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Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 Digital Camcorder with 4x Digital Zoom
List Price: $192.25

Our Price: $90.82

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Product Description

Aiptek???s MPVR is a hand held multi-functional Media Player / Video Recorder which allows you to connect to your TV/VCR/DVD player to record your favorite TV shows, Movies, video clips, pictures, audio recordings, and playback on the huge built-in 2.4 TFT color LCD or on your 60 TV for an affordable price! If that wasn???t enough, the MPVR also performs as your MPEG-4 DV Camcorder recording Super VHS quality video (640 x 480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second), 3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with 6 Mega Pixel enhancement, Voice Recorder, and SD Card Reader / Removable Hard Disk! The most convenient personal entertainment solution with exceptional value and features!

  • Max resolution up to 6 megapixels; built-in 3 megapixel CMOS sensor with still image resolution enhancement
  • High-compression MPEG-4 (Super VHS quality/VGA resolution) for recording with NTSC/PAL A/V output
  • 4x digital zoom; digital video stabilization, red-eye reduction, and built-in SD card slot
  • Record video straight from your TV, DVD player, VCR, or any device with RCA/composite outputs
  • Functions as MP3 player, voice recorder, and webcam

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Product For The Money, but Not Perfect.
    This is one of those toys that I didn't necessarily "need", but when I saw the features, the price, and the mostly positive reviews on Amazon and on other sites, I had to get it. This thing comes fully stocked. It comes with all the cables, software, and battery charger. It even comes with earbuds.

    So far, most everything is great. The picture quality is comparable to the higher-end cameras from Kodak or Canon. It's also incredibly easy to use (you can perform every function with your thumb) the LCD display is crisp, the battery life is more than adequate,the menus are intuitive, it fits easily to most tri-pods, and functions seamlessly when attached to my laptop. You can record or film videos up to 88 minutes in length (on the standard setting and with a 1 gig memory card) in color, b&w, or sepia; plus it has night vision, motion stabilizer, and zoom functions. I haven't noticed any bugs with the software and the only thing I haven't tried to do yet is record a TV program or DVD.

    The one thing I don't like about it, and it can be very frustrating, is a roughly one to two second delay time between snapping a still picture and the image capture. Once you press the shutter, the camera beeps and the image on the LCD freezes making you think you have the final image that's being captured. However, the actual photograph snaps a second later. It's not only your subjects that have to remain perfectly still, but you can't budge either. So, if you're trying to take still images of your kids or pets and they move; or you relax your arm during that're going to get a blurred action shot or something you hadn't intended. The good news is that you can learn to adjust for it, but it will take a bit of practice.

    On the one hand, it's the perfect camera for the novice photographer or home video fanatic. Yet it packs enough advanced features found on more expensive cameras that it's an ideal all-in-one piece of hardware suitable for the YouTube crowd.
    ...more info
  • LCD did not turn on-out of the box
    I can not evaluate mine as the LCD was broken and never turned on. I shipped it back to Amazon....more info
  • nice camcorder for the price
    i would definetely recommend. i like how u can record stuff off of tv nice little way to make it digital pictures. i dont like the shutter speed of still pictures though. seems a little slow, i click to take a picture and about a sec or so later it takes the picture. everything else is great, better for camcorder use or recording of of tv....more info
  • Great product
    I purchased this digital camera for my 11-year-old daughter for Christmas and it has been the best gift! In fact, the kids are watching their homemade videos on the TV right now as I write this review. I wanted my daugher to leave my more expensive cameras alone, so I got her one she could play with herself. In fact, I now want to borrow hers! I read a lot of reviews and did some research before making this purchase. I am happy to report that like most of the reviews said, this camera takes great video, awesome pictures and is easy to use! I purchased the adorable little triopod from the manufacturer's Website and that helps to steady the filming....more info
  • nice to own one
    I got mine in the mail last week. The video quality is great, more than sufficent, believe me. And the battery lasts a long time. The energy indicator said the battery was about dead, but i still played mp3s on it for an hour. I still got an extra battery for it which should be arriving in the mail soon. If i'm on a road trip that would be very handy to just switch out the battery and conitnue listening to music. The battery just slides out. You open the cover and slide it out easily, though it's still perfectly secure. There's a charger you place it on. You don't place the whole camera on the charger. This is also handy if, say, you are on a road trip somewhere and want to quickly change the battery. Screen is more than big enough, believe me. Holds up to 2 GB cards which is currently uncommon for cameras at this price (going by the ones i've seen.) Oh yeah and when you record a video your voice or other sounds are recorded great too. It comes in very clear. there's no need at all to shout. that was something i was worried about before i got it. I would recomend buying a few things for it if you've got the money: an extra battery, a case, some cards (i like to have seperate cards for mp3s, pictures, and video, but that's just me.)and well that will get ya set and all of the accesories are very cheap. i would recomnend this camera. don't listen to the negative things about it. even if it does break early USE THE WARRANTY. The warranty lasts a year. and from what i hear aiptek has updated this camera since it's inception.
    ...more info
  • Killer Camcorder
    I am 200% happy with this cam. The software that comes with it is beyond awesome. Every one of my family and friends bought one after seeing and useing mine. Thanks to for leading me to this buy, ...more info
  • Good product
    For the price it is excellent. I have video'd many baseball games and it works great....more info
  • Good inexpensive digital camera
    I bought this about two months ago so I could record some vacation and paintball videos. This is a great little digital video camera for the price. I added a 1GB SD card so I could get more stuff on it. This is my second Aiptek camera and, by far, the best one I own.

