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Polder THM-360 Dual Probe Cooking Thermometer, Black
List Price: $30.00

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Product Description

The Polder THM-360 Dual Probe Thermometer features two separate high-heat silicon coated probes that can be used independently or simultaneously with two separate timers that can monitor both probes at the same time. Preset buttons make it simple to cook to your liking for meat type and doneness. Extra large LCD for easy reading. Includes batteries, USDA cooking chart, magnet, and stand.

  • Two probes for monitoring one or two items at the same time
  • Two heat resistant silicon coated probes allow for high heat oven usage
  • Extra large LCD display for easy reading
  • Two timers can monitor one or both items at the same time
  • Includes magnet and stand arm for varied position/location use

Customer Reviews:

  • Polder THM -360 Dual Probe Thermometer
    This is my second unit. I like it, it is accurate but the probes are fragile. Both probes went bad within a year and are not covered under warranty. The Polder company should be more reasonable on replacement of probes. Two replacement probes cost more then a complete new unit......go figure....more info
  • No Warranty on probes
    CAUTION: My unit had been used about six times when the first probe failed. The second probe failed the next time I used it.
    What's more, the probe(s) ARE NOT covered by Polders warranty, and cost $17+ EACH by UPS ground (USPS postage would be 60 cents).
    Even worse, Polder didn't even respond to my email....more info
  • Good product, has some drawbacks
    I like this thermometer, and it works. I do wish it was a bit different, though. First off, the actual electronic part is very delicate. I bought one and set it on the stove while it timed a pork roast cooking at 325. The stove top was warm to the touch, but not at all hot. It's just a regular Kenmore flat top electric stove - at only 325 inside, the top really wasn't that hot. It couldn't have been 150 degrees on there. Regardless, the Polder's screen went all wacky and after that, the power button was simply jammed in one position and it wouldn't turn off even after it sat overnight. It was totally dead after that. I sent it back and got another and have been very careful with it so far. I think a thermometer ought to be able to handle mild warmth from normal kitchen use, but the Polder can not.
    I don't think this design is terribly nice to use, though the basic temp function is fine. I wish there was some way to shut the thing up when I'm setting the custom temperature, which is often because the included temperature presets aren't very useful. As you set the degrees from 175 down to 150, each degree makes a super-loud, alarm-volume squawk. You can't zip through them, so you have sit there pressing the alarm button twenty five times. It woke my roommate up up one time. He thought he better get up and check the stove in case I was burning something. Why does it need to blare that loud with button presses when the user is standing three inches away?
    Since this is about the cheapest model there is, I guess it's okay. More expensive models must be more durable and less annoying. The magnet on the back is handy, the probes are long and the temperature function does work nicely. Overall, an average product....more info
  • Headline: Bad Probe Kills a Turkey
    New York, January 21, 2008

    A defective probe has been identified as the culprit in the destruction of a roast turkey. The probe in question, made by Polder, and used in the THM-360 Cooking Thermometer, failed to register the correct temperature of the doomed bird. In fact, the probe did not register anything but "LL". When substituted with a second probe, it was too late. The poor bird was already over 250 degrees fahrenheit. Diners wept. ...more info
  • Works well
    I use this quite often and it seems accurate. I have compared the readings to that of the therma pen and it is spot on. I do wish it had an automatic shutoff but I suppose that is not feasible since you may want in on for hours. I do wish the program mode was the first selection rather than having to cycle through all the meats first as I most often use it for breads rather than meat....more info
  • very useful for BBQ
    With one probe in the meat and one probe next to the meat you can monitor the cooking (smoking) without opening the grill. there may be others with more features, but this one does well what it does and is relatively cheap. recommended......more info
  • Polder THM-360 Dual Probe- This thermizzle is the shizzle
    Works great, user friendly. We have bought more expensive Probe thermometers, but this one compares. I would definitely purchase another in the future and would recommend it to friends and family. We don't cook on the grill without it and we are always happy with the results! ...more info
  • Me Rikey
    I read the reviews and saw mostly good for this product, the main complaint was that the probes would die out on people, ruining food. How people can leave a piece of meat to cook for hours and hours, and not check on it is beyond me.

    It's been working fine for me though, I have used it 4-5 times so far and all is well. One comaplaint, the manual states a pretty low temp threshold if you are going to leave the probes in the meat while it cooks. You can still use it, but as an instant read, and for a digital it's pretty fast.

    Other then that, both probes work, they are both accurate to around 1-2 degree's, and it makes it a lot easier to cooke a thick piece of meat. I would buy it again, or reccomend it to anyone looking to take SOME of the guess work out of cooking. *glares at burnt food people...more info
  • Don't get it hot
    I just have trouble believing that you can't use a meat thermometer in the grill or get it hot...more info
  • Works great
    I bought this because it had all the features I needed and had two probes. I will probably only ever need one at a time so that gives me a spare if/when the first probe breaks. Works well in the oven....more info
  • Not if you grill
    Received this item and returned it after reading the instructions. Can not be used on the grill, which is what I wanted it for. ...more info
  • Don't know how I lived without this.
    I've always been afraid to cook chicken, pork and sausages because let's face it...Salmonella is just not all that tastey. So I tended to overcook these products until they were way too dry. I've now made chicken breasts, chicken thighs, pork loin, sausage and even Bison Burgers using the Polder. Each item has come out perfectly. The instructions are easy, the 10 degree warning beep allows you to do other things and gives you 10 degrees to get to your cooked meal. I would reccommend this product in a heartbeat....more info
  • Problem Probe
    I feel cheated. The probe did not work even on its first use. I placed the probe in the middle of a brisket I was grilling and within a few minutes the probe read HH. I changed probes and within a few minutes it again read HH. Nowhere in the instruction manuel did it explain what HH means, but it obviously means it doesn't work, because the probe doesn't. I will be requesting a refund....more info
  • Works
    This thermometer works great at monitoring internal food temperatures and simultaneously monitoring the temperature inside my smoker. I have not used the alarm feature so I can't comment on that but I would recommend this unit based on monitoring temps alone. You will have to switch between probe 1 and probe 2 to see the different temps as they are not displayed at the same time but for the price paid, this is a bargain....more info
  • Indispensable tool, fragile probes
    If you cook meat, you need a thermometer like this one. Turn off the barbeque and/or smoker. Buy one.

    I've tried the wireless models, and they're great but unreliable in our setting - some RF source appears to mess them up from time to time. I bough this one to have a failsafe.

    My only complaint with this particular model is that the probes are a bit fragile. One probe failed almost immediately due to heat damage at the point where the cable enters the sheath, and there's no stress relief to avoid the obvious threat of damage due to flexing.

    I added a heat shrink sleeve to protect the cable/sheath transition, and the second probe is doing well after a year of steady use.

    ...more info
  • wonderful
    This is a wonderful thermometer. very accurate, easy to use and I just love it....more info
  • Works well on SMOKER too
    I purchased this to allow me to monitor both the smoker temperature, and the meat internal temperature. It works great! I didn't notice that the instructions say "don't use on a smoker", until I got it, but since a smoker's temperature is less than around 250 degrees, much less than an oven's, I decided to use it. I have a cylindrical smoker with an electric element in the bottom. I laid one probe on the upper grill, and the other in the center of my meat. It worked perfectly. I was able to control the smoker temperature, and take the meat off when it was perfectly completed. The advantage of this sensor is that you do not need to remove the lid to the smoker to measure the meat, as we all know, that results in loss of heat and fluctuation of temperature.

    Definitely recommend this product....more info