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T-Fal FR7008002 Ultimate EZ Clean Pro-Fryer Stainless-Steel 2-2/3-Pound Deep Fryer
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Product Description

Tfal makes a deep fryer that's safe, easy, and efficient. The Ultimate EZ Clean Pro-Fryer Deep Fryer is the ultimate convenience for deep frying in the comfort of your home. Features include: Large size: 2.65 pounds of fresh food capacity / holds up to 3.3-Litres of oil., sealed locking lid for safety, permanent odor filter reduces frying odors. This FR7008002 has a convenient adjustable thermostat with temperature-ready light to tell you when the oil reaches frying temperature. This fryer has a stylish Brushed stainless steel exterior to add elegance to any kitchen. All parts are dishwasher safe (except heating element) for easy cleanup. Automatic oil drainage and filtration system drains filtered oil into integrated oil storage container for storage until it is ready for the next use. Brushed stainless steel exterior Dimensions (in) - 19 x 13 x 16

  • 1700-watt deep fryer can hold 3-2/7 liters of oil and 2-2/3 pounds of food
  • Adjustable thermostat; temperature-ready light; external basket handle
  • Automatically drains and filters oil into integrated oil container for future use
  • Sealed locking lid; viewing window; permanent odor filter; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 19 by 13 by 16 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Household Fryer
    Our In-Laws have the Emeril edition of this fryer, and it performs very well. However, this unit performs just as well fo far less money. We love it!! If there was anything negative it would be the size which makes storage a little tricky. We use for fish and chips and always frys quick with little clean-up. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Fryer that makes cleaning easier/keeps odors at a minimum
    It's amazing that more fryers don't come with an auto-draining feature. This fryer has completely changed my frying experience (especially considering that I hate cleaning):

    1. I actually clean up the fryer more frequently now that draining the oil has been made simpler/cleaner. This also means that the fryer parts don't build up grime as quickly as in previous fryers (not surprisingly).

    2. Since the oil is filtered and stored (and also with the right type of oil--peanut for instance), I've noticed that frying odors are kept to a minimum, even when reusing oil half a dozen times.

    3. The separation of the power button and the temperature adjustment is a nice detail. With my previous fryer, the temperature adjustment always had to be turned all the way down to turn off the fryer; this was always made more difficult/annoying if the dial wasn't clean and because there's resistance to prevent the dial from accidentally being turned to switch the fryer on....more info
  • All-round Great Deep Fryer
    After years of using a Fry Daddy and putting up with the odor, splatter and messy clean-up, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. I am so glad I did. I got turned on to this particular model because Emeril uses and endorses a T-fal deep fryer. Now, I love Emeril, but buying the model with his name on it was a bit pretentious, even for me. So, I researched T-fal and discovered that this model is essentially the same (minus the digital timer, which experts recommend you don't use anyway to tell if your food is done, and the Emeril name, of course) $20 cheaper, too. It's an awesome deep fryer. I love the oil drainage/filtering feature, and it's a piece of cake to dismantle, wash and reassemble. The only thing I would recommend is to stick with the liquid oils (like canola). I purchased a cookbook for deep frying that recommended solid vegetable oils for the "best" fried chicken. Chicken was really good, but you can't drain and filter solid oil. ...more info
  • Poor Design,Good Idea
    I read the manual and set-up properly cooked very well allowed to cool 3hr plus, But when draining into the storage compartment the oil ran everywhere! I was standing there watching as I had read other reviews of this problem and made sure it was properly in place and still oil spilled over the counter and onto my floor WHAT A MESS! I thought about placing the fryer in a large baking pan just in case of leakage but thought it should be ok MY MISTAKE. For those who have this fryer and are happy thats great but something must be wrong somewhere for this many oil leaks maybe a defective valve I don't know but will not try again.
    ...more info
  • great fryer
    This fryer is everything I want in a frier. It holds quite of bit of oil so batch size is decent. Good temperature control and it heats up reasonably fast. The vent has a grease catcher but not a carbon filter though. The drainage system works great and makes cleanup a breeze. I typically re-use oil once before discarding it. Overall the unit is fantastic. ...more info
  • Best Fryer Ever!!
    This is a great deep fryer! It's super easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher. The heating element is the only piece that is not diswasher safe, but it easily cleans up with a soapy cloth and warm water.

    I have not had any problems with this unit leaking, like some of the previous reviewers have had. I would highly reccommend this fryer. ...more info
  • What genius thought of this?
    T-Fal FR7008002 Ultimate EZ Clean Pro-Fryer Stainless-Steel 2-2/3-Pound Deep Fryer

