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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Fourth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Despite the near-certainty of cancellation, ratings in the cellar and nothing left to lose, the fourth and final season of Star Trek: Enterprise was unanimously hailed as the best. After ending season 3 with a mind-boggling cliffhanger, series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga handed show-runner duties to executive producer Manny Coto, who rejuvenated the flagging franchise by bridging the gap between Enterprise and the future developments of Star Trek: The Original Series. By recruiting lifelong Trek experts Mike Sussman and the husband-and-wife team of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens to his writing staff, Coto ensured that political events in the Enterprise timeline would lead to a "coalition of planets," thus forming the Federation cornerstone of Star Trek's future. But first, Coto had to find a way to extract Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) and his battle-worn crew from an alternate timeline--the result of the continuing Temporal Cold War--in which the Nazis have invaded U.S. soil in 1944. In the normal Enterprise timeline, political upheavals have left relations between Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, and Humans in a state of near-disastrous chaos.

Into this blazing cauldron of action-adventure, Coto and staff introduced story arcs that connected to Star Trek's future, including a three-episode arc ("Borderland," "Cold Station 12," and "The Augments") in which Dr. Arik Soong (played by Next Generation alumnus Brent Spiner) and his superhuman "Augments" chart a tragic course that would lead, in future generations, to the creation of Spiner's cybernetic NextGen character, Data. "The Forge," "Awakening," and "Kir'Shara" returned T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) to her native Vulcan, where encounters with the legendary philosopher Surak, and zealous sect called the Syrannites, lead to pivotal history with the Vulcan High Command. In subsequent episodes, Phlox (John Billingsley) would discover the reason why some Klingons lack "cranial ridges" (thus solving a vexing Star Trek mystery), and "In a Mirror, Darkly" marked and eventful return to the "Mirror Universe" from the original series episode "Mirror, Mirror," for what Coto aptly describes (in the bonus featurette) as a two-part "romp," complete with a "Mirror Universe" title sequence, the reappearance of the U.S.S. Defiant from the original series episode "The Tholian Web," and a glorious recreation of a "Constitution Class" starship bridge that gave long-time Trekkies a breathtaking rush of nostalgia.

In the closing episodes, the formation of the Federation is threatened by a radical xenophobe (Peter Weller) whose isolationist tactics lead Trip (Connor Trinneer) and T'Pol to a future of interspecies parenthood, and while the series-ending "These Are The Voyages..." is considered a disappointment by some, it provided a suitable Next Generation tribute to Star Trek's past, present, and future. Considering the daunting challenge of tying up loose ends while looking forward in a way that demanding fans could appreciate, it's fair to say that Enterprise reached a satisfying conclusion that its cast and crew can be proud of.

DVD features
It's only fitting that Season 4's bonus features have a bittersweet quality, celebrating the Star Trek franchise while acknowledging its uncertain future. For the first time on any Star Trek series, closure was imposed prematurely, and "That's a Wrap" (a video from the Enterprise wrap party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood) has the privileged feel of an emotional family reunion. (Unfortunately, Jolene Blalock and Connor Trinneer were unable to attend.) "Inside the 'Mirror' Episodes" offers a closer look at those enjoyably nostalgic episodes ("we put the 'Ho' back in Hoshi" jokes Mike Sussman about Linda Park's "empress" persona), and in "Links to the Legacy," Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens explain how they brought Enterprise closer to its original Star Trek heritage. "Visual Effects Magic" charts the astonishing advancements in digital effects since the comparatively crude effects of Next Generation, and "Enterprise Secrets" reveals an affectionate assembly of behind-the-scenes personnel on the final day of shooting. There's one final Easter egg (NX-01 File #10) about the ultimately futile "Save Enterprise" fan protest against series cancellation (with appreciative comments by Scott Bakula and Connor Trinneer), and as always, the informative audio and text commentaries are fan-essential features loaded with detailed trivia and anecdotal history. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Over-/Review on all 4 Seasons
    Awesome cast, great atmosphere, but the quality of the stories varies from the best
    that science fiction has to offer to the most boring imaginable.

    Main review
    The concept of a series taking place shortly after the First Contact Movie is a brilliant idea. But it seems a long way from the idea to realisation. Already at the end of the pilot (Broken Bow) I missed the greatness this concept potentially has. You get thrown into "business as usually" (rescuing, exploring etc.) way too soon. I would have loved a pilot movie plus some more shows describing the time from first contact to the launch of Enterprise. That would have been something truly new. But this pilot is just an extended version of a 08/15-show.

    The cast delivers frequently - Scott Bakula is on hell of as sovereign captain, Jolene Blalock is sexy as she is intelligent and plays T'Pol with a huge amount of depth. I could continue endlessly with Phlox, Hoshi, Trip, Malcolm... It's an outstanding team with no need to fear comparison with a Picard, Spock, Scotty...
    The set designers and the costume designers all did a great job (thanks for avoiding more romper suits).

