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Logitech Cordless Desktop S510
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $44.99

You Save: $35.00 (44%)


Product Description

The Cordless Desktop S 510 with its zero-degree tilt is a perfect match with a flat screen systems. It includes advanced optical mouse with tilt wheel. The keyboard is leading-edge comfort and a built-in palm rest. Play music, quick image zooming and image rotation with one-touch keyboard controls and the programmable F-keys launch application with a single touch. The cordless optical mouse delivers fast, consistent performance with vertical and horizontal scrolling. Both the keyboard and mouse include convenient LED battery level indicators with it's sophisticated battery management technologies that will last up to 6 months or longer with a single charge. The flashing LED will give notice 10 days before battery needs charing. Logitech has encrypted and secure cordless technology which avoids interference for completely reliable performance. Easily pack and tote the mini-receiver with mouse and remote to travel and the mouse is equipped with an on & off switch to conserve battery power. Programmable functions on keyboard System Requirements - PC with Pentium processor or compatible, Windows XP, USB port, CD-ROM drive

  • Box Contents - Logitech S 510 cordless keyboard, Logitech LX5 cordless mouse, USB RF mini-receiver with USB stand, 4 AAA and 2 AA alkaline batteries, CD with software, comfort guidelines and help center, Logitech MediaLife software, Quick Start Guide
  • Status LED indicators and long battery life
  • MediaLife Software
  • Optical mouse with Tilt Wheel plus Zoom
  • Thin, sleek, flat screen styling

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Product
    I've had this combo for about a month now and everything is working great. I used it with my laptop at first and now I'm using it with my desktop. Everything has worked great for both. You really can't go wrong with this for the price....more info
  • Great Product
    I've been using the keyboard & mouse for a few weeks now and it's working great. Cool design, very comfortable, and I love the fact that you can run the keyboard & mouse from 1 usb port....more info
  • Sleek, sexy, and functional!
    The last logitech cordless desktop set I bought just bit the dust so I was looking for something very affordable yet high quality. This keyboard is so thin that it blends in well with my desktop, and without the wires it's easy to move aside, or even place in the drawer when doing book work. The wrist rest is also a nice touch, but unfortunately is not removable. My last Logitech cordless desktop had a removable wrist rest.

    Making up for the non-removable wrist rest, I am really impressed with the mouse. Since it's optical, it moves smoother and the tilt wheel is perfect for those who like to do art/paint/photo editing on the computer. I normally zoom in to work on a small area at a time, and with the tilt wheel it easily scrolls me from side to side and up and down.

    The mouse and keyboard arrive with alkaline batteries, which I soon replaced with rechargeable batteries. Overall, I feel this keyboard is the best value in a low cost, high quality keyboard and I would definately buy another one in the future. ...more info
  • He Loves It! I Love It! I Made The Right Choice!
    I bought this item for my husband's birthday. It was on his 2007 Christmas wishlist, so I thought what a great time to get it for him - when he least expected it. I am not much of a desktop expert - I've been using a laptop for a very long time - so I am out of sync with what would be the best wireless keyboard/mouse for his Dell computer. I found this one and read all the reviews - good and bad. I thought that the positives outweighed the negatives, so I decided to get it and try it out. We are very pleased with the performance thus far. I'm mostly pleased with Logitech products.

    I recommend this item....more info
  • Sexy battery eater
    I bought this because I had another Logitech wireless KB/mouse combo and loved it, despite the KB being contoured (something I dislike - I use a foam KB holder to cushion my wrists, so a contoured KB is always crooked). I was a bit dubious about the key layout on this one - the home/end/etc. keys are in a non-standard layout, and not one similar to any laptop I've ever seen, either. However, typing has a nice feel and the near side of it is NOT contoured, and the built in wrist rest (actually, more a palm rest) is the most comfortable hard rest I've ever used).

