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Wenzel Pinon Sport 7-by 7-Foot Three-Person Dome Tent
List Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Pinion tent The Pinon 3 Person Tent features a Dutch "D" style door with removable fly and hoop frame and two polyester mesh windows. Shockcorded fiberglass frame with pole pockets creates ease of set-up while the two windows and mesh roof vents offer excellent ventilation. Specifications: - Model#: 36275 - Base: 7' x 7' - Center height: 50" - Area: 49 sq. ft. - Sleeps: 3 - Door: Dutch D style - Window: polyester mesh 2 ea. - Floor: welded polyethylene - Frame: fiberglass - Carry weight: 5.9 lbs - Pegs: steel - Factory pack: 6 Features: - Removable fly with hoop frame - Large Dutch D style door for easy entry/exit - Shockcorded fiberglass frame with pole pockets for ease of set-up - Two windows and mesh roof vents for excellent ventilation Mfg No: 36275 Manufacturer: Wenzel

Nicely lightweight and easy to set up and breakdown, the sporty Wenzel Pinon dome-style tent is a great choice for a weekend car camping outing. It features a generously sized single room that measures 7 by 7 feet--great for storing lots of gear--and a 50-inch maximum height. In addition to the good-sized D-style door (with a mesh window covering half of it), this tent also includes a window on the back for cross-current ventilation. The interior is quite spare, with only a small gear pocket in one corner near the door.

Setting up the tent was easy, for the most part, and we erected the tent (with its two shock-corded fiberglass poles) in under five minutes. The one impediment to an even faster assembly was the heavy-duty nylon corner pockets that secure the poles, which included a polyester-reinforced interior flap that's not seamed at the top of the entry. Thus, we had a tougher time than we should have trying to make correct purchase with the pocket, continually hitting the space between the nylon pocket and the interior poly pocket.

But we could forgive this slight design flaw for such a nicely light and easily backpacked tent. This tent also includes a fly that offers a good coverage area, including a bit of an extended cover over the door and back window. While we didn't have rain during our testing, we did use a sprinkler for an extended period, and were pleased to note that the fly ably handled the water run off, guiding it away from the bottom of the tent. To improve this tent's weather resistance, it's recommended that you use seam sealer to coat all exposed seams, applying only to the underside of the fly and inside the seams of the tent.

Overall, the Wenzel Pinon is a good choice for car campers and for the occasional hiked excursion. While it won't stand up to the worst that Mother Nature can throw your way, it should handle a decent amount of rain. And its ample 49 square foot interior will hold two good-sized adults and a good amount of gear. --Agen G.N. Schmitz

What's in the Box?
Tent, rain fly, metal stakes (with bag), two fiberglass shock-corded poles (with bag), stuff sack, printed instructions; backed by 10-year warranty Tent Guide
Selecting a Tent
Fortunately, there are all kinds of tents for weekend car campers, Everest expeditions, and everything in-between. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Expect the Worst
In general, it's wise to choose a tent that's designed to withstand the worst possible conditions you think you'll face. For instance, if you're a summer car camper in a region where weather is predictable, an inexpensive family or all purpose tent will likely do the trick--especially if a vehicle is nearby and you can make a mad dash for safety when bad weather swoops in! If you're a backpacker, alpine climber or bike explorer, or if you like to car camp in all seasons, you'll want to take something designed to handle more adversity.

Three- and Four-Season Tents
For summer, early fall and late spring outings, choose a three-season tent. At minimum, a quality three season tent will have lightweight aluminum poles, a reinforced floor, durable stitching, and a quality rain-fly. Some three-season tents offer more open-air netting and are more specifically designed for summer backpacking and other activities. Many premium tents will feature pre-sealed, taped seams and a silicone-impregnated rain-fly for enhanced waterproofness.

For winter camping or alpine travel, go with a four season model. Because they typically feature more durable fabric coatings, as well as more poles, four-season tents are designed to handle heavy snowfall and high winds without collapsing. Of course, four-season tents exact a weight penalty of about 10 to 20 percent in trade for their strength and durability. They also tend to be more expensive.

Domes and Tunnels
Tents are broadly categorized into two types, freestanding, which can stand up on their own, and those that must be staked down in order to stand upright. Freestanding tents often incorporate a dome-shaped design, and most four-season tents are constructed this way because a dome leaves no flat spots on the outer surface where snow can collect. Domes are also inherently stronger than any other design. Meanwhile, many three-season models employ a modified dome configuration called a tunnel. These are still freestanding, but they require fewer poles than a dome, use less fabric, and typically have a rectangular floor-plan that offers less storage space than a dome configuration. Many one and two-person tents are not freestanding, but they make up for it by being more lightweight. Because they use fewer poles, they can also be quicker to set up than a dome.

Size Matters
Ask yourself how many people you'd like to fit in your fabric hotel now and in the future. For soloists and minimalists, check out one-person tents. If you're a mega-minimalist, or if you have your eye on doing some big wall climbs, a waterproof-breathable bivy sack is the ticket. Some bivy sacks feature poles and stake points to give you a little more breathing room. Also, if you don't need bug protection and you want to save weight, check out open-air shelters.

Families who plan on car camping in good weather can choose from a wide range of jumbo-sized tents that will accommodate all your little ones with room to spare. A wide range of capacities is also available for three- and four-season backpacking and expedition tents. Remember, though, the bigger the tent you buy, the heavier it will be, although it's easy to break up the tent components among several people in your group. It's also helpful to compare the volume and floor-space measurements of models you're considering.

