Logitech Z-4I 2.1 Speaker System
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Product Description

Enhance your computer listening experience. Sleek satellite design combines one active and two pressure drivers for a rich, full audio experience. Optimize your sound with the award-winning and patented Logitech pressure-driver subwoofer technology. Wired remote control includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, volume, subwoofer, and power controls.

  • Sleek satellite design
  • Award-winning Logitech pressure-driver subwoofer
  • Convenient wired remote
  • High-gloss finish and cast-metal stands
  • advanced driver technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Value
    I purchased the Z-4i's after researching computer speakers on line and listening to some. I decided on these, plus they match my MacMini.

    They are a good value for the money; I paid $75. I did not want a big subwoofer, otherwise, would likely have gotten the Z-2300. I also considered the Altec Lansing VS2321 & similar, but liked these better for several reasons. I don't do gaming or have a real need for good audio with my computer, but just could not tolerate the MacMini's speaker, or the speakers in my Hanns-G monitor.

    The Z-4i's should not be mistaken for a full, high-quality audio system. They are perfectly adequate as computer speakers. Sound is pleasant & crisp, plenty of volume available, nice and small and attractive. I particularly like the remote control that puts on/off, volume, subwoofer level, aux input and headphone output at your fingertips, independent of where you put the L/R speakers.

    The subwoofer gets "boomy" at relatively low volume levels. I solved that by putting the sub on a stand to raise it off the floor.

    Strengths: Value for the money; appearance; convenience.

    Weaknesses: Boomy bass...more info
  • The Best Value PC Speakers
    Just purchased these speakers for my comptuer, and I have to say, "Wow, awesome". My previous speakers were just JBL normal PC speakers, so upgrading to a 2.1 speaker system, I have to say, was well worth it. Anyone that thinks having just two all-in-one desktop speakers gives them a great gaming or movie experience with their PC is sadly mistaken; having a subwoofer, and having one that performs as well as this one, adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

    Anyway, no real complaints about this system. I love the deep, thudding richness of the subwoofer, which mixes quite well with the higher audio tones of the satellite speakers (having a 2.1 sytem allows for a fuller, richer, wider spectrum of sound, coming from multiple sources, and producing better audio). I have the subwoofer set only about 2/3rds the way to max, and the bass is already thumbing against the desk and walls. I also love the fact that all the speakers are solidly built, with frames and cases of heavy metal and hard plastic. Even better for those seeking to expand their experience is that the speakers have a hook slot on the back, so they could be hung on a wall.

    The only real complaints here is that I'm not crazy about the remote control, which is actually the only way to control the volume and bass levels, as there are no dials on the speakers themselves. For me, this is a little more inconvenient, as my set-up as the remote on the floor by my foot.

    Overall, spending a little more money for a new speaker system paid off; don't go cheap when it comes to your electronics, and this system proves it. For $70 you get a large, reliable, richly bass producing subwoofer, and two durable, accurate sylish satellite speakers, the whole thing which works together to produce the best sound I have yet heard from my computer and Xbox. It may not be the best, but it's your computer; how much do you need for your computer anyway?...more info
  • Good enough speakers
    For room purposes only this is a great product. Nice mid range, nice bass, my only problem was the treble is basically non-existent. I got what I paid for so no worries. I'm still satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • surisingly wondersul
    Shopping for new speakers for my computer proved quite the problem, everything was either hype or "good for the price'". I eventually settled on this one, and seemed to have lucked out big time. Sound is GREAT, with easily adjustable bass and volume. Only downside is that unit plugs in from the subwoofer, but was easily enough compensated in my case....more info
  • Great sound for a small price
    The Z-4i's were on my list of several speaker sets to use with my mac. When I found them in white to match with my mac, read so many good reviews and saw the price refurbished, I had to grab them immediately and have not been sorry about that decision. Coming from a 5.1 system that I thought was a bit much for my computer, this 2.1 set is great, looks great and you'l be happy with the sound if you aren't an audiophile....more info
  • Just LOVE it!
    I've had my speakers for about a month now. I love the sound. No I'm NOT a professional audio person. I'm just someone who wants to listen to music in my computer room, and the sound is great! I love the "control pad" for sound. The knobs and buttons are easy to use & understand... and it looks great. I'm a design kind of person, so the way anything looks is important to me. The modern, yet soft and simple design is very appealing to the eye, and the soft white and gray/silver coloring and blends well with everything in the room. I don't have to stare at more black equipment. Very nice! (Mac users would just love the design & color.)...more info
  • Fantastic Value
    I did not expect much for this money..... I was blown away!

