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Logitech 931375-0403 G7 Laser Cordless Mouse Black
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Product Description

The Logitech G7 Cordless Mouse delivers extreme cordless performance with a 2000 dpi laser engine for blinding speed and precision response. The G7's full-speed, bi-directional USB connection sends a blazing 500 reports/second over 2.4 GHz wireless for a bulletproof connection. Dead batteries won't stop you mid-mission, thanks to a five-level power indicator and twin "hot-swappable" Li-ion battery packs that recharge while you're racking up points. Use Logitech's SetPoint software to customize your mouse with advanced features such as game detection and adjustable sensitivity (including independent x- and y-axis settings). The programmable tilt wheel adds an unprecedented level of control and gaming power.

  • Laser cordless mouse
  • Blazing speed and instant acceleration
  • Comfort grip
  • Provides ultra-smooth glide
  • Three year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Logitech cordless G7...WOW!
    First, I have been using this mouse for "gaming" for over a year. I play intense 1st person shooters, that said, this mouse have Never failed me in the time that I have owned it. I love this mouse for everything I do on my computer, apps or gaming. I like the feel of a cordless mouse, it also came with 2 batteries and a charger. you always have a spare that with a quick flick of a button you can change batteries in a couple of seconds, literally (also has battery level light on top). The feel is just right for me, not 2 heavy or 2 light, movement is great due to the slick "feet", the grip is just right, and you can make adjustments on the "fly." I have put this mouse through "gaming hell" and it keeps coming back for more. If I do manage to frag it somehow, I will not hesitate to order another, immediately of course and after an appropriate moment of silence ^-^ ...more info
  • Best Wireless Gaming Mouse
    This is the best wireless gaming mouse I have used. You cannot tell this apart from a wired mouse as far as connectivity is concerned. My only complaint is that you have to swap out the batteries too often. However, since it comes with two you can always have one charged and ready to pop in. It only takes 10 seconds to slide one out of the mouse and snap a new one in....more info
  • Worst Mouse Ever.
    I got this mouse for Christmas back in 2007. since Dec of 2008 I have been having intermittent freezing and resetting of the mouse. After almost a MONTH of replying back and forth between Logitech's tech support (their "Gaming" division) they finally decided my mouse was bad and would ship out a replacement. AFTER I sent the old mouse back. My replacement just shipped, another G7. This is a VERY common problem with the G7's and logitech has even ADMITTED TO IT. yet they keep shipping them out (Don't believe me, google "Logitech G7 Freezing" STAY AWAY!...more info
  • Wonderful Mouse
    So I got spoiled by my step-father's computer mouse which was a Logitech mouse while on holiday last year, so I set out to find one similar that I liked. I've never had a cordless mouse before, though my father has one which I discovered ate through normal batteries at an astonishing rate. He went through so many AA batteries with it in fact, I got him rechargable AA batteries for his last birthday.

    I'd thought of getting one like his until the trip to visit my mother and step-father, and once I got on my step-father's computer, I realized exactly what a cheap mouse my father had purchased.

    So, upon my arrival home, I started looking out for the same model as my step-father had, but found it slightly too pricey for my taste. Then I found this model, and decided the lesser price was good for a cordless. I ordered it almost immediately.

    The installation was a breeze with no extra software needed, just like a normal mouse. True, I had to sacrifice one of my USB ports to do so, but its a small price to pay for the freedom this mouse offers! No longer does my mouse cord get tangled up with other wires and frustrate me! All I have to worry about now is making sure my kids do not remove it from my desk!

    I love the sensitivity settings, and the fact it slides easily along the surface of my desk. I love the positioning of the back button, and use it often. The mouse wheel is the perfect height for using my finger to scroll through long pages. Its comfortable to use, though it could stand to be a little bit wider as I've got large hands.

