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GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella
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Product Description

GustBuster's Metro umbrella is the choice for people on-the-go. The Metro's sheath doubles as a backpack or sling it over your shoulder. It's strong too. Afterall, it is a GustBuster. The Metro features: Automatic open 16 inches long folded, 22 inches long open Opens to 43 inch canopy Pinchless open & close release system Award winning double-canopy design Patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors Hardened steel, hexagonal ribs and reinforced shaft prevent crimping and snapping Sheath doubles for backpack or over-the-shoulder carrying Take along in briefcase or purse Sure grip comfort handle Wind-tested by College of Aeronautics to 55 mph Limited manufacturer's lifetime warranty (see warranty card for details) Available in Black, Navy, Pink, Red, and Dark Tan. For a larger view of this item, please click on the picture(s).

The ideal choice for people on the go, the GustBuster Metro umbrella keeps you dry wherever you roam. The Metro is distinguished by its carrying sheath, which doubles as a backpack or shoulder sling. As a result, you can easily carry this umbrella when it's dry out while also holding a briefcase and cup of coffee. The Metro measures 22 inches long when open and 16 inches folded, with an award-winning 43-inch double-canopy design that's large enough to accommodate two people. The patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors, hexagonal hardened-steel ribs, and reinforced shaft, meanwhile, hold up to heavy use and are built to resist crimping and snapping. And should you not want to carry the Metro via the sheath, it fits easily in a purse or briefcase. Other details include a sure-grip comfort handle, a pinchless open and close release system, and a sleek design. Wind-tested by the College of Aeronautics to 55 miles per hour, the Metro carries a lifetime warranty.

  • Extra-sturdy folding umbrella with award-winning 43-inch double-canopy design
  • Patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors and hexagonal hardened-steel ribs
  • Carrying sheath doubles as a backpack or shoulder sling; fits in briefcase or purse
  • Wind-tested to 55 miles per hour; pinchless open and close release system
  • Sure-grip comfort handle; measures 22 inches long when open; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect
    This is an excellent umbrella. It is a great value. I recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Gust Busted
    The stem broke the second time I used it. The little latch would not go back into the the 'stem' (whatever it's called) so it could not be folded back up so I never found out how well it resisted the wind. I returned it. ...more info
  • Amazing, broke on first use
    I must admit that I was somewhat hesitant to replace my Totes "Bigtop" collapsible with a Gustbuster, considering the difference in price. But I figured the extra money would be well spent on a more durable product. The Totes did give me excellent performance, but it was starting to get long in the tooth and the metal stays were not compressing down like they used to. During heavy rain, the Totes also did have a tendency to let small splatters of rain through. So I figured the Gustbuster would be better all around, and I paid my money.

    When the umbrella arrived, I was impressed with the construction and extra bracing, and it appeared the umbrella would live up to its expectations. However on its first use, it permanently broke. And the circustances are thus:

    I had just finished walked the dog and had entered the inside of my home. I was suspending the umbrella by the cord in the handle two feet off my vinyl covered floor. The cord slipped off my finger and the umbrella dropped to the floor. It was then I noticed the top cap had popped off. An easy fix, I thought, until I picked up the umbrella and inspected. The piece that came off was not a cap at all, but the top of a piece of solid plastic that held the very top of the nylon material to the center shaft. This was not a small piece of plastic, but about 1/3 of an inch thick - certainly enough to survive what should be an every day occurrence for an umbrella.

    I gave the Gustbuster two stars because the design is good, but must grade it down heavily for poor materials. Not worth the money, and I would not recommend this umbrella to a friend. Very surprised and disappointed....more info
  • Great when it stayed in one piece
    I bought two of these and both have broken to varying extents. On one, the plastic end cap on one of the tips of the metal frame that keep the fabric taught broke -- leaving the umbrella in a functional yet unuseable state. On the second, the plastic on the end of the umbrella that sits on top, in the middle of the dome broke. That umbrella is still useable but it is disappointing to see things like these breaking on an umbrella this expensive....more info
  • Plastic ribs break frequently.
    I have owned several Gustbusters over the past six years. The most recent iteration of the Metro, which I think has been on sale for the past two years, has plastic ribs extending along the inside of the umbrella surface. These ribs are brittle and snap frequently, rendering the umbrella ultimately unusable. Please let me know if you can recommend another vented umbrella, preferably with steel or fiberglass ribs....more info
  • You Will Never Go Wrong With A GustBuster
    I owned a GustBuster for 10 years and it was recently lost. I will not own any other umbrella. To replace the standard size classic GustBuster I purchased not only the Metro 43-Inch Automatic but also the ~62" golf umbrella in green and tan. I loved the original umbrella and I love both of the GustBujsters I recently bought. The automatic GustBuster is very well made. In the past my daughters received the automatic 43-inch Metro as gifts and they love them. I would not own anything else. You can not make a mistake with a GustBuster. Also the online Amazon merchant I purchased from delivered earlier than the listed delivery date and I would purchase from them again....more info
  • Disappointing
    I got this after my previous umbrella died in a windstorm. It was never really tested (no wind.)

