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Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm-Extension Grommet Desk Mount
List Price: $136.85

Our Price: $61.97

You Save: $74.88 (55%)


Product Description

The Neo-Flex LCD Arm is a complement to any office environment and frees up valuable desk space - and adds flexibility to your LCD. Simply push the side button while lifting the display, then position it where you want it. Get ergonomic comfort for a great price. It's ideal for use where multiple people use the same display.PRODUCT FEATURES:Easily position your LCD for maximum comfort and productivity;8" (203 mm) height range enhances ergonomics for multiple users;Easy installation; product ships fully assembled;Provides premium long-life LCD adjustment while maintaining touch-screen stability;Allows LCD to be rotated for portrait/landscape viewing.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Fine service, fine product, right price
    I recommend this product from this seller. The arm is great for the price. Prompt shipping....more info
  • Style + Function!!
    Beautifully designed mount! I needed to free up space on my (actual) desktop, and this did it for me quite elegantly! It moves in all planes, and locks where you want it. I'm glad I checked Amazon before buying, as eBay prices were much higher....more info
  • Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm-Extension Grommet Desk Mount
    This is a most precise piece of equipment. Comes with everything you might need for installation. Totally intuitive, no need to read instructions. Very high quality hardware. Extremely versatile....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product. Sturdy, well-built and useful. Good value compared to the prices of other similar arms. Would definitely buy this product again....more info
  • Works great for 19-pound monitor when jerry-rigged
    I was hesitant to purchase this product after reading the reviews and weight my monitor. I use a ViewSonic 20-inch that weights 19 pounds and is about 2 1/2 inches deep.

    All the "hinges" worked great and supported the weight of my monitor--except for the tilt mechanism. However, with the use of one of the bolts that came with the arm, I was able to very easily jam it into the appropriate angle (tilted very slightly upward).

    Setup took about 30 minutes, but I'm definitely pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Great desk mount
    I bought this mount at the same time as my purchase of the new BenQ G2400W monitor. And, despite what others are saying about its ability to hold monitors of certain weight, it is doing just fine with the 24" BenQ right now. I also took off the extension, as others have. My desk just didn't warrant it. The clamp holds tight to the desk. The mounting plate worked perfectly. And its great looking. There really isn't much bad I can say about it. Although it isn't a "negative" really, I wish there was some other method for cable management. As is, it works fine. And, no one ever sees behind my monitor really. But, I just wish there were a cleaner way to route them. But, that is a bit nit-picky. It really is a fantastic mount. And the price is just fine. All in all, a great piece....more info
  • Very Nice
    Easy to install, lots of choices for mounting, looks like this is made well with heavy duty construction. Instructions are a bit weak or maybe its me. Had a hard time understanding that the raise lower movement is achived by pushing in on the knuckle to release a lock, I thought it was just stiff and so pushed harder until I gave up and luckily discovered this unlock/lock. ...more info
  • Great Idea but Poor Execution
    I ordered this LCD Arm for my new 22" Samsung monitor for Christmas. The monitor arrived in time for Christmas but I was shocked when I inspected it. The arm was scratched and scuffed and almost all the screws were stripped. Almost as if the people assembling this thing had no idea the arm was meant to be ADJUSTABLE. Frustrated over the appearance and poor assembly I called Amazon and they promptly sent me a new product.

    Unfortunately, while the new arm did NOT have the scuffs and scratches, I suffered the same issues with the amount of force the people assembling this arm used on the screws. To give you an idea of how much force I'm talking about, I broke the allen wrench that came with the monitor stand....IN HALF...trying to loosen one of the screws so I could adjust the monitor angle. The wrench began to bend and warp until I literally twisted the end off. Thinking the included wrench was inferior, I moved on to my trusty Craftsman wrenches and successfully ruined 2 of them as well (I'm counting on that lifetime warranty to reimburse me). I still havent gotten it off, and even if I do the screw is ruined because its so stripped.

    What I dont understand is why the arm is assembled at all. The package includes instructions on assembly so it would make sense that I just got parts. I guess somebody thinks they're doing me a favor.

