Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer (Black)
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Product Description

Enjoy the elegant styling and premium sound of Logitech s Z-4 speaker system, featuring a modern, home-audio inspired design and advanced driver technology. Pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass. Sleek satellites include durable cast-metal stands and feature one active and two pressure drivers, producing the high-quality sound. The convenient wired remote control includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, volume, subwoofer, and power controls. Setup is easy with color-coded audio cables. Satellites - 17 watts RMS (8.5W x 2) Subwoofer - 23 watts RMS Total RMS power - 40 watts RMS Total peak power - 80 watts Frequency response - 35Hz - 20kHz Satellites - 2 inch dome & pressure driver Subwoofer - 8 inch pressure driver Signal-to-noise ratio - less than 92 db Satellites Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 3 x Depth 3.75 Subwoofer Dimensions - Height 9 x Width 9 x Depth 9.37

  • Enjoy 40 watts total RMS power from the pressure-driver subwoofer and two stylish satellites
  • Sleek satellite design combines one active and two pressure drivers for rich, full sound
  • Award-winning and patented Logitech pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass
  • Speakers include an input for MP3 players, CD players or other portable audio devices on the wired remote
  • Stylish, home audio-inspired design complements any desktop

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but not great
    The speakers are plenty loud for a laptop computer. Sometimes the sound is funky depending upon the medium that you're playing. Things may sound too high pitched or too flat, which will result in you changing the EQ quite a lot. While that gets annoying after awhile, it isn't a big enough deal to make me want to get rid of the speakers. The price was right, and if you have the EQ adjusted properly the sound is right also.

    Oh, and the bass is pretty decent for such low wattage!

    I'd recommend these, but if you're looking for the next step up I recommend the Klipsch 2.1 system ([.......])....more info
  • awesome
    the speakers are perfect for what i wanted for my room. perfect for college students and in good budget range...more info
  • great product for the price
    I bought this for my 13-year-old son, and it's perfect for the price. It was easy to setup, and it's easy to use (he especially loves the rotary volume control). The sub-woofer creates a good strong bass, but my wife and I love the fact that the total power output is not enough to bring down the house. If you're looking for a system for a true audiophile, this is not it (because of the limited power output). But if you're looking for a good system for a child or teenager, this is a good choice....more info
  • Awsome Set!
    The Z4s are great. They have an impressive base and two very clear, crisp speakers witch are wall-mountable by the way. The volume controller is very convenient, it's very smooth and sleek, and it brings the base knob also on it, unlike other models where you have to reach down behind the base to control the volume. It also has an additional audio input witch uses mini-plug! It is also very convenient if you want to listen to music without having to turn on your pc. I usually connect it to my phone and at times to my PS3 for video games and movies and it still sounds great! Overall the product is a keeper that looks and performs great on any set, and for the price that Amazon has it for is a good deal. Regular store price is $99.99. Mines where new and cost me around $74 in total! So go for it! ...more info
  • Like others, disappointed by the sound
    For the price, there isn't much to moan about this system. But it is absolutely true what others have said about this system. To be frank:

    *The highs sound way too tinny.
    *Mids: What mids?
    *Bass: The bass is highly distorted when it comes through (which isn't often).

    I'm listening to the soundtrack to "A New Hope" as I type this, and let me tell you, truely disappointed. I will probably be returning these over the weekend....more info
  • Not Dependable
    I have had three of these sets now. The first set was defective right out of the box. I plugged it in and one of the speakers did not work. I was unable to get a refund so I exchanged it for another and I found that one of the speakers (for me it was the left) was significantly underpowered compared to the other so I had to modify my settings in Windows XP to where the left volume was higher than the right. Then the subwoofer went out after less than 2 days (and I only used them once for about an hour during that time) and had to go back and exchange it to get a third set. This last set I had lasted 3 months before the volume knob shorted out and the right speaker went out. Extremely disappointed in this product. It has been nothing but a problem for me and they actually sounded pretty good when they worked properly. It seems that others have faired better with their speakers but I say buy at your own risk and keep that receipt handy. ...more info
  • Suprisingly awesome sound
    I have been very cheap when it comes to speakers for last few years.
    I mean I would purchase top of the line everything else except sound, so the price on this model attracted me.
    If you're like me, these speakers are your dream come true.
    Sure it's not surround, but only few of us really need or use the surround sound anyway.

