Yeowww! Catnip Toys - Banana
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Product Description

Yeowww! Catnip toys are all about fuuunnn! That means knowing that not all cats are created equal. Some like round toys, some like long and for some, it is all about the fun textures. All toys are completely catnip filled. All handmade in the USA, with 100% organically grown catnip.

  • Catnip filled toy.
  • Fun textures.
  • All handmade.
  • 100% oranice catnip filled.
  • Made in USA.

Customer Reviews:

  • Do your kitty a favor, pick one up today!
    All the kitties in my family go crazy for these bananas! The catnip is of excellent quality and the toy is filled with just catnip, no extra fillers, as I understand. We have tried similar toys, but the cats would go so crazy they would eventually break them open and the additional filling inside would make them sick. These bananas are hands down the best toys we have come across!...more info
  • Cats go crazy for this stuff!
    Last year I bought the "holiday bundle" from another website because it was on sale. My cats (I have 5) all love their catnip but usually lose interest a few days after. I guess catnip toys lose their potency after a while. Well, not Yeowww! catnip. We have the banana, apple and lemon that my 5 cats take turns attacking and even a year later, they still love them! Ususally other plush catnip toys I've bought them seem to be merely sprinkled with catnip. The main bulk inside is some sort of cotton filling. But these are 100% packed with catnip and nothing else which explains a lot. These do seem pretty pricey for catnip toys, but I really think it's worth it considering how potent they are and how long they last. I just wish there was a larger selection of products. A pack of mini pillows would be great for people with multiple cats like myself, or just for gift giving to other cat owners....more info
  • Awesome Cat Toy
    My cat likes real bananas, so that's a bit odd, but she loves this toy too! One of the only things she's played with, most other times she ignores any other stuffed toys we get her.

    Recommended!...more info
  • Fun, durable and a great comfort for newly adopted and skiddish cats
    The YEOWW Banana Catnip Toy has been the single most important toy that we bought for our newly adopted adult cat a little over two years ago. The rugged fabric has made this toy last way beyond our expectations, going on 2 years now. No other toy of any kind (including other YEOWW catnip toys) has stood up to the test of time like this one. Not only does he love it in terms of sheer play and frolic fun but it has become a kind of security blanket when we adopted him and when we later moved into a new home. He loves to keep the banana in his bed right along the side edge of his bed and during those stressful times, the banana seemed to bring him comfort. I would highly recommend this toy for its fun and durability. In addition, if you have a newly adopted or acquired cat who is skiddish or fearful like ours was when we first got him home from the shelter, this toy might be a great tool for helping your cat settle into a new home. ...more info
  • Paws down, the best cat toy ever!
    Our two cats were given a banana each, and six months later, they still use it every day. The best cat toy they have ever had....more info
  • Banana
    My cats ignored this Banana for the first couple of weeks and I have only seen Buddy play with it a couple of times. I bought two because of the rave reviews but one would have been more than enough....more info
  • Best catnip ever!
    Yeowww! catnip is the only catnip that my cat responds to. It is super-potent, and the toys are adorable and durable. His catnip cigar is several years old and he will still chase after it and roll around on the floor with it. He just received the banana for his birthday and he loves it. . .last night it was tucked under his arm like a teddy bear. Yeowww! catnip may cost more $$ than you're used to spending on catnip, but it's worth every penny. ...more info
  • Cats Love this thing!
    Not much I can say other than this is cat crack. They love this stuff!...more info
  • Cats LOVE this banana!!
    All of our cats absolutely love the catnip bananas. Sasha bats them through the air as if he were playing volleyball; Angel licks them until she "crashes"; Romeo chases it around like it is a mouse as we play "catch" with him, and Yuri just cuddles up with them after he has beat it up and then goes to sleep. We have around 20 of them laying around the house. I TOTALLY recommend purchasing at LEAST 2 bananas; it will bring the tiger out of your kitty. ...more info