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Outdoor Feline Funhouse
List Price: $89.99

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Product Description

The Feline FunhouseTM Outdoor a "breath of fresh air" for indoor cats and other small pets! This is a comfortable outdoor enclosure in which your indoor feline or other small pet may enjoy fresh air and sunshine. It can be placed on your deck or lawn. Also great for camping and RVing with pets! The Funhouse includes stakes and weight bags for extra stability. It is a one-piece unit that folds quickly and easily and stores flat in its own zippered carrying bag. Additionally, the Feline Funhouse may be used indoors to separate animals, keep pets confined when you are knitting or doing other tasks with which they might want to interfere, or keep an ill / recovering animal temporarily contained and quiet. The Funhouse is extremely durable, lightweight, portable and easy to store. Two heavy-duty zippered doors provide easy in and out access. Weather resistant nylon netting allows the free flow of air and provides pet owner and pets with ease of visibility. It is even tough enough to stand up to claws! The Feline FunhouseTM should be used under human supervision at all times. Please take this step to ensure the safety of your pet. Outdoor Feline Funhouse is patent pending.

  • Easy to use
  • Light Wieght
  • One Piece
  • weather resistant

Customer Reviews:

  • My cats love it!
    We got this for our 3 indoor cats. We camp and want them to be able to safely be outdoors. This is purrfect! Roomy enough for the 3 of them. I recommend the optional base. Tried it without and it works much better with. This is roomy when open and folds small to travel with....more info
  • Wild Whiskers Funhouse
    My cats loved this from day one. It is perfect and just what I thought it would be. Light as a feather and very easy to open up.
    =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
    Harley, Max & Buddy

    ...more info
  • Portable Outdoor Enclosure for Small Pets
    The enclosure is well constructed and durable. Was surprised how nice it is and I received it in good time. My cats love it....more info
  • Feline Funhouse
    Nice secure space for kitty, although smaller than I thought it would be. Could be better constructed, as mesh separated in one spot after just the first use. Opens up quickly and easily, but it is impossible for me to figure out how to close it again so it fits into the bag, the instructions don't make sense. Overall a nice item....more info
  • Pkitty's funhouse
    I am very pleased with the funhouse. Pkitty was a little wary of it at first and now she insists that she comes outside with me all the time. I feel better that she is in it as she is declawed and I don't let her run free. Everyone that has seen it has thought of it as a great idea. I plan to take her camping with me now that I have it. Thanks for a wonderful product....more info
  • Thunderdome Rocks!
    We purchased the funhouse for our two younger cats hoping that they could enjoy it both in and outdoors. Have to say that this is the best money we have ever spent on entertainment for these two. It is virtually indestructible, it is climbed on and used as a trampoline by our 10 month old, the flexible metal frame has been very resilient. Mock battles are conducted on either side of the nylon mesh with no harm to structure or netting.
    We take the funhouse with us every where that we travel to as it is comfortably familiar and a safe place for them to hang in. The young guy, Mad Max is the reason for the Thunderdome moniker. We are certain that you will not be disappointed with this product, the service was also excellent from this vendor.

    This review approved by Chester and Kaleb (aka Mad Max)...more info
  • Four Paws Up!
    My two cats absolutely fell in love with this thing! One was especially grouchy from not getting enough attention, but as soon as I brought this home his attitude did a complete 180 and he never wants to get out of his little funhouse.

    The mesh is really durable (I can pick up the whole thing with two cats inside and it holds very well). The cats do not claw or scratch the mesh, since they hate the feeling of their claws getting stuck in the mesh, so no worrying about it ripping. It is so easy to setup, you literally take it out of the carrying bag and it pops open for you. And putting it away takes seconds, all you have to do is fold it.

    There are two zipper areas where you can let the cat(s) in and out. One of the zippers is really big (as big as the side of the tent) and the other one is smaller.

    The carrying case comes with some stakes to put in the ground, which is really nice because my kitten gets freaked about by anyone walking by or loud noises and he tries to run away but he runs into the mesh and makes the whole thing roll over. So the stakes are nice to keep it in place.

    The tent is big enough to fit two people in it! Not comfortably of course, but it's plenty of room for two or three cats.

    All in all, a great purchase and high quality product. ...more info