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Peerless ST650P Tilting Wall Mount for 32" to 50" Flat Panel Displays (Black)
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Product Description

The SmartMount for 32" to 50" flat panel screens provides a versatile and secure solution for professional environments such as boardrooms, hotels and stadiums. This mount offers smooth, continuous one touch tilt, allowing for easy adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle without tools. The mount includes simple to align universal brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to two wood studs up to 24" apart, or concrete. For easy installation the mount is preassembled and includes a Sorted-For-You baffle pack with all screen hardware and security fasteners.

  • One-touch tilt allows tilt adjustment of +15/-5 without the use of tools
  • Optional horizontal adjustment of up to 12" (depending on screen model)
  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs
  • Desired tilt angle can be locked in place if needed
  • Comes with additional brackets to accommodate screens with a built-in curve or component box on the back

Customer Reviews:

  • Online is the way to go
    Don't even think of spending twice as much to buy this product in a retail store like Best Buy. While this is definitely a two person job that will take some time, it's well worth the savings of a professional installation. The tilt works perfectly. Mounting a TV over the fireplace has opened up our living room perfectly. ...more info
  • Works Great
    Works great for me in our new home. The device makes it easy to attach to studs. Works as advertised. Took about two hours to get everything assembled and on the wall.

    One note: I purchased a stereo receiver that provides video switching. All I had to run to the TV was power and an HDMI cable. Highly recommend this approach!

    ...more info
  • Peerless st650p tilting wall mount
    This wall mountis very easy to install. There are lots of holes to hold the tv to the mounts, so it is very universal. Mounting it to the wall is very easy and fast. Comes with all the bolts you could need to mount, for any application, you will have lots of extras, which is a good thing. I used it on my 32" Insignia, the bracket on the wall is the exact width of the tv, roughly 34". This is very strong and secure. Much cheaper than on the peerless website, more than half the price....more info
  • Great Mount
    Well built. Easy to install. Looks great. Works better. I absolutely recommend this wall mount....more info
  • Quality, strong, and quick install
    First I would like to comment on I ordered this item with free "super saver" shipping and the box was on my doorstep within 18 hours. Great service.

    Let me also say that I ordered this item from amazon in April of 2009 and received EXACTLY what was pictured. After reading others commenting on receiving something other than what was pictured I was a little nervous while placing the order. The wall mount itself is excellent quality, extremely strong and durable. I agree with others that say to be sure to have a good stud finder and make the measurements before placing the order for this product. I mounted my Samsung 40" LN40B750 TV in my closet with this mount after removing the closet doors. I tilted the screen down 5 degrees and can easily watch a perfect picture from my bed.

    A note on the tilting. I read another review that said this mount could only be tilted down 5 degrees and tilted up 15 degrees. This is not correct. If this mount is installed correctly one should be able to tilt the TV down up to 15 degrees.

    The "one touch tilting" is definitely misleading. Tilting requires loosening two machine screws with a screw driver and hand loosening the "one touch tilt" screws.

    Another note: When I received this item I tested the screw sizes in my television and purchased the same screws in stainless steel as another review suggested.

    Overall, This mount is well worth the money. It took under a half hour to install. If any product fails it will be the television, not the mount. once this thing is on the wall, it wont rip off. Follow the instructions carefully and everything will be fine....more info
  • Great value at a great price.
    My AV person wanted to charge me $100.00 more than what I paid for the item on Amazon. He said he couldn't get it cheaper from his supplier. Went up very easily....more info
  • Durable Wall Mount
    This wall mount is extremely durable when mounted properly. The tilting feature is great to get just the right viewing angle. It also moves from side to side in case you mount it a few inches off center. One word of advice, make sure you mount at the exact height you want the tv, as the mount does not adjust vertically....more info
  • awesome, used for 50' plasma
    The instruction manual says "will not work with most 50' and above plasmas". This simply isn't true. Call their customer service (which is excellent), read the them the TV product number, and you'll see.

    great product...more info
  • flat screen tv
    this product is fantastic! very easy to install. simple with clean lines and easy to follow instructions.
    ...more info
  • Good Solid Mount
    This is a good quality mount at a price that is affordable - cheaper than WalMart! The pro is that it holds my 42" plasma just fine, and tilts forward for optimal viewing. (I mounted it rather high on the wall.) The con is that the tilt knobs are hard to adjust once the TV is mounted, and the screws that secure the TV bracket to the wall bracket are hard to reach - the TV gets in the way....more info
  • Good Quality Easy to mount!
    The Good:
    I was able to install this product in about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. It took longer to measure and make sure that the holes were drilled right into the stud than the actual mounting itself.

