Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive DTI/1GB
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Product Description

Now you can store, carry and transfer files quickly in an affordable, convenient device. The DataTraveler USB Flash drive from Kingston is ideal for storing, carrying and transferring files in a device no bigger than a pocket knife. Its small size makes it handy to carry around, and it's simple to use, with USB 2.0 compatibility. As easy as click-and-drag, the DataTraveler can hold just about any file such as reports, pictures, spreadsheets or other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa.

This 1 GB USB flash drive lightens your load without emptying your wallet. As easy as click and drag, the DataTraveler holds just about any file you can think of--from reports and pictures, to spreadsheets and other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port--even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa. Manufactured with the highest quality available, this Kingston flash drive comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

  • Ideal for home office, small business, schools and promotions
  • Works with virtually any device with a USB port
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • 1 GB capacity lets you store almost any kind of document
  • Backed by a five-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A very good product
    We got this so we could move photos and home movies from the computer to the TV. We plug it in to our PlayStation 3 and play them through it. it is a good to have if you want to put stuff from your computer to your TV....more info
  • Grab mini data drive
    Easy to store and use...set up was instant and adding and removing files is a no brainer. I use primarily for music and it holds around 13-16 albums depending on the size of each album. Considering the price this is a must have. I have no complaints or issues whatsoever with this product. I use it practically daily and haven't run into any snags or annoyances....more info
  • Corrupted? Messages from alien planets?
    I bought this for my son after reading so many positive reviews. He didn't need anything huge and the price was right. It lasted a grand total of three uses, after which we viewed cryptic and unintelligible messages on our monitor. Since my son was using this for his school documents this was a major problem.
    Don't know if it's worth the money and hassle to return it (it was past Amazon's 30 days). I should have looked more carefully at the unfavorable reviews and failure rates and I'd suggest others do the same. I'll stick with the Cruzer from now on. Haven't had a problem with them.

    And if aliens were trying to reach us: sorry, we just couldn't make any sense of it. Try again. ...more info
  • Life Saver
    My wife uses her flash drive for work and it saves her a lot of hastle when she can't remote into her work computer. ...more info
  • OK thingy
    This is OK and does the job I wanted it for
    Delivery was on time....more info
  • one of many usb keys
    I have a bunch of sandisk 1 Gb. usb keys as well as 128 Mb and 512 Mb. keys. This Kingston is the most expensive of them I've seen or used . The warranty of 5 years was the clincher considering the others only had a 2 year warranty. Also , it was only 75 pepsi points for the 2 Gb. and 50 for the 1 Gb. ... a steal if you ask me . My other usb keys would've cost the exact same price as the two Gb. kingston key. If I hadn't had a relative working at the store that recieved a 20% discount combined with a 50% off manifacturer's coupon(translates to five bucks each for u3 enabled 1 Gb. usb keys) I would've never have purchased them . I woud've spent more in gas money going to the store to purchase the kingstons than Amazon charges in price + shipping if I hadn't used pepsi points . Only thing I can find wrong is lack of description on the site for what material the key is made of . The kingston I recieved is metal where as the sandisk 1 Gb. u3 smartdrives are all plastic ,the non u3 sandisk 1 Gb. drives are metal but with rubber slip on skins , durable but cheesey. P.S. I format and install operating system software for a living and the keys come in very handy for transferring files and saving drivers easily...more info
  • Simple and easy
    Simple to use and none of the problems that some of the drives that have operating systems on them. For the price it is a good buy....more info
  • good product
    I have used this drive with no problems. I use it for school everyday, and have no problems with it loading on any computer I put it on. I have have heard negative comments that files will disappear, but I have not had this happen....more info
  • It Works!
    I bought the flash drive to solve a problem we had been having in transferring pictures between our Macbook Pro and our Windows machines. We had been trying to use a CD as a work disc but could only use it one time with no deletions allowed. The CDs were being wasted. I called Apple and they suggested getting a flash drive. We did and the problem was solved. The flash drive allows us to temporarily store pictures, transfer them and then delete them from the drive letting us use the flash drive over and over. Exactly what we wanted. Life is good. It works!

