Angel Sales PosturePro Lumbar Support
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Product Description

Protect and support the lumbar area of your back with the PosturePro. This lightweight support gently cradles your back and encourages correct posture. Ergonomic design gives firm and comfortable support while breathable mesh material circulates air to keep you cool. Elastic bands stretch to fit most standard-sized desk chairs. Slip the PosturePro over car seats for a more comfortable ride. Perfect for long hours of sitting, while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, scrapbooking, reading and more. You'll want several, for the office, home, car and RV. Posture ProT helps reduce back and neck strain,promoting good posture for long hours of sitting at home, in the office or evenin the car! Streamline lumbar support system cradles natural back curvature, forcing you to sit correctly. Adjustable for comfort. Breathable mesh fabric circulates cool air. 16 1/2 x 141/4 x 5 1/4".

  • Perfect for use at home, work, and in the car
  • Ergonomic lumbar support system
  • Attaches to seat with elastic strap
  • Adjusts up or down for the perfect fit
  • Mesh fabric allows air to flow through

Customer Reviews:

  • Really comfortable!!!!
    I was very skeptical but made the purchase anyway. I was very pleasantly surprised with the extreme comfort and relief to my back on a very uncomfortable chair at work. Very worth the price!!...more info
  • Very comfortable, great support
    I have a pretty horrible chair at work and nothing seemed to help it. I've got all nature of other ergonomic devices - wrist rests, foot rests, monitor stands - but the chair was killing me. I added one of these, and magically everything is good.

    The elastic band that holds the support to the chair is reasonably strong, so there isn't a lot of slippage. You may have to adjust it every couple of days.

    The support you get is firm but comfortable, which is exactly what I was looking for. It's not like sticking a pillow behind you or having memory foam that compresses - this holds its shape well and provides exactly what you're looking for: support.

    I love it and I've recommended it to my friends. I may also be picking one up for home....more info
  • Definitely helps but not perfect
    I use this in my car. (I still don't know why they don't make the seats in cars with good lumbar support). Although the support from this device lessens over time, it's still better than having nothing, and when I'm in a car without it - I miss it. I have had no problems with it slipping around, it stays in place. ...more info
  • So Comfortable
    This has made it pleasant to drive long distances again. It does fall down a bit too far at times and you have to reach back and pull it up before you start driving but it does a great job of providing support from the bottom of your back all the way up!...more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    I needed lumbar support in my car. I tried pillows, but no luck. This is exactly what I needed. It gives just the right amount of support and as a bonus, it allows cool air to circulate behind it. That's a good thing in California summers! I did have some trouble keeping it in position at first, so I bought some luggage straps and slid them through the webbing straps in the back of the support and wrapped them around the car seat. That worked. I don't have to adjust it any more. No more backache in the car!...more info
  • Total Comfort and support
    This is one of the best purchases. I bought two, one for work and one for my car. This helps my posture and makes me sit better in my work chair. I also like the feel while I'm driving my car. What a bargain price. I would recommend this item to anyone. Try it, you'll be pleased....more info
  • Great buy!
    The glider chair I bought to rock my baby and nurse in had no back support. I bought this to use with the glider and although it looks tacky to have on a glider chair with padding, it works great. My back hasn't hurt at all since I started using it....more info
  • Nice comfortable cool back support
    No issues, mesh supports well and doesn't make you perspire as it allows air flow. Recommended....more info
    I got this and instantly loved it. I don't have good posture so when i first got it I was using it wrong, so I didn't think it worked. But the guy i bought it from showed me the right way. When I sat down I kept pushing it down to where the very bottom of it was at the bottom of my spine. He pulled it up to where the curve was at the curve of my back..I thought duh, should have known. I used it all the way through my pregnancy, and it helped WONDERFULLY. You can also sleep on it if you like and it will hold your spine in alignment. I think its great for any chair, even in the car, but my favorite is when you go camping to use it on those cloth fold out chairs. The frame of it is really durable to, you could stand on it and it wouldn't bend, so you don't have to worry about it getting bent out of shape and not working anymore. I loved it so much I bought 2, one for me and my husband, cause mine is almost always in use...Definately worth the little bit of money it costs (EVERY PENNY)....more info
  • Back Relief LITE
    Few chairs or car seats giv me god lmbar support but if they do it gets hot and uncomfortableon the long haul. I saw this item used by a close friend who drives across several central states frequently. She said it makes all the diffence in the world for low back pain. The store she found it in was out! I searched the internet and found it here...saw the price was reasonable and soon had one in the house. I immediately appreciated the sound construction and it utility in the car, on the desk chair and even the wooden kitchen table chairs. yet to try it in the car for any my wife put on the kitchen chair as she uses it at every meal without fail. I will wrestle it away from here for my 10 hour drive to Alabama this month. I am sur it will give great support...and keep my low back cool with sapce for air to circulate behind it! ...more info
  • Reasonably good for the price
    I am someone who sits in front on the computer for at least eight hours in a week, and got this to help maintain my posture. The product does what it is meant to do. The only short coming is the lack of a vertical elastic band that can be used to place the support better on a chair. Simply having one horizontal elastic band that fits around the chair means I have to regularly keep pulling it up to the desired placement on the chair....more info
  • Jury's Still Out
    I'm really not sure where I stand on this item. The biggest plus is that it stays in place on a task chair. Maybe you have to slide it up or down a little bit during the day. I've tried pretty much every lumbar cushion out there, and all the others fall off task chairs or require convoluted starpping to saty in place. I share my chair
    so need to be able to grab the backrest and go. I also want to be able to easily use it on different chairs.