    The singular problem with this is the fact that my daughter is a lefty, so she cannot use this mouse as easily as the rest of us can, so I hook up the old mouse for her to use if she wants me to. Other than that, I've nothing but praise for this mouse design with its long lived, rechargeable batteries, power saving features, and off button. Best part is, the batteries are so easy to change that, if I'm not around, my eight year old son can do it so he can play his own games. And after using it for nearly two weeks now, I can honestly say I do not regret the extra cost for this wireless mouse!...more info
  • Best mouse made by LOGITECH
    I have been using logitech mouse for about 8 years. After MX518 I changed my mouse to G5 then G7. its a really good mouse. I'm a really professional computer gamer and this mouse is really good. Its pretty smooth and it doesnt even have any lag. The mouse is so comfortable when you are holding it. It has a pretty good shape. ...more info
  • Nice mouse but...
    I ve owned this mouse now for 2 years now, although not perfect in my opinion there is nothing better out there yet. The G7 comes with 2 batteries, after 2 years of playing BF2 every day for a minimun of 2 hours the batteries are not as fresh as before, swapping batteries takes 6 seconds or less, not a problem, I have called LOGITECH to order 2 new battery packs but they wont sell them to you, even though there is a part number right on the battery, they instead tried to sell me a "refurbished" G5 for half the price, totally unnaceptable. Another gripe is that when my PS3 is downloading files or demos using my wireless network, the G7 becomes twitchy and jumps all over the screen, so much for " 2.4 Ghz bullet proof technology". Love the tiny USB transmitter, so easy to take with you to LAN parties, with my laptop etc. Overall an excellent mouse, when the batteries were new they lasted about 6 hours per charge and takes 2 hours max. to charge. Excellent mouse, time for LOGITECH to replace it with the cordless G9....more info
  • Logitech should be better
    Maybe my expectations are just too high, but I've come to expect a lot from Logitech products. They've been great in the past. Maybe it's just this particular product. I've read some complaints about the short battery life. Very true and disappointing considering it's made to be a gaming mouse. And for several months I've been having issues with bad buttons. Sometimes when I click on windows, they stay inactive. I've found that it has something to do with the scroll button sticking. If I wiggle it a bit, it seems to relieve the problem for a little and allows me to select windows again. I'll probably still try another Logitech, but I was disappointed with this particular one...more info
  • Great Mouse... When It Works. Poor Support.
    I have two Logitech G7 mice on two different computers. These are great mice when they work. Unfortunately, I have had both go bad (at different times) where the mouse produces a double click instead of a single click. I tried basic troubleshooting steps where I reinstalled the software, removed the battery and clicked on the buttons for 5 minutes to drain the power from the device, but this did not help. I also connected a wired mouse for a few days and found that the problem disappeared indicating the problem was with the mouse. I contacted Logitech about replacing the mouse and found their support to be poor. They indicated that I had to ship back the old mouse, which I understand. However, they wanted me to pay for shipping this product back to them. When I asked whether this policy applies in California, where we have stronger consumer protection laws, Logitech disconnected the line on me. I was respectful during the entire conversation and just wanted confirmation that this policy applied to consumers in California.

    I am unhappy with my purchase since I paid good money for this device and had the device fail me in about 1 year. I am more disappointed that their support team was rude.

    It appears that a lot of people are happy with this mouse, but I wanted people to know the quality of support they will receive when they contact Logitech for any problems.

    I found other people having the same problem with the double click issue. Google "logitech double click g7" and you will find other people with the same problem....more info
  • Good mouse for as long as it works!
    So many things that I love about the G7, its precision, light-weight, easy-to-change and recharge batteries, good feel....etc. However, in the past year I purchased 4 (FOUR) of these and not one of them would stay functional for longer than a few months. I purchased so many for work and home use. Each performed flawlessly until one day, generally several months after daily use, the mouse would begin to exhibit unusual clicking issues. Many other users have described my similar complaint. The mouse seems to lose connection the pc as the cursor will disappear, or random clicks will occur. Tested the mouse on several pcs in different environments to rule out interference or other problems. Tech Support promised replacements upon sending receipt and device back to them at my own expense, however it has been months with no response. Extemely disappointed in what appears to be a great mouse!...more info
  • Cordless pc mouse
    Logitech mouse fits comfortably in your hand and very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Can work with Mac using 3rd party drivers
    For some reason, Logitech does not provide support for this mouse with their Logitech Control Center Settings panel. They are very clear about this in their advertising, but it is still kind of inexplicable.

    Used one of these very comfortable mice for years on a PC, so when I recently bought a Mac Pro, I wanted to keep the G7. Third party drivers for mice are out there... a simple and effective one is SteerMouse which works fine on Mac OS X.