    Strong tight adjustable base, good build, fabulous value. Unless you are in to very high end equipment - which about 99% of us are not - you will not be dissapointed! ...more info
  • I'm more than satisfied
    I don't normally bother to write a review for a product (this is actually the first time) but I have to do it for this Logitech speaker system because I'm extremely satisfied with it. I'm a college student living in a not-so-big dorm room with a laptop. This speaker system has a stylish look and rich sound quality that rocks the whole room--exactly what I had expected! Plus, the speakers and subwoofer are of perfect sizes. They go pretty well with my laptop yet don't take up much space. I'm glad I made this purchase....more info
  • Good Choice
    I have to admit to being pretty picky and doing a lot of research, but the bottom-line is that, in competition, this set of speakers performs vastly above it's price-point. They deliver what can only be described as "an abundance of power" with rich, clear sound and zero distortion. In light of this awesomeness, I almost hesitate to mention that they look great also, but - seriously - they do look great :-)

    One thing that I kind-of discounted when I purchased was the wired remote. Big mistake - it turns out to be an awesome feature. You can effortlessly tweak it to instantly switch from what's optimal for day-to-day computing, to movies, to music of different genres with no fumbling around. Let's face it - if you can tweak with a flick of your fingers vs. fumbling behind something then you're going to make more use of it. Consequently, living with this system is a joy - you'll get the most out of anything you do with this.

    I can't find anything to ding this on. Logitech deserve to be viewed as a premium brand in audio now - they've surely earned it. As someone who's friends think they're sarcastic / semi-evil, I'd like to balance this with a "con", but I can't. These are great. Buy a set now and you won't regret it.

    [Side-note to people using VOIP like Skype: It works better with these speakers. If you're experiencing any kind of feedback on calls where one or both parties have to reduce their volume, it will be gone. This was important to my dad because he prefers to use the computer to make calls because he doesn't hear so well these days- he loves these things, although my mom would probably live quite happily without the high-volume - but perfectly reproduced - classical music that my dad chooses to play between calls :-) ]...more info
  • Great system
    I got this a birthday gift for my wife. It has a lot of bass. Logitech is just a quality brand. It comes with a cord attached to the control, but other than that the components dont take up too much space....more info
  • Great sound at great price
    These speakers have a great all-around sound. Very sleek and compact with a nice low-end and crisp high-end. The remote works great with a separate control for the sub and volume. Would definitely recommend these for any all-purpose use....more info
  • An excellent buy at a very good price
    Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" sounded glorious on these speakers. The woofer has a rich quality and doesn't buzz out at higher decibels, keeping a clean sounding Fugue. The mid-range and high still keep a clear sound during the Toccata and didn't miss a note, but still abstained from getting tinny.
    Kodo Drummer's "Monochrome" managed to get through the quiet parts without any hiss and, again, deep bass notes really resonate here without the irritating buzz found in cheaper speakers.
    The impression of movement allowed by a 2.1 system was consistent and for basic PC use, there's enough immersion for the single user. First-person shooters come alive with proper speaker placement.
    The only word of warning I can think of is to not push these speakers past 3/4 full volume. If it makes the windows rattle, that's loud enough and anything over that is simply ridiculous. These speakers can push enough air at less than 50%....more info
  • For everyone else
    I've owned these speakers for several months now and can honestly say I am completely satisfied. While this may not be the system of choice for die hard audiophiles, or those able to buy the top of the line, for the average Joe or Joan, you can't ask for more. Clear, crisp, sound, plenty of bass, mid range and high end, more than exceptable, and with enough volume to shake the windows, if thats important to you. Appearance and design are sleek, modern, and appealing, especially with Apple products. The control box is simple, and convenient. I did some homework before buying this system and found in the reviews for other models something I regarded as noteworthy. While many of the review magazines rated other systems better, the z-4 system was always mentioned as the lower price alternative. Plus, it was recommended by consumers more often then not, over the more expensive systems. On top of that, I feel the price is right. ...more info
  • Better than expected
    I'm not an audiophiliac, but for any average user, these speakers should meet or exceed your expectations. So far I've only used them to listen to my MP3 player, but I've still been blown away by the quality it has. It also has good bass for such a small system....more info
  • A great buy
    I got these speakers because the speakers on my Thinkpad are incredibly weak. I was interested in a nice pair of 2.1 speakers that would not cost too much, and I found a great deal in these speakers.

