Dyson Soft Dusting Brush
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Product Description

The Dyson Soft Dusting Brush is designed for use on delicate surfaces. Powerful Dyson suction is directed through soft bristles to gently dust and clean sensitive surfaces. Is great for use on fans, blinds, televisions, monitors and keyboards. Works with any Dyson model vacuum.

  • Directs powerful Dyson suction through soft bristles to gently dust delicate surfaces
  • Keeps fans, blinds, televisions, and keyboards dust free
  • For use with all Dyson models

Customer Reviews:

  • The Little Magic Wand
    Rarely would I give an ordinary vacuum attachment a five star rating, but this is far from ordinary.

    I was impressed first off with the packaging. Usually when I buy something that's encased in plastic it takes Superman to cut the thing out. Not so with the thoughtful folks at Dyson; they provided a package that you can easily open and then close again.

    Second, I was impressed by the construction of the brush itself. The bristles are very fine yet sturdy and practically mold themselves around anything you vacuum with it. And the material used to make the rest of the brush is the same tough crash helmet plastic as the Dyson itself. Nice.

    Something to keep in mind is that the brush comes with two small adapters; one has a small triangle on it and the other has a small "O". In the package there is a small booklet with pictures showing what the adapters are for; the one with the triangle attaches to the brush when you want to put it on the long wand, the adapter with the "O" attaches to the brush when you want to use it with just the hose. I mention this because I ended up vacuuming all my blinds (and even my curtains) before I realized I needed one of these adapters. Nevertheless, even without the adapter the brush picked up a lot of dust, which says a lot for the suction power of the Dyson.

    I have never been this amazed by something as simple as a vacuum attachment before. This brush is like a little magic wand. Never before have I been able to vacuum my TVs, computers, blinds, curtains, and just about anything with this much ease. The brush not only increased my respect and admiration for the Dyson itself but also for the ingenious minds behind the development of it.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who owns a Dyson vacuum....more info
  • Works Like a Dream
    I just love this little brush. It takes a chore that I really hate, (dusting) and makes it very quick and simple. Of course, the Dyson grabs all the dust with the help of the dusting brush. Great on mini blinds too....more info
  • Nice but expensive
    This is a nice little duster but is very expensive. I am not sure I would do it again....more info
  • Dyson Dusting Brush
    A great purchase! I use it on just about everything. Forget the Pledge...it just moves the dust around. The Dyson eliminates it! Hello, to a dust-free home!...more info
  • Love my Dyson
    I love my Dyson, and this attachment is indispensable for cleaning wooden blinds. Wow....more info
  • Great Tool!
    This is the only tool I have used that actually works on my electronic equipment. It did just what it is supposed to do. A regular brush tool never got all of the dust from the TV and all of the equipment surrounding it. Worth the money....more info
  • Soft dusting brush storing
    This is currently on the machine attached to the hose with no operational interference. ...more info
  • Love it!
    My sister in law bought this and thought it was great. I gave it a try and I love it! Makes dusting a breeze! Furniture, TV screens, hard to reach places, baseboards, lampshades! It's bigger than the brush attachment that comes with the vaccuum and much softer. Love it!!...more info
  • Not worth it
    I'm unimpressed and don't feel that this is worth the extra money. The brush attachment that the vacuum comes with works just as well, if not better. My Swiffer duster works better. ...more info
    I've been waiting patiently for this item to be released, and now I have it. Wonderful product. Does exactly what it is supposed to, and more. The bristles are soft so you can get under edges of things, and it pulls up dust like a magnet. Why scatter dust when you can suck it up and get it out of your house? Make that Dyson of yours work even more efficiently than ever. Love it!...more info
  • Get it ONLY if you need it!
    I think this attachment is "good enough" and I do use it about once a month for heavy dusting around the house. It is not, however, the super-useful dusting brush I thought I was getting.

    The brush does NOT dust flat surfaces well. Not only does it kind of push a little of the dust ahead of the bristles, never really sucking it up and leaving "streaks", but it has the tendency to suction itself down HARD to the flat surface. This gets annoying. Because of this, I do not use it for all-over flat surface dusting.