    BTW, regarding the negative battery comments of some reviewers: they clearly did not understand the approach taken with this mouse: basically at the start of each day, put in a fresh battery, and you are good to go. The spare (included) lives in the charging base and recharges while you work. Unless you game for more than 8-12 hours without pausing, I don't see a problem here. Swapping batteries takes less than 10 seconds with practice....more info
  • kiz99
    Product was delivered before the expected time. The G7 is an excellent product and much better than other mice that I have owned....more info
  • Battery Life Too Short
    I have used Logitech Mice in the past and didn't really care for them. They didn't seem to have the right feel. Microsoft Mice, on the other hand, always felt smooth and comfortable.

    When I decided to buy a cordless mouse, I bought one from MS. It was great for two or three months, then it died. I returned it for a replacement and it too died after two or three months. So, I decided to give Logitech another chance.

    I bought this mouse a little over a year ago. Like MS mice, I found this mouse to be comfortable. Unfortunately, the battery only lasts a day or so. After that, you get endless pop up messages on your screen telling you to replace it. If you wait too long, it dies. (Which happened to me at least once while playing a game full screen - the pop ups did not show up then.) The only good thing about this is that it comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charger. So, you should always have a freshly charged battery on hand. My MS mouse used regular store bought batteries and they were supposed to last for six months.

    Personally, I'm getting sick of the daily battery replacement swap. I think I might buy another MS mouse. Even if I have to get a new mouse every few months, I think I'd prefer that. So, I vote thumbs down for this mouse....more info
  • Good but not Great
    Great wireless mouse. Comes with two batteries so you can charge one while using the other. My only gripe is that the battery life is literally just a day. You will be constantly swapping batteries every day. ...more info
  • Can work with Mac using 3rd party drivers
    For some reason, Logitech does not provide support for this mouse with their Logitech Control Center Settings panel. They are very clear about this in their advertising, but it is still kind of inexplicable.

    Used one of these very comfortable mice for years on a PC, so when I recently bought a Mac Pro, I wanted to keep the G7. Third party drivers for mice are out there... a simple and effective one is SteerMouse which works fine on Mac OS X.

    BTW, regarding the negative battery comments of some reviewers: they clearly did not understand the approach taken with this mouse: basically at the start of each day, put in a fresh battery, and you are good to go. The spare (included) lives in the charging base and recharges while you work. Unless you game for more than 8-12 hours without pausing, I don't see a problem here. Swapping batteries takes less than 10 seconds with practice....more info
  • Excellent mouse for trading
    I use this mouse for screen-based trading, and it works great. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that it would be nice if the battery lasted a little bit longer. In general, I have to change the battery every day, but at least Logitech was good enough to include 2 batteries so you can use one while charging the other.

    All in all, a great mouse with excellent capabilities!...more info
  • 2000 dpi, AND wireless that works 24/7
    I've used my G7 for gaming marathons daily during the month that I've owned it.
    This is the first wireless mouse I've ever used that actually performs as well as a wired version. I've had absolutely no lag or dropouts.

    The 2000 DPI laser tracks perfectly, and the sensitivity (dpi) is adjustable by pressing a (+) or (-) button in the middle of the mouse. I'm not used to it so I rarely use it, but it seems like a nice feature to have.

    The only negative with this mouse is the battery life. When playing an FPS like counterstrike it can drain pretty fast. This problem is easily solved by swapping out the second battery which charges while you're using the first.

    In a nutshell, this is the best mouse I've ever used. Buy it....more info
  • Perfect for 1 year
    Great precision. Great transmission range. Great transmission continuity... until now.

    I had this mouse for about one year. Then the batteries started to run out about once a day. I use it as my work mouse. So, it's used for about 6-8 hours a day. So, pretty good performance really. When I first bought it the batteries would last about 4-5 days.

    But, then the mouse just stopped transmitting for about 10 seconds every few minutes. Annoying to say the least. I tried moving the receiver 5 inches from the mouse. No good. I had to retire it.

