure that you would rather not hear all the asides (voicemails, interludes, etc) so I believe you will enjoy the film soundtrack more.

    Some highlights:
    "Seasons of Love" - of course. A timeless piece that fits right in with your R&B songs or even a bit of Gospel. It was, after all, Jonathan Larson's attempt at a gospel song.

    "Today 4 U" - Wilson Jermaine Heredia is the quintessential Angel Dumott Schunard and it's evidenced in this performance.

    "Out Tonight"/"Another Day" - Killer song connection. Besides, Mimi is my favorite character. :)

    "La Vie Boheme" - Awesome, fun, upbeat song. Love it. Anthony Rapp shows off some real vocal ability here.

    "I'll Cover You (Reprise)" - This song's message of love and Jesse L Martin's amazing voice is enough to literally bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

    "What You Own" - Describes typical American consumerism and showcases Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal's vocal ability.

    In all this is a great buy. It is, in all honesty, in my top 10 albums I own.
    ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This is an amazing soundtrack! I love RENT the movie, and the songs are awesome! I recommend this soundtrack to anyone. Here is the track list:
    Disc One
    2. RENT
    3. YOU'LL SEE
    6. TODAY 4 U
    11. WILL I
    12. SANTA FE
    13. I'LL COVER YOU

    Disc Two
    10. WHAT YOU OWN
    11. FINALE A
    12. YOUR EYES
    13. FINALE B

    This is such an awesome soundtrack, and i recommend it for everyone.
    my favorite track include:
    "seasons of love"
    "another day"
    "light my candle"...more info
  • Spellbinding.
    Just proves you don't have to be Hannah Montana to have hit songs.

    Stand outs:

    "Another Day"
    "I'll Cover You (Reprise)"
    "Tango: Maureen" ...more info
  • a very good soundtrack
    i must confess i did not like the movie Rent that much. it was very conservative according to the stage musical ( that was revolutionary) .

    the best thing in the movie was this soundtrack, that is full of electricity , energy and passion ( and with a very good quality of sound )

    there is no deferent interpretation from the stage musical
    (usually there is a deferent interpretation)even the leading actors are the actors from the original cast. but this is a very good performance and worth listening to .

    ...more info
  • I know it is heresy, but I like listening to the soundtrack more than the cast album
    With thirty minutes of dialogue, much of which is taken from songs that were cut, the movie soundtrack for "Rent" has less songs (28) that the cast album (43). I have been listening to the soundtrack pretty much nonstop since I saw the movie, playing it back to back with the cast album a couple of times. I am as stunned as others that all things considered I like this soundtrack album better, even if that means giving up on the voice mails from Mark's mom. Director Chris Columbus ended up casting six of the original eight stars of "Rent" for his movie version, and one thing this album has going for it is that they have brought a decade's worth of experiencing signing these songs plus to this recording. This point is exemplified by Jesse L. Martin as Tom Collins, whose "Santa Fe" and "Ill Cover You (Reprise)" evince considerably more emotional and vocal depth: flat out, the man puts his younger self to shame. A similar argument can be made for Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel Dumott Schunard and Anthony Rapp as Mark Cohen as you pay attention the different nuances they bring to songs like "Today 4 U" and "Halloween," respectively. The same thing applies to the duets, such as Martin and Heredia on "I'll Cover You." Taye Diggs as Benjamin Coffin III really does not have that many vocal moments to shine, but what there is sounds better than before.

    The two newcomers to the show add something to the mix as well. Tracie Thoms as Joanne Jefferson ("Tango: Maureen") brings a power in the high range that we did not hear before, and I found Rosario Dawson as Mimi Marquez ("Light My Candle") to be a lot better than I expected. One of the vocal highpoints of this soundtrack in during "Goodbye Love" when Thoms and Dawson blend their voices and power through the lines, "I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had, someone to live for, unafraid to say I love you." I would also swear that their set up makes Adam Pascal as Roger Davis respond in kind. There is a complaint to be made that the soundtrack has a studio recording of "Over the Moon" by Idina Menzel as Maureen Johnson, versus the live track she recorded during the film. But then that was always the one song that would suffer from being performed in a studio.

