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Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Shredder (3011001)
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $98.20

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Product Description

11 Sheet Power Shredder With 4.75 Gallon Basket, Shreds Credit Cards, Staples & Paper Clips, 1 Step Disposal Maximum Security Cut.

  • Shreds 11 sheets per pass into 5/32? x 1-3/8? particles
  • Patented SafeSense? Technology stops shredder immediately when hands are too close
  • Convenient 4.75-gallon step-can style wastebasket ? step down and lift to remove
  • Magnetic safety interlock stops shredder when wastebasket is removed
  • For 1 user

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for Home Use
    This shredder is quick, compact and powerful enough for home use. The step can is the best feature by far. My old shredder had the motor sitting on top of the can. I DREADED having to empty that thing. The motor weighed a ton, pieces of confetti would fly everywhere and my bags wouldn't fit over the top of it. With this Fellowes shredder, all I have to do is step on the can, lift it out and dump it in a normal size trash bag. And best of all, there are no more confetti parades! ...more info
  • 16 Months to Failure
    I purchased this shredder in Jan 2008 and ran it under very light conditions for 16 months. Mostly, it was used to shred bills, paystubs, and the occasional credit card entreaty.

    Recently, I was shredding a four sheet document when it started to clang and stopped working. Right now, the feeder no longer pushes the paper forward so the shredder no longer functions. Furthermore, it makes an awful racket every time the shredder turns on. Basically, the thing is toast. Extensive oiling has made no difference.

    Before the shredder failed, I had a few problems. It was easy to overfill the bin, so when you went to remove it, paper shreds went flying everywhere. But overall, it was a good machine -- til it failed....more info
  • best shredder ever!
    For those of you who've had to prematurely scrap cheaper shredders due to over(ab)use this is the answer. I've now had the Powershred DS-1 for over a month and it is a beast.

    There is nothing that will make it jam or halt. It even sounds better than normal shredders! Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks on this baby-you won't regret it....more info
  • Not worth the price.
    I researched many consumer recommended websites & this shredder stood out amongst home/home office shredders. It claims that it can shred 11 sheets per pass, but my shredder almost stopped with 9 sheets & I didn't want to push it by trying 10 since I needed to reverse it to get the paper out. Also, the shredder is REALLY REALLY loud! It is very irritating. The nice things about this shredder is the ease with which you can get rid of the confetti trash. Also, as for shredding, it does a very good job. Overall, if you can spend a little less (most other decent shredders cost $60-$70), I would recommend you do that....more info
  • Home Office Ease with Professional Powershredding
    No stranger to inferior shredders, I was delighted when the Fellowes DS-1 easily handled multiple sheets of paper, CD's and the usual disposables with very smooth controls, a much appreciated catch basket that is easy to empty and a sleek design. I purchased this for my father who is notorious for being tough on office equipment; he's no match so far for this product! Did I mention its safety features?...more info
  • Fellowe's Powershred
    This shredder is worth the price. It shreds completely and is easy to clean....more info
  • Great shredder!
    Love this shredder. My old shredder was always jamming and I finally burned it up so decided to try this shredder. It handles 7 pages easily and with the pop out basket, it makes it so easy to dispose of the shred. I lined the basket with a plastic bag so it is even easier to empty out. ...more info
  • A very good shredder
    Does a good fast job, was ready to go out of the box. A very worthwhile invesment for peace of mind. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Have had a couple of cheaper ones. This one is sturdy and shreds right though, as advertised!!...more info
  • Best Non-Industrial Shredder on Market
    The Fellowes DS-1 Crosscut shredder is the best shredder on the market for the value-conscious home user that wants advanced features, but cannot afford the industrial shredders that really obliterate paper products into dust. This shredder makes about 3/32" strips by just over an inch for up to several sheets at a time. It is fast and the motor should last a long time when occasionally run in reverse and lubricated properly.

    The touch sensor at the port of entry for the paper is good to protect the fingers of children and of the one doing the shredding. The only drawback is if paper is if several sheets of paper are placed into the port of entry before the previous several sheets have advanced through the machine. Otherwise, long, linguini-like strips ensue. However, it is easily unclogged with the reverse function and a single sheet of paper to drive out the buildup.

    Bottom line: great value, great performance....more info
  • impractical
    if you cannot tell from the image, this shredder is huge. certainly was too big for my space and will not fit below any desk or even next to one without being seen. didnt try the product because i wanted to return it, but just cosmetically be aware that this is probably best for an office, not home....more info
  • Best shredder I ever bought
    After buying several cheaper models, the Fellowes finally has done the trick. It's well made and the instructions are excellent. It's the first shredder that recommends lubrication each time the basket is full. You can buy their oil and lubricating is a snap. Anybody who knows machinery knows lubrication is essential. So any machine that doesn't require it is cutting corners or not giving the straight scoop. Excellent machine! The auto stop safety feature is important if you have children around, too....more info
  • Not a shred of bad news
    I bought this shredder for the removable basket feature. It allows you to empty the shredder before it is jam packed and overflowing. It comes out easily without having to lift or move the heavy cutting section and makes for easy disposal. It goes through paper like butter and seems to shred faster than my last one. It's a little larger than some shredders but I prefer to empty less often and looks fine in my home office.

