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Planet Bike Beamer 1 and Blinky 3 LED Bicycle Light Set
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $23.75

You Save: $11.24 (32%)


Product Description

Planet Bike Beamer-1 Headlight and Taillight Set

  • Beamer 1 features new 4X brighter Nichia eXtreme V 2.0 LEDs
  • Beamer 1 features new beam puts light where you need it
  • Beamer 1 features up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Blinky 3 features 3 super-bright LEDs and built-in parabolic reflector provides visibility up to 1 mile
  • Blinky 3 features up to 200 hours of run time on 2 AAA batteries(included)

Customer Reviews:

  • good buy
    perfect for beach cruisers. the lights are bright and small enough without being obnoxious or standout-ish.

    arrived quickly in the mail.
    super easy to install.

    comes with batteries.

    ...more info
  • Bike Light
    Was shipped to be really fast. I like that it is high quality but not expensive. Would recommend to a friend....more info
  • Good value
    Battery life is good and the whole package seems pretty well-built. My only compliant is that the front headlight is not very bright. It serves to let other people know you're there, but definitely does not sufficiently light up the road in front of you. The rear light works just fine.

    For the price, however, I don't think this can be beat. If you're looking for a cheap but usable bike light set, this is the way to go....more info
  • Good for the money
    After a search around the Internet, I found these to be the best priced LED bike lights I could find. The rear light is a similar design to most bike LED light brands, and very bright. The front light is much smaller than I expected with just 1 LED, however it is still pretty bright so other road users can see you.
    The only aspect i didn't like about them, is the front light's bracket has a quick release feature to it, which is a little tricky and not very quick! The usual nut and bolt used for bike lights would have been better.
    However, these are pretty good lights for the price....more info
  • Works well
    This product was easy to install and works quite well. I still don't know how long the battery is going to last though since this is the first week....more info
  • works well
    I've been really happy with these lights. I the front light is bright enough for an average suburban road, and I like the blinking function on the back light. I haven't used them long enough to judge if the battery length is as long as they say, but so far I've had no problems. The bracket for the tail light was strange, I never did figure out how it was supposed to work, but I just skipped the bracket entirely and used the clip that was attached to the light. The clip seems sturdy enough by itself. Overall I'm very happy with them and it was the best price I found around....more info
  • Sturdy contruction but not very bright
    I thought this light would suffice for my short ride home from work every night but its has a much more limited scope than I was expecting. If I could do it again, I would have splurged for a bigger light. Works great and has sturdy construction but is definitely the minimum you need for night riding....more info
  • Easy to install, works well
    I purchased this light set because front/rear lights are a legal requirement to ride at night in the city where I live. The set was very easy to install and works well. The set uses standard AA and AAA batteries, which can be purchased at any store. If I were doing serious night riding out in the country or on dark trails I would probably look for a brighter headlight....but this works just fine for me in the city. ...more info
  • Can't be beat for this price
    This is definitely made for letting others know you are there not for riding dark trails at night, but, it does that very well and at a great price. Front and back are plenty bright enough for getting attention. Both mounted easily. My only tiny complaint is that they don't default to the same mode one to flashing and the other to solid. ...more info
  • Great value, nice featured light set.
    This set uses normal AA and AAA batteries, unlike other sets out there.

    Beamer 1 (front): Easy to mount to handlebars with included mount. Also easy to remove as a flashlight. Uses two included AA batteries.

    Blinky 3 (rear): Excellent rear light with 3 LEDs. Uses two included AAA batteries. With included mounts, it attaches to the seat post or to a thin rear frame. Unlike the front light, the rear acts as a reflector when turned off. When you want to remove it for security, it's just a click and a slide, and it turns into a clip light, similar to a belt clip.

    For some reason, one click on the front light sets it to blink, and two clicks is a steady light. It's the opposite for the rear light. Oops!...more info
  • Versatility and value, but not a great performer.
    The bar isn't set very high for a multifunction light set priced under $25, but this set does rise above mediocrity in a couple of important areas. There is a lot of versatility, with both lights having multiple functions and the headlight sharing a LED and a regular bulb with low and high power settings. It is also well designed and made for this price point. But the performance of the headlight is a constant reminder that you didn't pay a lot. Only the highbeam is useable when riding at night and it likes batteries. Really, really likes batteries. After just 1.5 hours of night riding the range and intensity of the high beam has been cut by more than half.

    My local bike shop offered this set for $15 when I bought my bike, so I really don't have anything to complain about considering I've spent more on a pizza. But the battery consumption has put a rechargeable headlight high on my shopping list. ...more info