    - Great video quality.
    - Low cost
    - Upgradable memory
    - Easy to use interface

    - Picture quality is poor sometimes in "camera" mode
    - MP3 and Voice recorder features are pretty useless for every day use.

    ...more info
  • Cool Camera
    This is a really cool video recorder / still picture camera. I haven't used it for its MP3 features yet. It has a big enough screen, battery life is good (for the size of a cell phone battery), and I was surprised at how much video you can fit on a 1GB flash card. Comes with all the software and cables to hook it up to your computer or a TV. Night video is a little dark but acceptable unless you're trying to make a movie... ;-)...more info
  • Better than a Webcam, worse than a camcorder
    Good if you just want a mobile Webcam, bad if you are shopping for a camcorder. The video quality is not really better than an average Webcam, the only advantage is that you can put it in your pocket and take it with you, instead of being attached to your PC. But other than that, the picture on TV looks bad, jerky movements, lots of artifacts, etc, the typical quality of a Webcam. Nothing that compares to real video. Oh yes, you can take still pictures, play MP3 files, etc, but gimme a break, you can take better pictures with a cheap digital camera, and you already have some sort of MP3 player, right? Anyway, I bought it as a cheap camcorder, but I was thoroughly disappointed. I wouldn't want to shoot any video on that quality. Plus, they send me a black version, which doesn't look nearly as good as the silver one that Amazon has on the Web site (and I thought I had bought). Also they don't mention that the camera comes with an unusable 128KB memory, so you'll need to buy extra memory (at least 1GB) to use it. Very disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Cheap, poor quality, broken video files
    The video is poor quality. The build quality is EXTREMELY poor, the charger for the battery that is supplied is finicky (the battery has to be seated 'just right' in order for it to charge at all) and when using the A/V in it often creates broken files that cannot be played back at all....more info
  • Exactly what I expected
    I purchased this item for the camcorder only and am pleased with it. I knew that is was not $800.00 electronic equipment, so I found that the video and sound were fine for the price. Having done some research ahead of time, I also purchased two 2gb cards and used an old camera case that I'd had, so I didn't have any of the surprises or accidents that others have had. I didn't have any battery issues, but intend to buy another so I won't have any problems in the future. Software worked easily and the video looks great on my PC. Have yet to burn a DVD....more info
  • Aiptek MPVR attached to helmet cam
    I purchased an Aiptek MPVR to use with a Twenty20 helmet cam while riding motorcycles offroad. It serves that purpose very well. The video quality is dependent on the helmet cam, as the MPVR is only acting as a recording device. The unit is light, compact and not subject to the mechanical failures that can occur with tape or disk based recorders.

    Since it records on SD memory cards, it is easy to delete files to free up space and there is no need for cables to transfer files to a computer. It uses standard Nokia 8210 batteries, which last for about 1 hour of recording. A 1 gigabyte SD card holds about 45 minutes of video.

    You can also use the MPVR as a camcorder or a camera, although it's somewhat limited because of its fixed focus and lack of a zoom. For the price, I feel it is a great product....more info
  • Not even worth 1 star
    6 months after. Not even working at all.

