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Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600' Max Range
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Product Description

Don't be caught unaware. Protect your home or business from unexpected visitors. The WMA Wireless Motion Alert system sends an immediate alert when a person or car enters your property. The transmitter operates on one 9V battery, is weatherproof, and easily mounts to a tree or post near the driveway. The transmitter uses a infrared beam to detect people or vehicles to a distance up to 80', then sends a radio signal back to the receiver, which can be placed in your home up to 600 feet away. Dakota Alert WMA-3000 / Includes one Transmitter and one WR-3000 Receiver / Transmitter uses a passive infrared (PIR) beam to detect people or vehicles up to a distance of 80', then sends radio signal back to the Receiver up to 60' away (actual range will vary depending on local terrain). / Operating temp range: -30 degrees F to 120 degress F.

  • Wireless Motion Alert Kit-600' Max Range
  • Transmits on UHF channels

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than Most
    We've tried 4 different driveway alerts, and I can say this one is by far the most reliable. We've had it up for a little over a month, and it has alerted us to probably 95% of the vehicles traveling up our lane. Very few false alarms. We're happy with the product to date....more info
  • Works Great
    We have had this unit for about 2 months and it works great. No problems. It is transmitting about 400' into our house....more info
  • Not Worth the Money
    I have had a couple of these systems for about a year and a half. As other reviews have stated, there are problems working in wet weather and when it is cold out (below 20 degrees or so. I expected to get false alarms with deer and other animals, so that didn't bother me. After all, I wanted to be able to detect people, not just vehicles coming up my road.

    I was able to eliminate the cold weather problem with better batteries. I did some research and found that all alkaline batteries start to fail in freezing weather, but lithium will still work well and last a LOT longer too. (Amazon has the best deal around on Ultra Life Battery UPVL-X 10 Year Smoke Detector Battery 9 volt batteries)

    Lately however, both of these units quit working, and I don't know why. They seem to work fine when I take them inside, but fail when placed back out. This could be a wet weather issue, but I can't go out with a hair dryer every day, so this is a serious problem.

    The manufacturer's website has no email address, and the comment page doesn't work.
    I'm not sure if there is anything better on the market, but these aren't cheap, and aren't dependable either....more info
  • Very Pleased With Product Support.
    I bought one of these systems in December of 2008, but did not get around to installing it until late January of 2009. I could not get it to work with the transmitter more than 100 feet from the receiver. I called Dakota Alert, and they said to send it back. They returned it in a reasonable time, having replaced the transmitter circuit board, but it would only transmit about 120 feet. They again said to send it back, and about 10 days later returned it with another new transmitter circuit board. This time it works great!

    I have it set up about 430 feet away, and it rings every time. I have noticed no false alarms. It will pick up a person walking, but I have not noticed it being set off by the deer that frequent our area. I don't know how I got by without it. I recommend it highly.

    While I am dissapointed that the product was defective, Dakota Alert kept working at it until the fixed the problem. I wish other manufacturers would stand benind their product like Dakota Alert did....more info
  • Wireless Motion Alert Kit
    With our home setting back off the road and we were also having quite a few strangers pulling up to our home so we thought a driveway alarm would be a good idea. I purchased the Wireless Dakota Alert system and I am very pleased with the results. We hear the alarm when someone pulls up and we have time to look to see who it is before they even get out of their cars. I would purchase this product again. ...more info
  • Worth Every Cent Paid
    This is the second alarm we purchased. It works great and we love knowing when someone is coming down the driveway. I would recommend this to everyone that is looking for a reliable wireless alarm. Just install batteries and put monitor in the spot you want to watch. Great for when kids are playing outside you're alerted if they get to close to the road. This is one of those products that once you got it you don't want to live without it. Excellent price for the peace of mind it offers. Our 1st unit is setup at the Back at our barn to notify us if anyone enters. You can setup units to chime differently for each zone you are monitoring. Extremely satisfied....more info
  • Great Passive Infared Motion Sensor
    This device works well. Grease the rubber seal with white lithium grease to ensure weather proof seal. I use it to "watch" the back of my home which is not visible from the road and my likely point of entry for a burgulary. Great outdoor sensors to forewarn you of "peeping toms" (we have one in our neighborhood), burgulars, etc. before they get in your home. You can have 4 sensors on one reciever and could watch the entire outside of your home with just 4 of these devices. If you do this just be sure to have a plan to react... might not want to run around the house with a baseball bat like my son and I were doing... not good to bring those to a gun fight. LOL. Best ID person through a window with 911 on the phone and let police pros handle it. Good luck. Buy this device... it is good. Very functional. ...more info
  • Nothing better.
    This is the best product for alerting me that someone is on my driveway. I no longer am startled when a stranger is standing in front of me unexpectedly when I open the "back" door. We have a long gravel driveway. Even with the windows open I can't hear a car drive down my driveway. This is great! This device's volume can be set so loud that you can hear it in the basement and out in the back yard. Yes, it does go off when deer, foxes and birds cross its path, and in extremely high winds will set it off, and it won't work if the battery is weak in cold weather. I don't mind - its worth it. I love it.
    ...more info
  • At last - one that really works
    This is the fourth remote driveway alarm we have tried. The others ranged from a $70 GE unit to a $250 unit that supposedly worked "up to four miles." They would either not have the range needed (about 100 yards) or would stop working after a few days. Replacements were tried for all, and all had the same failures or problems.

