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Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition
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Product Description

Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition compiles all the best elements of this incredible game, with all-new player options and even better graphics. Start out with Half-Life 2, where you return to the alien research facility called Black Mesa. The aliens are now pouring into our world and you'll join the resistance movement to stop them. Battle it out with friends in crazy, realistic mulitplayer action with Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. Then test your tactical abilities with Half-Life: Source -- where the gaming kicks up anotch through the amazing Source game engine. With the Source engine, you get high-resolution textures, detailed character models, realistic physics and lighting, support for up to 64 players, shiny water effects & better objects - creating a more realistic gaming experience. The action continues in bigger, better form with Counter-Strike: Source

  • Realistic physics: objects have varied and appropriate mass, density, physical properties
  • Sequel to the hit first-person shooter
  • Scientist-with-a-crowbar Gordon Freeman joins a ragtag human resistance fighting extradimensional invaders for the survival of a conquered Earth
  • Unnervingly realistic graphics the likes of which have not been witnessed outside of a motion picture or pre-rendered cut scene
  • Special Edition includes Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, plus Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Half-Life: Source.

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Buy This Used!
    If you buy this game used, it will not play! The game must log onto the game developer's network and verify that your key is unused. If your key has already been used, they will not give you another one! (They will, however, give you the run around. They will also pit you against their crappy web "help" system.)

    This is probably illegal, but for now, it is just a waste of the $20 to buy the CD....more info
  • What tech support ??
    The low rating does not reflect on the game since I can't install it without the key code which, unfortunately, wasn't enclosed. It is, however, an assessment of their tech support which has not responded to numerous emails. Perhaps the key code was on the manual which didn't arrive with the game, either, although there was a place for one in the case. Think long and hard before buying this one 'cause once you open it you can't return it !!!...more info
  • Try
    If anyone can find a first person shooter that can beat this one I will be not only delighted because i can buy it and play it but rather extremely surprised because ive played many pc games and to be honest this puts all of those to shame. And i ran it on a laptop. If you like a linear story that is extremely realistic you WILL NOT be disappointed. Best PC game to date that I have ever played and to say the least ive been around the block. Once you play it you will see why it clearly won the game of the year. ...more info
  • A very, very disappointed customer. OH WOE TO VALVE!
    I purchase this game for 20 dollars, I install it, and to my disappointment, it freezes on the loading screen. I underwent all the basic procedures of updating my video drivers (I have an ATI Radeon Xpress 200), made sure that Direct X was updated to its full capacity, I uninstalled and exited all unneccessary programs that may have interfered with Steam-but yet, I still get no response. once in a while, the game will tempt me by allowing me to get into the Main Menu and even once, letting me play parts of the first level. But NOOO! These brief excursions pose only as false hopes. I've gone through hours now trying to fix the problem.

    I am very disappointed. Well, I'm going to go back to playing Minesweeper now. So much for high end gaming. ...more info
    Once upon a Christmas, a boy got Half-Life 2:GOTY Edition. He installed Steam, and also the game that went with it. Unknown to the wretches of evil that is Steam, the game says install complete. But it isn't. STEAM MAKE YOU DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE FREAKING GAME!!!!!! This means the 5CD pack I bought was really just for the freaking CD-Key! I've played Half-Life 2 in stores, but i didn't get to try it out, because Steam is not good for 56k modem connections, and broadband is out of option. If there were any way to get updates on CD, I would buy it. But for now, BE CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU BUY FROM VALVE!! THE PACKAGE ONLY SAYS "INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED FOR ACTIVATION" BUT IT DOESN'T TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO UPDATE THE WHOLE PROGRAM! Valve, if you're reading this, please change Steam so we don't have to update the games in order to play them. Other than that, Half-Life 2 is the best game ever made....more info
  • !!!
    So let me get this straight, you nerds give this game a bad review because you had a bad experience with tech support or Valve's Steam?

    Are you retarded? Don't give this game 1 or 2 stars just because you had bad experiences with the company. (Wow, I hate stupid people.)

