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Roxio Easy Media Creator 8.0 [Old Version]
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Product Description

With Easy Media Creator 8 Suite you've got the tools you require for producing professional-looking VCDs, SVCDs, or DVDs - just by clicking a mouse. Create the very best in custom CD mixes, produce excellent high-quality slideshows, and backup DVDs and DivX movies. All this and more, compiled into an easy-to-use, fully integrated product. Stunning new content templates and features from over 20 premium products Transform still photos with stunning pan and Zoom effects Take complete control of video with advanced timeline Editing tools Organize with Media Manager; password-protect and encrypt private data

If you're a digital music, photo or video junkie, you'll need software that's robust enough to help you edit and manage your files. Roxio Easy Media Creator 8.0 just about does it all. With Creator 8.0, you can burn up to 50 hours of music on DVDs with onscreen menus and Dolby Digital sound, organize all of your digital photos, turn your home movies into amazing DVDs, and back up all of your files onto CD, DVD, and even double layer DVDs.

Creator 8.0 can burn music, organize photos, and turn your home movies into DVDs.

Enjoy up to 50 hours of music burned on a DVD. View larger.

Personalize photo and video projects. View larger.

Schedule backups to recover data in case of a crash or other disaster. View larger.
Enhance and Preserve Your Music
In addition to letting you burn up to 50 hours of music on DVDs, Creator 8.0 lets you automatically add title, artist and genre tags to audio tracks -- even if your music has been captured from LP, tape or Internet radio. Converting your music from LPs and tapes into MP3 or WMA format takes three easy steps, and you can even erase those annoying "pops" that old analog recordings were (in)famous for. By giving you the tools to easily adjust the volume, fade-in/fade out and stereo pan of any point in a track, Creator 8.0 gives you what it takes to make great, personalized audio compilations from just about any source you can think of.

Edit and Manage Digital Photos and Video
An extremely user-friendly central navigation interface seamlessly integrates all the functionality of Creator 8.0 and puts the features you need right at your fingertips. For starters, Creator 8.0 has over 340 special effects, 80 photo content projects, 25 pre-designed labels, and 20 premium menu styles to choose from in order to personalize your digital photo projects. Whether you want to create high-quality multi-image photo slide shows in HD or on DVD, automatically organize thousands of your photos and create custom views to quickly find your favorite images, or simply organize your photos by date or subject, Creator 8.0 will makes it easier than you can imagine.

If TiVo is your thing, Creator 8.0 will help you to burn your TiVo-recorded shows directly to DVD so you can view them anywhere. For digital video enthusiasts, the software can capture, import and edit High Definition (HD) video files, and in turn, burn the edited files to DivX HD discs to watch on high definition television. You can also edit video like a pro with the Timeline feature, which supports multiple tracks, in-place editing and alignment control, and the SmartScan feature lets you preview and only capture the scenes you want from a digital camcorder.

DVD Burning and Compilations
Creating compilations of DVD-Video, DivX and WMV files is a snap with Creator 8.0. You can import many different types of video files, from DivX to HD, edit them with effects and audio, and easily burn to CD or DVD. Creator 8.0 gives you full creative control over the DVDs menu options, including buttons, menus, backgrounds, audio and text. A unique "plug and burn" feature can even take footage from a DVD recorder directly to a DVD with a single click.

While all these features add up to professional-quality DVDs that you can make for your own fun and enjoyment, they can also help you to protect all the data on your computer. By scheduling full, partial and unattended backups, you can completely recover your data and applications in case of a crash, system failure, virus or other disaster.

  • Lets you burn up to 50 hours of music on DVDs with onscreen menus and Dolby Digital sound
  • Automatically adds title, artist and genre tags to audio tracks captured from LP, tape or Internet radio
  • Converts LPs and tapes into MP3 or WMA in three easy steps
  • Manages and organizes your digital photos
  • Create CD or DVD compilations of DVD-Video, DivX and WMV files; burn TiVo recordings to DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Buy It
    After a basic installation, I went to Audio and was able to create an audio CD. I then consulted the Help menu to make a label and was directed to Tools/Label/Disc menu. Clicking on this brings up a submenu. At this point, the program became nonfunctional since there is nothing to click to proceed and the directions are to click "Next" which doesn't exist. After an hour in their Live Chat with "Chris", I was able to get to the Label Creator menu via Home/Applications/Label Creator but again the program stalled before I could print a label. It is frustrating that a simple procedure such as making a CD label should be so convoluted.