    It's pretty expensive to replace every year. But, I think I might just because it works so much better than any other wireless mouse.
    ...more info
  • Awesome mouse with very nice response for gaming
    This is the best mouse I've ever owned. Hands down the best mouse for wireless gaming. ...more info
  • Great Design, horrible Execution
    I was impressed with the mouse on the first day but soon realized that it was a horrible mouse in the most important area. The cursor would skip from area to area on the monitor regardless of how close the receiver was to the mouse. My computer would fail to recognize the mouse after a while resulting in unplugging the usb cord and plugging it back in. This happened on multiple computers. In total the mouse was a disaster, I went back to my older mouse that atleast was useable....more info
  • Great Mouse BUT Not for gaming
    This is a superb mouse for anyone wanting dependable performance, reliability and ease of operation. The dual batteries and USB charger work great and you always have a freshly charged battery. The problem, the batteries have a short use cycle, less than 36 hrs in constant use and they may die in the middle of a hot gaming session. It only takes a few seconds to change them out but that is too long for a serious gamer. If you're not concerned about a "dead" mouse and are willing to put up with the "sudden" failure and few seconds it takes to swap out the battery this is a great mouse. I have tried most of the various configurations (rechargable batteries with a charging stand, on off switch to save battery life and wired USB) and this one is the best I have found but, I'm not a gamer. if I want a gaming mouse, I would probably select a wired or one with non-rechargable batteries and have fresh batteries installed before starting a game session. In any other situation, this mouse is my choice....more info
  • Wireless freedom!
    Well I had the MX 518 before this mouse, and was completely satisfied. Having said that, this mouse blows it out of the water! The 2000dpi is sooo nice. My only complaints are the texture of the sides of the mouse (my MX had soft rubber sides, and this has rough plastic sides) and the battery life (typically about 7-10 hours on a full charge). Now, you are never without a battery if you straight exchange the batteries in the charger, but you are having to change the battery quite often, which can get annoying. Other than that, I would highly recommend this mouse if you are looking for wireless freedom and gaming quality. ...more info
  • Oh What a Mouse
    I've been using this mouse for several weeks. It's such a delight to sit down to this comfortable, stylish mouse. Not only does it look good, it works great. I have to change the battery every day or so. It would be nice if that weren't the case. However, there were two in the box and it's not a big deal to swap them. I even got it done in the middle of a game without getting killed (and I was being attacked).
    Great Mouse, I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Logitech always does it right....more info
  • Great buy
    I am happy I chose the G7 as an upgrade to a gaming mouse. It is very responsive and it feels comfortable to use for a few hours at a time while gaming....more info
  • Wireless gaming mouse
    Bought this so that I could get the performance of my G5 without the cord.
    Performance and response seems identical to the G5. The batteries last for about 6 hours of Call Of Duty 4 online. Swapping out the batteries is fast.
    The only complaint is the the setpoint software is a little quirky. If the mouse is not powered on when the system starts then the Setpoint software doesn't recognize it. You have to stop and restart the Setpoint software to get the advanced functions to work (again, only if the mouse wasn't powered on when the system was booted, other that that it's fine). Having the the docking station connected will sometimes cause my system to hang at boot (ASUS Maximus Formula X38). Disabling Legacy USB support in the BIOS solved the boot problem, so not a big deal. Overall I think it's a great mouse since it performs the same as the G5 and it looses the cord. I would have rated it 5 stars if it wasn't for the Setpoint software issues with this mouse....more info
  • LOgitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse
    My son pointed me to this particular mouse and I am very appreciative. It is everything I expected and more. ...more info
  • Amazing mouse
    This is the single best mouse that I have ever used. The battery life is about a day, which is a very good life span for a rechargable mouse, and when it dies, i simply swap it out for the other one. I have used many other mice, and this one is the most comftorble to hold, and is nearly frictionless. The wireless range is great. I can be sitting on my bed and controlling my computer about ten feet away, which is great for watching movies. I would reccommend this mouse to any computer user, not just gamers....more info
  • Love this mouse
    I'm a gamer, and I picked what I feel is a great gaming mouse. You will not regreat this purchase....more info
  • Awesome
    Good grip, lightweight. I can sit on the couch 15ft away with no line of sight to the unit and it still works good. Great for gaming. Having a battery always charged is nice....more info
  • Great for Everyday Use Too
    At first, I thought the settings for the G7 laser mouse didn't make much difference. Then after a month, I switched back to the mouse that came with my computer, and it felt difficult to use! The G7 makes it much easier to move the pointer on the screen so that you don't need to use a lot of arm or wrist motion. For people who edit papers or do a lot of research on the web, this is important.