    The game itself is probably one of the most amazing games out there. The Half-Life series redefines the first-person shooter genre.

    Awesome game. Buy it. I'm a cheap ba$%ard when it comes to buying games, because I'm always afraid of regretting the purchase. But this is one purchase I DO NOT regret making!...more info
  • Really bad install, poor support
    I'd just gotten a really nice new video card, and was looking forward to the reportedly awesome graphics. After installing disc after disc, I start the game to get an obscure Steam error. It can't find a DLL. So I go to the web site looking for support, enter the exact message, and get no help. Find one page to re-install Steam, follow the instructions, no joy. Futz with it and the web site for another hour, find another page so that you basically install it manually. It finally works.

    Sort of. I have a real firewall on my network, not some cheesy host-based firewall, and now it can't connect. This is because the network protocol design is about the worst that I've ever seen. Someone with 1/2 a brain could make all this work using ONE connection, preferably to a port that normally goes through firewalls. With this sort of junk design, am I going to expose this to the raw internet? I think not. I don't expose anything listening out through my firewall, and that's stuff that's built by people who know what they're doing. This shop wouldn't know an IP option if it bit them. (Yes, I am the same guy as wrote books on application and network security).

    Does the app correctly figure out that the network is blocking them, and tell the user what's wrong? Nooooo. It just hangs indefinately. Given that the install is junk quality, and the network protocol and error handling is junk quality, I'm expecting the rest of the game to have similar low QA standards, so I lodge a complaint with support. I'd like my $$$ back because my local shop won't take back something that's been opened. 4 days (!!!) later, tech support gets around to responding. They won't take back the software, so I just sold it to someone here at work.

    So it has a really bad installer, turns your firewall into swiss cheese, EVEN IF ALL YOU WANT IS TO PLAY ON YOUR OWN SYSTEM, and they have the worst tech support I've ever seen.

    I'm really sympathetic to anti-piracy measures. I really am. I don't like people that steal software. I've made my living for a long time working with people who sell software. I just want to play my legally purchased game on my own computer, and if I could do that without mangling my firewall rules, that would be cool.

    How's the game? I don't know. Never got that far. I hear it's nice. I do know I won't buy another game from this shop....more info
  • perfect!
    best game out there! valve has outdone there self again!


    great graphics

    great music

    great weapen controls


    theres lots of glitches if you dont do something right then you have to reload your game so you may want to save ALOT

    it takes a LLLLOOOOOONNNNGGG time to load and the "scanning steam game updates" stops you from playing the game for about an hour then another hour to load the update

    you run out of ammo fast

    if your a hard core gammer and like fps games this is the best!...more info
  • Seriously, don't buy it used or it won't work!
    I have no idea how the game is because I bought it from an Amazon marketplace seller and now the "Steam" anti-piracy protection system won't let me play it.

    I went to the Steam support pages like I was told to, and I read this:

    "... you must have a copy of your purchase receipt from within the last 90 days to have the CD Key moved to your account.

    "We do not accept receipts from online auction websites or used software vendors. If you do not provide a purchase receipt, Valve will not be able to transfer the CD Key."

    I can't believe that anyone accepts this as a reasonable way to sell consumers a game in a box, but I guess they do!

    I read a thread on some Half-Life 2 forum where the users were telling a guy not to bother Valve, the software creators, with questions about their policy, but rather just to return his used game to whoever he bought it from.


    From what I hear, maybe if I send the right person at Valve an actual photo of my box, and wait two months, I might be allowed to play. However, that's certainly not what the text on the Steam support page says.

    If this is really the accepted practice regarding used copies of Half-Life 2, then what is Amazon doing letting their marketplace sellers sell these used copies?