    It looked nice, but a few problems:
    - the handle was flopping around loose. Not debilitating, but very annoying;
    - it would not stay closed: the slightest jar would pop it open again unless restrained by the two straps. Annoying when closing to go indoors, etc.;
    - two of the metal struts that attach to the hub broke: not the wire that usually breaks there, but the struts themselves. The struts themselves are quite substantial, but their ends are very poorly made.

    I'm not trying another GustBuster unless they get a handle on quality control: the design is good, the construction much less so. Don't lose your warranty card: there is ZERO information online that I could find....more info
  • Half Star Product
    The firt time I used it the tip on the top of the umbrella fell off and the wood varnished handle has cracked and chips easly.
    I bought one similar for a third of the price and I used it for two years with no problems, but my husband lost it. I poisoned him!
    This product had a great rubber handle with an automatic close and open button, your product only opens automatically. ...more info
  • Great umbrella, handle is too short
    The umbrella is great - works well in windy situations as advertised.

    I would like the handle to be a bit longer though....more info
  • Auto up-down did not work
    This sounded like a great product; however, it did not live up to expectations. Upon using this product for the first time, the auto up-down button did not function. When attempting to open the umbrella, it only opened about half way up, forcing me to have to push it up the rest of the way. While it was open, it did seem extremely sturdy. When attempting to close the umbrella via the button, it did not even partially close, again forcing me to have to do it manually. I have received a return authorization from Amazon for this item....more info
  • Great for heavy winds
    We purchased the umbrella for my brother-in-law who travels to London frequently.... rains/wind there always abused his traditional umbrellas. He got off the plane the other night and winds were up to 40 MPH and he said the umbrella didn't budge.... ...more info
  • Great umbrella
    This is the second gustbuster I have bought. My son lives in NY and just loves this umbrella. He has had no problems having the wind break this umbrella. If anybody is thinking about getting a good umbrella that doesn't curl with the wind this is your choice....more info
  • The best umbrella ever invented
    Once you use a Gustbuster umbrella, you willl never buy an ordinary umbrella again. It withstands all the gusts of wind that usually render your umbrella absolutely useless. The construction of this umbrella prevents the wind from ever blowing it inside out. I have bought these for others as gifts, after owning one myself, and it is always a winner....more info
  • never saw it
    Amazon neglected to put my name on the address of the parcel, so it was rejected at the pickup address & returned to Amazon. Smooth move, exlaxGustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella...more info
  • Worth Every Penny !!!
    This winter in the Midwest, we have had blizzards, torrential downpours, and tornadic wind and storms, and this umbrella has protected me from all that already in the few weeks I have had it. At the bus stop, other people on the campus where I work are fighting with their umbrellas being blown inside out, while I have a Chesire cat grin at my relative comforts. In some cases, people have asked me where I have gotten it since it is compact and a double canopy -- a rare find since nearly all the double-canopy umbrellas I found are the larger, "golf" umbrellas. This is in my backpack all the time, and I don't anticipate leaving home without it. ...more info
  • great umbrella!
    This is a great umbrella especially for the price. This umbrella really does stand up to the wind and it can get pretty windy walking down the street in downtown chicago. It opens easily and is sturdy. I'll probably buy a bigger one. ...more info
  • GustBuster Metro 43 - Inch Automatic Umbrella Hunter (Green)
    I purchased this product after a great deal of research for my wife who works in a hospital in a metro- politian area with lots of wind to contend with on her way to her parking space. She had already broken 3 umbrellas which had blown inside out and the wires bent terribly. She is so pleased with this gift, she carries it everywhere when rain is predicted. I definitely made a hit for Valentines Day!...more info