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Hunter 44550 Auto Save 7-Day Programmable Thermostat
List Price: $107.99

Our Price: $42.99

You Save: $65.00 (60%)


Product Description

7 Day Programmable Thermostat

  • Auto Season Changeover Automatically Changes between Heat and Cool with the Seasons
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant INDIGLO Backlit Display
  • Auto Programming Home Today Override Temp. & Vacation Overrides Soft Touch Key Pad
  • Energy Monitor Filter Monitor
  • 2 Stage Low Battery Warning Front Battery Access Battery Powered

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy install and great performer
    I have been using this product for the last 2 months. I installed it myself and found the instructions straight forward and easy to understand. I modified the default settings which are recommended for the most energy savings and my usage, for the last 2 months compared to the same months last year, has decreased noticeably. The program is also easy to override on the days I am home and want a little more heat. ...more info
  • Hunter really makes the best thermostats
    I had a Hunter thermostat I bought years ago in another home I had, and I've moved a number of times since. in my other homes I either suffered through with the previously installed White-Rodgers thermostat, or bought a Honeywell because that is all that they had at the local Home Depot. I moved again this summer, didn't like the White-Rodgers, and decided to spend some time online looking for a Hunter, which I found.

    I am so pleased that I took the time to find the Hunter. Well-written instructions and simple installation and setup. More importantly, this thing is easy to use and has a lot of nice little features (like the "Home Today" button) that are so practical and easy to use, and they fit they way you actually need the product to work.

    Buy this . . . you won't go wrong with it....more info
  • Thermostat Review
    Easy to install, easy to program.I use thermostat only for air conditioning, therefore don't use auto run. Keeps preset room temperature within 1 degree. Definitely will recommend to anyone who is looking for inexpensive thermostat to have....more info
  • Great product for the price!
    I bought this thermostat based on other reviews, and I have to say that it does live up to what it says. It's a great thermostat, and just being able to program it off the wall along with replacing the batteries in the front is enough right there.

    The installation is a sinch... if you read the manual. If you don't, well then you lose at life.

    Just joking. But honestly, great product. I would recommend this one to my friends....more info
  • Exactly what we were looking for...
    The price was just right and everything has worked perfectly. It was easy to install and program. Recently we went on vacation and set it for 80 degrees while we were gone. We set it to reprogram to 72 degrees two hours before we were to get home. The house was nice and cool when we got back. We highly recommend this for everyone....more info
  • Great product at a great price
    I've been using this thermostat for about a month and love it. Programming isn't bad but I could see some folks-especially those who get scared when facing a panel of buttons-having a little bit of trouble operating it.

    As others of said, it's nice that it can be programmed while disconnected... so if you need a while you can do it from the comfort of a chair.

    And one more word of warning-watch out for electrostatic discharge(ESD)! The area I live in is particularly dry and most of my place is carpeted... both factors that increase the chance of static buildup. I accidentally zapped my thermostat a couple weeks ago just by reaching to touch the light bar button. I was a bit frustrated to find that all the programming I'd done as well as the energy usage history were gone!

    Now I'm just careful not to build up charge around the house... and may get a humidifier. Just something to be aware of.

    Also when I first used the light bar (which turns on the Indiglo backlight) I noticed a faint high pitched hum. I've heard from other users as well as Hunter that this hum is normal with Indiglo devices....more info
  • Money Saver
    As this review is title, Money Saver is what this programmable Thermostat is. It has held my programmable setting temps then shut down and startup around a 3 ambient degree change in the home. Since I installed this unit my power bill have been about 60 to 90 dollars cheaper. The installation was easy just follow the wiring diagram in manual. For the price I paid when I bought it from Amazon.Com. No stores in my area could match or beat the price I payed for it on Amazon.Com. This unit can be set to match anyone living habits at home. It also has a 7 day programmable mode and a vacation mode: that I just tried when our family left for vacation. It has Indiglo lighting useful at night time. This unit will also monitor the hours use of the filter installed in the home AC/heating unit. What I really like about this product is the Home Today One Touch Override. If you arrive home and the temp is not to your liking the home today will set the cool temp to your lowest programmable setting in cool and highest programmable setting in heating. This is a great product by Hunter. I personally have no complaints. ...more info
  • Best and easiest to use
    This is the best thermostat for the money. It's very easy to program and simple to use. I had one for several years until it needed to be replaced. The electrician replaced the Robertshaw 9600 with another thermostat that was difficult to use and only lasted one year. I ordered another Robertshaw 9600 and I'm very happy with it!...more info
  • Great product!
    No more changing our thermostat several times a day as the temperature changes. These thermostats are really easy to install, easy to program, and work great!...more info
  • Works as Advertised.
    It was easy to install and set-up. Took me about 30 minutes as I was taking my time. Highly recommended to everyone....more info
  • Not for heat pumps
    This thermostat will not work for any heat pump that includes emergency heat, so it will not work for any heat pump that I've ever seen. They should make this clear in the product description....more info
  • Manual temperature adjustment relief
    The Hunter 44550 was a very easy item to install; the wire labels makes even a novice installer feel confident. It took me roughly 15 minutes to complete the whole installation and maybe another 10 minutes to follow the daily programming instructions.