    I think it gives LOTS of lumbar support, but I'm pretty small and light. Maybe it's different for bigger people. In fact, one of the Cons for me is that I think the curvature is a bit too extreme.

    The mesh is strong enough for me. I like that it has a little give as you move around in your seat. Again, perhaps it gives too much for larger people.

    I also tried it in my car and liked it, but the Obus Forme backrest and seat cushion won out there. One of the Cons of using the Angel in your car is that it won't stay in place unless you strap it around the seat back, and with side airbags, you're not supposed to do that.

    ...more info
  • Great for the car!
    I bought two of these for my new car and I love them.

    I had a Neon, which believe it or not, had the MOST comfortable seats ever. I like my new Nissan Sentra, but the seats are just not as comfortable. I found that they do not have much lumbar support.

    The support cushion looks ok in my car (I have grey seats). I got one for each seat, driver and passenger, for continuity. You can leave it unstrapped while you are driving and it won't move, but I find that it shifts when I am getting in the car if it is unstrapped, which is annoying.

    Some people have said that the angle of support is too extreme, that it "bends you over backwards," but I disagree. I think it is the perfect level of support, if not on the low side. This may be different depending on whether you use it in a desk chair as opposed to a car.

    While I was waiting for the boxes to arrive - a few days, because I got the free shipping - I went to autozone and got a $15 back support cushion from there just as a stopgap measure. There is no comparison between the two for comfort level - and the other one was ugly.