    This one, however, has now been working flawlessly here for two weeks. It has been through a major rainstorm and several extremely foggy mornings. Temperatures here have been as high as 94 degrees.

    Other pro's:
    Worked out of the box with both receivers. The default settings were fine and setting switches was not necessary.
    We like the ability to choose the alarm sound. We chose the short musical selection for the house. The workshop/garage has the sharp whistle tone, as there is often other loud noise going on.

    Like most infra-red receivers, it does occasionally pick up dogs, deer, and even a crow that flies close enough. It does not trigger on trees or leaves, even in high wind (and where we have it mounted, there is a small forest across the driveway.) I suppose that would be possible, however, if the tree/leaves were in the sunshine, and thus hotter than the surroundings. BTW, although called a "motion sensor," the manufacturer says an object must be a minimum of six degrees warmer than the surroundings to be detected.

    We found that vehicle pickup is more reliable if the sensor is pointed somewhat down the driveway rather than directly across it.
    Setting it higher off the ground reduces the triggers on dogs, but also makes it possible to miss some vehicles that do not produce a heat signature that high off the ground. We set ours at about four feet. It still picks up medium and larger dogs, but has not missed a single vehicle. It does not pick up cats, skunks, etc.
    If you get false alarms, especially at similar times of day each day, try changing the transmitter and receiver subcode. One of your neighbors may be using the same unit.

    Update, 2009:
    Well, it's still working fine almost two years later. It does occasionally miss a vehicle, and we have noticed that almost all of the ones it misses are painted white. Maybe that has something to do with the temperature difference requirements. Maybe mounting it a little lower would help.

    It has stopped working once. That was one of those so-foggy-everything-is-soaked mornings. I brought the transmitter indoors and removed the battery. Then I set the opened case in front of a small fan for a couple of hours. After the drying it again worked fine, and has since. Still highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Worked for 6 months
    When I first purchased this alarm I thought it was wonderful, but it was too good to be true. The transmitter intermittently fails on a daily basis. If it is below freezing outside it rarely works. If it is raining it will not work at all. I am very frustrated. Customer support does not even respond. I wish there was a better product, but I think they are the only game in town (so to speak). ...more info
  • Dakota vs Chamberlain Wireless Driveway Alert
    I first purchased a Chamberlain "The Reporter" alert, returned it, and then purchased the Dakota alert. The Chamberlain is very cheaply constructed, difficult to adjust, and I could never get it to give reliable alerts, despite numerous adjustment attempts.

    The Dakota is by far superior in terms of construction, performance, operational options, and ease of adjustments. It's well worth the additional $75. My only complaint about the Dakota is that it is extremely sensitive, even at the lowest settings, so I had to play around quite a bit with location and angle of the mount before I eliminated most erroneous alerts. When I called Dakota to ask for setup advice, I reached a technician who was actually very knowledgable about the technical operaton of the unit and therefore, quite helpful....more info
  • sorely disappointed
    Bought the wireless alert kit because a neighbor has one and has been very happy. Installed it and got no signals. Went through instructions again and placed the outside unit closer to the inside unit and near a window, just in case the house walls were too thick. Thought everything was fine until one hour later got false signals every 45 minutes or so. Tried placing the outside unit in several places; but in all places I still get false signals. Even got the neighbor over to see if I had done everything right, and I had.
    More trouble than it is worth. Turned it off. Should have bought a camera for the front door....more info
  • Great Alert
    This product does exactly what I wanted it to do. It let's me know when anyone walks around the blind side of our house. Extremely easy to install....more info
  • Motion detector
    Have had this detector installed for about 3 weeks and works flawlessly so far. It is mounted on a gate post at the entrance to our property and is about 700 feet from the house and there are many trees on the lot. The trees don't seem to affect it. Never misses. Does detect deer also but that is a minor inconvenience. Previously had a cheaper detector that did not perform reliably....more info
  • Love it! I am so glad I got this product. We have a long
    secluded driveway and could never hear when someone came up the driveway. I really like this product and so far the quality seems to be great....more info
    Alert works perfectly. I like the choice of alert tones. Seems to be well made and is weather resistant. ...more info
  • Not what was advertised in Amazon Description!!!!
    Purchased the Dakota WMA 3000-driveway alarm. Amazon info is that it would receive up to 3000ft. Box arrives and small sticker over the 3000' says 600 ft! Tried it anyway and it wouldn't transmit/ receive 60ft. Called Manufacturer; they said the older model would x-mit 3000' but they had changed the product line! This is as close to outright fraud as is possible and still be legal.

    The product is not worth the time and effort to even set it up.

    I want the 2 hours of my life back I spent trying to get this POS to work!...more info