Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up
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Product Description

Folding Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Help make potty training easy with this padded potty seat and built-in step stool. The seat and step stool fold up for compact storage between uses. Features include: Specially molded non-slip handles for comfort Ergonomically contoured seat with built-in deflector Easy assembly no tools needed (instructions included) Folds up for easy storage Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats Extra wide non-slip floor pads for security

  • Specially molded non-slip handles for comfort
  • Ergonomically contoured with built-in deflector
  • Easy assembly ? no tools needed
  • Extra wide non-slip floor pads for security
  • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats

Customer Reviews:

  • overall good, but could be better
    I read the reviews before buying this product & several people mentioned that it didn't exactly fit the contour of their toilets - mostly people with oval toilets; however, I have discovered that it also does not fit well on round toilets. I have tried it with the toilet seat up & down, but it doesn't make a difference. Overall this product is good. My daughter likes the fact she can get on & off by herself (using the step). She also seems to like the padded seat. The handles are also very nice. I think it gives her a sense of security when sitting up so high. I would recommend this product & buy it again. I just wish it would fit more securely onto the toilet....more info
  • My son LOVES it, but...
    First, I have to say that my son LOVES the fun ladder design of this potty seat and the seat itself is very cushy and comfy, and he is now potty trained because of it (after refusing a potty chair and hating the Baby Bjorn potty seat and step stool) I'm grateful he will use it, but I have some serious concerns about it's safety. It simply does not fit elongated toilet seats (I tried it on three different toilets with elongated seats)so it is always somewhat unstable, and this leads to chipping and damaging the toilet seat, the step portion can be lifted up and swung around by my son while he is sitting on it, making the cushy seat portion spin and rock on the toilet seat, the sides of the ladder portion are open and my son has gotten a foot stuck in the openings more than once, and the whole thing is unstable until my son's full weight is on the step. I can never leave him alone on this because it is just too unstable. Also, because the fit is not quite right, the splashguard portion does not direct the urine stream into the toilet. If they could just alter the design so that the fit inside the toilet seat is adjustable like the stand alone Baby Bjorn seat, and perhaps fill in the sides of the ladder with more plastic, and incorporate a locking mechanism so that the step portion could not be lifted up while the child is seated, this would be a five star product.
    ...more info
  • The potty seat
    Some of the things are excellent, but one bad thing is everything is made from plastic. The seat slides off, making it unstable. It also has a lot of pluses, too like there's nothing like it in the world. It's one-of-a-kind....more info
  • great seat
    This was the third seat I tried and is definitely the best. The padded seat is comfortable, so my son does not squirm around and is willing to sit on it. It fits a regular seat as well as an elongated seat with no problems....more info
  • good product
    I like this potty because my 2.5 year old son can put it on the toilet and get up by himself. However, he does move around on it a lot, so he often falls it to the toilet - not a good thing. I don't think that had to do with the seat itself, just be careful if your child moves around a lot (like when he looks inside to see what he made). All in all, it was easy to put together and I've recommended it to many people already. ...more info
  • completely unstable and no way to secure it
    This step-up is a danger. It does not secure to the toilet, so if the child pulls on the handrail before placing *significant* body weight on the step, he may fall or it could be pulled off-center and slip off the toilet. The legs are too short for our toilet, and our toilet is not one of those fancy extra high toilets. There is no really reliable way to prop the legs that wouldn't possibly be slippery or unstable. The handrails are too short & small to be truly useful. Lastly, I tried to secure this step-up to our toilet and the cushie toilet seat would then be too far back from the front of the toilet. We thought about keeping this one "just for travel" because it seems convenient when folded, but we would have to help our children use it every time, so what is the point in dragging it along and creating a situation where they could hurt themselves? It's going back....more info
  • great trainer
    i hadn't realized that i would have to potty train twice, once on the potty seat and then on a regular toilet. definitely not what i want to do, so when i saw this potty attachment for the toilet it looked great. very compact and removes easily by my dtr. excellent item and worth the price....more info
  • After all else failed, this one finally worked!
    Before I purchased this Step Up potty chair, I tried everything else on the market and my son never took to any of them. He didn't like the seats that you put right on the toliet because they kept slipping on him and didn't offer him any independence. He had to rely on us to put him on the potty and even then he never felt secure on it. I also purchased 2 different kinds of mini-toliets -- one with all the bells and whistles and another old fashioned wooden one. He liked the wooden one but he didn't use it consistently. The one with all the bells and whistles was a waste of money because he thought it was just a toy. When I found this chair with the ladder I thought it was brilliant! My son is 3.5 years old and about 35 lbs. The chair is sturdy enough for him and fits just fine on our round toliet. He is able to set it up himself and is proud that he can use the big toliet. I am so happy with this product I am purchasing another one for the upstairs. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This product has been a lifesaver for us. We no longer have to take our 3 yr old to the bathroom everytime she has to go. Love this!...more info
  • A Great Solution to Wobbly Potty Seats
    We are 100% happy with the Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up and highly recommend it. While potty training our son we had already tried several of the typical one piece plastic seats that simply sit on top of our regular toilet and they were all frustrating for him because they either bent under his weight or slipped around too much -- once falling down into the toilet and twice slipping off the side! We figured there had to be some other type of potty seat available but we found the choices at our local big box retailers pretty limited so we tried Amazon and as soon as we saw the pictures of the Mommy's Helper seat we knew it would work for our son. The wide step and side railings give a great feeling of security while our son gets on and off the toilet (we always help or are nearby anyway), the padded seat is comfortable and easy to clean, and the overall braced design uses his own weight to almost lock the seat down onto the toilet while he is using it. No slipping around or wobbles since the first try, and as a bonus the step gives him a comfortable place to rest his feet while sitting. When he isn't using the potty seat it easily folds up and stays out of the way. Our son now loves his "Big Boy" potty seat, and because he feels safe and comfortable while using it we no longer have to drag him to the bathroom when its that time.
    We had only one problem when first trying the potty seat on our toilet. Because our elongated Kohler toilets are also slightly higher than a standard toilet the angle of the potty seat's step and seat were off and not level and the slipped around too much. You can tell the design is based on a standard height toilet and its very easy to fix -- simply find something about 2" to 2 1/2" high like a piece of wood or large book to put under the ends of the step ladder and everything will level out perfectly and lock into place. You may need to experiment a little to get the right height for your toilet but it will work. ...more info
  • great toilet seat for independent toddlers
    This is a great seat for my toddler. She is very independent. We have an oblong toilet seat and it works fine but we put it on with the toilet seat down, not up as suggested by instructions. Would definitely buy again....more info