    I am definitely pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Comfortable and lightweight, moderate amount of lumbar support
    I'm very happy with this product that I purchased for my desk chair. Although it's lightweight, the frame makes it a little large for portable/travel use. I find it very comfortable, but the flexible mesh may not give as much support as other lumbar support cushions, so if you need more firm support you may wish to consider other products. I'm planning to get one for the office too....more info
  • better than the rest
    I have purchased a few other lumbar support devices, this is a great product and good price. It is comfortable, stays in place, and provides the support that my office chair just didn't have. This was a great find....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I had to put a knot in the elastic band to tighten up the support on the chair. It still keeps slipping down. I am not sure if it works, but I am not sending it back, it may cost as much as I paid for it to do so....more info
  • great support for auto seat
    Have used this lumbar support for over a month and I am really impressed with the comfort. Prior to use, I would get a leg pain on long trips and an occaisional left arm tingle. Glad to say this product fixed my back issue, apparently due to poor posture. I am using it in an older BMW, which does not have a lumbar support....more info
  • surprisingly effective for a vehicle
    I have this strapped into a Matrix and it provides the support and breathability I needed. As we all economize, it can be hard to find vehicles that fit both our desire for good finances and MPG but also provide comfort for a middle aged body. this back support took the Matrix from "good ride MPG but sore back" to "pretty comfortable too." if you're facing a sitting challenge in your lower back, this can be an excellent solution....more info
  • Comfortable
    I purchased this product to install in my mother's wheelchair. She found it very comfortable. We haven't had it for very long, but it seems to be well made....more info
  • A giant of a lumbar support
    This lumbar support is comfortable on my office chair, however in my car it proved to be way to big. I am 6'6" and I find this support quite large, so be understanding of the dimensions before ordering....more info
  • Cheap Construction
    The first time I put it on a chair, the elastic band that secures it to the chair completely ripped off of one side! Hopefully I can repair it without compromising the mesh where it attaches to the edge in that spot....more info
  • Posture Pro Lumbar Support
    Preforms as hoped. Provides good lower back support when spending long hours at the computer or driving. Works well in the car on long drives.
    Helps relieve the discomfort of cronic back pain when sitting
    Recommend to anyone who has to sit for any long period of time. ...more info
  • It's not metal!
    So I bought this thinking it was metal, because that's what it looked like in the pictures. It is not metal. And OMG is it comfortable. You can adjust it to be higher or lower on the back of your chair depending on where your pain is. I didn't want to get up after using this. My mom also enjoys using it - pain free sitting!...more info
  • Use it everywhere...
    This is actually a very comfortable product - even though it looks like it pushes your lower back way out in the chair. I use it in the car and at my work desk, and it really makes a difference at the end of the day.

    You may have a little trouble fitting it over certain seats because of the way it's attached....more info
  • Wonderful in easing back pain!
    I've only had this for about two weeks, so I can't speak to how well it holds up over the long term, but so far it's been wonderful!

    I suffer from back pain that is exacerbated by sitting for long hours at the computer each day. I had previously purchased two different, more traditional-looking lumbar supports from a local back store, but I was still experiencing back pain with both of those. Noticing the positive reviews on this, I decided to give it a chance, and, since using it, my pain has greatly decreased. I can sit for much longer periods of time without having to get up and stretch, and I'm no longer in constant pain.

    At this price, I'm going to purchase some more of these for some chairs at home. If the wire starts to bend out of its shape, as some other reviewers have said it might start doing, I also don't mind buying replacements since the cost is so low. The other two back supports I had tried were about $30 each, so the current price of $15 on this is quite a deal.
    ...more info
  • Simple but does the job
    Six weeks into my new desk job I started having significant lower back pain and thought it might have been due to my chair. I looked at the Obusforme cushions but ended up buying this because of the positive reviews and the low price. I've been using it every day for two weeks, and so far I love it. My back feels much better. I would definitely repurchase when this one wears out. ...more info
  • Barely ok
    This product was shipped quickly, but that is the only thing I was happy with. It slides around & doesn't stay in place. The elastic is too loose. It is also not very comfortable & is cheaply made. I bought one for my husband and I, and he won't even use his. I keep trying to make it work, but I'm not sure for how much longer. I would keep looking if I were you. ...more info
  • surprisingly nice construction...
    This lumbar support actually turned out to be a lot better constructed than I thought it would have, given the pricepoint. It's framed by a rigid metal structure, and the mesh material is probably the same grade that you would see in a high-end office chair like the Herman Miller Aero.

    At first, the support almost seems to be too much, but as time has gone by, it's become more comfortable and really helps with keeping my back cool during these hot NJ summers. Highly recommended....more info
  • great, inexpensive support.
    I'm very happy with this product. Simple to use, fits right over my chair at work, not too bulky. Because its flexible, it conforms to the arch in my back. Also - great and timely shipping on the part of Amazon.

    Thanks!...more info
  • Very Comfortable and Very Supportative
    This is an excellent product, and the price can't be beat. My wife, who hates lumbar support pillows, immediately asked me to order two more after using it. Works well in the car or an office chair....more info