    I also attempted to download update 8.05 without success. I have two outstanding tickets (316965 and 316966) logged two weeks ago on their "Help" site. I doubt that I will receive a response from either. I am currently looking for a video-editing program and I can assure you that it will NOT be a Roxio product.
    ...more info
  • As far as suites go, this is awesome
    I'm a home user of digital media so I'm not looking for anything complicated. However I don't want programs so basic that you are forced to upgrade to higher end programs. Easy media 8.0 fits my needs. The disc authoring program is complete so I don't think I could buy a higher end program, unless I use professional equipment. It even supports multi drive burning at the same time. I would put the photo programs in the same league as my older standalone editors. It has all the tools except for pixel editing. There is a clone tool though which can compensate for this. It is easier to use too. I'm most pleased with the video program since it has more than cutting and title inserts. You can move clips around, merge them, and add effects. I could go on but the idea is that this has some majorly serious programs. ...more info
  • Deserves top reputation, not just for Mac software
    For years roxio has produced some of the best software for Apple computers. It's reputation has been stellar and I was always pleased with their disc authoring programs. I use a pc a lot more now and thought that I would try the roxio pc program. Although there are differences, it still has the roxio signature features. The menus are not arranged the same, but I think this is a progression to their older software. You nagivate your way around by choosing the type of media. Also like Mac software you can use the visual method of dragging files to the the disc icon. There is a drag and drop icon which can reside in the memory so you don't always have to start the full program. Also in keeping with the roxio structure, there are wizards galore which make all the actions highly accessible. Keep this up and I may consider getting rid of my Mac completely....more info
  • Bugs, yes. Support, no.
    I'm a long time users of previous versions, but find v8 to be riddled with bus. In the slideshow function (the primary reason I use the software), the Auto Motion feature simply does not work. And Roxio's support is simply the WORST....more info
  • Couldn't ask for more
    My laptop has an internal dvd drive that has always been finicky. I bought an external drive figuring that the dual layer feature justifies the cost. I was also unhappy with the bare basic disc authoring program provided by the laptop manufacturer. Easy media creator 8 has been the solution to handle both drives. The program has utilities which check for disk errors. I was able to salvage some of my dvds made on the internal drive since the utility program was able to fix the errors. I also tried burning a data dvd and that was successful. Then I used Easy media to burn a dual layer disc on the external drive. The drive company provided a small program but again it is a bare bones program. Easy Media detected the dual layer format so I didn't have to specify the disk format. I transferred some songs from some cds and burned a vcr dvd. The quality was just as good as the original cds. Now that I've tested Easy media I can uninstall the 2 other burning programs. I didn't even have to use the main program and was able to handle the whole project from the drag to disc icon. There were no conflicts with those programs and EMC8. The disc manager icon did not conflict with my antivirus/internet security software. My conclusion, this is a well made program, stable, with reliable burning/fixing software. You get what you pay for and the free programs only caused me headaches. Besides, I also get all the other programs like the editing, label and menu creators, backup utilities. ...more info
  • Good for the computer literate
    If you are looking for easy to use software then this is it if you have a state of the art computer with massive memory. Otherwise beware. And if you are looking for a package that has good customer support then this is not what you are looking for. It took hours and hours of pain and suffering to finally make this work. Unfortunately most of the good programs of this type are memory hogs and bad customer service. que sara...more info
  • Long time user finds this at the top of all programs
    My experience has been so positive I've got to chime in here. Pcs and software can cause headaches, but good software is programmed to take the major hardware and software into account. I can't understand some of the complaints because they never ocurred when I installed and used it. I don't think installation could be clearer. I only need one patch to update the software. That patch is at Roxio's site and was easily installed. For work I've had to use a bunch of different suites such as Corel's suite, MS Office, StarOffice, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and others. The worst was Office, maybe because as the leader they just don't care about conflicts. Out of all these programs no doubt roxio easy media creator 8 is one of the more stable full featured programs I've used.
    The guts have full range editing. If you've experienced extremely limited editing in other suites, this program will change your experience. Video editing has tools you would expect in a separate program that would cost the same as the roxio suite alone. It has picture in picture, merging clips capability and intricate cutting tools. The PhotoSuite program has advanced tools too and widescreen support. The disk authoring program has state of the art formats and can even deal with multiple burners at the same time. Again, I didn't expect this level of features and except the stability that I've experienced. I now have more faith in professional reviewers after reading their glowing analyses and experiencing the reality. So no, not everyone is finding the program to be a pain. In fact I don't think it could have been made any better....more info
  • Problems with Easy Media Creator?
    I am blown away by all the criticism of this program. I started with version 4 and upgraded to 8. The only complaint I have with the program is that I cannot blow up photos to individual pixel view like I could in version 4 and the "brush" will not size down enough when you go to full magnification. Other than that I have had no problem. I have run backups, made DVDs, done a lot of photo work, etc., with absolutely no trouble. I installed version 8 from disk, upgraded it, and used it successfully on 2 different computers. I had to reformat my hard drive a few months ago and thus had to reinstall Easy Media again, so that is 3 total trouble free installs for me. The backup program saved my life when I had to reformat. All my files were there for me. I am a 68-year-old grandmother and I don't tolerate programs that do not work or that cause computer problems. I've got to wonder why everyone has so many problems. I've tried Nero and hated it. I just bought Photoshop Elements which I find to be a nightmare to learn. PhotoSuite, on the other hand, is a breeze. Make sure you save your work occasionally as photo work, especially, takes a lot of resources and you need the memory to handle it or it WILL eventually crash your system. When I first started using PhotoSuite I did crash a few times, but I learned to save frequently. When I upgraded to 1 Gig memory that helped considerably....more info
  • Compared it to other programs it comes out ahead of pack
    What a dilemma. I'm on information overload with all the media products out there, so I'm unsure what exactly I needed. This suite is a great place to start since there are so many programs. I did look at other programs and liked the features offered.

