Oregon Scientific RGR126 Cable Free Long Range Rain Gauge
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Automatic self-emptying rain cupMeasures and then eliminates collected rainfallWireless transmission range up to 300-feet for rain gauge100 feet for thermometerDisplays daily, 9 day historical, and total rainfall recordsRainfall amoun

Checking the plastic rain gauge oftentimes means a trip out to the garden, in the rain, and then a lot of record keeping. A great way to stay abreast of the garden's irrigation needs without getting wet, Oregon Scientific's wireless, remote rain gauge features a self-emptying rain cup that measures and then dumps collected rainfall. Nine-day memory and indoor/outdoor temperature readings help monitor precipitation and weather patterns over time. An automatic a wireless transmission range of up to 300 feet with the rain gauge and up to 100 feet for the thermometer means a lot less back-and-forth. The unit displays daily readings, 9-day histories, and total rainfall records. Rainfall measurements are shown in inches or millimeters. The gauge also features a high rainfall alarm, comes with two AA batteries for the gauge and two AAA batteries for the sensor. --Brian Olson

  • Wireless, remote rain gauge
  • Displays daily, 9-day historical, and total rainfall records shown in inches or millimeters
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Automatic self-emptying rain cup measures and then eliminates collected rainfall
  • Wireless transmission range up to 300-feet for rain gauge--100 feet for thermometer

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed
    The Rain Guage - accuracy and range are ok. The indoor out/door temperature readings are real accurate. Accuracy is ok at 65 degrees, but at 90 the error is +2.5 degrees.
    The numeric displaly should be a bit larger so the information would not look cluttered, detail is very hard to see from across the room.

    Update: 4/2009
    As others have reported, after about 1 year the rain guage stopped communicating with the base unit.

    I would not purchase this unit again.
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  • Best rain gauge I've owned
    This unit was easy to set up and worked very well right out of the box. I've tried a few other brands of electronic rain gauges and this is by far the best I've seen.
    The outside temperature is a bonus too!...more info
  • disapointing
    I had bought this with the anticipation that i wont have to worry about going out and dumping the old tube-shaped rainguage, but have something that was suppose to be accurate to see in the comfort of my own home. Well it doesnt work and OS really wasnt any help either. If you want to know the temp, well indoors & out it works great...accurate temp readings. If you want to know the rainfall buy a $2 rain-tube guage from your local dollar store....more info
  • When they are good, they are very very good but when they go bad, they're horrid!!
    I have purchased three of these units. When they work, they are WONDERFIUL. Problem is, they don't work well for long. My first unit worked beautifully for almost a year. I didn't hesitate replacing it with another unit. This one, however, only worked for about 3 months. I didn't have my purchase receipt for warranty repair so I bought yet one more. This time, the unit NEVER worked properly. Each time the unit failed (including the one I just received from Amazon), it was due to the rain guage losing contact with the main unit. Changing batteries, resetting, etc. etc. was to no avail (and VERY annoying because of all the silly little screws). I returned the last unit and will NOT purchase another Oregon Scientific wireless rain guage unless they explicitly address the loss of contact issue....more info
  • Don't even THINK about buying
    I purchased this item as a gift for my friend. He is very meticulous and I thought he would really enjoy it. Well, he would have if the thing had worked. The first unit worked for about 1 day, after much aggravating set up, taking down because it stopped working, opening the battery compartment, putting back together, putting it back up, only to have it stop working again. My friend called Oregon Scientific, the tech walked him through everything he had already done, then told him they would send him another. They did. This one said it had rained 1.12 inches in his living room - totally worthless piece of equipment. I'm going to get a refund and buy one from Sears....more info
  • Oregon Scientific RGR126
    I read many product reviews before buying this. I am quite happy with the instrument. Yes, there are alot of screws to install, but no complaints here.

    The only issue I have is zeroing the rain gauge (daily and cumulative). I may call Customer Service on this one. I know there is a unit reset, but there should be a way to zero the daily without waiting till midnight.

    Only other complaint is that it does not display the time.

    I had a Heathkit unit (wired) but the collector just melted/cracked over time. Can't locate another one, so I decided on this one.