    We just got therefore I cannot say if the projected savings is true. But it definitely beats the manual adjustment one has to do with regular thermostat. No need to worry about forgetting. ...more info
  • Easy to program, good features
    For the money this is a good product. I needed something with a daily schedule that also does auto switch between heat and cool between seasons. This does both and I am happy with it. ...more info
  • Nice, full featured thermostat
    Very easy to install & use. Extremely flexible programming options, with the ability to program all 7 days individually. The "home today" button is a great feature, letting you set it to the highest programmed temperature at the push of a button. This thing does everything a great thermostat should do. Be sure to give the manual a glimpse, it's very thorough....more info
  • Simple to install, easy to use
    This is my fourth electronic thermostat in 4 years and 2 houses. I had previously purchased a smaller hunter thermostat which melted because of a short circuit in the a/c and its replacement (not a hunter) simply stopped working after less than a year. I was frustrated with my luck and thought it best to go back to Hunter device.
    This model is by far the most comprehensive device I have purchased. The energy star features promise reduced heating and cooling bills and the very thorough manual made installation and programming incredibly simple. The "through the back" wiring feature greatly helped installation in a house where the thremostat wires were cut short.
    While I had been very happy with the more simple hunter thermostat that melted, it did not have one of the best functions contained in this newer model--the combined heat and air controls. Living in a state with four seasons makes temperatures during some weeks of the spring and fall difficult to predict and I have woken up on unexpectedly chilly fall and spring mornings without any heat--as the thermostat was still set to the cool function. With the option of controling both heat and air using one setting I'm looking forward to cool nights and toasty mornings!...more info
  • Heating control is not accurate. Weekend schedule is not really adjustable.
    Heating control is not accurate. It turns heating off at about +3 degree even though I set accuracy to +/-1. I guess the problem is the temporature sensor is not very sensitive. Weekend schedule is not really adjustable. It just drops off two middle schedules of your weekday schedule. I replaced it with Honeywell RTH230B. RTH230B is in the same price range as Robertsaw 9600 and overcomes the two problems above. ...more info
  • Does the job
    Installs easily and is keeping the temperatures where we want them. Feels good to get up in a warm room in the morning....more info
  • Easy to install, works great
    This thermostat is very easy to install, the instructions are superb. It has all the features I wanted. The "filter" button, which tells you how many hours your current filter has on it, was an added bonus. I like that I can set a program for each day, or one for the weekdays and one for the weekend. The thermostat lets you set four different temperatures/times per day, which is enough for me....more info
  • Easy to use, plastic could be higher quality
    We purchased the Hunter 44550 a month ago to replace one of the old round non-digital thermostats and the Hunter has been very easy to use. The installation was fairly easy; I encountered a slight problem because the thermostat I was replacing did not have the wires labeled. Fortunately the Hunter installation manual had some wiring diagrams in the appendix and I was able to figure it out. Programming the thermostat is very easy - much easier than another "H-brand" digital thermostat that we have in our house. The one down side to the Hunter unit is the quality of the backing plate that mounts to the wall. The plate flexes more than it probably should, hence I am only rating it 4-stars. The thermostat we have from the other "H-brand" seems sturdier, but not as easy to program. Minor gripe aside, I would buy this Hunter thermostat again (and I plan to because we have one more thermostat to replace)....more info
  • Great thermostat at a great price!
    I got this thermostat to replace the basic mercury one for myself and my parents. Both of us are very happy with the results!

    It's pretty easy to set up. But don't overestimate the effort...expect 30-60 minutes for installation and programming if you're technically inclined. You will need the manual!

    Accurate and has all the features that you'd expect in a mid-end thermostat. I love the home today and energy usage features...haven't seen this on other thermostats.

    My only 2 gripes are that it only shows you the current temperature. You need to push a button to see what temperature it's set to. And if you want to change the current temperature you have to told the button for a few seconds, which wasn't intuitive to me.

    Best unit under $50!...more info
  • Can't beat this unit for the price!
    Read some good reviews for this programmable thermostat, and I needed to replace my old programmable thermostat which the buttons stopped working.

    Setup is quite easy, anyone can do it. Easy to use and the features are great. I haven't see any others with as many features anywhere close to this price range. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced programmable thermostat, that also wants lots of features....more info
  • Works well
    It work's as it's supposed to and I'm happy with this purchase. Price was the best I could find....more info
  • piece of cake
    This brand was recommended by a friend. I found the applicable model for my specific needs quickly. Installation was easy, programming was easy, overrides of specific temp at time is easy, vacation setting are the same as is going back to normal mode. To sum up programming etc. the unit is intuitive to use. This is also an energy star product so I'll be getting $25 back on it soon! ...more info
  • This is a great product!
    This thermostat is extremely easy to use. The instructions on how to program and install are lengthy yet clear. We really like to look at the end of the day and see how much less the unit runs during the work week verses when we are at home on it's energy tracking feature. If you load the default settings and then customize them from there it is great!...more info
  • Love it!!
    This is great!! I have no idea how much money it's saving me or not, but I love that I no longer have to even worry about the temperature -- it automatically goes where I want it. I read a review about a guy who had to start over in programming it because he shocked it and erased everything: Well, the same thing happened to me. I now know to touch a doorknob first if I'm wearing slippers. That's the only problem. Otherwise it's simple. I definitely would not spend more for a different brand-- this is a great deal!...more info
  • Had it up and running in 1 evening!
    I bought this Hunter thermostat in order to replace an annoying and overly complicated model from Honeywell. This is the first time I've ever had to replace a thermostat so I read through the manual quite a few times until I felt comfortable that I had my wiring labeled right and could proceed with the installation. But with that said and done the Hunter unit went up quickly and I've found the auto programming easy to live with, after a little editing of the programs that is. I'd definitely have to recommend this unit for its design because all the day-to-day features you need are right there at your finger tips, and you only need to go into the control panel to do a little fine tuning. ...more info
  • Good and easy
    It took me about 2 hours to remove and install the new one. The instruction could be better if it reminds user about the type of wiring (4/5 wires)they need to identify before removal, which caused me almost an hour to trouble shoot; otherwise, it is a decent product....more info