    On paper there are many programs with the same type of programs. I found a few features that swayed me roxio's way. In the slide show maker there is pan & zoom, but not every program has it. I thought this was a basic feature so I looked more closely at other programs. All of them also have basic video editing, but roxio has 2 track editing mode. This has a number of functions like picture in picture and placing a logo over footage. I don't have a Tivo but if I get one in the future there is the that feature.

    No doubt there may be some features that are in other programs that aren't in roxio. So far though this suite has the features I use. With time I may find that I will need even more features, but this is certainly a good way to start....more info
  • Mac and PC software shows Roxio's media software prowess
    If I were a software company with long term goals, I would try to make quality products and cultivate a good reputation. I believe Roxio's products have done just that. Version 8 is another example of the quality that it can turn out. One of my all time favorite programs is Toast for Mac so I'm not surprised that Easy Media is just as good.

    Disc authoring is nearly perfect here. If I knew more about the formats, perhaps I would want to see the details on how the files are converted. But since I'm a long time Mac user, I could care less and just want everything to work. If I keep to the wizards, then I only have to choose a few things to create discs, even on a PC. I'm prone to using the drag n' drop icon since it works like a Mac program and is a visual way of making discs.

    Mac has been the choice for graphic editing for many years, but now I can't see much difference between the 2 operating systems, expecially when I use the Roxio programs. I found the PhotoSuite to be fairly powerful and still intuitive. There is painting, cloning, sharpness adjustment and more. I can't say that Mac is superior over the PC in this area.

    If you're looking for an intuitive program this is the one in my mind....more info
  • Has advanced features for media fiends like me
    For years I used standalone software programs and avoided suites. I was never statisfied with the features in the suites and I think some companies stripped their suite programs so that you would end up buying their fully loaded ones anyway. Check me off as someone who has found a great suite for a great price. Disk authoring should be easy and too many companies make it a complex, frustrating task. EMC8 is just the opposite. Click on data, music, video, etc. and you are pratically done. Why can't other programs do this and instead expose us to the minutia of conversions, codecs and what have you. Audio editing here is fairly good. Everyone needs fade ins and outs, basic cuts, scratchy sound fixes and such. It's all here. The same goes for the video and photo programs. I haven't run into any limitations where I feel I need to upgrade any of the programs. I've read that in the past some of the roxio programs were just okay, but the latest one is fully loaded. ...more info
  • Still relevant
    I know version 8 has been around for sometime so I wondered whether or not the features would still be relevant and worth getting, or else wait for another version, whenever that may be. Thanks to the www I've been able to get some data and then made the purchase. After a few weeks of use I haven't found anything lacking. I've been able to make widescreen videos and slide shows. My dvd player handles dual layer discs and this program lets you make them. Is there some other format that I haven't thought of or perhaps may be launching? At any rate I know that this will keep me content for at least a year or 2. I don't plan to upgrade my digital camera, camcorder, nor dvd player until they break down, so I know I have the software support. ...more info