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Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror (Compact)
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $9.90

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Product Description

Bike Peddler Take A Look Compact Cycling Eyeglass Mirror. Stainless steel and brass frame with optically correct acrylic mirror. Unconditional guarantee. Durable stainless steel and brass frame with an optically correst acrylic mirror. Wide field of vision. Three pivit points for total adjustability.

  • Three pivit points for total adjustability
  • Wide field of vision
  • Durable stainless steel and brass frame with an optically correst acrylic mirror
  • Mirror only, helmet not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Has Some Benefits

    I purchased this bike rear view mirror for attachment to my helmet with a kit. It was not very successful. I also tried this eyeglass mirror with my sun glasses. That worked better but the rear view was very minimal and I didn't feel much safer. If I moved my head just a little I lost the image of what was behind me. I've switched to a rear view mirror attached to the handle bars of my Fuji Tri bike and it works much better. I can see to the rear both when I'm using the handle bars and the aerobars. Maybe I just didn't have enough patience but I'm usually a positive and patience person...more info
  • extra bike safety
    I bought this mirror to replace one that i have been using for seven years, which got lost. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not export, especially in these difficult times. One feels so much safer with being being able to keep an eye on what is behind, this is especially so on making a turn across traffic. Try driving a car with no mirrors? The glass reflector is so much better than the plastic one which other manufacturers' use, which also snap off quite easily. The back of the mirror surface needs some tape on it to stop scrarching. The metal arm is tough (others use brittle plastic) and stays in place once the required position has been determined. It has been used in England (left hand driving) and France, (right side). I have a collection of bikes, but only need just one BPTALCEM....more info
  • Excellent bike helmet mirror
    My old helmet mirror did not hold its position in strong winds or riding fast downhill. My Take A Look mirror did not budge. I can't ride without it. Objects appear farther away than they really are, but I adjusted to it quickly....more info
  • Liked my previous mirror; love this one
    My first mirror (helmet-mounted) was the only one my local bike shop carried - and it was fine, until my helmet fell and the mounting broke. In looking online for a replacement, reviews led me to this one, and I've been even happier than I expected. I've talked my brother-in-law into getting one. This mirror is elegant in its simplicity; it is much lighter-weight than my previous one, yet sturdier, and provides a better view. It is more adjustable for the perfect angle than the other, but paradoxically needs it less -- I often had to fiddle with the helmet one; this one I rarely need to re-adjust. I was worried that it would skew my glasses, but even on my feather-weight pair, I don't notice any tilt. Only caveat: didn't stay in place on a pair of regular glasses that had round wire going back to the earpiece, but works great on all my others....more info
  • What a help!
    Bought two of these. Lightweight, easy to clip on and a great help when biking. The company stands behind their product. One mirror 'bent' incorrectly when my husband adjusted it while peddling, creating distortion. Returned it to the company and they immediately replaced it! ...more info
  • Cycling Mirror
    Actually, I use this as a sculling mirror. The product is great and the transaction was smooth. ...more info
  • Excellent bike helmet mirror.
    I don't feel safe on my road bike without a good helmet mirror. The last mirror I had would not stay in position when riding fast downhill or in strong winds. It was very frustrating. My Take A Look mirror holds its position perfectly. Objects appear farther away than they really are, but it was something I adjusted to quickly....more info
  • Good Quality, Good Price
    I bought two of these mirrors and they are made very well. The glass is much better than if plastic were used. Secures easily as well. One thing I'd offer if I was the company is different size mirrors and possibly some concave ones, but the price was good and fully satisified with the two I bought....more info
  • Take a Look Mirror
    I have only had the mirror for a short time. Although I use it a couple times a week on a short nine mile training circuit (3 laps), I have only used it on a long ride with heavy traffic once. It worked great. The trick is adjusting it. I mount it on my glasses rather than my helment. It is a little tricky getting it set and getting used to using it. But, I like it. It is heavy duty being made of all metal parts. I like its adjustability. The downside is knowing how to adjust it. It would be nice to have more instructions regarding this....more info
  • Very impressed with bicycle mirror
    This is the first mirror I have used on a bicycle, but I am impressed by the quality and simplicity of use. I cannot think of anything to improve it. From the first time I used it, I haven't ridden without this mirror. They really help me feel safer, and I like knowing what is behind me....more info
  • no more blurry cars!
    I ride a recumbent bike, and as any recumbent rider knows, a mirror is essential unless you want to ride off the road when you turn around to look behind you. I had been using a Cateye bar-end mirror, and it was okay, but the objects in the mirror were always blurry because of the road vibrations transmitted through the bike to the mirror. Well guess what? Heads don't vibrate as much as the bike, so with this eyeglass mirror objects are much much MUCH clearer than they were before. The mounting is very secure on this mirror when they're attached to plastic-framed sunglasses. I haven't tried them with wire-rimmed glasses, I'd be cautious as the connection is very solid so may bend wire bows. The mirror is easy to adjust and with only a very slight head turn you can see the entire road behind you. I feel so much safer now. The company has a great warranty against breakage too, only $2 to replace. I'll never mount a mirror on my bike again!...more info
  • Compact is Different from original !
    The compact version is a smaller size mirror which is GOOD in theory, because it weighs less and drags less. BUT, the extension wire from the glasses is SHORTER which is BAD if you are older and may not be able to focus as close as you used to. The Original size is FAR better for us older bikers. If you have tried ANY helmet or glasses mount mirror and "couldn't get used to it" then try mounting it farther away from the eye. Even a quarter inch may make a huge difference. I wouldn't ride without this mirror (original size!). Peter...more info
  • bicycle mirror
    Simply the best rear mirror out there. It is very sturdy, functional, and necessary for any biker. It hooks on to your helmet or sunglasses and permits bikers a view of who is coming up behind them....more info
  • Oustanding. Lifetime warranty.
    When riding near traffic, this is a major benefit. Its quick to get used to, and very adjustable to accomodate the angle that you prefer (you'll trial-and-error until you're most comfortable). This offers the security of knowing what's around you before cars or trucks can be heard. I also like to listen to music when riding, which makes this that much more valuable.