    What the duster is GREAT for are blinds, ceiling fans and the curves of wood moulding. We have a big black dog and do need to dust blinds & fans more often. A few swipes and the job is done. Same thing when I dust the furniture crevices and mouldings - the duster works great.

    I do not like to dust base boards with it because somehow as the brush drags along, it seems to statically charge the carpet and the baseboard and any stray dog hairs are suddenly attracted to the baseboard I JUST dusted. I use the regular onboard vacuum brush for baseboards. I can't explain this frustrating phenomena but it might just be me and my house!

    Lastly, the bristles bend out of shape very easily and you can end up with the brush looking more like a troll doll. Surprisingly this makes dusting flat surfaces a little easier. Unfortunately the bristles can bend so far up, they don't touch ANY surface while you are dusting, leaving dust behind. I store mine flat in it's own box, which is a pain, to ensure the bristles don't bend so badly that I cannot coax them back into shape.

    If you're like me and just HAD to have it, see if you can find it on sale. Then you won't mind so much when you end up using the onboard brush 95% of the time to dust....more info
  • Great for Dusting
    I have always dusted with my vacuum and this is by far the best tool I've used so far. The flat shape makes it easy to get into hard to reach places. ...more info
  • Down with dust
    This brush is a great addition to the Dyson vacuum. Very effective for dusting blinds, drapes, computers, electronics, TVs, walls books, furniture, etc... all those places you usually have to hand dust. I have always thought that the ideal vacuum brush would have the characteristics of a feather duster. This is the closest thing to that idea....more info
  • Just not the color as represented
    This product was fine but just not the color purple as shown in the photo which is what would have matched the vacuum we own. Still does the job....more info
  • Hey it works pretty well.
    The thing works really good with blinds, table tops, computers, monitors, electronics, but a little harder for tighter surfaces. It doesn't work too well where the dust is really packed in, like the blades of a ceiling fan. Would probably be ok with a different flexible attachment, but overall, it does what it's supposed to do....more info
  • Good but not great.
    I really like how it works with all my electronics ie. laptop, TV etc, but it's not really strong enough to work well on the blinds. This product works well on delicate things, but I wouldn't buy it for any heavy duty cleaning. Hope this helps....more info
  • Item works great and as advertised
    We have 3 cats and 1 dog. This item is great for pulling dust and dander off shelving, desks, electronics, and LCD screens....more info
  • IT WORKS!!!!!
    It works fantastic. Gets all the dust bunnies....I love it. And I have lots of pets, so there is more dust and hair than an average person house.....so this is a REAL review....more info
  • Great for shutters/blinds
    I bought this when I ordered my factory reconditioned Dyson Animal. This was worth the additional expense. I have plantation shutters and 2" wood blinds on several windows in my house. The soft dusting brush attachment tremendously reduces the time I spend dusting them. ...more info
  • A good product
    A good tool to use with our Dyson. Makes dusting counters and glasstops easier than using the standard tool that came with the vaccuum. ...more info
  • Five stars, but with caveats...
    First off let me say that YES - this is the Dyson soft dusting brush even though Amazon doesn't seem to have a picture up for some reason. I was a bit nervous when I ordered the attachment because there was a listing with picture but "out of stock," and then this one, which was in stock but no picture. Unfortunately when I ordered it there were no reviews to confirm the product was what I thought. However when it arrived it was the correct item, so it all turned out ok.

    How it works -
    The attachment is around a foot long (including bristles); it is a lint remover brush-head surrounded by soft plastic bristles. The red area is the lint remover (think of the dog hair removal brushes your mom uses); it has two suction holes - one at the head, one at the base - which allow the swept dust to be sucked into the vacuum while running. When both holes are covered (such as when doing a large, flat surface) the suction is as powerful as any of the other Dyson wand attachments. When only one hole is covered or there is a break in the surface between the two holes (smaller surfaces or blinds) the suction is still strong, but not quite as "vice-like." The idea behind the brush is that the vacuum action will suck in all the dust instead of allowing it to escape into the air. In this regard, the Dyson seems to leave a much smaller "dust footprint" than manual dusters because it does not cause dust clouds. As with all Dyson wand attachments, the dusting brush comes with two adapters which plug straight into the wand which allow it to be used with any type of Dyson vacuum.