    The speakers sound great, with crisp sound. Also, there is very little sound distortion at the louder volume settings. The woofer is also works well, providing decent bass in both music and movies. Besides it's overall audio quality, I find that the Z-4is have a pleasant aesthetic also, as they have a nice glossy white finish.

    Overall, I'd say these speakers are a great buy for anyone who's looking for a good set of relatively inexpensive speakers. They are not for serious audiophiles, but for anyone looking to beef up their PC's sound systems should definitely look into this set. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    The sound on these speakers is fine. Easy to install. But, I have had these speakers about 4 to 6 months and the system has failed. OOPS. After further testing and resetting the my sound system, the speakers are working fine. I would rate this system with 4 stars. My mistake. Everything is fine. ...more info
  • great sound
    I got this for my parents. The sound is great and the setup was very easy. Voices are clear and the base is perfect for movies. The only thing I would have liked to add would be a remote since I have the computer hooked up to the HDTV and so when watching movies we're not next to the computer....more info
  • Nice sat of speakers on sale
    Found this at a good bargain. Installed easily and works very well. Am not an audiophile, but this one has a good bass and a good range....more info
  • The wired remote control is great!
    Great sound and the wired remote makes fiddling with your mouse or keyboard a thing of the past. Instant and positive control of volume and amount of subwoofer. ...more info
  • More bang for the buck
    I was very pleased with my speaker system. I had been considering buying a sound system for my house, but the price of this system was too attractive. If you are slightly tech handicapped, as I am, you might want to have someone around when you hook it up-the settings are very important to the way the speakers sound in your particular situation. My husband is one of those (irritating) guys that likes to crank it up to impress company and this system will deliver. My only dislike is the white color-would have prefered black....more info
  • quality, not quantity
    When you buy this system, the money is going into overall sound quality, not power. You could probably get a system with more than twice the power for very little more money, but from what I've heard those systems require sound cards to drive (another hidden cost) and need to be adjusted. This system doesn't need to be tweaked to sound good; it sounds great right out of the box.

    40 watts RMS isn't enough if you're trying to host a party, but it's sufficient for any personal use or watching a movie in the dorm with friends.

    You'll definitely get your money's worth out of this....more info
  • Great Speakers for new macbook.
    I just ordered these speakers for a new macbook. It even looks like an apple product so matches the macbook... which is just awesome! Even at low volume they sound great... The bass volume control is one of the best features. I have a roommate and these are great because I can listen to itunes as he sleeps without bothering him. And when he leaves I can blast them shaking the room!!! :-) And with the rebate this was such a great deal...I couldn't find a better deal anywhere even from no name websites!!!...more info
  • Logitech Z-4I 2.1 Speaker System
    Great sound for a budget system. The volume control is cool with blue light. Used it for additional Plasma TV speakers and they work great....more info
  • Big Sound
    My husband loves these speakers. He is very picky about speakers and says these are great he can shake the office. Great Quality...more info
  • Logitech 2.1 PC speakers Z-4i
    I bought two Logitech 2.1 speaker sets: Z-4i and X-230. Overall the sound quality of both is very good and Z-4i is better (of course). What I want to share here:

    * The bass sounds "tight and strong" which is good for music listening, feeling like metal weights (not bags of water) are dropped.