    The worst part? I had to replace the KB batteries (Duracell Ultra Digitals, NOT cheap batteries!) in about a week - and my usage is not especially heavy. Then I read some of the reviews here, and saw that some people are apparently getting very long life from their batteries - in other words, their keyboards are sipping power, while mine was gulping it. I waited to see how long the second pair of batteries would last. I just had to replace the KB batteries again, about 3 weeks later. At this rate, I'll be going back to a wired KB/mouse - I don't own stock in any battery manufacturers, and I don't like to use cheap batteries with my computer stuffLogitech Cordless Desktop S510. I feel both sad and angry about the wasted money, and about what this has done to my opinion of Logitech products. My disappointment is serious; I've always had a high opinion of their products. :(...more info
  • Okay for very simple tasks
    The keyboard itself is reasonably functional. The keys are far enough apart that typing is not a problem and it's slim factor is appealing for tight workspaces. It looks nice as well and has fair battery life, though that's nothing spectacular.

    The receiver is something of a pain, as it needs to be plugged in and set fairly close to the keyboard (within a few feet, which shouldn't be a problem in most work areas), so it often falls off my desk and behind things, which degrades its already mediocre reception further.

    My big beef with this keyboard is that it's plagued by bouts of unresponsiveness. This is especially prevalent in gaming, particularly fullscreen gaming, where the keyboard will, for no apparent reason, fail to recognize that you've pressed a key, or fail to recognize that you've stop holding a key down. In games with the WASD movement standard, this is incredibly frustrating as you'll release a movement key, but fail to stop moving. I've been using it with Oblivion lately, and it's making the game especially difficult. I've had the same problem in Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.

    The mouse suffers from similar problems, but it seems as though it's always in tandem with the keyboard, which leads me to believe the receiver may be the actual culprit. As far as the utility of the mouse goes, it's, again, merely adequate. It is contoured well for most people, but my hands are large and my fingers very long, and I have rest my palm on the desk while using the mouse, which cause the heel of my hand to become sore after about 30 minutes. Users with shorter, smaller hands should have no problems with it.

    If you're going to use this for very simple tasks like typing documents, it should be sufficient, but using it for any gaming at all is not something I would recommend....more info
  • Dissapointed in Logitech
    This is probably the fifth logitech product I have purchased in the last couple of years. Although this keyboard works, like the other products there is clearly a performance penalty for going cordless with Logitech. I gave this to my son and am much more satisfied with a bluetooth product from Microsoft....more info
  • Wireless Keyboard
    The keyboard functions are just average. Sometimes the arror keys work, sometimes the arrow keys do not work. The wireless mouse seems to function fine. My wife does not like the looks of the black color keyboard. I may continue to use this leyboard, but may go back to my wired keyboard, I am just not sure yet. I like the concept of being wireless, but there are some negatives that are being dealt with....more info
  • Works great so far
    Got this product this week and installed it. Installation was simple - just required a reboot.

    Pros: Mouse and keyboard in same package; included batteries in the package; keyboard is very smooth and easy to type on; the F keys keep their default functions unless you change it.

    Cons: The delete key is long instead of like a regular keyboard so I'm having to retrain myself to use it. Also the software that allows you to customize it installed but has not taking "control" of the keyboard. I have not worked with support yet on this issue but I imagine it's my computer....more info
  • Must have
    Great service and price. I love the freedom of no cord. Oh and the key board is great. ...more info
  • Great combo
    This is my 2nd one of these combos. The 1st one i bought was like 2 years ago. No problems whatsoever because i liked this combo so well i purchased another. The keyboard is great nice comfortable layout and pretty thin and light for a keyboard. The mouse is kinda basic but works very very well on any surface. The batteries last a looong time in both keyboard and mouse and let you know when they are gonna die. Now i did get a defective keyboard with my most recent purchase. The space bar wouldn't work if i hit it on the right side. I then proceeded to contact amazon online and get a return shipping label printed it out and sent defective keyboard back. Amazon had shipped me a new one the very next day without receiving this defective one. I then received the new one a few days later then i boxed up defective one and sent it back with postage paid from my shipping label i printed out. All in all i would definitely recommend and buy this keyboard again. Thank you Logitech for a great product. :)...more info
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    I am a simple user, not using all of the bells and whistles the keyboard offers, but am very happy with the functions I do use. We have two in our household....more info
  • Great wireless kepboard and mouse
    Great deal for a great keyboard and mouse. Exactly what I was looking for! Totatlly recommend it!...more info
  • Good, takes a lil adjusting to get used to.
    For my 2nd wireless keyboard/mouse set, this is really good for me. It has some nice media buttons on the sides for volume, pictures, and other media. The keys are soft to press though they make a very little click sound when they spring back up, I hear it quite often as I type fast.
    There appears to be some gaps under the keyboard, so that is also a benefit if for some case you happen to spill something on it, it will drain out the case.