    Pros and Cons -
    I bought the dusting attachment because the brush heads that came with the DC17 weren't cutting it for what I needed. They were either too small or did not form a tight enough seal around the areas I was dusting to pick up all the dust and debris. I live in an old house with old fashion plaster walls and with three furry dogs, so there is constantly dust in the house.

    The Dusting Brush is very good for handling things like blinds and large, flat surfaces, but not quite as well in the little hard to reach spots or thin areas. So the brush will get all the dust on the entertainment center, floor-standing speakers, coffee table, etc, however the rear speaker stand, some furniture molding, tight corners - will all require touch-up even after vacuuming. You can pretty much forget dusting behind furniture or in awkward places. Even if you're able to get the brush to fit, chances are you won't form a tight enough seal around the object you're trying to dust for the vacuum action to work. You're still better off using a crevice tool - or no attachment at all.

    Also, I purchased this attachment specifically because of the picture of the brush taking the dust off of the TV. The hard surfaces of the dusting brush are prevented from touching your wares only by way of padding. In other words, the suction holes (which are ringed by plastic) are only kept apart from the surface by the padding within the red lint dusting material. If your Dyson "really sucks" (sorry, couldn't think of another way to put it), you may be like me and get nervous about putting this attachment near anything that scratches easily. This brush would be fine for CRT tube TVs or even LCDs, but I think I'm still going to wipe down my plasma manually with a soft rag.

    Reading what I've written so far, my review sounds very negative, but I don't want to leave you with that impression. The dusting brush is extremely useful and I would go so far as to say that I hope that Dyson would consider including it as a standard attachment in their future vacuums. However I think most people who look at the Dyson attachments already know what the attachments *can do*, and want to know about what they *can't do*. I do not regret my purchase, and I would definitely make it again because I do use the heck out of the brush, but I'm not using it for the same reasons I had mentally in my head when I purchased it.
    ...more info
  • Not as expected
    Well, it doesn't do much. I love my Dyson, and the floor attachment, but this is probably not worth buying.
    Added: I just read the other review... I haven't had that experience, but maybe my dust is finer than theirs. It definitely works on dust-bunnies ;-}...more info
  • Necessary tool
    This has become my all-time favorite attachment. I use it on bookcases, electronics, fans, furniture, wall hangings, frames. I have severe allergies, so this beats dusting....more info
  • don't waste your money!
    Tried to use this brush on my blinds and it did absolutely nothing - still had to clean them with a cloth. Wish I hadn't wasted my money on this!...more info
  • cleans anywhere
    This attachment is great. I clean the recessed light fixtures, the baseboards, the ceiling fans and dust with it. I know it says it's for blinds, of which I have none, but it does so much more. It's a soft brush so you don't have to be afraid to do the TV screen or any other delicate area that needs dusting. It's great....more info
  • This worked beautifully!
    I LOVED using this attachment on my keyboards!!! It works so much better than the canned air does.

    Of course, it did equally well on my blinds, lamp shades, tv and other electronics... I could go on and on. ...more info
  • Effective Tool
    This brush is softer and finer than the one that comes with the machine. It has two holes. It seems very effective on blinds. I also use it on most hard surface because it covers more area. Is it worth the money? Is the value there? I think it's a little expensive; that's why I gave it 4-stars rather than 5....more info
    Dyson Dusting Brush Attachment

    I bought the Dyson DC25 Ball and because I have 2" blinds throughout my house I decided to order the dusting brush. Thanks to C. Vaughn's Review I learned that the connectors included by Amazon do not fit my DC25. A call to Dyson's service rep informed me that by ordering directly from them I would be sent the right connector for my vacuum...$36.94...more, but worth it if it works. Must congratulate the service rep, Shereen, who patiently helped me set up my vacuum which wasn't all that easy for me, disabled, 74 and not very mechanically savvy. She deserves 10 stars. I gave a 4 star review because I just now ordered it and am hoping, with fingers crossed, that it will be a 5 star winner! Just thought the above info would be helpful to someone else. Will write an update later....more info
  • great
    This product does exactly as it claim, it dusts, it even dusts well. It is defiantly overpriced, but if you hate dusting you have to have this product....more info
  • Dusting brush
    I thought I was crazy for ordering this but it makes simple dusting so much easier than with a cloth....more info