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  • This gauge drizzled
    I had faith in the Oregon Scientific name. No longer. Installing batteries was horribly awkward. With the outside temperature sensor sitting right next to the base unit, they read different temperatures - neither correct. Setting inital values was extremely awkward and not at all intrinsic. My unit shipped from ANTOnline who stonewalled me for over a week while I attempted to arrange a return for credit. Amazon should avoid ever working with ANTOnline and having them dirty the good Amazon reputation! I will buy an old fashioned glass tube rain gauge....more info
  • Oregon Scientific Rain Gauge
    Unfortunately, we received one that gave the inside and outside temperature but would not register the rain fall. We were able to get a refund with no problem. Decided to try and find one locally....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I gave this to my husband as a Christmas present. Setup was pretty easy, but we have been more than disappointed. It pretty much doesn't measure the rain at all, especially when it rains hard. I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

    By the way, I gave it one star; but would not give it a star at all.
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  • Just What I Was After
    Excellent device. Works very well. On Line Customer Service helped me in fine fashion with a question I had about resetting the unit. Only flaw is that the leveling instructions (using beads of water) did not work. I simply used a small level over the top of the collector. I'd recommend it to anyone....more info
  • An excellent product!
    I own two of these (one at my office, one at my home) and it's been a great little product. Seems pretty accurate and it's nice to have a running rain total for the year. 2005 - 30.38 inches, 2006 - 10.55 inches and 2007 - 6.21 inches (so far)

    These also make great housewarming gifts. I've given several of them to friends and they're always calling me with rain totals! It's always nice to hear from friends and family.

    I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great product at a great price
    This rain guage is easy to read, easy to set up and provides an accurate way to measure rainfall. Mounting and set up were well explained in the user manual. Inside and outside temperature is also very handy. The inside unit is attractive and well thought out....more info
  • Oregon Scientific RGR126 Cable Free Long Range Rain Gauge
    A really fascinating and useful device. It permits you to receive up-to-date rainfall, indoor and outdoor temperatures over a distance of 100-300 ft. It seems to be a really excellent product.

    If I could suggest one improvement in design and presentation, I would ask that Oregon Scientific revisit their instruction manual regarding the depiction and instructions on installation of the batteries--significantly deficient. I would also suggest that they redesign the battery location and protection against moisture since it currently requires the removal and replacement of a myriad of small screws....more info
  • Great rain gauge for the price.
    Great accurate rain gauge in this price range. It is a little difficult to set up and and to change the battery (a tiny screwdriver - not included - is required). We've had ours for over a year. This one is a gift for a friend....more info
  • Not as many problems as I thought
    I was very leery after reading the reviews here, but encouraged that it could be calibrated. I admit the batteries are ridiculous, requiring the removal of ten tiny screws (they should at least include a small screwdriver in the package; but really it needs to be redesigned) so I'm taking off one star for that. However everything else works pretty well. I have some Oregon Scientific indoor/outdoor thermometers so I didn't have much trouble setting the thing up.

    I followed the instructions someone posted here about determining whether the gauge is accurate. I tried pouring water and it seemed to undercount the rain (one inch of "rain" measured 0.9 inches), probably because I was pouring too fast. A better way for me was to put the gauge under a slowly dripping faucet and let it dump its water into a bowl underneath. Once it measured 1 inch, I measured the water in the bowl and it came out to 200 milliliters just like it was supposed to. Using the same method with the dripping faucet I counted about 20 drops to tilt each bucket so I feel like it is pretty well balanced. Maybe I just got a good one, but it seems to work as advertised so far. I live in Georgia so we don't get actual rain, but I will update the review if I have problems.