    Technical Details

    Model number: MPVR
    Hardware resolution: 2848 x 2136 (6MP); 2048 x 1536 (3MP) 1280 x 960 (1MP)
    Sensor effective resolution: 2048 x 1536 (3MP)
    Video resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA) up to 30 fps; 320 x 240 (QVGA) up to 30 fps
    LCD: 2.4-inch TFT color LCD display (preview and playback)
    Digital zoom: 4x
    Internal memory: 512MB DDR for buffer; 32MB flash memory (16MB storage)
    A/V output: Supports NTSC/PAL color systems
    Voice annotation: Up to 1 hour using internal memory
    Self timer: 10 seconds
    Image format: JPEG, MPEG-4
    Focus range: Macro: 40 centimeters / Normal: 250 centimeters to infinity
    White balance modes: Auto, sunny, cloudy, flourescent, tungsten
    Still image effect modes: Normal, black and white, classic
    Computer interface: USB 2.0 mass storage
    Power saving: Auto power off if idle for more than 60 seconds
    Power source: 8210 850 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, USB port when plugged into PC
    External memory: SD card slot
    Flash: Built-in flash strobe
    Microphone: Built-in
    Speaker: Built-in
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.1 x 2.6 x 1.25 inches

    Sounds AMAZING, No its not. people need to say cheese and FREEZ in the middle of it.
    Its no good in dim areas.

    Im off this. I'm Not going to waist any more time. ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Before purchasing this item I read all the reviews. It was a cheap camera, and what I got was what I paid for. But I just needed a cheap camera. Don't have any preconceived notions that this is some great buy. It is exactly what it is. The picture quality is not great at all, and the pictures I took of people kept coming out a bit blurry. However, the video I took outside in great daylight and even at dusk came out great! There's no anti-jarring technology, so if you move, so will your shot, but I was pleased with the quality of the video I took in the daytime. If you are in a well-lit interior space, you should also have no big problems. There is no optical zoom, so the zoom feature enlarges the objects to fit the screen as opposed to zooming closer to the object. This can cause some objects to become skewed or blurry. For a cheap camera to have around for daytime picnics, outdoor theaters or brief vacation footage, this is a decent camera. If you're looking for Great to excellent quality, keep looking, but fair to good, this is it. Other features include an MP3 player, which I haven't had a chance to use yet, an internal microphone, which is actually pretty good, video/still playback- and the screen shows a very nice picture. That's one of the things I really like about this device. You can take a test shot and quickly play it back. There aren't a bunch of confusing buttons. It's very self-explanatory. This would make a very good starter camera for anyone who is looking for a hobby....more info
  • Save your money, buy something better.
    I figured what the heck for the money how could I go wrong. The package came in perfect shape, no damage. First impressions were that this thing even feels cheap. After powering it up the LCD screen was shattered internally. Packed it up and sent it back, took a long time to get my money refunded....more info
  • Non-existent customer service
    I ordered this camera in May. When I received it, the MP3 function didn't work as advertised, but I only really wanted the camera function. In July, the camera started locking up while shooting a movie. I tried several times by different methods to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired. No answer. I contacted my credit card company which offers extended warranties. They said they'd fix it. I just received a note from them dated November 14th, it is now too long since I bought it and they are dropping the case. I called Amazon, it's now too long for them to do anything, could I please contact Aiptek. So, I rate this as trash....more info
  • Doesn't work on a Mac
    I just loved this little, easy to use camera. But, I had to give it away to a PC user. The movie clip files would not load and could not be processed on my Mac computers. Rats. Now I'm back to using my digital camera until I can afford one of those more expensive video cameras....more info
  • Quality Control Issues
    I purchased this three years ago when it first came out - including all the extras, battery etc...unfortunately, the quality is simply not there. Image is fuzzy, shakes easily and although convenient - the pictures and images left a lot to be desired. However, the biggest problem was the batteries - every one of them died quickly after just a few charges none would hold a charge. Basically, an inferior piece of junk that had a lot of potential. BTW, I didn't exactly have high expectations - just wanted something to leave in the purse or toss around for those spur of the moment situations. Didn't even fit the bill for that. ...more info
  • Good - For the price!
    Ok, let's clear up the issues up front on this little video camera. It's not a pro-quality camera/camcorder. But it's pretty good. I was cautious about buying this Aiptek at first because of some of the reviews that I had read and video reviews that I have watched. But I ordered it, and for what I want it for (mostly sending video and posting video online) it seems to be just the thing. Here's my opinion on this thing.

