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SiteSpinner V2
List Price: $59.95

Our Price: $54.95

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Product Description

SiteSpinner V2 is an affordable, easy-to-use yet powerful drag-and-drop editor for quickly creating sophisticated websites. No need for an image tool. The program includes built-in graphics creation and editing functionality to allow you to create and edit graphics right in the work-window. Features include image and graphics shading, transparency, and rotation. Layout functions include a snap-to grid, snap-to tabs, pixel-precise positioning and more. Layout your images and text anywhere on the page you want. Just drag, drop and position. Move your text, draw an image, insert a picture. Everything can be easily moved with your mouse to wherever you want. Edit and spell-check your text. SiteSpinner V2 includes a word-processor style text editor. Choose your font style and size, type in your text, create links, check your spelling. Position your text anywhere on the page. Page and Project development. Update and include objects across multiple pages easily. Auto site-wide link updating. Meta-tag editing, and more. SiteSpinner V2 also includes many advanced features. Create sophisticated mouse-over effects. Align, center, or size your site using relative positioning and relative sizing. One click to preview, one click to publish. SiteSpinner V2 has a built-in FTP feature for publishing directly to your web site. SiteSpinner V2 can publish to HTML and to SVG. SiteSpinner V2 does not include any Spyware, Adware or Junkware.

  • Create sophisticated web sites without programing.
  • You don't need to know any HTML - SiteSpinner V2 is 100% WYSIWYG - move anything anywhere with your mouse.
  • No need for image editing or paint software - Change the size or properties of any picture right in the work-window. Create shapes, backgrounds. Add shading or transparency.
  • No need for FTP software - Publish directly from SiteSpinner V2 to your web host. All your images can be automatically uploaded too.
  • Templates - SiteSpinner V2 includes quality templates for you to use to build your site.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product if your priority is your business
    Producing high quality business publications it is important for us to make a quality presentation of our products on the web as well. In a way the simplest way would be to employ a professional to do that job for us, but in our experience the problem is that those professionals are never concerned with the content, which definitely is our main priority. In order to keep the control in our own hands we have decided to build a webpresentation using SiteSpinner. Being "just" business people with no technical background but focused on how to communicate with our customers we could, thanks to the simplicity and clarity of the Site Spinner, publish our website in only one week. And in our world timing is everything. We highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Few and Far Between!
    I have been using computers for over two decades. Commercial software products that significantly simplify tasks, are well documented and supported, are easy and enjoyable to learn, and are really worth the money are few and far between. I believe that Site Spinner belongs to this elite group.

    Many, like myself, who have worked for hours (or days, or weeks...) with html and scripting will find Site Spinner to be a powerful and elegant tool. One often overlooked feature of web authoring programs is the compatibility of the sites it generates with different browsers and operating systems. Although my projects do not make use of all of the options of SS, I have found them to have the same appearance when run on a variety of computing set ups.

    With experience, one finds that every piece of software has its flaws; undoubtedly, SS has some, but they, too, are few and far between!...more info
  • At last a real WYSIWYG web generator !
    I've tried and used quite a few pieces of softwares including expensive big names and so many more but I'm still amazed by the way Site Spinner works.
    You just open it for the first time, put your stuff as you want to see it and click to publish...Cool !

    Site Spinner is probably the ONLY real WYSIWYG software on the market.
    I mean, hopefully, there are lots of other good stuff around but the interface and the way Site Spinner works is really unique.

    If you want THE tool to build your site in a quick and easy but still powerful way, you won't go wrong....more info
    Web spinner is a must have for beggining webmasters. It is easy to use and if you do get stuck the tutorials are to the point and cover every aspect. They even have tech support but i didnt need them. When your webpages are ready just answer a couple of questions and your pages are uploaded. NO CODE, NO WORRIES, NO SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. ...more info
  • Great Product and Service
    I have had Sitespinner for 5 years. The free upgrades are great. The support is phenomenal. For the price, there is nothing better....more info
  • Really sweet program just got better
    I've been using SiteSpinner for about 2 years now. This truly has to be one of the best-kept secrets in the world of PC website software. And have you noticed all the 5-star reviews on this board?

    There are lots of ways to build a website. You can use a WYSIWYG tool or build webpages from scratch in Notepad (ouch!). Each product has its own quirks and limitations.

    Ever try to build an org chart in MS Word? Yes, it can be done, and yes, it's WYSIWYG, but it's SO much easier in MS Powerpoint, because you can move graphical objects and blocks of text around at will. SiteSpinner behaves just like that.

    Really, it's that easy to do something simple. If you want to get more sophisticated, SiteSpinner can do that too.

    If you like buying those yellow "Dummies" books, then get Frontpage or Dreamweaver. You won't need one for SiteSpinner.

    Oh, by the way, v2.7 just came out. Lots of little improvements.

    EDIT 21 April 2007:

    I smiled when I read one reviewer's comment to "be very suspicious" that there were so many 5-star reviews. I guess I would be, too, but this really is an excellent product and the reviews are accurate....more info
  • Wrong tool for publishing an HTML newsletter!
    This is a non-frame-based tool. It doesn't have the concept of editing text in a table. Yes you can create a table. To put text into a cell of the table, you create the table, then create a separate text object, save that text object, then resize that text object, then drag that object into the table cell and hope that it fits. God forbid that you want to edit backgrounds or size of font. This tool is only fine if you're doing VERY simple design. DO NOT BUY THIS TOOL IF YOU WANT TO PUBLISH A NEWSLETTER!!!

    If you cut and paste the HTML into a publishing tool, the imbedded objects do NOT retain their positions. In other words, What You See Is NOT What You Get!...more info
  • great value for money
    Sitespinner is incredibly easy to use and great value for money.
    download the trial version and give it a go, you will see what I mean....more info
  • Just cant live without it
    I used the tryout version of the Site Spinner for two
    weeks and builded up my first website.
    Just got really was very addictive.

    Ofcourse I had to buy the product - to keep my site updated :)

    ...more info
  • WOW Sitespinner Rocks
    I needed to have a website and I bought the number one named, high end software package. I studied it for weeks and could not make heads or tales of how to get a website. I am very proficient with software such as Photoshop and still I could not understand web coding. Then I found this package. Within 24 hours my site was up and running. Since then, I have published 4 more sites. To put that in perspective I have only had the software for a couple of months.

    This product rocks.

    Safariguy...more info
  • Functional and easy to use
    Without spending too much time on the tutorials, I have already published two fairly simple sites, one of them with e-commerce functionality.
    I know there are things you can do with this software that I haven't taken the time to learn. It's clear from viewing the sites that others have built that it is capable of making something much more fancy.
    And there is some decent support available from the forums and directly.
    The bottom line is that it's good for beginners and more-advanced constructors.
    ...more info
  • Need more honest and helpful reviews - Software can NOT import html
    I tried SiteSpinner. It is decent web editing software.

    I gave it only 2 stars because it has a major flaw - You can NOT import an existing HTML page or file into it. You can only cut and paste text and images individually from an existing web site into the SiteSpinner work-window. (This is also acknowledged in a FAQ on SiteSpinner's site.)

    That means means you can NOT start with an existing web page, regardless of how simple it is. You must create a new page almost from scratch.

    ...more info