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Manfrotto 685B Neotec Monopod Deluxe with Safety Lock (Black)
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Product Description

A monpod is a simple way to keep your camera steady when and where a tripod can't. Manfrotto's 685B Neotec Monopod Deluxe offers simple use and versatility, plus compact carrying convenience, to help ypu get the most out of your photography. The 685B sports a new safety lever that prevents accidental deployment of the locking release mechanism. To close the monopod, simply activate the safety lever with the small finger, which then allows the grip action handle to be depressed. The lever is simple to operate while still maintaining the one-handed closing operation. To further improve the single-handed performance of the Neotec Monopod, Manfrotto has added a lightweight rubber foot pedal to make opening or closing a snap. To increase the height of the camera, simply step on the pedal and lift the mon to the new position. For storage and transportation, the foot pedal folds away against the bottom leg section. Manfrotto has also added a protective leg-warmer on the bottom leg section to provide protection against the elements and offer a comfortable grip during transportation. And for extra ground support and increased grip, a suction cup foot has been added. Leg Sections - 3 Max Load Capacity - 17.6 pounds Weight - 1.76 pounds

  • Safety lever that prevents accidental deployment of the locking release mechanism
  • Lightweight rubber foot pedal makes opening or closing a snap
  • Special aluminum alloy used in the aeronautical industry
  • Leg-warmer for protection against the elements and a comfortable grip during transportation
  • 66.9-inch maximum height with center column, 17.6 pound maximum load.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great tool!
    I bought this monopod about 6 month ago on Amazon, together with the tilt head. I use it with the Canon 300mm f4, with or without the 1.4X. Shipping was fine. It is amazing to be able to adjust your height while targeting wild life. Happened to me with a coyote: I was able to adjust quickly to the height of the tall grass to make the shot. I would have missed it with a normal monopod.
    There was one thing, though, I kept loosing the rubber foot. Very often I would use the pedal to expand the monopod, and my foot would dislodge the rubber foot... Until I inserted it the other way around (flat surface up). Then it stays put, and is fully functional. My guess is that the image is miss-leading, and that might explain the rather negative comment of our fellow that shoots with his 600mm and thinks it does not take the weight. I might be wrong, please let me know!
    So now it is 100 percent perfect, and I love it!!!...more info
  • Great for field work
    This is the best Monopod I have ever owned. The trigger release system makes it so much easier to deal with when moving in the field. I use it with my Canon 5D with the Canon 70-200 2.8L lens. Very heavy set up for field work, having the ability to change the camera height with a just a squeeze of a trigger really makes life easier. A must have....more info
  • Monopod shipment
    Received in a timely manner and packaged well, used it a few times so far and works well. It holds my canon rebel with 400mm lens with no problem, I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first-I didn't think it was going to hold but very happy with it once I had faith in the product, its great to use in tight spots such as a boat....more info
  • Great monopod
    This monopod is everything I was hoping it would be. Strong, stable, easy to use and adjust. It is pricier than a lot of other monopods out there, but worth every penny....more info
  • pay for the duty
    product is good and shipping is fast, but i need to pay for the duty, so dont buy it if u are not a USA resident. however, if u cant find it anywhere else and willing to pay for the duty, here is a good place to buy. ...more info
  • Best Monopod out there!
    This is one of the best item that i have purchased. It works wonderful. It was worth every dime.... Change the height, while photographing is a big help because of push of a buttons its moves up or down. very quick when your trying to capture the best images. ...more info
  • Manfrotto Monopod
    A very well put together tool. I'm pleased with the construction and the fuctionality....more info
  • very functional monopod
    i bought this monopod for its quick-release function, i like the idea of just pulling the trigger to lower the pod. it was also convenient to not have to pull the trigger to raise the pod, you can just stand on the foot pedal and pull the camera body to the desired height, no messing with the trigger.

    i dont know how i feel about the safety release button yet. right now its annoying to have to hit the buttom to lower it, i think the position of the button takes away from the ergonomics of the handle/trigger. i havent been using the pod long, but i dont think i would have had any issues accidentally releasing the thing. it would have been nice if the button could be switched to non-safety mode. i am afraid to just chop the safety button off; murphys law might come around and i may find out that its really needed.

    i wish this monopod was carbon fiber. it would be really awesome if it lost some weight.

    the quick release is much better than an individual lock on each leg, you dont know how nice it is until you are out there using it and really see the difference. i am never going back to anything that isnt automatic like this.

    i dont know about any wieght capacity issues either. i have a nikon with the 70-200 f2.8 VR lens on it, its def a heavy combo, and there are no issues. ...more info