    I normally map the thumb button for double-clicking. I also like setting the scroll wheel so that if I tilt it left, my web browser goes to the previous page while tilting to the right goes to the next web page. This speeds up my web surfing.

    For long computing sessions, the battery tends to die on you, but luckily you get 2 of them. I always have 1 battery in the included USB charger, and I hook the USB charger into a Belkin surge protector that has USB ports. That way I can charge the battery from a wall outlet without using a computer.

    Since the mouse is cordless, you have more freedom of movement. You may not want to switch back to a corded mouse after you use the G7....more info
  • Best mouse ever!
    This is the best mouse I ever owned. The grip and feel is comfortable enough for long uses plus rechargable battaries!...more info
  • Skeptical at first....won over after use
    Two of my co-workers recommended this mouse to me as I was building a new system for home. At first I was a little skeptical about spending that kind of money on a mouse and I was unsure if I would like the wireless mouse. Not to mention, but I had my doubts about the reliability of the battery system.

    Having said that, I am now totally won over. This is the best mouse I have ever owned. I'm not a button nazi, so the two clicks and the mouse wheel are enough for me. When the battery goes out, just simply pop in the one that is charged and you're off and going again. Simple to setup, very slick to use. I would buy again....more info
  • Fantastic Gamin Mouse
    This mouse offers exactly what I want in a gaming mouse. Fast response time, no cord to muck up my shots, adjustable sensitivity on the fly, and swappable batteries. I can usually make it through a couple gaming sessions before switching batteries (about 6 hours of intense use), and the warning light gives me enough chance to get somewhere safe before swapping. If you're a gamer who likes wireless mice, this is *the* mouse to get....more info
  • Bought 2 - 2 Went bad due to weak design & QA
    Bought two

    Two went bad within a year

    First one had trouble copy & paste (would erratically pick up only partial click and drag)

    Second one

    After 40 seconds of operation, it cuts out for a minute, (NO! It's not a problem with Fz lock).

    I feel both problems are related in that the actual design of the inner mouse mechanism is extremely vulnerable to shock

    I just work with these mice in an office environment - Don't remember dropping them - If I did, it would only hit the carpet

    For example: On mouse one - depending on "how" you pushed to "click" would create a varying degree of results when it came to cut and paste

    Basically both these expensive mice are useless and disco from my computers

    I honestly would not buy another one of these guys products! Too much of a coincidence; and, the nature of the problems lead me to believe it is either a design flaw or QA problems over in China (or where ever they make these things)...more info
  • Superb Mouse
    I absolutely love this mouse. It took me forever to track one down and I finally found them on Amazon.

    Pro: Love the sensitivity of this thing, as soon as I got it I tried it out on a quick FPS game, and the only thing I could say is wow. The side button was great for me to throw grenades or switch weapons can't say whats better. Sensitivity buttons came in handy, worked well in Photoshop for my class at school. Battery system is great, hasn't failed me yet!

    Cons: Nothing at all I absolutely love this mouse.

    Other thoughts: This is a great mouse that you will love if you do anything that requires a good deal of precision. Also I think I'm going to want a new mouse pad to go along with this new mouse...but thats just me....more info
  • Not too shabby
    I recently bought this mouse for my gamer boyfriend and it has some cool features on it- even includes some software for your computer. However, we have had some problems where it randomly stops working even though the battery is charged. It starts back up after a while though, so it could be worse. The adjustable mouse speed and little charging station are great features. ...more info
  • Couldn't get better
    The Logitech G7 is definitely a wonderful product. I don't fancy tens of buttons in my mouse, I just wanted the thing to work flawlessly over the air, and so it does.
    The grip is excellent, takes a while to get used to but no big deal. It's kinda light even with the battery on and I think it's a plus. It glides very confortably (yeah, that Polytetrafluo-whatever gaming feet really works) even in rough surfaces. My only grip about this mouse is that it works even a few millimeters above the surface, so it's kinda awkard to reposition the mouse when you reach the border of your mouse pad - far from being a showstopper.
    Now, everything works as advertised without a hitch. There is no input lag, no missing clicks, no unexpected behavior. The DPI changing button works wonders (I switch resolutions a lot), the extra battery and charging dock are incredible and the reception range is excellent. I used it around 3 meters away from the computer without problems.
    Finally, if you like the description, buy it, there'll be no unpleasant surprises - it's worth every penny....more info