    Very, very satisfied....more info
  • Fellowes shredder does a good job on the whole
    The Fellowes shredder does a good job. The only problem is that it's messy when it's time to empty the basket, even with a bag. I just got it, so time will tell about how it holds up. My son's has his for about a year, and it's doing well....more info
  • unreliable
    My 2nd one just broke after only one day of use. The 1st did the same thing. The reverse works but the unit stops taking paper in the throat. In both instances I shredded about 50 sheets of paper and 2-3 credit cards. I never overloaded the unit feeding no more than 4 sheets at one time. The unit is not overheated because the indicator is not on. There is something inferior about this product. Avoid it....more info
  • After two duds, customer service told me to get another unit!
    I received the DS-1 from Amazon, and it DIDN'T WORK FRESH FROM THE BOX! A second (replacement) unit worked for less than two weeks. When I called Fellowes customer service, they said this unit was notorious for having issues with its sensor and that I shouldn't bother getting another...and then offered to "upgrade" me to a unit that costs half the price at Amazon.

    Also, take note: When I called Fellowes customer service, they were (I thought) helpful and sent a replacement...however, at the time I asked them whether I should just go through Amazon, and they discouraged me from doing so...yet now, when I'm stuck with a SECOND useless machine (just over Amazon's 30 days for return), they want me to pay shipping to return the unit in order to get my money back.

    Moral of the story: Don't get the DS-1. And if you have a problem (which you will), go through Amazon....more info
  • Good Bang For the Buck
    My old shredder broke and I sure don't miss it!!!

    This baby purrs through several sheets of paper with ease. The basket is easy to empty and to see when it's full. The shipping package was very easy to deal with and there was no assembly at all.

    This is an excellent for home use and is a far cry from my older similarly priced shredder. Highly recommended for home use!!...more info
  • Solid Product.
    Does everything as stated and is a lot better looking than most out in the market. I agree with everyone else that you should line it with a plastic bag or else clean up will be a pain in the neck when the machine's full....more info
  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM //(*_*)\\
    This is a very good shredder and I've owned quite a few and this has to be the best so far. Well worth the money....more info
  • Does its job
    I use it for light to mid range shredding and it works really well for me. My credit card was about to expire, they sent me a new one, and it had no problem destroying my old one....more info
  • Powerful Shredder that does its job
    I purchased this to replace another shredder that broke after many years of service. This one does exactly what it stated, shreds papers and cd/dvd discs with a breeze. The removable basket is a plus, with its matte steel look, it looks sleek in my office and takes up minimal space. I like the auto-stop sensing on top as well. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase so far. Let's hope this one will last as long as my previously-used, much cheaper one....more info
  • I Would Buy Again...
    This is a very good shredder for the $

    Noisy, but I think you need to spend a lot more money for a quiet machine!

    ...more info
  • Good shredder but has some flaws
    I ordered this shredder for my office. It's a great looking shredder and I definitely needed a shredder that would turn the paper into confetti as opposed to strips for confidential purposes. I was hoping to put this under my desk but it's slightly taller than I expected and so I now have this sitting outside and up against my desk. No big deal. The shredder is loud. Everyone in the suite knows when I'm shredding. Not sure why I was given the impression that this would be a little quieter than other shredders I've had in the past but this is definitely just as loud if not louder than any of the other shredders I've owned for it's size and type. It also continues to run for a few seconds even after the paper has been shredded. The best part of the shredder is that the wastebasket pulls out as opposed to other shredders I've owned where you have to lift and remove the heavy top to throw out the paper scraps. Very convenient. The flaw with this wastebasket is that the front of the basket is taller than the rear of the basket. So you can't wait until the front of the basket looks full because that means it's overflowing on the back of the basket and a decent amount of paper scraps will fall out when you remove the basket from the unit. I'm constantly having to vacuum up after I throw out the paper scaps. So overall it's doing a good job but if I could do it again I might choose a different shredder to put in my office....more info
  • Fellowes Warranty is Unsurpassed!
    OK, I did my homework when shopping and purchasing this Fellowes DS-1 shredder. In summer 2007, a highly regarded consumer watchdog reported that this was an excellent shredder so I purchased it. It's very attractive in my home office and shreds wonderfully, up to 11 pgs, credit cards, etc. but....... Bad News/Good News.... 9 mos later it just quit running.... I was so disappointed..... but, I called Fellowes 800 number for warranty and they immediately stepped up to the plate, stood behind their one year warranty, no questions or hassles, and sent me out a new Shredder. Now that's awesome customer service and they said that is always their desire - happy customers! ...more info
  • Power shredder
    I would recommend this shredder for personal use or a small office. It will not work continuously for long periods of time so follow the directions of length of use at one time. Also, when you take the basket out, it does require a bit of clean up. So we find we are regularly cleaning the area around the shredder....more info
  • One month review
    The shredder is doing great after one month of use, and I hope it will continue. I previously had a less expensive brand shredder that constantly jammed after less than a year of light home use. With the Fellowes shredder now, I only shred at most 3-4 pages, not the 11-or-so claimed, at one time, and only shred for about 10 minutes per session (I had a backlog of shredding because my old one constantly jammed, so I stopped wasting time trying to clear it every few minutes). I also use the Fellowes brand oil as recommended. WIth the backlog gone, I now shred at most 5-6 pages a day, mostly junk credit card offers. If this shredder does not last at this usage rate for many years, I will be extremely unsatisfied with the product....more info
  • Hands Down Winner!
    Best shredder of three (Two others were Ativas) that I have used!

    The Fellows Powershredder performs as other reviews I've read have stated, and more:

    Non-jamming, easy to empty, quieter than most and reliable!

    Best of all, it actually shreds the amount of paper it claims to!

    Worth every penny!
    ...more info