    I still have to get used to the mouse as well. When I play Call of Duty 4 or any fps game the mouse can be a little too fast so its going to take some adjusting for the right speed. The mouse feels just right to hold, so it isn't bad.

    Great range as well, can work from 10 feet, but I have yet to test any further distances

    Great product overall....more info
  • Outstanding Product
    This is one awesome piece of hardware! Sleek, Lite with remarkable capabilities. The black and satin are a perfect complement to my CPU and widescreen monitor! From the one touch buttons to load Word, Excel, Outlook etc to the side buttons to control your iTunes library! The two items replace wired units I have always had - should have purchased it much sooner. No more wires laying around on the desk. Another nice touch - if the Caps or Num Lock keys are engaged, you are notified with large letters at the bottom of your monitor, along with LEDs on the IR receiver! The only "con" would be that the mouse only works with one (not two) batteries. Both the LogicTech S/W and a quick mouse-over the LogiTech icon tells me the condition of the batteries of both, and the "secure keyboard" encryption option is just as cool!...more info
  • Good product for the price
    This product was out of the box and running in minutes. Logitech has a good record with cordless desktop equipment and this was equal to the task. Both the keyboard and the mouse were recognized quickly. The keyboard is not the large curvy model, but it small, light-weight and easy to use. The mouse is normal good quality. Battery life is supposed to be excellent and time will tell if that is the case. Very happy so far....more info
  • Decent
    I bought a Dell laptop that arrived with a keyboard that I describe as "mushy". As a touch-typist, I found they keyboard had little tactile response and would drop keystrokes.

    I bought the Logitech because it had the most tactile response of all the keyboards I was able to try in the store. For that purpose, I give it 5 stars.

    The downside for me is the sleep button, which is extremely sensitive and happens to be along the left side of the keyboard where I rest my hands. I accidentally press the sleep button far too often. Also, picking the keyboard up and moving it seems to be risky...this often causes the computer to be put in sleep mode.
    ...more info
  • using it right now
    I really do enjoy this keyboard.It feels great to me and it is thin.The mouse is very comfortable.

    I love the controls:
    Home button for home page starup
    Music button for my iTunes, play and volume controls
    Zoom,sleep mode
    Wireless mouse and keyboard are an essential.Battery life is great,just
    depends on usage.I've had great purchases from Logitech and this is another one for me. One complaint could be that the keys aren't that quiet,but not really an issue....more info
  • All the buttons, none of the distance...
    I'm so happy with all my buttontry (TM)...but the distance factor kinda sucks, but I new that. As long as distance isn't a factor for you, I highly reccomend....more info
  • Perfect couch keyboard
    I got this keyboard so I could connect my laptop to my TV in the living room. Had no trouble getting used to the placement of the keys and it works great for what I need. I think the key strokes are pretty quiet and I havn't found anything to complain about. Strangely, I get some interference every once in a while that interrupts the signal but it also affects other wireless gadgets in the house and causes voices to emanate from the doorbell, so I dont think it has anything to do with this keyboard....more info
  • Love This Keyboard
    I replaced a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with this RF Wireless Keyboard. I will NEVER purchase a Bluetooth keyboard again. It skipped letters, typed a "zillion" of one letter, and just plain did not work. This new RF Wireless keyboard works flawlessly. The design is very comfortable to use. I really like the volume button, the Windows Media Player button, the pre-programmed keys that bring up Word, Excel and Powerpoint and I like the programmable keys. All are very handy. In addition to how good it works, it is very nice looking....more info
  • Great Product
    I really have enjoyed the purchase of this logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combination. The mouse has a great feel, slides easily and is very
    accurate. The key board is the slimist lightweight wireless keyboard I have seen. The keys feel great. The set up is very easy and the included software is easy to install.

    I only rated this product 4 star. The wireless transmitter is too large for my preferences. I purcased this for a laptop and it gets in the way a lot. ...more info