    Unbelievable! How much research is one supposed to do when buying a game?
    ...more info
  • You can't play what won't run
    Do not spend your money on this game. You have to have an internet connection to install the game and it will take a long time to update and install. Then you may find as I have that the game crashes as it loads the first new game. I haven't seen a playable frame yet. This is supposed to be an episodic release and episode 1 will not even play. I will never buy another Valve product again. ...more info
    Valve has the perfect con going. They charge you forty bucks to buy a game that you can't play UNLESS you use steam to verify that you actually bought it but since STEAM may make your computer crash or freeze your system so you can't actually play the game and since you opened the box you can't return it to the the store and get your money back. INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHT FASCISM has led to this state of affairs where crooks like VALVE can sell you products that don't work and YOU don't have the right to get your money back. Boycott VALVE and don't ever download games (from any company) so that we don't get to a future where STEAM is the only way to play games at all. That is the future these INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHT HOLDER FASCISTS are drooling over. Don't give it to them....more info
  • Awesome Game... Amazing
    This is the coolest game for the PC... Awesome Graphics and gameplay... and comes with Counter Strike Source which is basically my brothers life right now... he got no life otherwise....more info
  • 5 stars are not enough...
    Games come out every day. Most, you play them once, you're finished. Usually you don't even finish them. You lose interest before it's even over.

    Sometimes however, once every decade or so, a game comes out thats so compelling that you not only finish it once, but replay it a dozen times over, savouring every last moment, and scene, and action. HL2 is one of these.

    It's simply stunning. From the beginning where you start off as a very ordinary joe getting off a dull and dingy train at a dull and dingy station it intrigues - who are the brutal east-european type guards who seem to watch your every movement? Why the dejected and down expressions on your fellow travellers? Why the incessant jabbering of the viewscreen whose voice seems to pervade every corner of the place that you can't get away from it? And why is it blathering such insinuating, yet obvious, propaganda? Clearly, something is very wrong in City 17. From then on it's a roller coaster of a frightening ride where you evade the police force (for thats what the guards are) into an increasingly deperate fight for personal survival and ultimately, it turns out, for the entire human race itself. Who are the mysterious overlords known as the Combine? Why do they seem to run Earth and why is there an air of unending gloom and depression that seems to hang over everything and everyone? Why does the human race itself seem doomed to extinction?

    Half Life 2 will answer these questions, and present more and ever more complex ones that will bewilder and delight at the same time. There is much to admire here thats not obvious at first glance: the radio crackle of the Combine soldiers: listen to it, it's quite brilliant in it's authenticity and it will give clues to whats really happening not present elsewhere. The budding relationship between the hero and the daughter of one the rebels known as Alyx... ah, lovely Alyx. She comes over as a "real" believable character with her own personality and hidden depths, and emotion too. Has any videogame character been more compelling? Certainly few have been more believable, or believe-inable.

    The great glory of HL2 is the set piece battles, the best being the battles with the Striders towards the end of the game. City 17 is reduced to smoking ruins by the end of it, and if you've seen documentaries about the fall of Leningrad or one the great WW2 battles, then you'll get the idea about this. And you'll really feel like you've been there at the fall of Leningrad, sorry, City 17. The Ravenholm section is like a mini-game in itself, and few are more creepy or downright disturbing. Imagine a shudder-inducing horror movie and you'll get the picture. Don't, like I did, play it alone in an empty house, in the wee small hours of a cold, dark winters' night. You'll have trouble sleeping for days.

    There are so many jewels in this box it's hard to pick out individual parts but the storming of the Combine HQ, the Coast Road, and the tough Xen wildlife thats taking over the Earth (the fantastic AntLions that at first are a major menace and later become, temporarily at least, your major ally) really give a feeling of despair and at same time, hope for the future. The Combine must be defeated, and you, as Gordon Freeman, are the one to do it. If you like pure, non-stop mindless action a la UT2004 then this is probably not the game for you. If, on the other hand, you like thoughtful, reflective, intelligent and above all, grown-up gameplay that makes you think as much as much it makes you work your trigger finger, then you'll love this. I downloaded all the HalfLife games via Steam and had no problems with it.