    Update after two weeks: It has rained a couple of times and the gauge seems to work just fine and I like the 9-day memory and cumulative total (0.43 inches today and 0.87 inches in two weeks). Also I set up another gauge for a friend with similar results....more info
  • Rain Gauge
    We were looking for a digital rain gauge and ended up with a complete and compact weather station. Immediate readout confirmed this morning when we had a summer thunder shower move through our area. The only difficulty was finding an appropriate shelf on which to mount the "collector." We are very pleased with our rain gauge....more info
  • Great Performance
    I received my Oregon Scientific wireless rain gage this week after a somewhat long backorder delay--6 weeks. The unit was easy to set up. The only issue I had is that the leveling method described in the manual doesn't work. Surface tension prevents leveling as described. I simply used a level which is more accurate. Fortunately we had 4 inches of rain the next day, or should I say 4.08 inches! I really enjoyed watching the rain accumulate from the comfort of the indoors. I would highly recommend this unit. ...more info
  • Weather
    This is a good product to see the teperature and how much rain we have had....more info
  • Wireless rain gauge
    Now we stay inside and watch the rain gauge. Nothing to empty. Just a record of what has happened and what is happening. Terrific....more info
  • weak
    this item constantly needs resetting. signal loss is rampant even if there is clear line of sight between base unit and the two remote sensors. the outdoor temp sensor rarely goes for 5 days before the readout goes to dashes even though the signal indicator reads a connection. the "fix" i got from the manufacturer involves bringing all the units to within 10' of each other, removing the battery box covers, and sequentially pressing all the reset buttons. well, that works for awhile but it erases all the data so the history function showing the accumulated rainfall over time is useless. dissapointed and aggrieviated....more info
  • Works well if you can get the batteries in!
    This works great once it is all set up.
    The battery compartment on the rain gauge portion has eight tiny little phillips-head screws that all have to be removed before you can insert the batteries. There are four more on another portion. Once you get past the hour required to insert the batteries, all is good....more info
  • Quite accurate, but don't expect much from the outdoor temp
    I purchased this item last year from Lowes (it was a little cheaper at the time). I have been really happy with the weather station. I found that I had to mount the rain gauge really close to the house (about 20 feet) so that it would get a signal. No big deal, I just mounted it to the deck, you really don't even notice it's there.
    It keeps good track of the rain and you can reset it for any length of time you want to monitor. I always check the recorded amounts from the weather service, and this rain gauge is with in .005 everytime.
    I would give it five stars, but the wireless temp doesn't ever work, I have it right outside the window (2 feet) from the indoor station, and it never works. And yes, I have changed the batteries. This really has never mattered too much, because I can always get the temp from the internet anyway. The indoor temp guage works great.
    I would recommend this to anyone who likes to keep track of the rain....more info
  • Check the calibration
    After my initial experience with the RGR 126 rain gauge I recommend owners at least check the calibration/accuracy before assuming it is providing accurate measurements. I noticed a significant differance between my old "manual" tube style rain gauge & the RGR 126 after several recent rains which led me to suspect the wireless unit was inaccurate. Using Oregon Scientific's calibration/accuracy instructions I found my new wireless rain gauge was indicating .76" of rain for each actual inch of rainfall. I couldn't give up on the wireless rain gauge though as I do believe Oregon Scientific is a quality conscious company. So, I went in search of an RGR126 FAQ sheet since the product manual doesn't explain how to correct inaccuracies. Finding Oregon Scientific's FAQ sheet isn't that easy though. You can search it yourself or use www2.oregonscientific.com/service/faq.asp?faq=136 to link to it. In short you can check the accuracy of your RGR 126 and better yet you can correct any inaccuracies. Once the outdoor unit is mounted to a level surface you should "drizzle" 200 ml of water into the collection funnel. 200 ml of water drizzled into the outdoor unit equals one inch of rainfall recorded on the indoor display, according to Oregon Scientific. You can do this! Typical kitchen measuring cups provide 50 to 100 "ml" measurements and most of us own a kitchen measuring cup. It is important to drizzle the 200 ml of water into the remote unit funnel though. Pouring the water in will flood the measuring buckets resulting in subsequent inaccuracies. Instructions for recalibrating and accuracy are provided at the above link. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, yes & no. Yes to those who just want a number; any number. Yes to those that want rainfall accuracy & "if necessary" are willing to spend some time re-calibrating the outdoor unit. No to those unwilling to take a chance on purchasing anything less than 99.9% accuracy and unwilling or unable to calibrate the outdoor unit "if needed". I'm probably one person in a thousand that received an inaccurate RGR126, but the good news is that yours can be re-calibrated should yours need it. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I've been very pleased with this setup. I've had it now for several months and have not had to change the batteries yet. Rain gauge works great, outdoor tmeperature works great and the base unit reads well indoors. This unit is replacing a more expensive brand from a local hardware store. I've just bought another as a gift and this one has definitely been worth the money....more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    Thank you for your latest shipment of another product I enjoy. We had some shipping difficulties but this was straightened out to my satisfaction. I like dealing with this company.
    Herbert Pohl....more info