Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser
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Product Description

Logitech's diNovo Media Desktop is for PC power users who want great performance and great design from their wireless devices. Turn your PC into a Bluetooth control center, while having all its digital media capabilities. Its full-size typing layout, full travel keys, and array of extra buttons will simplify your work. And it does all this while looking better than any wireless keyboard or control system on the market. Plug it in and completely transform your desktop. Supports all Bluetooth devices Works with Windows XP and Windows 2000 True boot support - Use your keyboard to enter Safe Mode, access your BIOS, or enter your password USB and PS/2 connectivity

  • Combines visually stunning diNovo keyboard, MediaPad and MX 1000 Bluetooth Optical Mouse
  • Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with Cruise Control buttons; slim design complemets modern PC cases and LCD monitors
  • MX 1000 Bluetooth Optical Mouse for better wireless control
  • Use the MediaPad as a Bluetooth remote commander for all your digital media - Remotely view, select, and launch your favorite jukebox tunes, video clips, or digital photos
  • MediaPad can also be used to display emails or IMs, or be used as a calculator

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality Product
    The keyboard is really nice. I love the low-profile keys and the unit feels very solid. The mouse is ok, but I don't use it because it's too slow for gaming purposes compared to my Razer Diamondback. The mouse is a whole-hand mouse that feels nice for normal, non-gaming use, but personally it just doesn't do it for me while playing games. The mediapad is sweet. I use it as a calculator and a media remote if I want to listen to music on my comp while in the kitchen etc.

    This is a 5-star product for most people, but I gave it 4 stars for gaming since the mouse isn't useable as a gaming device IMO. However, I reccomend the package to anyone who wants a sweet keyboard that's low-profile and bluetooth (even if you don't use the mouse), anyone who wants a nice mouse for non-gaming....more info
  • Good keyboard-mice combo.....
    I have installed this set with my Windows XP2 with setpoint version 3 and everything went smoothly.

    Keyboard has notebook type of soft feel and I personally like it. Good product for the money....more info
  • Excelente Teclado para PC o Laptop
    El teclado es bastante delgado, lo puedes acompa?ar con la extension del teclado numerico, tecnologia Bluetooth. El raton es laser (no tiene luz visible) lo cual hace q la pila sea duradera, ademas el raton trae una base para cargarlo....more info
  • awesome, watch out for quality
    bought 2 of these, one of them has a left CTRL key issue - not always sensing that it's pressed. Second copy of this keyboard is flawless.
    nice product.
    Sometimes need to remove and re-insert the USB mini-adapter if it stops sensing mouse and/or keyboard. that usually fixes it.
    ...more info
  • Quick install, solid product
    I was a bit concerned that Logitech provided their own proprietary Bluetooth software, they do say you can use generic Bluetooth managers. I went ahead with the standard install. It went more smoothly than any other Bluetooth install I have ever done on any machine. The devices were quickly discovered and paired. I also tried and succeeded at pairing my Motorola stereo headphones.

    The construction of all three pieces is solid and seems durable. The keyboard is a bit bigger than I would have liked for use with my home media PC system. But I have the consolation of a solid, reliable product.


    -I discovered is that mouse or keyboard activity seems to disconnect the stereo headphones. So either I'd have to experiment with using a generic bluetooth manager to see whether it better handles the multiple devices simultaneously.

    -The so called media keyboard module seems superfluous for my purposes but I suppose people who heavily use Winamp or Windows Media Player will find this handy and more compact than a fullsize keyboard. ...more info
  • Great Keyboard & Mouse combo
    I have to say that this is the best keyboard I have ever used, the keys are solid and have a great bounce when keying. The wireless responsiveness is perfect, no lag what so ever. Great range too, my bed to my PC is about 5 feet. The only issue I have is that the number key bad does not attach to the keyboard, kinda weird but not a huge issue. ...more info
  • Not too shabby
    I bought this keyboard as a replacement to my G15 gaming keyboard. Now I didn't really use the G15 to it's full capabilities... so I didn't expect this keyboard to be anything like the G15.