    But it is difficult when there are too many boring scripts.
    Especially in the first two seasons contain too many shows following the pattern:
    "Landing on an alien world, been taken prisoner, making an escape." Even the visit to Risa follows this.
    Also there is "being boarded, been held hostage, chasing away the enemy".
    Then there are some episodes like "Shuttle pod one". The whole show consists of a rather dry talk between Malcolm and Trip. I can't imagine something more boring.
    And a lot of the shows contain just a recycled script from "Next Generation", "Deep Space 9" and "Voyager", such as "Terra Nova", "Sleeping Dogs", "Dawn"...

    But on the other hand you can't skip those episode - they sometimes contain important information on the characters. Therefore the waiting for the good and outstanding episodes is somewhat painful. These are the shows "The Andorian Incident" (I love the duplicity of the Andorians and there development into the 4th season) , "Shockwave", "First Flight" and the continuing plot about the Xindi (finally a few more star battles than in TOS, TNG and DS9).

    Then when the series was already near its death the 4th season hit with power. The plot about the Augments could have been an Oscar-winning movie, and so would have been the story about the Vulcan's not been that perfect after all. The Andorians continue to deliver and the racial conflict with "Terra Prime" is the kind of stuff I waited 4 seasons for.

    Seeing the 4th season there is defiantly potential for three more seasons.
    But with the experiences of the first two seasons I can't blame the network for discontinuing the show.

    I bought the slime line boxes and paid for each 13 British Pounds (18 US-Dollar). If I had paid the regular price for the first editions (80 Dollar) I would have been very upset.
    ...more info
  • Too Bad it Was The Last Season
    I was not a fan of Star Trek Enterprise when it was originally a fan of all the other franchises, they sort of lost me during the second season. I did purchase all four seasons and in hindsight, I should have hung in a little longer when the shows were broadcast. Season 3 was much better than Season 2 (the season long story arc was impressive) and Season 4 even better than 3.

    Standouts included the exploration of the Vulcan and Andorian cultures. The only issue I had with the Fourth Season is that it (and the series) sort of wilted at the end. Rather than having a block-buster ending, the flash back to a number of years after the story really ended (basically giving the run two endings) was anti-climatic. And what happens with Tripp did nothing to enhance the drama of the story - it was like it was an after thought to get ratings or something.

    The sad thing is, the series didn't need help at that point - the stories had turned around and it had become engaging again. Unfortunate that Paramount had already made the decision to end the run - with the injection of creativeness that Season 4 demonstrated, the series could have continued and fulfilled the seven year trend as had its predecessors. ...more info
  • The Best and Unfortunately, the Last Season of Enterprise
    In my huble opinion, the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise was perhaps the best. With the changes in the executive production and writing staff that took place, a new and proper tone was taken with this season. The addition of Manny Coto and Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens to the creative staff breathed a fresh perspective into the show.
    Season four provided us with new insights into the Star Trek universe and explained some "rather bothersome" inconsistancies that existed between TOS and TNG (What's up with the Klingons?"). All of the short story archs throughout the season were perfect and in the vein of Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. Unfortunately, the series ended before it's time. Oh, and by the way, the series finale really wasn't that great; it was more like an exostential piece, that was a throwback ( or is that throw-"forward") to the Next Gen.
    Overall, the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise was the crown jewel in the series and should not be passecd up by any Trek fan. ...more info
  • As real as it gets
    Enterprise returned the franchise to reality. In this show the characters are believable and real, the commanders arrive at reasoned and satisfying decisions and the science is refreshingly grounded. Next Generation had gotten itself lost in technobabble and was more a soap opera in space that hard sci-fi.

    So, if you like your sci-fi gritty and real, then Enterprise is actually the creme of the crop. I really like Scott Bakula as the captain and I've met military commanders who are not a stone's throw from the character he portrays. Kudos for keeping Archer real and not a melodramtic twerp.

    There's so much I wish could've happened. I could never see any smart woman, let alone vulcan, wasting time on Tripp. Far more likely was a relationship with the captain - we all held our breaths... and it didn't happen! Still, there's no accounting for chemistry is there? So maybe this does, in a way, reflect human relationships.

    Everyone in this series worked hard and it shows. It is simply sad that after New Gen, Deep Space 9 and Voyager the viewing public was sated on silly space soaps and failed to recognise the true excellence that is Enterprise.

