Tiffen 52mm Digital Ultra Clear Water White Protection Filter
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Product Description

For use with traditional and digital camera lenses / Made with high quality optical glass / Made in the USA / May be kept on your lens at all times Tiffen 10 year warranty

  • Optimum protection for camera lenses without color shift or reflective glare
  • Fits 52-millimeter threads
  • Protects against dirt, grime, fingerprints, and bumps
  • Can be kept on lens at all times without compromising image quality
  • 10-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Three Great Filters for a Great Price
    You could easily spend $30-50 on just one of these filters. I've been extremely happy with mine so far. I especially love the circular polarizer. Ever wonder how photographers get that brilliant blue sky with perfect white clouds? Try that polarizer (you do have to rotate the filter to get results, mind) and see the difference!...more info
  • Great set for the money
    Set arrived BEFORE Amazon said it would! And it is peak Xmas shopping time now. Amazon is great.

    Only complaint is that two of the filters had finger prints on them . . . but at least that meant someone had done QC at Tiffen before shipping them out. Easy to clean.

    The case they come in is worth half the price. I store the retaining ring from my Canon S3 in the case when I have the extension tube on with the filter. The 812 warming filter is also great for overcast rainy days. For the price, you can't really do better.

    Oh, and the polarizer filter did work fine when I checked it against my computer monitor. Thanks to the person that suggested how to check it! Pictures of my Koi are now possible. ...more info
  • It works
    I purchased this item to go with my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

    It works exactly as it should. I haven't used it much, but i mainly bought it to protect the lens.

    ...more info
  • Horrible Customer Service
    Based on the past reviews, the product seems to be a great deal. However, I am writing this review based on the customer service of ADORAMA. I haven't had the oppurtunity to use this product yet, due to the poor customer service of ADORAMA. Therefore, this review is to inform you about their service, and NOT about the filters.

    I purchased this item on Oct. 13 and waited anxiously for the product. When the box arrived at my front door, I didn't hesitate to open it. To my surprise, the box was empty. There was no product in the box! There was an invoice, but no filters. So I called ADORAMA and they gave me a bit of a hassle. Finally I got them to ship me out a new filter set. When I got this new set (a week later) I opened the box and found my filters. However, when I looked at the filters, one of them had a big crack on the glass. They sent me a used set!!! This definately upset me, but I was able to keep my cool and call customer service. They told me that they would pay for the filters to be shipped back, and once received, they would ship me out a new set. I asked how long the process would take, and they said about 2 weeks. Now, I was already upset that so much had gone wrong, but I decided to be a nice customer and wait out the two weeks.

    Well, it is now Dec 12, and I still have no filter set! I called ADORAMA today and told them of my problem. The representative put me on hold for a minute then came back and said, "okay, I have placed another order for you, thank you." There was no apology given, nor any offer of a speedy shipping. I then started to get politely heated (upset, yet still kind)and asked to speak with a manager. The customer service rep told me to hold, and then....click, they hung up on me. Now I can understand that as a customer rep, they must receive hundreds of rude customers, but I have in no way been rude to them. This company needs to work on their customer service skills. I don't think its fair that they charge me (back in Oct.) for the product, yet I still have nothing to show for it today (in Dec.)

  • 52mm Protection lens
    I bought this lens for my daughter, then another one for my own Nikon camera also. For the Amazon prices available, it makes no sense NOT to get one of these if you are concerned at all about possible damage to your EXPENSIVE lens. One little "OOPS" would be all it takes to see the value of one of these protective lenses! Well worth the cost!...more info
  • works well
    I bought this a few weeks ago. I have never used one of these before. It works very well. I take a lot of landscapes. So far I have only used it at dusk to capture the evening moon rising over the moutains. Without the filter the sky was over or the mountains under exposed. With the filter, both are exposed properly. Cool.