    Thats a lot of detail for a simple conclusion. Mine was assembled by the World's Strongest Man or possibly a very weak man who felt he needed to compensate for something. This LCD arm is useless if my monitor is stuck at a 45degree angle to my desk. I bought mine directly from Amazon. Hopefully other vendors have done a better job of assembly - and if you're lucky - its not assembled at all....more info
  • Great for the money!!! I bought 2!
    I have dual Samsung 19in 940BW (widescreens) and mounted them to my Matrix Glass desk with the clamps...install was short and easy, only about 15 min for each. It def matched my desks silver scheme. The screws / bolts were a bit too tight from the factory...I don't need to move my arms around much, but from what other reviews are saying, these are not meant for that function. For $60 and free shipping (which was fast), these are def a good value!!! I checked EVERYWHERE online and you won't find anything cheaper. Ergotron is pretty reputable company..I worked for Morgan Stanley on the trading floor for IT and most of the Bloomberg stands were on Ergotron's....more info
  • Sturdy, sleek, and flexible
    I bought this to use with my PC in the garage. I needed it to move monitor from in front of PC to workbench area. All joints of arm can swivel so it has a good range of movement. Quality, value and style are first rate and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it....more info
  • quick and easy to install.
    This item was easy to install.
    However, the weight of the monitor tends to make the "head of the arm" fall easily. I kind of have to prop it to hold. Have tried tightening, but still falls.

    But it is pretty flexible and can be put in many different positions....more info
  • LCD tv mount
    Easy to install. Mounts through desk or on edge. Great look, sleek, and moves in any direction imaginable....more info
  • Very nice, quality unit
    I ordered 2 of them and they arrived pre-assembled, very nicely tightened and easy to use. My 20" Apple monitors are now very secured, convenient to work with. The position is easily adjustable with the button push, that is very smart design as it keeps the monitors is exact position you set them. Overall I'm very pleased with awesome quality and terrific design of these arms. It is not every day you can buy such great quality hardware. Very recommended....more info
  • Pretty good for the price.
    I'm using this with the Samsung 226BW monitor (22") and I get the feeling this is about as big of a monitor as you can use with this mount. I had to REALLY tighten the hex-nut right behind the monitor to get it not to fall forward. Now anything more than a light touch will cause it to fall forward... so its not really "adjustable". However, I don't need to contantly adjust it, so it works for me. For the price, I'd still buy this again since most other mounting arms are substantially more expensive. Oh, I think the aesthetics are pretty nice as well....more info
  • excellent
    save space on my desk, looks modern, easy to clean my workspace and the screen is at the right height of my eye level...more info
  • An Excellent Value--Highly Recommended!
    For quite some time my wife has been wanting an LCD monitor arm for her home office. Being the cheapskate that I am, I just couldn't justify spending more on an arm than we spent for the display. Well, my research paid off. The Ergotron Neo-Flex is just what we needed. It is very well made, sturdy, and easy to set up. Having never owned one of these before, I was a bit apprehensive at first that it would not support the weight of our 19" monitor and come crashing down. No problem. We usually keep it fully extended, it works like a champ. It's great having so much more free space on the desktop. I searched around and thank Amazon for having the best price on the Net. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great mount! Not just for 19" monitors
    After reading numerous reviews on this product, I decided to give 2 of them a go for a dual display setup. I have a Studio RTA Producer Station desk with the monitor bridge across the top. With my studio monitors, plus an Acer 23", space was at a premium up there, and I had to have my second screen 90 degrees to my left on top of one of my keyboards. PAIN IN THE NECK, literally, from turning my head back and forth. Mounted up my 17"HannsG and it went up effortlessly. Holds tight and easy to move around, if needed. Although I don't plan on it.
    The aforementioned Acer 23" was a little lower than my neck was really comfortable with, even on top of the bridge of my desk. Love that display, HATE the factory stand. **Note, most reviewers I've read have maxed out at about a 19 or 22" screen. My Acer is under the weight limit of the moutn (18lbs) so I thought I'd try it. Slapped the adapter (75mm to 100) on the arm and the display now magically hangs right where it needs to. I will definitely be getting another one of these if I ever need another one. FOr the price, you can't beat them!...more info