    -Video quality (not bad for internet or typical viewing)
    -Audio capture quality in video clips (again - pretty good)
    -TV recording (Works ok - quality comparable to average cable broadcast in VGA mode)
    -MP3 player (Good - but the included earbuds really REALLY have poor sound quality) You'll need to add your own earphones.
    Photos (Pretty good) About average for 3.1 megapixels (not close to the advertised 6mp max resolution based on my first-hand side-by-side comparason with the Aiptek vs another name brand true 6mp camera.
    Voice recorder (Haven't tried it) Really don't need this feature - but based on video audio recording quality, I'm sure it's reasonably good.

    My final word on this thing - This thing is pretty cool, but don't compare it to a more expensive dedicated video camera.

    Note - I gave it four stars because the quality is good, but not great. Also because they include rediculously cheap earbuds. But it's not bad at all for the price.

    Also note - you will want a memory card for this one. The built in memory will only hold seconds of video. I purchased a 2 gig memory card which holds about 2 hours of video....more info
  • Junk
    This thing is a piece of junk, it is of very poor construction, you can not even delete any photo's or your movies without hooking it up to your computer if you wanted to take movies or pictures of something else, say if you were to go camping or some other activity that takes you away from your computer, whats up with that [...]! Oh, now I see the problem, it's made in China. This is a real piece of junk, don't waste your money, just buy anything thats not made in China!...more info
  • Great Buy for me!
    I love my camera. I was leery at first because it isn't a "name brand" but I couldn't beat the price for the mega pixels. Another added feature...which I believe the that it comes with a battery and charger. So no more buying batteries! The battery life is really long too. I just love it. The picture quality is great and the camcorder quality is good too. It also voice records too....I have used this feature many times. I have had my camera for quite some time and I just love it....more info
  • Displeasure with Aiptek Rep. and service time
    We bought this for an upcoming cruise, only to discover when I TRIED to become familiar with the operation, the LCD Monitor would not display. I phoned the Company (they do NOT have an 800#). Aiptek uses Reps working out of their home to give you authorization to return defective products. This 'idiot' I was stuck with kept me on a prepaid calling card for 18 minutes, while he answered 2 other calls AND his front doorbell!! The whole damn transaction should have taken 2 minutes tops. Did I complain to the company? - Yes I did via their site E-Mail, when I inquired why we had not received a replacement, AFTER we returned from the cruise. Did I receive a Company reply? - not in this millennium TOO DATE! We finally received the replacement Aiptek 2 days ago after sending in on April 18. To take almost a month to send a replacement from CA to 'next door, AZ is "BS"! I truly hope this replacement is satisfactory, as my buying of their products is a ONE SHOT-ter! ...more info
  • Data cable only from Aiptek. USB-to-? connection
    I've had this for a year now. But now the data cable seems to be wearing out. It is a triple wire connector Video out, Sound out and USB to camera. The port is smaller than a Mini USB 'B', so I'm not sure if it proprietary or some obscure standard. My laptop doesn't have a built-in SD card reader, so it has become a seriously inconvenient to transfer files. Only replacement I could find is at I'm going to look at Creative Vado or a Kodak brand budget camcorder next. The .ASF video format isn't good enough. I figured out how to convert the videos to other formats, but its needlessly awkward and difficult. ...more info
  • Aiptek MPVR disappointment.
    Reasons not to buy this camcorder:
    The battery that came with this product does not hold a charge overnight. I contacted the mfg.on their website, but so far, no response.
    The built in memory only holds 1 (ONE) minute of recording. But that doesn't matter because that 1 minute uses up all the battery.
    The camcorder does not come with a case. Nor does it come with a view finder other than the screen. The user's manual print is very small.

    So far I have had to purchase a case, more memory,and another battery, at an additional cost of approx. $60.00.

    Unless I hear from the mfg. I will be returning the camcorder and the accesories.

    ...more info
  • YouTube-quality
    You should ONLY buy this as a video camera if you intend to make short movies to send by e-mail or post them at youtube. The quality you get is as low as internet-video. Frame-rate is just too low. Also, the resolution for movies is low. I don't need DVD-quality for this price, but this is well below VHS quality....more info
  • Good camera
    I've had the camera for almost two years,,its a good camera,,works well with pc,, I read reviews about it not working with the computer,,works well with mine and I even downloaded the software on my buddies system and it works.