    As long as I am being heretical I will admit that I really like the way "Finale B" is played straight for the emotional impact of Mimi's revival instead of the mock deus ex machina that we find in the cast album. Again, I realize that those who have seen the musical can hold the exact opposite position and I fully appreciate that seeing the show live results in an entirely different calculus for rendering judgments. Finally, while all honor and glory deservedly goes to composer & lyricist Jonathan Larson, Columbus gets props for brining in producer Rob Cavallo on this album. Probably best known for his work with Green Day on "Dookie," "Insomina," and "American Idiot," Cavallo takes full advantage of being able to do whatever he wants with instruments to really punch up the music. If you want you can try and decide whether the music has improved as much as the singing or the other way around, but I will leave that to others and will just starting at the beginning and listen to the soundtrack one or two or three more times (before dinner). ...more info
  • Great Compliment to Movie
    If you enjoyed the movie Rent, this sound track is an excellent buy. Many of the song leap out of the stero at you. The vocals are amazingly crisp, clear and filled with emotion. There isn't a bad song on either of the CD's. A great additon to any music collection. These CD's capture the 90's in a nutshell....more info
  • Nancy N
    Great service. Super fast delivery! Would definitely purchase from them in the future!...more info
  • Loving Rent the soundtrack
    Hello, My name is Michael, Im 15 years old. I love the rent soundtrack, I mainly like it becuase it has EVERY SINGLE SONG recorded for the rent movie instead of the highlited one, (I suggest you listen to Another Day and Goodbye Love if you purchace this) I've played it over a billion times by now (no joke) and it still is just plain lovely. Its a must have for all rentheads, or someone who just liked the movie....more info
  • Masterpiece
    An addictive 2-disc set that will have you listening to it over and over and over again. I love it almost as much as I love the movie, which is alot!!...more info
  • Amazing music; must not mind obscenity
    The music and all of the voices are superb and incredibly catchy. The story is touching and profound. However, you do have to bear in mind that these are bohemian artists of New York, whose lives are shaped by AIDS. If that lifestyle bothers you, this celebration of said lifestyle isn't for you....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful
    This CD is unbelievable. You literally re-live the movie every time that you listen to these songs. I could listen to both discs over and over again. A MUST buy if you loved the movie!!...more info
  • Super Service
    speedy delivery, item in condition specified by seller. Would gladly use again....more info
  • Lovable
    I can't even begin to describe Rent. All I can say is that it is so worth watching. As soon as you see the movie, you're bound to buy this cd and listen to it over and over again and again. The songs and talent are amazing and the story is moving. Though I have yet to see the Broadway version of Rent, I'm motivated to see it asap. Listen to these songs, you'll love them!...more info
  • Not Even Worth "Rent"ing
    It's tough not to surpass judgment on the ruinous film when attempting to evaluate the soundtrack of `Rent' because the big screen adaptation was as intolerable as countless nonsensical movie tie-ins that MTV used to excel at force-feeding down our throats. But what exactly is missing from this recording? Well, while it's hard to pinpoint, it is so easy to comprehend. There is no joy - no hope - no struggle in the mechanized performances. We don't experience the lyrics, we remain unmoved by the static orchestration - each musical number is executed as stoically as a soundtrack should not be presented - on stage, such enunciation and bombast is called for; in a film there is room for embellishment - and restraint. Here, there is none - only aging players, too old for their roles, caterwauling mind-numbing denunciations and explorations.
    What `Rent' lacks is a timeless score, despite its cult status. While some tracks retain their original prettiness, more often than not we are assaulted with Jim Steinman-like pomposity from a cast that can't seem to project over the deafening drum machine. If you must revel in `Rent', dole out the cash for the original cast recording. At least there's Daphne Rubin-Vega. My grade: C-
    ...more info
  • Love this Musical!!
    I absolutely loved this in the movie form and would love to see the live show. But since that will be a while in coming; getting the soundtrack is the next best thing. These people can SING! This way I can hear the songs anywhere at anytime; not just watching the movie....more info
  • Excellent can't stop listening to it!!
    This cd is wonderful has all the songs from the film version of RENT and is a pleasure to listen to. Will no doubt please any rent fan!!...more info
  • SO GOOD :D
    Love the original stage show. Love the movie.

    Love the movie soundtrack more....more info
  • Not Nearly as good as the Original Cast Recording
    Im an avid RENT fan, and love the Musical, and grew up listening to the Broadway Album. There are some good things that they did, but for the most part, completly butchered the recording of this album. I love all of the songs, and I am so glad they got rid of Daphne Rubin Vega (Rosario Dawson is amazing!). The new Joanne was also a good choice for a replacement (its just so much funnier in the Musical to see that Maureen dumped Mark, the skinny, nerdy, Jewish white boy for Joanne, this big huge, Black woman; Complete opposites [poor Mark...]). I do wish that they had gotten rid of Adam Pascal as Roger. He wasnt to die for in the Original Album, and then he got worse over the passed decade. Read the story of how they cast him i=fir the premiere in the RENT libretto. There are tons of others that could play it many times better than he can and did.