    If you're not willing to spend or dont have the money to spend on $200 speakers, these are your answers.
    ...more info
  • Very Nice Speakers
    Bought several of these for all of my computers (4) and three more sets for gifts. I think they sound great, nice and airy, also like the headphone jack and iPod jack that is in the little control unit. Great speakers at a decent price....more info
  • Get what you pay for plus some in these mid range set.
    I'd say you get what you pay for, but I didn't pay that much. Amazon came through with a good price on these, and for a little more than an entry level logitech set you get so much more. Great for games and video. Sub works well. I can see in music where it could be a touch better, but I haven't spent much time tweaking. I read this coming in and I'm satisfied. Got to leave some reason to buy a Z5500 I suppose. Great speakers with clear sound....more info
  • Logitech with Subwoofer
    Excellent classroom speaker system for use with a laptop and proxima.. I needed to be able to raise the volume on my beloved MacBook and this does it!...more info
  • I'm satisfied
    I got it in time, the shop sent me immediately as I ordered. The package was original, undamaged. The price is good. ...more info
  • Boom Boom goes the room
    I hooked this speaker set up quickly and easily. The computer accepted the new speakers without a problem as well. I have since tried this set up with music, movies, and general computer sounds, with each test the speakers continue to impress me. I have the settings low because its such a great sounding system. I turned it up initially and felt the floor rattle a little. So keep that in mind when buying this system, it has power. Enjoy it, because I am. ...more info
  • Poor quality
    Mine lasted about 6 months.
    First the rigth speaker stopped working. It seems the wiring inside the speaker got disconnected; I had to replace the speakers with another pair of altec lansing speakers.
    Just now about 1 yr after purchase the subwoffer gave up on the left channel. Time to throw this out... ...more info
  • Excellent product
    These were purchased as a Christmas present for our 23 year old daughter, not a dedicated or snooty audiophile, but someone who really enjoys listening to music almost every day. She is so pleased with the speakers that she has mentioned it several times, and she chooses to play music through her computer rather than her other options(i-pod or stereo). The sound is rich and full, and the price was very reasonable. This is not a system for someone who truly can discern the quality of a $5000 sound system, but it is an excellent choice for someone who wants a sound that has depth and power in the bass range and reasonably clear mid and high range production and who want to spend less than $100....more info
  • Shipped as promised. Fast service
    Seller shipped item fast and in new condition as promised. Excellent PC speaker system with great sound. I would recommend the seller and the product. Great!...more info
  • great speakers for the price
    i asked for these speakers for my 25th birthday for the compact size. i am in the army and living onpost housing, i have limited space to set up a 5.1 speaker system, so i was looking for a nice set of 2.1's for relatively cheap. i am not disappointed in my choice! these speakers give exceptional sound for such a small and inexpensive set of speakers. i listen to a wide variety of music (from rock, pop, country, classical, rap, metal, rap, etc) and these speakers perform awesome for each style. i also love the remote that allows me to adjust the bass accordingly. it does lack a little in the mid-range, but i knew that going into it and it was something i was willing to sacrifice. they also perform well with video games. they are very well constructed and do not feel or look cheap (added bonus, they match the new HP products color scheme of piano black and silver). all in all, excellent speakers for the price and i would recommend them for my friends....more info
  • Logitech Z-4 Speaker System
    This set-up gives you a lot of bang for the buck. The sound quality is terrific without being overpowering either way. The wired remote works just as intended. Overall a very well made product....more info
  • Far better than expected!
    I was expecting a set of speakers with considerably less power than these bad boys. While it won't replace a home stereo system and there are certainly better options for a lot more money, I love these speakers for the price. I plugged the system into my computer today and with some adjustments to the graphic equalizer..badabingbaby!! The bass is more than enough to keep you happy and I like the flexibility of the headphone plug-ins that also allow me to use it with iPod, other mp3 players, cd players, television, or anything else with a headphone output jack. Very easy to work with. The only thing I can knock it for is the sound quality isn't great with devices that don't have a graphic equalizer to adjust the sound. Then again, these are COMPUTER speakers, right?!...more info
  • I love Logitech speakers!
    This is my second set of Logitech speakers, and they are both awesome. ESPECIALLY for the price! Great bass response with accurate highs....more info
  • Logitech PC Speaker System
    This is a very good sounding speaker system. It includes a large woofer, but the woofer is easily controlled along with the desktop sound / volume controller. I thought it was priced quite reasonably. A big improvement over the cheap speakers I had....more info
  • Great Value!!
    I bought these speakers to use with my HP laptop. I am very pleased with them...rich and pure sound. Definitely worth the price!...more info
  • Middle of the road system
    Let me first say that I have a laptop with a stock sound card, which may affect the sound that comes out of the speakers. I was not really impressed when I first got the system going. The satellites sounded weak and tinny. I could definitely notice that something was missing from the sound, mostly a clear mid-range. But then again these are small speakers with no chamber on them. The sub sounded alright, but seemed like it could use some more power. The whole system looks great though, very stylish. The wiring and remote are well-designed. I ended up getting some Klipsch Groove PM20's on sale, and was immediately much more impressed with their sound, which is probably expected because they're more expensive speakers. I ended up keeping the sub from the Logitech system, and using the Klipsch speakers as satellites. Sounds pretty good this way....more info
  • Great Sound Quality and Price
    I have had these speakers for a short time and have absolutely loved them. They are great sounding and looking. Recommended to the college student (and to anyone else) who can't put a lot of money into speakers but still wants great quality. Logitech has done a great job with the Z-4 speaker system. And they also work great with my Mac!...more info
  • Great speakers for price
    Very impressed with these speakers. I was torn in between cheaper 5.1 speakers or these. Glad I went with these. Better sound quality and well designed. ...more info
  • Excellent 2.1 speakers for the price
    These Z-4 speakers are so easy to install and look fine.
    They sound very good, clear and loud. I enjoy listening rock, classic rock, jazz and blues.
    Of course they are just 2.1 speakers not audiophile sound speaker system.
    The sub-woofer sounds great; so do the satellites, if you like, can improve the midrange with a graphic equalizer.
    The wired remote control is very practical, just on/off, general volume and bass control. Without flashing lights and you can plug headphone jack and audio-in jack (for MP3 player for example) in the front of it....more info
  • What are they talking about?
    I compared this speaker system to my Sony PVC-20 monitor speakers and they were by far way more superior. The low end is magnificent and yes the highs are great! The only thing I can think is that most people may have the sub woofer too far away from the satellite speakers. This system sounds great! Especially for the price! I was originally looking for the Labtec 2.1 system that I owned previously, but they are no longer available. So these were the next best specs, and they blow away the system I intended to buy (labtec 2.1). I could not be happier with this 2.1 system. My advise is that you place the sub woofer underneath (and center) of the satellite speakers, sounds great, no complaints. good job logitech. Thanks! -an unbiased review...more info
  • Logitec Speakers - Good sound at a good price
    If you are looking for a speaker set with very good sound at a reasonable price, the Logitec Z-4 system is for you. The 2.1 speaker system sounds very good. Having the speaker control including the on / off button on a seperate control is great. No more having to get up to make adjustments to speaker settings....more info
  • Excellent choice for this price range!
    I'm no expert on computer speakers. To be honest this is the first one I actually bought, but I can definately say that I am impressed and very glad with my purchase. It sounds really great and the sub is relatively small compared to other ones. The satallites are a bit tall, but on the other hand they are also slim. The volume control console is also a plus. You can easily plug in your headphone or MP3 player. Only took 5 minutes to get them out of the box and plugged in! Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Great!! Absolutely loving it!
    I got these speakers yesterday....at the store that i bought them from they had them on display so that you can actually hear how they sound before you buy them..and i completely loved the crisp and clear sound coming from them...not to mention the low frequencies the sub throws out...after 15 minutes of testing them out in the store i decided to buy them and bring them home.