    It worked so well I bought a 4GB model as we need to work with larger and larger groups of pictures. ...more info
  • Great Item
    What Can I say, its a jump drive. I use it all the time though. I actually have it attached to my keychain and I carry it everywhere. I even slammed it in my car door once and it is still working....more info
  • Great Device
    I have been using this device on about 12 different computers (all PCs) for a year and a half, and it still works just like new. It even survived going through a load of laundry with no injury. Four stars instead of five because had it not been for the cheap plastic key ring breaking, it would not have been in my pocket to end up in the laundry in the first place....more info
  • Good
    Good transaction. I will be using these for give aways. After purchase, I learned that CompUSA had 2G for less $. Oh well ......more info
  • Reliable flashdrive
    Got 2 1G flash drives. They work for almost two years already with no troubles. The cap can be placed on the other end of the flash drive which is very comfy 'cause usually they got lost....more info
  • Fantastic !!
    LOVE IT....Plug it in and away you go. It's simple, easy, and CHEAP.
    Store a pile of Data, Pictures or whatever you like. Go look in the
    stores at what they cost....forget it. It's small enough to carry in
    your pocket or briefcase. Take it anywhere....more info
  • bad
    it is dead now, and I just used less than 15 days. not a good deal....more info
  • cheapest you will find
    I use these a lot for quick file transfers and temp backups, beats wasting a DVD to transfer a file or backup a report that is still in alpha draft....more info
  • Ez backup
    This is a great produce. It is easy to use and provides a great backup for my digital pictures. Just move the pictures to the flash drive, remove and store in a safe place. LB...more info
  • Very Useful & Portable Drive
    There isn't much to say about this product except that it works as advertised. The price was good for the storage size and since I purchased mine it's been priced even lower. It works great on both Macs and PCs.

    I would have given it five stars instead of four but the cap doesn't fasten as tightly when it was new, and the plastic loop that is used for the lanyard attachment is a bit flimsy. I've since used other similar products that have improved upon both of these aspects.

    The following doesn't have anything to do with the product's quality nor its rating, but I thought it might be useful for a few users. I use the memory stick with a newer PC laptop, a newer Mac Intel laptop, and an older G4 Mac desktop. Both laptops work great with this item (great way to transfer files), but I'm unsure whether keyboards with extra USB ports on PC or Mac towers are able to accommodate it. The older G4 keyboard, which has an extra USB port, will not recognize the memory stick so you have to plug it into one of the USB ports on the back of the tower. I've done my research so I now understand why the stick needs to be plugged into the back of the tower - I just didn't want anyone to act the fool like I did when I thought the memory stick was broken. ...more info
  • Convenient and high speed pen drive!
    This high speed flash drive has a convenient lanyard and I it doesn't have a cap that you might lose it just slides right out for easy use. I recommend....more info
  • Fast Shipping
    Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB Flash Drive ( DTI/1GB ) arrived practically before I received notice that it was shipped! It works for the purpose I wanted and I have no complaints....more info
  • It works!
    I haven't had any problems with this device at all. I've used it for a full school year, probably close to every day. It's cheap, and it works.... What more can you ask for?...more info
  • Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB Flash Drive ( DTI/1GB )
    works awesome . came in the mail quickly and brand new shape . Good service....more info
  • Flash drive Kingston
    This is a good flash drive and the price is excellent. I have used it for a month and works perfect. I loved the fact is "plug and play". The shipping was very fast too. I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • datadisk
    All the disks I purchased worked fine and the price is very good since I will be giving them as incentives for research within academia....more info
  • It just works
    This is our standard issue thumb drive in my office. At least it was a year or so ago. Those who remember the good old days of the five and a quarter and three and a half... well, its just amazing to see where the technology has come. There are larger thumb drives out there, but this is a solid little performer.

    For the purposes of 'sneakernetting' files from one location to another, its a very useful solution. One word of warning. After about six to eight months of use, the keyring attachment at the end developed a crack. Its only plastic... but if you're carting your data around on your keys, just be aware. I do like the fact that this has the keyring attachment on the drive, and not on the cap - as some do.

    For the price, its a great option !...more info