    Very simple and easy to use. Instructions are pretty good.

    The Caution:
    The only other caution - There is no center stud hole. It doesn't seem long enough to warrant it either, but in case your studs are placed that way, beware!

    Also - there isn't much space behind your TV to put your hand and mess around, so if you're planning to run wires into the wall, make sure that you plan for it, and put the wires into the wall, before setting the final tilt (especially if it's going to be completely vertical and not tilted)

    The mildly irritating:
    The only problem is that Customer Service isn't available on the weekends at all. They're only M-F. So, if you're planning to do a weekend job, I highly suggest you understand all the instructions and have all the parts (screws) on hand before the weekend.

    If their customer service was available on the weekends - atleast partially, I'd have given them a 5 star rating.

    ...more info
  • Very happy with this mount
    I am very happy with this mount. I had considered going with some much more expensive mounts, but I am glad I didnt. Total installation took about an hour, and no hickups along the way.

    I would strongly suggest getting a really good stud finder to be 100% certain you are in the middle of the studs. I used a standard stud finder and had some trouble determining the dead center. I was lucky to have a vent on the floor that had one of the studs visible underneath, some basic measuring found center easily.

    This is a great product and my TV looks amazing on the wall now....more info
  • Nice! Install fairly easy....looks great.
    Installed above fireplace for a 37 inch Phillips LCD TV. Pretty straight forward. No problems installing. They give a generous supply of screws for just about any TV. I would recommend...more info
  • Peerless Mount
    Regarding build quality I give this product 5 stars.

    Install is also quite easy if you know exactly what you need to do. However, we had a problem with this the first time.

    I can fix car engines so I'm not dumb with tools, but the instructions for this Peerless mount is terrible. Everything was fine right up to the point where we tried tilting the brackets. The instructions mentioned loosening a couple screws (in each bracket) to allow tilt. We did this but the brackets still wouldn't budge! After wasting over an hour we realized that there are additional screws that need to be loosened (NOT mentioned in the instructions). To add insult to injury, these screws require an allen screwdriver, which is not included in the package.

    To continue kicking us while we're down, the instruction states that the allen screwdriver is included in certain Peerless mounts.. but not for my model #. This strikes as odd.

    It looks like Peerless placed the wrong brackets (intended for a different model #) in my package because it requires the mysterious screwdriver.

    I would buy this mount again, now that I know exactly what tools are needed and how to adjust the mount....more info
  • Excellent and Easy to Install
    I just finished installing my Peerless mount, and I must say it is an excellent product. The mount feels sturdy was able to successfully hold my 37" LG LCD HDTV without a hitch. The mount includes just about every type of screw, spacer, and washer needed for your TV. Installation was easy and the instructions were thorough. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • ez breezy for novice installers!!
    This wall mount is excellent! It exceeded my expectations without adding a great deal of weight in the process.

    I am a novice installer and this went up without a hitch. (I mounted 2 LCD's -32"LCD and 36" LCD in under 2 hours all by my lonesome.)

    Received ample hardware to mount a variety of lcd/plasma tvs; instructions were clear and concise (The only MINOR issue I had was that the instruction manual mentions an allen wrench being included hardware but was not. After reading some other user reviews, I erroneously thought I needed it for tilt adjustment. However, after contacting peerless, they informed me that this particular model doesn't come with one and it isn't required for install or tilt adjustment (so don't panic! :-P)

    No complaints whatsoever-5 stars!!...more info
  • Perfect Solution
    I researched the different brands then searched by price. This was the perfect solution at the right price. Installation was pretty simple given my location.
    ...more info
  • Excellent price for a quality mount
    I looked all over for a good mount at a low price and found it here. Once I got this mounted, I hung on it to be sure it was sturdy before hanging the plasma screen. Works great, although the tilt is a tad difficult to adjust with a large screen....more info
  • Not Wide Enough
    I used the Peerless ST650P to mount a Panasonic 42" Viera Plasma TV. The mount attached to the TV perfectly, and included all necessary hardware. However, the part of the mount that attached to the wall is several inches too short to be able to span across three 16-on-center studs. As a result, I had to attach the mount to only 2 studs. I used the extreme left hand mounting holes so that the mount extended as far to one side as possible. This means the edge of the mount is on one stud, and the second stud is thus located only slightly off set from the center of the mount resulting in no support for the mount at the other edge which then falls between studs. I then also hung the TV to that far side taking advantage of another 3-4 inches of adjustability which loads the mount precisely where it has the least support.

    The result is that the TV is roughly located where it would have been had the peerless mount been able to be centered on one stud and attached to the neighboring 2 (spanning 3 studs).