    You can definatley tell Idina Menzel has changed alot since the Broadway Premiere. There are several moments when you can clearly tell that she has been majorly influenced by her days in Wicked and her time working with Kristen Chenoweth, particularly in "Over the Moon" and "Take Me or Leave Me." But I cant decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I am definatley biased toward the original album, and much of me wants all of the new people to perform just as they did in the orignal, and the new people to make up for the shortcommings of the cast members they replaced, but that is an altogether impossible request.

    Being a professional Sound Recording Engineer, the first thing I noticed, and was continually reinstilled in me as I listened to the album, is the lack of dynamic range. The entire CD is spent so close to the maximum volume, that the emotional attachment and grandure of the recording is completly lost. I have a hard time critiquing the changes in the score, because the recording is so poor. What Jonathan Larsen wrote is so amazing (and amazingly challenging) that to go and change it requires great attention to detail and tremendous amounts of skill; things that the engineer for this album clearly did not have. When the new Phantom of the Opera album came out, I was finally pleased to hear a voice I liked better than the original Christine, but was totally dissapointed when the new Phantom sucked. So I went through and re-edtited and mixed the two sound tracks taking Sarah Brightman out and puting Emmy Rossum in her stead. It was very successful because the recordings were so close and of high quality. I wanted to do the same thing with taking Daphne Ruben Vega out and putting Rosario Dawson back in, but the poor work by the recording engineer left the challenge completly impossible for this album.

    I hated that all of the recitatives were taken out. It was as if someone went through the list of songs in the original show in ten minutes and crossed out all of the songs that are scenes of dialogue that are sung, because (they apparently thought that) movie audiences would think its too weird for people to be singing their scenes (as if you werent warned when you bought tickets for a MUSICAL). Part of me wants to say that the new Orchestrator didnt want to put in any more work than he might get away with.

    All of the "Voicemails" are gone; they were such a great moment on stage, I thought they could have utilized it in the film.

    The "Tune-up's" were cut, which help us define Roger's character.

    "You Okay Honey?" is gone, because they wanted to make it into a speaking scene, and the only thing that made that work was the fact they took act one and spread it out over a week, and not an evening (which I didnt like).

    "On the Street" is gone, because its a recitiative and they need to cut all of those... It helped show how difficult it is to survive in that city.

    Since we have a new Joanne, I really wanted to see her nail "We're Okay." Cant find ANY logical reason why they would have cut that.

    "Happy New Year" is gone, and though it wasnt a recitative, they must have thought that they could get all of the information in dialogue (even though they didnt), and since it makes reference to the time span that they decided to change, they had to cut all references to huge mistake they were making.

    I know that they were trying to avoid an "R" rating, because they cut "Contact." There is no good way to do that song and maintain PG-13. Still a good song though.

    "Halloween" and "Goodbye Love" is where they made there biggest mistake. First of all, "Halloween" is on the soundtrack but isnt in the movie, so Im betting it got cut at the last minute because it slowed down the flow of the film (and they rationalized it by noting that it refers to the first half of the movie as "one magic night") So Im expecting that they will show us what they shot for that scene on the DVD and if they dont I will be PISSED OFF!!

    They totally cut and pasted and paper mache'd (in short butchered) "Goodbye Love." The version that exists in the film doesnt even contain the words "goodbye love," it ends on "I cant belive this is goodbye..." but the soundtrack continues through Mark and Roger's scene, Mimi listening, Roger storming off, Benny and Mark convincing Mimi to go to a rehab, and Mimi's amazing solo at the end, "Goodbye Love, Hello disease" All elements that left holes in the movie, particularly the plot when taken out of the score.

    Most importantly, they cut "Christmas Bells" which is one of the best musical songs ever written. I love that song, and listen to it over and over again. The degree of excitement I had to see that scene on film compared to the emense dissappointment that was thrust upon me when it wasnt there was so shattering, like scorching metal destroyed by ice water; I was devastated. I understand that it would have been incredibly difficult to film and to put on film. So part of me is upset that it was gone, but a voice in the back of my head tells me that if they had tried, they probably would have failed miserably, and I might have suggested that they cut it. However difficult it may have been, I still believe it would have been possible, but it might require an amazing director.