    Utterly, utterly wonderful. I loved it. My hat goes off to Valve. As good as a first rate action movie, and then some. And it's interactive. Valve, I salute you. 10/10....more info
  • Steam prevented me from ever playing support rude and useless
    I purchased this game used from Amazon Marketplace. Everything that I would expect to come with a used game came with this copy: CDs in good condition, original case/documentation/CD-key insert. The installation was trouble-free and was a lot quicker than some reviews here would lead you to believe. Everything about this purchase was looking good...

    ...that is until I tried to play the game. I wasn't able to activate the game via Steam, so I contacted Steam Powered Support. It took them over 3 weeks to reply to my support request. When they did, they were rude. (When they asked me where I purchased my copy, so I told them Amazon Marketplace. The support rep replied, "I doubt you bought a used copy from Amazon. I believe they are in the business of selling new software." WHAT A CLUELESS MORON!) So after sending them an image scan of my CD-key card with my Steam username written on it in ink just above the CD-key, they proceeded to ask me to send it again...which I did.

    After two more weeks, I finally got the answer that CD-keys cannot be reset on used game CD purchases. They recommended I purchase the game through the Steam application (which does not sell the HL2: Game of the Year Edition.) To purchase all of the games that make up HL2:GOTYE via Steam, I'd spend more that way than if I'd just purchase another shrink-wrap copy of the CDs, which won't happen after this experience with their tech support.

    Hell will freeze over before I spend any more money on Valve Software games again. People hated Microsoft when they started their product activation stuff, but even Microsoft is pretty lenient about giving out replacement keys to customers who appear honest. Valve has completely lost their minds with Steam. I hope they wise up soon, otherwise I hope they go out of business soon, arrogantly confident in their belief that they can abuse honest customers as much as they want and still make mountains of money.
    ...more info
  • Steam and the Awful Install Ruin an Otherwise Great Game
    The game itself was great. But the AntiPiracy Program "Steam" is a Steaming Pile. First off the Install takes forever.
    Say you pop in your disc to play your single player game, Well if Steam wants to update your halflife copy. Well you'll just have to wait to play your game, Steam has some updating to do.
    One time I popped in my disc, half hour later the splash screen has no link for single player... what is this. I don't want to play online. I just want to play my game. This is so Frustrating.
    Because of a few people pirating games, us paying customers have to suffer. I would pay twice as much for a game to Never have to go through anything like Steam ever again. ...more info
  • Game of the Year!!!
    If you don't have this game, get it now!! It is a lot of fun!!...more info
  • Would have been a great game, if there wasn't Steam involved.
    Half Life 2 is a very good game that combines puzzle-solving and First person shooting elements. The gameplay is fun, as are the graphics and sound.

    First, let me start off with the basic summary.

    You play as Gordon Freeman, physiologist of Black Mesa. After the accident and defeating the Xen, the G-man offered Gordon a job in which he assumingly accepted. In the beginning of the game, you end up in City 17, during the time where the Combine(Aliens) invaded and controlled Earth. Throughout the game you fight the Combine as well as Zombies.

    A very fun and interesting part of Half Life are not the standard weapons, but the Gravity Gun. Using the Gravity Gun, you can lift almost anything, and towards the end, even people. The physics are really amazing. If you turn on a furnace and throw a gas tank in there, a fire will start, burning zombies chasing you.

    Here are your weapons: Shotgun, Gravity Gun, RPG, SMG with grenade launcher, crossbow, grenades, crowbar,pistol, magnum,pulse rifle, and also the enviroment. (Be creative!) You get to drive some vehicles in the middle of the game.

    The graphics are almost as good as Halo 2, but detailed enough that you can see scraches and dents on objects.

    Here is what I hate about the game: Steam.

    Steam is this thing Valve uses that forces people to sign up online, even just to play offline. You can't just install it, like other PC games. This gets really annoying if you've got slow internet or no internet at all. My dad (I'm 13) gives me barely any internet time so I can barely play Half Life 2. So, in other words, If you don't want a hassle, don't buy Half Life 2. This stupid program valve runs pisses everyone off.