    Enterprise had its ups and downs but the first and last seasons were gems. For me there is only Star Trek and Enterprise. The rest I will try to forget....more info
  • Great pickup
    I started watching the first season of Enterprise on DVD and I was hooked. Many retail outlets dont sell them in their stores and Amazon was the best place to get the series. The third season ended in a very climactic fashion and you were left with a cliff hanger come the start of the fourth season. The more you watch the 4th season, the more you realize that UPN made a mistake cancelling this show. The characters were really getting developed as well as story lines that bridged the gap between Archer's era and Kirk's era. The final episode was a little trippy having taken place in the 24th Century on the Enterprise D's holodeck. Just pick up this season......more info
    I enjoy a lot this product , i can't imagine how much fun i have it.I recomendend thid product a lot...more info
  • Adventure
    I have to say that I am not much of a science fiction fan but my husband introduced me to this series. I personally believe that one of the main reasons why I enjoy it so much is because it is a show you can watch with the whole family....more info
  • Why so Much!!!
    I liked the series very much.I think it needed something (like maybe a different captain?),but I liked it anyway.My problem is,why so much money for this series.Like twice as much as any other?Why???...more info
    The whole Enterprise series was both entertaining and interesting for any Star Trek fan. It is sad that this series had to end so soon. Hopefully they will attempt to make afew movie motion pictures before the whole feel goes cold for the series. I miss Enterprise already! When will we get some new good movies?...more info
  • Last but not the least
    It is too bad that the series ended with this season. The writers finally hit their mark in tying up loose ends that would bridge things from the orignal series. This season was the best of the Enterprise series....more info
  • Wrapping up Star Trek
    This was a hard season to make. The writing was on the wall and most expected it to be the last. Since this Star Trek spin-off was intended to explain the birth of the federation, a lot had to be crammed into this last season. As a result, it sometimes felt sped-up and the last few episodes jumped forward a lot leading to some confusion. Still, I was disappointed to see the premature end of this Star Trek series. The forth season did make a good effort to wrap up loose ends such as explain why the Klingons of the original series don't look like the Klingons of any other series, Data's great grandfather, the beginnings of peace between some planets. The first two episodes confused me a little, but were still entertaining. ...more info
  • Great series - Love it!
    My husband is a trekkie, and this is one of his favorite series. I have been buying each season on Amazon for him as soon as I could. He really enjoyed this set of DVD's and they were in perfect condition. I'm sure we will watch them many times in the future....more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Fourth Season
    I am a trekkie and with the purchase of this DVD set, I was just one DVD set short of having all the Star Trek DVDs (including the movies).

    As for this set, I totally loved it. In a way it made me sad to realize that the show was cancelled so early. In my opinion season 4 was the best (for Star Trek Enterprise) and they could have done so many more story lines. I just hope that they follow up on some of the story lines with movies.
    ...more info
  • Goodbye Star Trek - Enterprise
    It is a bittersweet symphony, this unfortunately, last season of ST - Enterprise. It contains some of the best episodes of the series, but also the worst one of possibly the whole franchise- "These are the Voyages", titled as "Valentine for fans" by the writers, but it was the exact opposite of that, a slap in the face of those who liked Enterprise and its crew as well as the cast. I won't go into detail, this episode may have been average as a stand-alone one in the middle of a season, but as a finale it was just bad. Totally ignoring any character development established in the previous seasons, only a 1-hour finale instead of the established 2-hours, but to bring more insult, bringing in two characters from TNG and delegating Enterprises' own cast to the rank of gueststars. I didn't need a farewell to the whole franchise, I wanted a fair farewell to Enterprise and we didn't get that.
    As for the rest of the season, it contains gems like "Home", "Demons", "Terra Prime" and the Vulcan-Arc trilogy "The Forge", "The Awakening" and "Kir'Shara".
    Enterprise was in my opinion the best of all Trek series. While many Trekkers might disagree, I think it was the most human Trek and most suited for the casual viewer, not only the die-hard fan.
    The DVDs are what you come to expect of Paramount, the extras are okay, but not as generous as the previous seasons, the bloopers are painfully short. Although as expensive as the rest of the bunch , I think it is well worth the money.
    I wish it wouldn't have been cut short.
    Goodbye Star Trek - Enterprise,
    LIVE LONG AND PROSPER...more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Fourth Season
    Its great show but sadly its only 4 seasons. I like to thank Amazon for the prompt delivery of the dvd on time....more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise - fourth season
    This season was the best of the Star Trek Enterprise series. Season one was a very good start, but seasons two and three, while good sci-fi, were slightly off genre for Star Trek.

    The fourth season has shows that fills in the Star Trek Universe and again starts to focus on social sci-fi -- what happens when humans face the strange and unknown, within and between individuals, and the in the universe.