    It's very sleek and looks great. It's definitely the quietest keyboard I've owned. I like that the numerical pad is seperated. I have not used the bluetooth phone integration yet, but have used the media controls. I love it! The selling point of this keyboard for me was the full media controls from the numerical pad. I have my computer set up for an extended desktop view with my LCD tv as my 2nd monitor. I do this for movies alone. To now be able to sit on the couch and completely control the computer from the comfort of my couch is wonderful. I can start movies, music, volume, etc... even browse programs and the start menu!

    The biggest pitfall of this keyboard and mouse set up, IMO, is the lack of backlighting. I purchased it thinking it did infact have a backlight. I was very upset that it did not. It doesn't make alot of sense to me to have a media remote that you can't see when the lights are off watching movies. Also the keyboard... I'm debating purchasing another keyboard for the backlighting... or purchasing a descrete desk lamp. That's a personal preference tho and not really a fault of the keyboard, aside from not being able to see the media controls in the dark.

    The mouse is great and super comfortable. It's very accurate and glides freely. I don't find myself thumping it aorund as I do with my other mice :D...more info
  • Excellent keyboard, but...
    I am a mediocre typist so good typists and poor (meaning worse than mediocre) should read this review with caution. First of all, I really, really, like the touch and feel of this keyboard. Second, it is quiet. You can type and talk on the phone and the person you are talking to doesn't say, "Quit playing around on your computer and pay attention!"

    Next, I didn't buy it for the media control, so I have no idea how that works. There are also some internet navigation buttons and some other function buttons that I haven't used, but may, some day. I really bought the keyboard for typing.

    The detachable numeric keypad is neat, but the keypad itself is so ho-hum you wonder at the point of it. I mean, it's neat pushing a button and having a calculator, but I can click the mouse and have a calculator--and a much better calculator--tape, more functions, paste, etc.--like, really!

    Speaking of the mouse, I like the mouse--not as much as I like the keyboard--but I like it. The thumb-activated forward and back button is mounted in the middle and I have a long thumb, so the back button is awkward. There are some functions about this mouse that I don't understand, particularly why it scrolls like lightning sometimes and like Death Valley other times. I'm as satisfied with it as the Microsoft mouse it replaced.

    The keyboard used to mysteriously drop characters. That is, I would type, "The quick brown fox" and get "he uik brnx". This gave me a sense of accomplishment as it was the first time ever I out-typed a keyboard buffer, but it was a frustrating experience all the same. Fortunately, it only seems to happen now when there is some very heavy background activity, i.e., Google indexing the desktop while the anti-virus runs while Word repaginates, while... so, it is not often. Why it did it a lot and now it doesn't, I don't know.

    Would I buy it again? Well, no. I love the keyboard and now that I've got it, I'm not giving it back. But, the numeric keypad is really bland. The mouse is okay, but I'm used to Logitech mice and trackballs that are more than okay. Microsoft makes an okay mouse that is a lot cheaper than this one.

    I tried all the keyboards I could find for feel and sound and this one was love at first touch. After checking on-line, I went back and asked the store manager if he could cut me a little slack on the price, showing him a print of Amazon's deal and he showed me the way to the door, very nicely, but no deal.

    I used to have a Northgate keyboard (no longer made) but imitated by someone (you can do a web search) that I should never have let go. All I have are memories of how much I loved that keyboard and I think I am going to feel the same way about this one. The imitation Northgate costs about the same (or so I'm told) and if I had thought about it, in time, I might not be writing this review since my objection to the imitation Northgate was price. This is a lot of money to pay for a keyboard. Maybe if you use the media funtions and can get the keypad to do something and have a different shaped hand for the mouse......more info
  • Excellent Mouse
    I have literally used this mouse every day for work and play for about two years since it first came out. I have barely used the keyboard it sits in storage so i wont comment on that.

    Bluetooth: I havent had any problems with the bluetooth on the mouse. I dont use the provided USB BT becuase it just connects straight to my laptop's internal bluetooth and unlike other bluetooth mice this doesnt lag much when it comes back from power saving mode its available very quickly.

    Construction: Extremely durable. I have thrown, dropped, kicked, scuffed and abused this mouse for a long time and it still works perfectly and is in good condition. I have had to replace the plastic slide pads undernearth a few times now because ive had it for so long.