    The picture quaility is great,,printed pics on regular paper and it looks better than photo paper., Pics can become shaky if you move a bit

    As far getting to customer service through Aiptek,,There always availible when I call them,,very eager to answer all questions about the camera or you pc,for the price ,,,just get the damn camera...more info
  • Wonderful camera...great pic quality for the $$
    Overall the MPVR is a great camera, I've had it for nearly 3 months and it has been a wonderful investment. I had a few prints made at the local camera shop and I was a bit nervous to see the outcome--but to my surprise they all turned out great. I even used some of the prints taken to send in for modeling jobs and the quality was as good as any other camera that cost triple the price. There are a couple of things that I dislike--I don't like having to make sure that my fingers are clear of the flash and the fact that there isn't a lens cover. I've found that a plastic cap from a small bottled water does the trick. Hope this is helpful....more info
  • works best in daylight
    This is a decent camera. Videos look amazing on a sunny day, they're ok inside (as long as the nightshot is on), BUT completely worthless outside at night (whether or not the nightshot is on). Videos that have been transferred to PC have high resolution and look very nice. It can zoom in pretty well and without becoming blurry. Pictures are ok - kinda blurry. It can play mp3s which is a nice feature and is quite handy. I wouldn't ask for much more from a cheap, minidigi camera....more info
  • Nice
    I would recommend this camera. The record button is a little too small, but other than that it's a nice little camcorder....more info
  • Cool, but flawed.
    I mainly bought this for my hobby of flying radio controlled slope sailplanes. I cut a hole the size of the MPVR's body into a very large flying wing & simply slid the MPVR into it, facing forward.

    The video is surprisingly good, and with a 2 gigabyte SD card I can record for about an hour and a half, with sound. Even when the glider turns quickly, the video stays smooth & focused. It was also very inexpensive, so I could take a chance on it without worrying that I'd sunk hundreds of dollars into a turkey. Just be sure to use high quality and moderately high speed SD cards (I use a Sandisk II, 2Gig.) Battery life is good too, about an hour using their tiny battery pack (two are provided.)

    The one problem I've had with it is that it will not output video to a TV using the supplied cord - it simply goes blank. This means I have to download the video to a computer & make a DVD if I want to view it in any other way than on my TV or its built-in screen. It's not the fault of the cord, either, as I've tried known good ones. This likely isn't a widespread problem, since I haven't seen it mentioned in other reviews.

    For the money, I'd say this is the best tapeless camcorder around. You'll have to spend three times as much for a JVC version, and even more for a Sony. If you want zoom, however, try one of the other Aiptek models....more info
  • Great Little Camera
    This is a great little pocketable camera. I love it. To get the most out of it, it is important to experiment with the various settings. Some tips:

    - For outdoors, set the exposure to the middle setting, the white balance to sunny (or to prevailing weather, auto works well too.), I turn off image stabilization because it causes a weird distortion warping-like effect especially if you move, and make sure night shot is off. I also use the VGA setting for 640x480 tv resolution. With these settings, my videos look great even on my 42 inch plasma tv. But don't expect high-end results, but very good results, better than I expected for the price and size. By the way, the digital zoom is only ok up to about 1.5, after which it gets much too blurry. Also, make sure to set the lens focus to either long shot or close up, it makes a big difference in sharpness. You can switch it even while shooting.

    - For indoors, you can use nightshot to help in a somewhat dark room, but make sure to take the exposure down to at least one notch to the left of the middle setting. Night shot helps with making the picture lighter, but it also causes a lot of blurring when things move. Lowering the exposure helps to compensate and lessen the blurring. I found that the middle exposure setting causes too much blurring and is unacceptable. Just turn it down a notch of two from the middle, and you'll get acceptable to good results. Of course adding more light in the room helps. And don't use image stabilization, it distorts the image too much.

    - For photos, use the same settings and you'll get good results. Some of the photos I took outside on a beautiful day came out stunning, and look fantastic on the plasma tv.

    Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with it. I also got a 2gb sd card and an extra battery, which I recommend. It's the perfect size and weight to just keep in your pocket to catch those spur of the moment shots, and for the price it can't be beat!...more info