    My only complaint is that it costs $40. Seems like it should be cheaper....more info
  • tiffen filter
    I am very pleased with the filter that i ordered. it arrived in great condition and several days before I thought it would...more info
  • worth getting
    Just got mine, perfect condition, no problems with the vendor. I appreciate the other reviewer's comments concerning the Circular polarizer filter and making sure it was working the way it should, never would have checked if it wasn't for the comments. Can't beat the price, for $25 you get 3 filters and a case to boot!...more info
  • Good filters, even if some redundant
    This kit comes with four things:
    - Circular polarizer: the filter that most people looking at this kit are interested in. While it is difficult to make a "bad" polarizer (it either works or doesn't) this one certainly is among the good working ones. Makes the sky look awesome, and takes away reflections from water and windows. Polarizer is a definite must for photographers of any level.
    - UV filter: if you read reviews online, the Tiffen UV filter is generally not effective at blocking out UV. So most people just use it as an additional layer of glass, for protecting their lens. My personal philosophy is "why bother", but you may find it interesting.
    - Warming filter: this is really more for the "authentic field" photographer who wants their picture to look right the first time. Any decent software can mimic this effect, so I also say "why bother".
    - A four-filter pouch: there is a single pouch to store all three filters. Since polarizer is a little thicker, in effect, it's just perfect for three. Since there no individual wrappers, and I only really use one filter, this pouch just sits at home.

    Overall, for a bit more than what the polarizer is retailing alone, you get some extras. I don't really find their all that valuable, but nevertheless worth the extra couple of dollars.

    Regarding the build quality: I am not discerning enough to tell any aberrations in the glass. The plastic frame, though, is a bit rough along the edges, and the printed labels aren't sharp, but doesn't really affect the performance. But basically, it doesn't *look* expensive. Made in USA.

    Also comes with a promotional brochure, but it's interesting 'cause it explains the effects of all current Tiffen filters, so good reading material :)...more info
  • Plain glass - lots of reflection at night
    In spite of the fairly positive reviews I've read here at Amazon about these filters, my experience differs. I returned the filters almost immediately after buying them. I was planning to use them the Nikon 50mm f 1.4D AF Nikkor lens I use with a Nikon D200. I was planning to use the UV filter primarily for protection of the lens. However, the filter glass is not "multi-coated" to reduce reflection. From my perspective, a filter - particularly a UV filter used to protect a pristine lens like my Nikkor - is absolutely worthless (underscore the word "worthless") if I've got to take it off the lens in the field in order to get a decent shot without reflection. As an aside, I thought the Tiffen filters looked and felt cheap. Additionally, they arrived somewhat smudged in their holder. Not a problem: Amazon allowed me to return them. In exchange, I purchased a Sigma multi-coated UV filter which cost roughly $19.00. Beautiful glass; great product; no reflections. Worth the price. 'Nuff said....more info
  • The right thing for the price
    It's just what i need for the price i was expecting to pay. Saying more its unnecesary. ;)...more info
  • Product was good, just wasn't what I ordered.
    I ordered a 52mm UV Protection filter, but got a 58mm filter instead. Packaging read 58mm but the label slapped on the outside said 52mm....more info
  • Tiffen 52mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit
    Sent in a timely manner. Lense came in a nice case. Would definitely recommend product. I would also recommend purchasing from Amazon. ...more info
  • Essentials Kit - inexpensive for a reason.
    Not bad really, just on the cheaper side. UV does what is says, although there can be some excessive flare if not careful since it is not coated. 812 I have not used (not really needed these days on Digitals), Polarizing feels somewhat gritty when turning.

    All in all it's a get what you pay for scenario. Probably fine for casual shooters, but I have already decided against buying Tiffen in the future...in fact I have bought several Hoya Multi-Coated UV's and the difference is night and day. I may return these depending on the process - they came from a third party vendor and it may not be worth the trouble.

    Summary - they work, but if you really care about your pics and gear step up to Hoya or Heliopan or similar....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    A cheap filter that protects your lens and not a whole lot more. The glares are more prominent than with most multi-coated filters. If you can afford it, go for a multi-coated filter for your lens. Hoya/B+W are worth the extra money paid. When you're willing to pay hundreds for your lenses, why not add a fraction of the price to get a quality filter?
    I own a couple of these filters for emergencies but mostly packed away in boxes....more info
  • A nice starter set of filters
    This is a great starter set for those looking for some filters but not looking to spend too much. The set comes in a nice soft case that has four pouches for filters. They work just fine with all of my Nikon lenses. I may have been expecting them to have a greater effect on my pictures, and I don't use them too often. If you are a professional, I would look to high-end filters, but for everyone else, this is a good place to start. ...more info
  • Excelent quality and presentation.
    The first thing was opening moement, a nice package to hold and protect this filters, nice presentation, the fit, materials and effects are nice....more info
  • Very pleased with this purchase
    The filters arrived in perfect condition and are exactly as advertised. ...more info
  • Great Lens set
    I received the lenses and they were all good quality. The case that comes with them is also very nice. I was worried about the polarizing lens not working after reading the other reviews,but mine worked fine.