  • Square-shaped, dome-style tent for two to three sleepers; measures 7 by 7 feet
  • Lightweight enough for hiking and traveling
  • D-style door, back window, full rain fly
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles; lightweight steel stakes for stability and strength
  • Nylon floors have taped floor seams; tent is backed by 10-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good buy for $25
    I bought this for backyard camping. If that is what you are doing, this tent is fine for it! I slept comfortably by myself, and 2 would have fit nicely. 3? I don't think so. I liked the mesh on both sides and top, which left the breeze in when I felt stuffy in the morning. The only problem I had with this was that one of my stakes bent already (could have hit a rock), and the tent flapped around a bit, but this could have been human error, as I don't camp much. I thought it was fine for me, however, for only $25!...more info
  • Tent
    The product is fine and it delivers on its promise. Easy to set up, nice looking and comfortable. One drawback: the spikes that are the pieces to set into the ground are too small, thin and short. ...more info
  • Excellent value for the $$$
    I decided to purchase this tent after researching several similar products from various manufacturers. My goal was to find a lightweight, inexpensive and simplistic tent to take on backpacking and biking excursions. The Wenzel Pinon definitely fit those criteria.

    After purchasing this tent I was happy to see that it was very easy to setup, much like many other tents of this design. The large "D" shaped door provided adequate access for entering and exiting. The tent is definitely big enough for two campers and their gear to fit comfortably. I think that 3 people would be a little bit too snug. The mesh ceiling and side windows provided good air circulation while keeping the skeeters out at night. And the rainfly uses flexible poles to overhang the rear window and front door nicely. The zippers seem to be of decent quality and I haven't experienced any snagging issues with them yet. And the best feature over all was the price tag of only $30!!

    After setting it up for the first time, I applied a few coats of seam-sealer to all of the seams. This is a MUST if you are planning on camping in rainy weather without having a tarp overhead for cover. I found this out after the first weekend I went camping with it in the Allegheny Natl Forest. It rained the entire time and I was very happy to see the seam-sealer kept the inside almost 100% dry. The only leak that I had was at the lower corner of the door zipper. But for the price of the tent how could I complain about that?!?! I highly recommend this tent for someone who is looking for a lightweight and basic tent on a budget....more info
  • My First Dome Tent
    I've been hiking and camping before, but never in an enclosed tent. I've used tarp tents and open sleeping bags, but no dome tents. I ended up getting this one, and for a first one, it's a pretty good tent.

    1. Easy to set up
    2. Comes in a compact size
    3. Love the color
    4. Nice little net at top of tent for putting a light or keys.
    5. Lots of room for two people
    6. Kids would love it.
    7. Good price.

    1. The stakes are thin and bend easily when malleting it in the ground. I suggest getting a better quality stake set.
    2. No pockets anywhere inside tent, for wallet, keys, etc.
    3. Could be a little small for people over 5'10"
    4. Might be a little thin and weak for harsh weather. I suggest only using for non-rainy days.

    ...more info
  • Held up during the storm.......
    Well.. I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical when purchasing this tent for our first camping experience. My husband and I decided to purchase this particular tent due to its unbeatable price and durability (recent reviews). To our surprise, the tent kept us from floating into the nearby lake during a rain storm. Amazon is great!! Will be a life long customer. ...more info
  • This thing has save me money...
    The tent is easy to put up (it might take an extra few minutes the first time--I thought I had extra parts, lol), but once you set it up, it's easy. It's very spacious for two people. I know it says it sleeps three--and I'm sure it could, but two is much more comfortable. Very lightweight. I give this tent a 10!...more info
  • Great value
    I'm not an avid camping person, so I bought this tent for the price. I'll have to say, it was far better quality than I expected and was easy to setup even for a camping newbie like me. Also... all my friends had new expensive tents with fancy rain-cover for the tops... mine had the same top, so it didn't look like my tent was as cheap as it was (or from 1978)....more info
  • to break or not to break
    I love the price, the poles broke the first time we used them, I have yet to purchase new poles.. Cheap....more info
  • Great for the money!
    I bought this for my Son's backpacking trip for Scouts. Compared to some of the backpacking tents you see at REI or EMS, this one is literally a 10th of the price!!! It's only about 6 pounds and divided between the two Scouts that shared it, that's 3 pounds per Scout in the backpack. Setup is painfully easy especially if you have any experience with tents! I gave 4 starts instead of 5 because we haven't tested it in the rain yet (I'm concerned about the small size of the fly!) and I'm not sure how well it will hold up after several uses.
    Otherwise, so far so good!!!...more info
  • Survived a severe thunderstorm.
    We recently purchased this tent for a car camping trip in West Virginia, prepping it first with a seam sealer (as you should on any tent). This tent is VERY easy to set up, roomy enough for 2 people and a few belongings, has a handy if small loft, and survived a night of brutal severe thunderstorms. A great buy for $30....more info
  • Small but does its job
    It's a great product, easy to put together and take apart. Although it's 7x7, if you're really tall... over 6 foot, I don't think it's a good idea to get this. It was pefect for my height (5'5), but my boyfriend is 6'4" and he wasn't that comfortable inside.
    This is definately wont be comfortable for 3 adults, kids maybe....more info
  • awful tent
    I was very disappointed with this tent. It did not meet my expectations in the least. I found two major flaws in the tent. First, the poles of the tent were sticky. Second, the design of the D shaped door makes it difficult to open and close easily. In addition, it is very difficult to put up the tent alone....more info