    Love heals is a good song, but it doesnt fit in with the musical, and its not spectacular by any definition. Its just as if they found a new Jonathan Larsen song, and decided to put it in. The singers perform it marvelously, and considering most of them knew him while he was alive, Im sure it was an incredible and emotional experience. If you want to hear other (better) songs of Jonathan Larsen that are largely unheard of, I suggest you check out "Tick, Tick...Boom!" (2001 Off Broadway Cast), a semi-autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larsen.

    Im glad I own the album; the music is great and the talent soars, but those who had their hands behind the making of it, really spoiled the over-all quality of the Soundtrack....more info
  • New RENT Soundtrack superb
    The two cd set with accompanying libretto of the Movie Soundtrack RENT is an outstanding companion to the original Broadway recording.They are both excellent. The movie soundtrack has more "flesh" to the band as it is augmented and orchestrated at times.I happen to enjoy Rosario Dawson's Mimi as well as Traci Thoms' Joanne as a refreshing contrast to the original cast recording.It is pleasing to hear a new interpretation after so many years. For those who are wed to the original, you will have to adjust your listening;if you can do that then buy this product....more info
  • Always amazing.
    Timeless songs that capture the imagination. Each song has a different element, from wounded lover to rebellion to anarchy. Beautiful melodies, and wonderful, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, lyrics. And much better than the OBC cast. Some unnecessary songs have been removed, which makes the whole thing more organized and more interesting. Plus, the singers are all better (ie, over time they get better, especially Anthony Rapp). A wonderful story, beautiful songs, and the movie's just incredible....more info
  • Nice try, but no cigar...
    I have been a fan of RENT for years. I've seen the play live five times, can sing all the songs without the CD on and repeat all the dialogue verbatim.

    That said, I was highly disappointed by the movie's interpretation of this play's incredible music.

    Part of RENT's beauty is its musical simplicity. For anyone who has seen the play, you know that all the music comes from a small four man band onstage. The movie has over-orchestrated the heck out of everything, making it lose that clarity the stage version holds. It has been made into a studio product. The voices are overwhelmed by the orchestra, and that is simply a travesty.

    While Tracie Thoms and Rosario Dawson are both decent singers, their voices do not have the power their roles require. "Out Tonight", one of my favorite numbers in the play, is mangled by Dawson, whose vocal register simply cannot handle the demands the role of Mimi places upon it. Thoms cannot carry Joanne, and some of the parts Fredi Walker rocked out in the OBCR are squeaked out by Thoms. (In particular, "Tango Maureen" and "Take Me or Leave Me".) The role of Joanne requires a certain vocal presence and richness of voice, and Thoms cannot deliver.

    Of the original cast members, Adam Pascal's performance in particular was extremely disappointing. The rock sensibility that wowed me in the OBCR was gone, replaced by the whiny psuedo-emo rocker style of the movie.

    The movie also left out much of the great music from the stage version, including the various Christmas Bells, Happy New Year A and B, and Contact, and it is considerably weaker for it.

    If you're considering buying this soundtrack, do yourself a favor and get the Original Cast recording instead. It's money MUCH better spent....more info
  • Original is lemonade; this is REALLY sour and bitter lemons.
    I first was a rent STAGE FAN, owning the original cast album and addictly seeing the play. I then got this soundtrack, which leaves out 3/4 of the good songs. I mean really: Angel does not even sing contact, and there is NNNOOO song "christmas bells". Rosario Dawson sucks and should play britney spears, not Mimi. I gave the original 5 stars and this one. OMG. Mimi should be EDGY not GLITZY. I feel bad that Daphne Rubin Vega had to watch her awesome part be ruined by Rosario Dawson's "valley girl" voice. As for the original cast, especially Wilson Jermaine, their voices almost matured too much.So in the movie recording, Angel does not sound sweet anymore. If you buy the original cast recording you'll end up marrying the recording and worshipping it. If you buy this recording it will etiher end up in the garbage or in the fireplace. If you burn it-LAUGH!...more info
  • One of the all time greatest musicals
    Though this is different than the Broadway edition, it still proves to be one of the greatest musicals of all time. This two disc set comes with not only the songs from the musical/dvd, but with the deleted songs (seen only in the deleted scenes) and a bonus track....more info
  • Fabulous
    I am a huge fan of RENT and this CD has just rocked my world. The sound quality is great and I enjoy it very much.
    Michael L. Best...more info