    * X-230's bass appears to be slow meaning it is delayed a little bit in reference to the rhythm of the music. The Z-4i does not show this trait. However it needs a few hours to break-in, fresh out-of-the box its sound is quite irritating....more info
  • Great speakers especially at this price
    These speakers look very nice and they sound better. I am very impressed by the sub, the bass never sounds distorted and has a nice deepness to it yet is never overpowering. The satellites spout impressive clarity at all volume levels. The control pod is fantastic with both volume and bass level control as well as headphone and microphone jacks, and also a power button. I have played with many 2.1 setups and this is a very good system. Games and music sound great on these, I really cannot complain. One time I spilled my beer all over the left speaker and the control knob but that didn't stop them. Haha, oops. In summation, these speakers perform better than a lot of setups that cost more. If you have more money to spend, there are indeed better options, but at this price, you might as well get them just to have :)...more info
  • Logitech Z-4I 2.1 Speaker System
    I bought this as an addition to a pair of Altec speakers that I had used with a couple of laptops over the past 5 years. With the rebates it seemed like the system was practically free, I wanted an additional set of speakers to either plug my iPod into to listen in another room or to plug my laptop into to free up the Altec's for the another room. I did not need speakers that were portable and these are definitely not easily portable. I had had good luck with Logitech products before so if it hadn't worked out, it wouldn't have been a disaster. So WOW I unpacked them, plugged them in finished downloading 491.3 DAYS of jazz music from my CD's onto my new laptop and iPod and I'm thrilled! I've had a Bose Wave Radio/CD that I'd been playing all these CD's on for years but this is so much easier and a whole lot cheaper than buying another Bose. While I'm a jazz afficiando and my hearing is excellent so I can't stand "buzz or fuzz" speakers but I am not a real sound geek, if you are, well then you'll have to pay a whole lot more to be happy.
    I'm sort of past playing computer games where sound is important so I don't know about how computer games would sound on them...I assume that some sort of surround sound would be more interesting. But if you want to listen to jazz at home on your laptop without spending a fortune...these "rock"....more info
  • Excellent Speakers at a Great Price
    Bought the speakers to hook-up to a Samsung LNT2354H 23" LCD HDTV White. Excellent sound and matches the TV perfectly....more info
  • Great for the money!
    You can't expect these speakers to sound like Bose speakers, but for the price they're darn good!!!! I bought them for my new Imac and I'm delighted with them....more info
  • Great product
    These logitech speakers are a great investment. The bass really pumps and the speakers are convenient and very easy to set up, not to mention the great sound they produce. Overall, a very high quality product....more info
  • Value and Sound
    These speakers are my second pair. Now I enjoy listening to music on my laptop computer whether in the living room or bedroom-and even at the lowest listening levels. The price is amazing for the sound and compactnss of the Z-41 2.1 system. Next time I might try the Logitech "wireless" system but for now, these indeed-deliver "bang for the buck"! ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. It doesn't take up too much room and the sound quality is great. ...more info
  • Great Price and Better Sound
    Got these a while ago after researching them and the jbl creatures but found these to be a better price and quality. Sub is fine and the speakers are amazing clear. I have all of it hooked up to my airport express base station and play them wirelessly and they sound amazing! Great Buy!!...more info
  • best mac speakers EVER.
    I'm listening to them right now. They are amazingly clear. The bass control is decent, and with everything pumped up, they are amazing speakers for parties! almost my whole basement is shaking with these babies.Easy setup, and a good price, too....more info
  • Not worth it at all.
    I'm serious. I'm not being a jerk or anything.

    Logitech's a great company. However, I think they really screwed up on the Z4I's. If you have them set up with acoustic perfection, isolation stands, and an external EQ control, you MIGHT be able to make them work.
    For 50 more dollars, you can buy the z2300's. I've had both, and I immediately returned the Z4I's. the 2300's are worth it. TRUST ME. ...more info