Battlestar Galactica - Season One
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Largely wiped out by a hundred years of warfare with the Cylon Empire, the few surviving humans search for the mythical thirteenth colony, Earth.
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Title: SEASON 1
Street Release Date: 09/20/2005

Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." As developed by sci-fi TV veteran Ronald D. Moore, the "reimagined" BG is exactly what it claims to be: a drama for grown-ups in a science-fiction setting. The mature intelligence of the series is its greatest asset, from the tenuous respect between Galactica's militarily principled commander Adama (Olmos) and politically astute President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) to the barely suppressed passion between ace Viper pilot "Apollo" (a.k.a. Adama's son Lee, played by Jamie Bamber) and the brashly insubordinate Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), whose multifaceted character is just one of many first-season highlights. Picking up where the miniseries ended (it's included here, sparing the need for separate purchase), season 1 opens with the riveting, Hugo Award-winning episode "33," in which Galactica and the "ragtag fleet" of colonial survivors begin their quest for the legendary 13th colony planet Earth, while being pursued with clockwork regularity by the Cylons, who've now occupied the colonial planet of Caprica. The fleet's hard-fought survival forms (1) the primary side of the series' three-part structure, shared with (2) the apparent psychosis of Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis) whose every thought and move are monitored by various incarnations of Number Six (Tricia Helfer), the seemingly omniscient Cylon ultravixen who follows a master plan somehow connected to (3) the Caprican survival ordeal of crash-landed pilots "Helo" (Tahmoh Penikett) and "Boomer" (Grace Park), whose simultaneous presence on Galactica is further evidence that 12 multicopied models of Cylons, in human form, are gathering their forces.

With remarkably consistent quality, each of these 13 episodes deepens the dynamics of these fascinating characters and suspenseful situations. While BG relies on finely nuanced performances, solid direction, and satisfying personal and political drama to build its strong emotional foundation, the action/adventure elements are equally impressive, especially in "The Hand of God," a pivotal episode in which the show's dazzling visual effects get a particularly impressive showcase. Original BG series star Richard Hatch appears in two politically charged episodes (he's a better actor now, too), and with the threat of civil war among the fleet, season 1 ends with an exceptional cliffhanger that's totally unexpected while connecting the plot threads of all preceding episodes. To the credit of everyone involved, this is frackin' good television.

DVD features
The fifth disc in Battlestar Galactica's season 1 set is highlighted by eight comprehensive featurettes covering all aspects of the series, from its miniseries origins to standard surveys of production design, visual effects, and particulars of plot and character. For hardcore fans and anyone interested in TV production, nine out of 13 episodes, plus the disc 1 miniseries, are accompanied by intelligent and informative commentary originally provided as BG website podcasts, mostly by series developer and writer Ronald D. Moore, who provides tantalizing clues about developments in season 2. The "Series Lowdown" is a cast-and-crew promotional program originally broadcast to attract SciFi Channel viewers who were initially reluctant to embrace a "reimagined" Battlestar Galactica. The strategy worked: First-season ratings left no doubt that the new BG was as good as--and in many ways better than--the original. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but flawed
    Battlestar Galactica is a well-constructed but somewhat flawed series. The plot is compelling, the special effects are excellent by TV standards, and some of the characters are very creative. But it is not the characters themselves so much as the complex relationships and roles between them that serve as the highlight of the show. In that respect I'd say that a comparison between BSG and Lost seems pretty apt. Both shows feature a number of major characters with substantial backstories, and the protagonists live day to day as refugees under persecution from a mysterious and malevolent enemy. The issue of trust (or the lack thereof) is also a major theme in both series. This unease and inability to completely trust anyone adds a lot of interesting dynamics to both shows and helps keep things engaging.

    In comparison to the cast of Lost, the individual characters of BSG lack subtlety and a bit of charm. They aren't the awful cardboard cutout characters you'll find on your average TV series, but several of them fail to escape the feeling that they are characters portrayed by actors rather than real people. Grace Park is weak as Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii and never quite manages to make us feel torn over sympathies to her character, which is unfortunate due to the great potential of the character. Dr. Baltar, played by James Callis, is charming but ultimately over-acted to the point where his eccentricity begins to annoy. The simple sleaziness of his companion, played by Tricia Helfer, becomes predictable and boring after enough encounters. There are moments that hint at a hidden complexity to her character, but they are not enough to overcome the sense of straightforward exploitation that ultimately ends up being repellent.

    There are some standouts, however. Mary McDonnell does a great job of balancing the weariness of President Roslin's character with a girlish lightness and stubborn confidence. Her occasional conflicts with Admiral Adama, played by Edward James Olmos, are one of the best parts of the show. The handling of these two characters in particular is very mature and intelligent, acting as something of a philosophical discussion over the balance of political and military powers during times of duress. The writers manage to smartly comment on such philosophical issues without coming across as preachy or full of themselves. Michael Hogan as Colonel Tigh is another highlight of the show, a bitter and grumpy senior officer who serves as Adama's second in command. Although Tigh as a character is not overly complex or fascinating, Hogan's performances truly bring the character to life. Even his somewhat forced antagonism of maverick pilot Starbuck ends up being enjoyable to watch.

    BSG sometimes suffers from feeling a little too transparently engineered, not only in terms of characters but also in terms of the occasional plot point and bits of dialogue. As one example, the characters say "frack" as a substitute for a four-letter word not permissible on television, and the feeling of silliness at hearing the word unfortunately doesn't go away. The reason that's so problematic is because people usually cuss the most during their most dramatic moments, and the usage of this silly nonsense word really weakens the impact of such scenes. The word stands out so prominently because there is a noticeable lack of other such fictional slang, making it feel that much more out of place.