    Software: I dont use the provided logitech software at all, its only useful for the extra mouse button configuration but the mouse runs fine without it.

    Battery: The strong internal battery combined with their power saving system is absolutely awesome. Mine usually lasts about a week of solid use before i have to recharge it. And the battery indicator on top of the mouse is relaiable and linear. By that i mean it wont say its full then half an hour later die. Most of the time you still have half a dozen hours of use left when its on its lowest indicator level. Takes a couple hours to fully charge.

    Accuracy: The tracking is precise you can definately use this mouse for fast paced gaming or design applications. I havent had any tracking or accuracy issues.

    Feel: I have your average large male sized hands and I find it very comforatble and it has a good weight to it. It has sufficient ergonomics to 'rest' comfortably but enough grippy pieces to allow for detailed movement.

    Pros: Strong/Sturdy, Confortable, Reliable, Accurate, Great Battery, Quick Recharge, Great Bluetooth

    Cons: Expensive. ...more info
  • Horrible Mouse Lag !
    I bought this thing over a year ago with high hopes for its sleek appearance and Logitech quality. There is something wrong with the bluetooth connection, the mouse, or whatever, and it has made the mouse almost impossible to use since day one. Every few minutes, the mouse experiences a "lag" where the cursor does not track where you are moving the mouse, in both speed and position. It is VERY ANNOYING.

    I have figured out a way to point the mouse away for a few seconds to fix it, but Logitech has no support about this or anything, and I have a wired mouse that I keep connected on my desk to be able to use in an emergency when the bluetooth mouse acts up. I do NOT recommend this product and I will be switching to another brand right now. I thought I'd enter in this comment before I purchased another one....more info
  • Space bar only works sometimes. Customer service sucks
    I purchased this keyboard/mouse combo in Aug of 2007. I like the look and feel of it, however almost immediatly I started having problems with the spacebar not responding. Unless you press hard on the middle of the spacebar it will not leave a space. I have read many others have had the same problem.
    I called Logitech customer service. (I could not find a toll-free number so it was on my dime) The man I spoke with was nice, but the first solution he had for me was for me to send my keyboard to logitech first and then they would send me a replacement one in 4 to 8 weeks. I told him that was unacceptabble as I dont have another keayboard to useuntill the replacement one arrived. He then told me if I have my proof of purchase(I got it here on amazon so I could print one) I could fax it in to logitech and they would send me a replacement one in 4 to 8 weeks.
    ...more info
  • The keyboard I've always dreamed of
    With no more wires and full media control at my finger tips, my lap top seems more like a high performance PC, thanks to Logitech. The Bluetooth also gives so much more distance and versatility over traditional wireless. I LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser Review
    I bought it mainly for the thin design and the remote so I could control my music from across the room, but the spacebar key was not very responsive. If I focused on making sure I really pressed the spacebar it would work, but it typically messed up when I started typing faster; can't work with that. Good design, lacks on functionality....more info
  • Works Perfect with Windows Vista
    I was afraid to buy any third party equipment for my new Windows Vista PC, seeing as how Microsoft hasn't fixed all the bugs yet. However, This set from Logitech works flawlessly! The keyboard saved space on my IKEA (small) computer desk, the laser mouse tracks perfect on the glossy (non-mouse friendly) slide out tray on my computer desk. even the separate number pad lets me control my PC while sitting on the bed, and then doubles as my calculator while I do my Algebra homework. Just keep the auto updates on and let it search for the latest driver. Install time takes about 30 minutes (searching for newest driver) ...more info
  • Your desk will never look better!
    Being an architect, I couldn't resist the allure of the diNovo even though I had read some troubling things about it. I bought it anyway. I found it easy to install, and it has work well ever since. I have no complaints. Even better, it has an incredible design, and looks fantastic on the desk. ...more info
  • Constant problems
    I owned the diNovo for about 3 weeks now, and like most of you, I liked the slick look and feel of the keyboard/mouse. Since then, it has been a nightmare for me. I am computer savy and pretty much know how to install all HW/SW. It's not the product doesn't work, but it doesn't work reliably, and if you have your password enabled on your Windows XP, then when the product doesn't respond, you can't sign-in or do anything. Only way around is to plug a regular keyboard/mouse and rescan the bluetooth.
    Examples of issues:

    1) Inital driver load and keyboard/mouse installation (works fine)

    2) Do windows update from Microsoft from time to time, keyboard/mouse hang and need to re-establish link with bluetooth network. This requires a standard keyboard/mouse to reconfigure since diNovo was hanged.