    The network dropped the series just when it was earning those five stars....more info
  • "These are the days of our lives..." (may contain a couple spoilers)
    They turned Enterprise into a soap opera at the end of Season 2. Supposedly, it was going to get better at the start of season 4, but it didn't. It starts off with Nazis having invaded the US after collaborating with a bunch of evil aliens. Then when the aliens and their base are destroyed after collaborating with the Nazis for a few years, the time line suddenly returns back to normal except everyone remembers what happened and they have all the bruises. Yeah, 'cause time lines can do can go back in time mess things up over a period of 5-10 years, but as long as you get killed everything goes back to normal. Then after returning to their time and staying home for an episode, they pick up an escape artist from a maximum security prison because he is going to help them find his fugitive genetically altered children (Kahn) and bring them to justice, and they let him roam the ship....before he escapes with the help of his genetically altered children. I'm sure Archer saves the day in 2-3 more episodes, but I no longer have the stomach for this crap....more info
  • Excellent final installement of the Enterprise Series
    Having been a big Trek Fan since my teen years, I am glad that generally, the recent incarnations of Star Trek (especially Deep Space Nine) have had good stories combined with better and more realistic special effects along with the basic trek theme which make it engaging and watcheable.

    The fourth season of Enterprise begins with the completion of the Xindi and Time War arcs and the exploration of other interesting threads left somewhat unexplored in earlier series, including the Romulans, the Vulcans, and the Andorians and Klingons. I was very dissapointed to see this series cancelled quite early (one or two more seasons would have allowed things to unfold much more fully and in depth) but this series still manages to end with reasonable closure. The highlights include the exploration of the evil 'Mirror Universs' in a double episode, the shedding of light on the main races in the Star Trek universe, and the foundation of the Federation. ...more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise Fourth Season
    Hate that this had to be the last season, it was the best one!!!...more info
  • Astonishingly high level of achievement throughout final season
    This is the season of the "Star Trek" franchise series that fans have been waiting for. In terms of rich character development, gripping drama (with actual surprises and true tension in the narrative twists), and provocative, funny, and moving writing and direction, Season 4 consistently reaches the heights of the best in the entire Star Trek franchise (only paralleled in the best seasons of The Next Generation, while the original series remains iconic and quite enjoyable). The viewer is truly brought to care about the characters and events depicted in these shows. For fans who may have drifted off while ST:E got derailed by current events during 2 & 3 and most of the fun and originality was sucked from the series, definitely check out this season, because the writers, headed by Manny Coto, truly delivered the attention to detail and understanding of characters that was a hallmark of the best of this series. In addition, the producers and directors showed far better timing and originality in the feel to the show, which demonstrated a spark that had only been hinted at until then. The drive and high quality of the storytelling and the full portrayal and resolution of the universe created through the Trek series leads to a palpable energy throughout the shows. Finally, literally every major cast member was given tremendous material to play off of, and they delivered. In particular, Connor Trinneer as "Trip Tucker" and Linda Park as "Hoshi Sato" really developed tremendously satisfying portrayals of their characters, although the same could be said of Captain Archer, T'Pol, Phlox, and the entire central core of characters.

    On the other hand, the awful reputation of the finale is well-deserved: it is so poor that one has to wonder what was at the source of the whole affair. Manny Coto and the entire team delivered such a wonderfully brilliant season, and then Braga and Berman return to deliver a poisoned Valentine that is a nearly complete opposite of the entire season. It is not particularly the framing device of Riker and Troi that is the problem here (and for series finales, creators often choose an abrupt shift in format or structure, as was the case with ST:TNG and many other shows), but the awful narrative which makes little sense in terms of the characters and even has a number of utterly incongruous scenes (such as crew members smiling and looking quite satisfied seemingly moments after their colleague and close friend has died!). Not only that, but Braga and Berman demonstrate yet again the most sophomoric and uncreative attempts at injecting drama -- just kill off a character for no reason except to do something that's, well.. dramatic. As a result of the poor writing, the whole affair seems slapped together and as if everyone were distracted and rudderless. (By the way, as much as the presence of Riker and Trio get the blame for this, Frakes delivers a fine performance for a thankless task.) For a franchise that often notes the importance of its fans, its a truly deranged sendoff.

    This is particularly true after the two-part story that precedes it, which, if it had been the final show, would have been a stunningly moving ending to the series. In fact, it would also have been a truly original and satisfying choice to end on a small, private moment between two of the characters -- and characters who represent core images of the Star Trek story, a human and a Vulcan -- in a moment of shared experience and hope for the future. (The story of the preceding loss of a child would also have been quite apt in relation to the regretted cancellation of the series.) In this sense, fans should tell Manny Coto and those responsible for the great achievements of Season Four: yes, this is our ending with Terra Prime. ...more info
  • excellent service
    Ordered item and within a couple of days was delivered in excellent condition. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise - Entire 4th Season
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas, as he was asking for it, b/c Star Trek is one of his all-time favorite shows on TV. Even the oldest episodes, with Capt. Kirk! But, the Enterprise was interesting to him also, and that's why he wanted the entire 4th season, b/c he missed it all. He loves it!...more info