    Hope this review was helpful.

    ...more info
  • Too short on game play and Valve is a pain.
    Pros: The graphics on this game are spectacular.

    Cons: The game play is too short. The Valve authentication process is a royal pain. Beware the key code on your new game maybe invalid.

    Most of the press I read on this game stated that it was one of the best games ever made, so I am definitely in the minority with my poor opinion of the game. I was so disappointed when I completed the game after only a few hours play. I wondered why I just dropped the $60 on this game.

    The worst part of the game is the authentication process. The authentication is called STEAM and it requires you to logon before you can play. It is supposed to cut down on pirating, but I doubt that has happened because the first copy I bought brand new from AMAZON came back that the Key code was already in use and I was not allowed to play the game. I had to go through a two-week process to get a new code before I could play it. Two weeks that required me to verify beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had truly bought the game before Valve software would issue me a valid code. That left a very bad taste in my mouth. I will not buy another game from Valve no matter how good the game. Overall, the game was a total disappointment.
    ...more info
  • Awesome game even with the very slight problems
    I'm a fan of the Half Life series, played Half Life 1 and was the first game that really held my interest with the story line. The game was what I felt, the first thinking first person shooter, not just a run and gun Doom type game.

    Here in Half Life 2 we see the similar style of game play but with a deeper story and greater graphics. Basically, the game starts out with your character, Dr. Gordon Freeman, on a train to City 17, a place somewhere in Europe. The world has been taken over by the Combine, an alien race that is controlling the world. Without giving away more of the story and some of the suspense, the game play is your character battling with the Combine forces and teaming up with the rebel underground fighters.

    Overall the game is very impressive, one very fun item about Half Life 2 is the fact that most objects can be moved, picked up, or destroyed. With a physics engine built in, objects act like they do in the real world, especially when shot with a weapon. The characters also react to your actions in a somewhat responsive style but usually it's just a looped message.

    As for the graphics, I'm playing this game at 1280x1024 on a GeForce 7800GT, AMD 3800 XP2, 2GB memory, running at a steady 100 frames per second. There are some places where the frames really drop, for example in the large outdoor areas I saw some drops near 30fps but overall the game plays fast enough for me. It's much faster than a game like FEAR which even my computer can not play at 1280x1024. The sound is great as well, I have a 5.1 surround system for my pc and the ambient sound is awesome. I can easily pin point a target behind me and the music for each level or end boss matches well.

    Overall there are great details and the settings are done very well. I especially liked the feel of the level Ravenholm, it was very dark and spooky, where as Highway 17 displays awesome views of the coast line and bright colors. Don't be surprised at the colors when you first play Half Life 2, there is a very over-exposed look of the game, and while you still have bright colors some things appear more washed out. I noticed this mostly on the long bridge of the Highway 17 level.

    As for the overall game play I have to say it's a bit more in depth with the fighting thanks to the interactive objects of the environment. For example, there are many explosive red barrels located through out the game, which can be used against the opposing force. Also other objects can be thrown as well, later in the game you will receive a new weapon that makes great use of most objects such as saw blades, cinder blocks, gas cylinders. Personally, for this factor alone I love playing Half Life 2 :).

    With Half Life 2, I really enjoyed the story and dialog between the characters. The game really doesn't have many cut scenes since the actual scene is really in the game. You interact with the computer players of the game but again, it's very linear and only can give them basic "follow" "stay" commands. The opposing forces AI is decent but does not open up nothing new other than using different techniques for fighting them. I didn't notice any of the AI getting stuck (sometimes the computer characters will get stuck in a door way or someplace cramped) but still attacked in a very simple method.

    If you have read about Half Life 2 on the Internet you may come across many arguments about Valve's Steam application. Basically Steam is the method for authorizing and downloading the latest patches. You can also download the latest games from Valve and other popular modifications of the Half Life 2 engine. Basically, in order to run Half Life 2 you need to have Steam running in the back ground. Again, some people hate it but it looks like this is the future of video game publishing and a method to defeat game copying.