    However, because the extreme outboard arm of the mount is several inches away from the lag bolts on one side, the mount twisted and bent slightly under the weight of the TV and pulled away from the wall at the top about 1/16 of an inch. I believe it can support the weight and will not deform any further as long as the TV isn't jostled or disturbed, but the mount is really not designed to handle the torquing forces that result when mounted off center. I regret the purchase and might be forced to buy a different mount for fear that it might bend and deform even more, or even fail.

    If the wall where you want your TV has a stud directly behind, or very close to the point where you want to center the TV, then this mount will not work very well for you.

    If you don't care where the TV is centered on your wall, and can center the TV between two Studs regardsless of whether they are a few feet this way or that way - then this mount is adequate.

    The tilt feature works good once your remove the Allen Key lock bolts.
    ...more info
  • Used on LN46A630
    I bought this mount for my Samsung LN46A630 based on reviews and the easy instructions. While I agree that the amount is good quality and mounting is easy, Peerless needs to update their hardware compatilibity charts that they provide on their website. For my tv in particular (and any Samsung LCD over 40 inches according to the tv's user manual), it requires the M8 bolts, not the M6 bolts that Peerless's website and compatibility chart tells you. ...more info
  • Measure your mounting pattern!!!
    To make sure you're getting the right bracket for your TV, you MUST measure your mounting pattern- how far apart the holes on the back of your tv are, width and height. You can find the sizes that these brackets will accomodate, on the Peerless website, under 'specifications'. Peerless does have a 'mount finder', but when I checked the mounting pattern for the one they recommended, I found that it wouldn't fit my (Sanyo 42")TV. SO BEWARE! Also, make sure your TV is 8" wider than the bracket, so the bracket won't show if you have to mount the TV off-center.

    To tilt, or not to tilt? That was a big issue for me, when choosing a bracket. If you are mounting the TV much above eye level (determined by where you plan to view the TV from) you will want to 'point it' at the viewer. The TV looks fine if pointing straight over your head, but the picture doesn't look as sharp. I mounted the TV over the fireplace, and we leave it tilted down 15*- to point at head level on the couch.

    As for the bracket itself, I am very happy. It is sturdy, comes with clear and detailed directions, and pre-sorted and labeled hardware. Your TV manual will tell you what size bolt will fit into the back of your TV.
    The only problem I had was, the 'wrench' they give you to tighten the locking hardware was really long- too long to fit between the TV and the mantle I was mounting above. I had to cut and bend it to use it. Otherwise, this would have gotten 5 stars!...more info
  • Good Price
    This TV mount was easy to install and adjust but difficult if you have to add or raplace a cable. Too tight to the wall. Good price & quality....more info
  • Has worked great for us
    We bought this set about a year ago. Easy set up. Great picture quality. I bought this one after researching this stuff a lot. Moved into a new house and bought this plasma and two other LCD TVs all from Amazon. As usual they were great....more info
  • Great Product
    I used this wall mount for my 42" LG Tv and it worked great. Very easy to install...took about half an hour. I would have another person there to help you mount the TV though because it did get a little awkward trying to put the TV up by myself. Overall a very good product at a very good price....more info
  • Simple, works well
    I used this to mount a Samsung LN40A550 to my wall - as high on the wall as could get it. The literature states 15 deg of tilt, but there are two ways of tilting it: (1) is by friction so you can just pull it to the desired location. The second is a series of holes with a screw that you can use to lock it at a particular tilt. So, if you combine the two you can get up to 30 degrees of tilt. The main thing stopping the tilt is that the bottom of the screen will touch the wall (actually, it is usually the cable connections which touch the wall first. In my case, I placed 2x2 blocks between the wall unit and the wall so the back of it sticks an additional 1 1/2 inches away from the wall. This lets me get a bit more tilt on the tv.
    I would recommend becoming familiar with exactly how the tilt mechanism works before you place this on the wall. Mine was quite stiff and I had to remove it from the wall to verify how it worked before I was confident I was not breaking anything....more info
  • Easy
    This thing is so dang easy to install. Once it's mounted on the back of the TV and on the wall, I can just pickup the TV off the wall like a framed picture. Very nice for when I need to add new cables which plugs are way in the back. Buy it....more info
  • Very easy to install
    I highly recommend this product. It was very easy to install, and bolted to my 42" Panasonic Viera plasma with the included hardware. There is a bunch of different hardware and washer/spacers for a lot of different TV's. They have a web site that you can check. Spend the money on a good stud finder so you can hit the middle of the stud with the mounting bolts. The tilt is a nice feature for the bedroom....more info