    ...more info
  • UV Protection Filter
    Superb quality as usual from Tiffen. Unless you are using a professional camera and are looking for professional glass you cannot go wrong with Tiffen.

    Buy 2 and never have to worry again...more info
  • USA Quality for Great Low Price!
    These filters are great. Made in the USA and still affordable. They perform fantastic on my Nikon D40X and the pictures are super. Many made in China filters out there are good too (even Nikon makes most of their equipment in China now also)but I was really happy with this purchase. It comes with a case for holding the filters which is also very nice quality and can fit on a camera bag strap....more info
  • I don't know how to rate this item ....
    I was supposed to get this with two day shipping from DHL... Five days later and still have not received...

    Don't be in a hurry to get this or any item shipped by DHL...more info
  • A good purchase
    I am certainly happy I bought this filter kit. For a starting photographer, the price was right, and I have not noticed any quality issues. The UV filter stays on a lens at all times, as it's cheaper to replace the filter, than it is to have a scratched lens element repaired.

    The light polarizer is very handy, and also works very well, cutting down greatly on glare.

    I have not yet had the occasion to use the warming filter yet.

    The filter case is a nice extra, it fits right in my camera bag, and is out of the way untill I need it....more info
  • Great and effective
    I really like this filter. It does a great job at adding warmth to flesh tones...especially when photographing people who are pale....more info
  • What a dissapointment!
    I purchased these filter for a simple Nikon 50mm lens. Advertised is that the kit includes UV protector, Neutral density 0.6 and FL-D filter, which is true, but the box says it includes circular polarized filter which is not.

    The case is horrible and arrived in bad conditions, filter were full of dust and the FL-D filter came with a very big fungus that can't be removed, because it's inside the glass.

    I think that this is my last purchase of Tiffen filters. Have many others for my 6 lenses, and I have something to tell about each one. Very bad quality. I'll try B&W and Hoya next time. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Filthy Filters
    I purchased this filter pack with high hopes. Granted, it's a low end pack of three filters, so I didn't expect world class optics. What I did expect is that I'd be able to use these filters out of the box without having to clean them. Straight of the box, they were covered in dust, pieces of cardboard, and in some cases even grease and fingerprints. (Literally, you could have used the prints on one of the filters to convict someone)

    After cleaning, and drying with a very soft, clean cloth, I discovered a number of scratches.

    I contacted the company via email and a very nice, very polite rep got back to me. WONDERFUL service (which is the only reason this review isn't a 1 star), but unfortunately the second, and then the third replacement they sent me were also filthy and scratched. On the first and second rounds, the black filters actually had multiple dings in the metal, revealing the underlying silver color.

    The service rep told me each time that he had personally inspected the filters before sending them out. Each time, they've arrived less than expected. The last time around, he promised a nice gift I was sure to like. For a company who makes filters as a primary business, I expected he'd drop me an extra filter or two. Instead he send me a garment bag marked from some photographer's organization. Very strange.

    I finally gave up after round 3. I'm accepting them. Lesson learned - don't buy Tiffen....more info
  • Perfect addition to a 50mm lens
    Three essential filters for an essential lens (50mm). Every photographer should have one, and this set of filters is not only required, but at this price, is more than a bargain. i felt guilty purchasing it. The only reason for four stars and not five is that the pouch can hold more than three lenses. they should have filled it, and even with a little higher price, this item would still have been a bargain....more info
  • Decent quality graduated neutral density filter
    A graduated neutral density filter can be extremely useful when taking photographs. It can go a LONG way to improving photographs of a bright sky with a medium foreground. Without this if you set your camera for a properly exposed sky the foreground will be too dark and if you expose for a properly exposed foreground the sky is all washed out with no detail. With a graduated neutral density filter like this one, though, you can rotate the dark part of your filter to cover the sky and leave the clear part on the foreground. When you set your exposure for the foreground the darker neutral density top part of the filter tones down the sky so it appears properly exposed, too. It's a fantastic addition to the filters you need for a lot of outdoor photography....more info
  • not useful
    the words on the side are blurred, just like toys for kids...more info
  • Just what you need
    The three filters here are what any new photographer needs. Nothing fancy about them. They just do what they are supposed to do. Get a UV filter for every lens....more info