SVAT SEW33 33ft RCA/Power Extension Wire (Female to Male)
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Product Description

Increase the range of your SVAT compatible security camera with this 33' video/power extension wire. When using this wire with the included RCA coupler, it works as an extension cable for the following SVAT security cameras: CCDCO/CCDBW/CMOSCO/CMOSBW/CMOS2BW/CMOS2CO/CV31/CV32. This wire can also be used as a replacement cable for the following SVAT security cameras: CCDCO/CCDBW/CMOSCO/CMOSBW/CMOS2BW/CMOS2CO.

  • 33ft extension for wired SPY EYE and CV31/CV32 cameras
  • Shielded cable keeps video transmission quality at its peak.
Customer Reviews:
  • SVAT SEW33 Extension Wire
    Caution - The extension wire I received has male connectors on both ends.

    The package and advertisement shows male & female but this is not the case. I had to buy a connector to use this cable as an extension.

    I could not give more than 2 star rating because the product received was
    not what was advertised.

    The extension will work OK after you buy a connector....more info