    3) Install other USB devices (i.e. memory card reader) and reboot, the keyboard/mouse hang again, and need to re-establish link with bluetooth network (this requires standard keyboard/mouse again to do this).

    There were many more cases where I experienced hang problems that I am now afraid to add any SW/HW.

    Now, I believe the problem was due to "bluetooth" technology itself, thus, not restricted to Logitech. Too much details to write it all down here, but in general, to fix my problem, I usually needed to refresh the Bluetooth network hub (much like you refresh your ethernet IP address) before I can retrain the link with Keyboard/mouse/pad.

    Bottom line is if you don't want to spend time reconfiguring your keyboard/mouse/pad each time you install new HW/SW, I highly recommend you stay away from diNovo and maybe all other Bluetooth Human Interface devices until they solve the stability problem, and that assumes you are computer literate. I knew about these problems before I bought it, but because I love the feel/look of the product, I bought it anyway taking a chance....well, it's not worth it if you can't use it. Don't do it! I know you feel the urge to click on "add to cart", but don't do it!!

    ...more info
  • It took some time to set it up
    It was love in first sight. I give it a perfect score by the appeal and feel of the keyboard and mouse. However, it took me some time to set the keyboard and mouse up. I didn't use the software that came out of the box, instead I downloaded the latest software from the Logitech website. At first the bluetooth receiver only picked up the keyboard and the mediapad and had a hard time finding the mouse. Finally, about an hour or so, the receiver picked up the mouse and everything worked perfectly. There was no delay and cons like how the others reviewed it. However, the next day I downloaded the updated software and had to do the entire process again. This time I had a harder time because the receiver couldn't find all three hardwares! It took me about a day to figure out what was the problem. The problem was the hub. All you have to do is turn off the hub with the software Logitech gives you and the receiver will find all three hardware instantly . After 2 days of hard work, I can say that I am happy with my purchase. So the hard part is just setting it up. As for some of the bad reviews on this product, it's just the problem of setting it up. ...more info
  • Great, But missing one important feature
    Setting up was a breeze, Connectivity is awesome, Distance range best I've come across to date. One item lacking is a cap light button. There is no way to check and see if the cap lock is on. This may seem a trivial matter, Normaly you just look at what you've typed, And if its wrong, Backspace and correct. However, When typing passwords, Where you show *** only on the screen, This is a bit of a pain when characters are case sensitive. ...more info
  • Wait for major software revision before buying
    I've decided this is the last Logitech item I'll be buying. The original software supplied with the unit is barely adequate, and has conflicts with a previous Logitech software product that YOU CANNOT REMOVE once it's in place--the most recent update appears to have changed nothing. If you have used an older Logitech wireless unit on your computer, keep this in mind--the software MAY cause conflicts, and MAY not be removable if it does.

    The unit often goes to sleep for some reason, leaving the mouse "dead" for upwards of a minute--sometimes, the keyboard does the same, which is very annoying if you can type without looking at the screen. Last month, when I was out of town for a week, it took two hours to get my system to re-recognize all three of the desktop units (keyboard, keypad, and mouse).

    So, with all these problems, I assumed Logitech would help, and that's where I made the decision to purchase no more of their products. EVERY ISSUE I've had is mirrored by others on their on-line help, and in every case, their response is either (1) no response, or (2) "we know, and we're stumped. Thanks for contacting us."

    I'd highly recommend you do a Google search and read the on-line comments from Logitech owners on their website before purchasing. You might get lucky and have no problems, but caveat emptor--there are a lot more people out there like me who would say 1 star is generous....more info
  • cord-free at last
    wireless keyboard is great. Feel of keys, functionality of kayboard is best I have used. Only complaint is position of caps lock next to "a"; my big fingers keep hitting it by mistake...more info