    I should also mention that with Half Life 2 there is a very common problem of a stuttering with the game. Basically the game will load the next scene and just stutter for a few minutes or lock up and crash. On my system, the stuttering is usually only when loading or saving a new game save. I have heard many suggestions from not enough memory to slow drive access causing this problem.

    On the down side, Valve has pushed out a few questionable patches to the public. A month ago they updated the game content with a video change that caused all of the surfaces to be very glossy and have a silver sheen. A few weeks later Valve again published another upate to resolve this issue.

    Once you finish the game I didn't feel the need to complete the story again. I think part of the factor about this is you already know where the people are going to jump from and all of the traps.

    But that doesn't mean you can't play any modifications of the Half Life 2 game! Since Valve allows free use of the tools to create Half Life 2, many people (including you) can create a game of their wishes. Now it's hard and not just point and click but this means lots of custom games are available for download from the Internet for free. My personal favorite is a mod called Garry's Mod ( this mod allows you to free roam or what's called playing a "sandbox" level. Basically you can add any player to an empty level, monsters, weapons, even add building objects. It's lots of fun and you can create little battles, or practice your shooting by adding a bunch of zombies.

    Overall, if you don't mind spending the money I think your will be greatly impressed with Half Life 2. Yes, it has a tad more bugs than other games but the graphical quality will overcome that. If you're a gamer like me and enjoy a slightly slower paced first per shooter with some thinking puzzles and traps, then this is a great game. If you are looking for a much faster or pure shooting game I would possibly suggest Quake 4 or Battlefield 2, which don't have puzzles and other slowdowns of the game play.

    Great graphics
    Awesome sound, especially in 5.1 surround
    Controls feel great, no sluggish or sloppy aiming feel
    Steam (for easy downloads)
    Story line

    Steam (for crashing and authentication issues)
    Load times between levels
    Buggy updates (some times)
    Multiplayer is not as fun

    Hope you enjoyed my review.

    Rob...more info
  • Great game, but a caution for Amazon buyers.
    Half-Life 2 is a fantastic game. Years ago, when it came out, I refused to get it because of Steam. Even though I still don't care for Steam, Half-Life 2 and its many spinoffs may actually be worth it.


    As others have pointed out, if the CD key is already in use by another Steam account, you CANNOT play the game. All I wanted was to play HL1: Source, but because I didn't read the reviews, I now have a game I'll probably end up sending back.

    Learn from my experience, and don't make the same mistake....more info
  • Great Game
    If you are a Half-Life fan you should definitely buy this game. It's better than ever: the graphics, sound, new enemies, and...
    One of the things that I love about this game is that your enemies, the NPCs, are pretty smart. They attack you in groups and they pretty much run after you. There is, however, less horror, and one thing that many people dislike about this game is that you MUST have INTERNET CONNECTION. There is a program called "Steam" and you must download it in order to play HL2. So if you don't have internet connection you can't play the game! If you have no problem with internet then it's a must buy! It's kind of odd that the you finish the game and nothing is clear to you, I mean you have a lot of unanswered questions, but don't worry cause the expansion pack, Half-Life 2: The Aftermath, is coming April 24, 2006 and from what I hearted will answer a lot of your questions....more info
  • Steam-Blasted
    The game's great, but jumping through all 579 hoops required to register a Steam account just isn't worth the time and effort. Lord help you if you lose your Steam password, as I did.
    The process for lost password: they send you an e-mail with your registration number and ask you a "secret question", which is: "what was the last secret passphrase we asked you?"!!!!!! I lost the password, but I'm supposed to know not only the "passphrase", but when it was asked?
    You can't even e-mail these clowns for support unless you create a "support account", yet ANOTHER password!
    Doing my taxes was far easier than dealing with Steam. They managed to kill any enjoyment I might have had from the game....more info