    when i got home i unpacked and connected them...the installation itself is really simple and very easy to understand since everything is colour coordinated..

    after the set-up was complete..i turned my computer on..when i turned the Z4's on and i put music through Windows media player i was completely blown away how much better it sounded compared to when i heard them at the store..i proceeded to tweak them using the equalizer on the player..to be completely honest i feel in love straight up..i couldn't believe that these little speakers can have so much capacity and the frequency the Sub threw out just blew me out of the water..

    if you are looking for something that doesn't take much space..doesn't cost too much..and that sounds great? buy all means i recommend these speakers.

    As for the bad reviews these speakers got on this site? you must be completely alone because these are award winning..and its probably not the speakers it-self it may just be your sound-card that's about to blow.

    on that last note..happy shopping.

    ...more info
  • Great desktop speakers
    I'm not what you would call an audiophile nor am I an expert on speakers. I am your average everyday guy that just wants some good sounding speakers for his PC. I can honestly say that I am quite happy with this purchase.


    *Easy to set up
    *Music, movies and games all sound clean and clear at all volumes
    *Sub-woofer provides good, deep bass
    *Bass adjustment is on the remote rather than the back of the sub-woofer like some other systems
    *Clean, smooth volume adjustment that allows for setting the perfect level
    *The speakers are narrow and take up very little surface area on the desk
    *The sub-woofer is small and takes up very little floor space.


    *The remote and volume dial are fingerprint magnets
    *The headphone jack is very tight and it is somewhat difficult to plug in and unplug headphones
    *I would prefer a cover on the speakers rather than the open design (removable covers would allow for both styles)

    The cons I listed are cosmetic only and would not prevent me from buying these again or recommending them to a friend....more info