    Also, (assuming nothing has changed) this is guaranteed for life. According to the packaging label it came in when I bought it here in 2006:

    "If your mirror breaks for any reason, return it with $2 for postage and handling [to Bike Peddler]. We will repair or replace it for you."...more info
  • Diasppointed
    Although this item was a gift, I was very disappointed in the quality. It is very flimpsy and cheap looking. I read all the reviews and most raved about it except for one person whom I agee with. However, the recipient of this item was ok with it....more info
  • Don't leave home without it
    I've tried a number of them, and this is the best of the eyeglass mirrors unless you're able to find one of those handmade Chuck Harris cycling mirrors. I've never tried one of those, so I can't say whether the Take-a-look is better or worse, but it's certainly better than any of the widely available commercial mirrors. It's easy to fit to glasses or a helmet visor (unless you wear ultra-thin titanium frames), adjusts six ways from Sunday, and has a wide field of vision. It took me about three days to get used to an eyeglass-mounted mirror instead of a Blackburn multi-mirror mounted on the end of my handlebar stem, but at this point I'd never go back. The Take-a-look provides a better field of vision, is immune to bouncing and jostling as you ride, and by turning your head just slightly you can get a 120 degree view of everything behind you. Yeah, it looks a little dorky, but I'll take safety over dorklessness every time.
    ...more info
  • good quality cycling mirror
    Mirror works great as promised. It is stable and stays in place. I use it on thin arms of Bolle sun glasses and it stays put. Wonder if glasses with thicker arms would pose a difficulty. Only complaint is that the side to side movement is a bit stiff and takes two hands to move so not easy to move once riding. Otherwise, no complaints....more info