    I love home made food, but hate cleaning the home afterwards. Deep frying? Yuck and double yuck until I got this fryer. After you use it, the oil by itself gets filtered into a removable reservoir, ready to be used again. Then the entire unit, minus the electric heater, of course, just goes in the dishwasher and comes out sparkling clean. I find the oil stays good for at least 8 fryings, and Im picky, but when it comes time to change it, just pour it out, put the reservoir in the dishwasher to clean, then slide it under the cooker. Pour in new oil, and voila! The only criticism I have is that the temperature markings on the unit WORE OFF!!! So, either you guess how far up to turn the dial, or buy a deep frying thermometer. Other than that, it makes great clamcakes, fries, chicken, chicken name your crispy passion. I do recommend using a temp about 5-10 degrees above what a recipe calls for if you don't want greasy food, however, as the temp control seems a bit low, and it doesn't heat higher than 374 degreesbut it does recover quickly between batches. The DeLonghi we had before actually had a better temp control, but, two of them in a row had thermostat failure after the 3d or 4th use. So far, and I've used it at least 20 times, that hasn't happened with the T-fal, and NO fryer is so easy to clean. Oh, and it doesn't spatter much or smell unpleasant, even though we have no hood in our kitchen....more info
  • T-Fal deep fryer
    Let's face it: deep fryers are messy to clean and grease smells. That said, this fryer is an improvement over my older T-Fal in that it allows me to store the oil in an airtight container and the innards of the fryer are dishwasher-able--that is, if they would all fit in the dishwasher! Anyway, they are pretty easy to clean. The real downside of this T-Fal versus my old one is that the old one has a genuine charcoal filter and the grease smell is much less. This one has only a sort of grease trap, not a true filter. Another problem is that the stainless steel is low-grade, so it is rusting. (I live by the sea.) Overall, it is a good machine and I am pleased with it. It is certainly the best one I have found on the market. My recommendation to T-Fal is that they combine the best of the old with the new--a good filter system, airtight oil storage, easy cleanability, and better-grade stainless steel....more info
  • EZ Clean SS Pro Fryer
    I purchased this fryer for my daughter and her family. I have another brand and is of the type everything is in the stainless bucket and it does a good job of frying but cleaning it is a pain. This one is a five star unit. When you are finished frying you turn the knob and the oil drains through a strainer and the oil goes into a container under the unit. Everything else breads down and goes into the dishwasher except the element/controls. Where this is really a good thing, my daughter going to buy another container to have one for chicken and the other for seafood. As all of you know, when you fry chicken it will leave the oil with somewhat of poultry oder which is not desireble for seafood. Great unit and will be the next one I purchase, my daughter sold me on it....more info
  • Great fries in an easy to clean package
    - Good capacity
    - Very easy to clean
    - Accurate and gives great results every time

    - Odor filter could work better.
    If the filter were to work a bit better, it would be a 5* no problem!...more info
  • Great product, worth the price!
    As the name says,very easy to clean. I just put all the parts in the dishwasher. The oil container really helps eliminate odor and makes it easy to store....more info
  • Its the best frier we have used
    Read the reviews extensively before buying this product and was concerned with the oil "leakage" problem sighted by many reviewers, but the good reviews won me over. This is the best frier we have used. We have owned several T-FAL products over the years and never been disappointed. Crisp foods, good capacity, very easy clean up. A word about leakage - I can see why people have problems, howerver, careful reading of the instructions, using the "self-storing" feature carefully (i.e. assuring proper alignment and selector knob choice) will eliminate or greatly reduce the chance of oil leakage....more info
  • temerature inadequate
    Bought this as a present for my girlfriend. The first time we used it I used a digital thermometer to check the accuracy of the unit. After setting it a 375 and waiting for the light to turn off, I checked to find that the temperature of the oil was only 338 and dropping. I let the unit turn back on again but it still never topped 338. It was precise but precisely wrong. I used it anyway, deep frying tempura oysters but they came out (after more than 3 minutes) pale and heavy with oil. Tried again with smelts but overcooked them before the batter would brown.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a peculiarity that I'm not picking up on? Is this only good for french fries? Is my heating unit faulty? Who knows? Either way, its unacceptable for such an expensive unit....more info
  • Frys Great But Had Problem With The Oil Draining
    I had a little problem in the draining. The instructions say to be sure and not overfill, so I was careful not to do that. After frying, the oil level had dropped between the MAX and MIN line. I was impressed it had cooked 4 batches of shrimp and 3 batches of frys and had used very little oil and I never had to add any additional oil. The instructions say to unplug the unit and turn the lever to the drain oil position when "finished" and it will drain automatically. Further down, it says it takes about 3 hours for the oil to cool and drain. It wasn't exactly clear as to exactly when you turn the lever to the drain position, after your finished cooking, or after the oil had cooled. Since the oil storage container is plastic, I decided to play it safe and unplugged the unit, waited 3 hours for the oil to cool, and then switched it over to the drain position. Most of the oil did drain into the storage container, but quite a bit ended up on the outside of the oil storage container and in a puddle on my counter. Luckily it was not hot. It took a bit of cleaning to get all the oil off the counter, but I was able to wash the oil off all the parts of the fryer easily by placing the washable parts in the dishwasher. I don't know if I did something wrong, or if there is a seal problem between the cook pot and the oil storage container,but as it stands, I can only give it a 3. It was easy to assemble, it did come to temperature quickly, it fried the shrimp and potatoes beautifully and the unit itself was easy to clean....more info
  • Works well
    Am satified and with this fryer. I like the oil filter and cleanup is fairly easy. Fries well and adjustments are handy.

    The only negative is that the electrical cord connects very loosely and is easy to dislodge.

    Other than that, it's a great little fryer....more info
  • Good fryer
    We do alot of deep frying and I do like this fryer. But there are a few things that are a little disappointing. It takes up alot of room, kind of a pain to clean and awkward to carry. I like how it filters the oil, but you have to wait 3 hours for the oil to cool before you can do that.
    The oil container is kinda awkward and messy. But all in all it frys very well and I like the basket and cover. My house no longer smells of oil afterward....more info
  • Heat not fantastic, easy cleanup
    Can't fry a lot at once with this - oil doesn't exceed 350 degrees and cools rapidly when a handful of room-temp food is introduced. Consumers who complain of oil leaking should observe the max oil level inside the fryer - if allowed to drain automatically (great feature BTW) and you exceed the max oil level, of course it's going to make a mess. EASY cleanup. The filter feature is silly - use either outside or under a range hood. For those who commented about overflowing oil, don't forget to turn on the range fan to remove the smell of oil....more info