    Sensuality is handled awkwardly in BSG as well. One of the characters serves as little more than sex appeal, to the point that her sensuality becomes an unappealing caricature. One gets the impression that the only reason they didn't have full nudity and fully explicit sex scenes is because of network censors. There is no nuance to her sensuality or affection -- it's simply sexy time 24/7, and the shameless exploitation quickly grows tiresome. Don't misunderstand me, as I'm no prude about sex on TV. I loved most of Scrubs, including its raunchiness. But with Scrubs the sex appeal was about the characters, not the other way around. There are sexual encounters between other characters as well, but the expected tension and buildup to them is missing. We never really see any sparks fly or witness a real sense of connection between the characters, so the scenes end up feeling clumsy and forced.

    The soundtrack is hit and miss. There are some creative choices that are pulled off quite well, such as the tribal drums beats scoring the combat sequences and a few moments where soft music contrasts with an intense scene. But at other times the strange choices in music misfired and left me chuckling, such as a tender father-and-son moment being inexplicably accompanied by bagpipes. Did the Adamas suddenly feel the luck of the Irish?

    Overall I'd say it's a good show worth watching. The flaws I picked up on may not bother some people whatsoever, or may not even be considered flaws to those with different tastes; I only emphasize them as a kind of counterpoint to the boundless enthusiasm you will find in many other reviews. Not everyone will love BSG, but its failings certainly do not outweigh its successes. I'm certainly picking up the second season, myself.

    I've been intentionally vague in this review so as not to reveal certain plot surprises to those deciding whether to jump in. If you disagree with me on anything (or everything!) or want specific justification for some of my criticisms, please feel free to leave a comment here for me....more info
  • Star Trek, Lost, Terminator & Law & Order...
    ... all rolled up into one... thats what the show reminds me of.

    Unfortunately I never watched any episodes a few weeks ago. (didnt have cable while in college). Like everyone else, I heard praise of this show for a long time but never got around to watching it. FINALLY got around to watching the mini series a few weeks ago... and that was that. Over the course of 2 weeks I've watched every episode up until 4.0.

    Great series!!! I dont buy many DVDs but BSG is one of them. Better fraking believe it!
    ...more info
  • Great Season!
    I stumbled upon this series while browsing Amazon and bought the first season. All I can say is wow! After watching the first episode I knew I was hooked. I wish I would have known about the series while it was on TV. The quality of the discs is ok there is some grain and is noticeable on a PS3 upscale. I look forward to watching the rest of the series and recommend this DVD to everyone....more info
  • BSG appeals to all ages and tastes
    I bought Battlestar Galactica Season 1 for my father for his birthday after I observed him watching extremely crappy sitcoms because he only gets two channels. I decided he needed some quality TV to watch and BSG is the best show currently on television. My dad hasn't had a chance to watch any of it yet, but my mother got hooked and is now a full-on BSG geek! So I suppose this proves that BSG is such an amazing show that it appeals to all ages and tastes. I highly recommend it for yourself or your parents....more info
  • One of the best TV shows
    The remnants of the human race flee genocidal robotic Cylons aboard a ragtag fleet under the protection of the last battlestar. As they search for the legendary planet Earth, the Cylons move secretly toward a goal as yet unrevealed.

    This reimagining of a mediocre science fiction show from the 70s is top notch television, dark and gritty with a large cast of compelling characters. Edward James Olmos as Captain Adama and Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin, the leaders of the military and civilian factions of the fleet, generate much of the drama with a wary yet respectful relationship that nevertheless threatens to fracture the fleet. Other cast members who stand out include Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck, a renegade pilot whose is torn between her loyalty to Adama and her faith in Roslin, Michael Hogan as Col. Tigh, the alcoholic and incompetent second-in-command who is keenly aware of his own faults, and James Callis as Dr. Gaius, whose betrayal of the human race and connection to the Cylons remains undetected. The rest of the cast is excellent as well.
    ...more info
  • A Lot Overdramatic
    I watched the finale just a couple of weeks ago and found the last 45 mins (or 30 mins) so boring it was pitiful. I thought the 2 hour pilot was excellent since it was a war.

    I really thought the actress playing Starbuck wasn't that great. Girl, not a problem. But, insubordinate jerk is a problem. Her getting whacked later in the series was kinda funny.

    Olmos was a little too old for this series, and so was his XO. Olmos said the series was a once in a lifetime experience. Sheesh!

    I did love Baltar and Six's characters. In the finale, Six showed some vulnerabilities which the original BG never got. Six always made you wonder. My fav character was Six (Tricia Helfer) since she got to spread her wings so to speak. Mary McDonnell was a fun choice. Thought the cancer thing was a bit overdramatic. Six and Baltar (who did get annoying) was really the only reason I watched the series.

    Simply put, if you saw the first 2 hours pilot (the Cylon War and destruction of the 12 planets) and the finale, you saw it all.

    When they got to Earth, that was boring. I wish they would have spent some more time in S1 on Caprica and BG telling the backstory. Instead, the writers just threw Six and her other Cylons to "explain it." Now, they are going to have a "Caprica" series. Who cares? I already know the ending. They find Earth and live in tents.

    The religion was incongruent. Baltar going from science genius to religous nut was kinda strange.

    In the end, I think Six's character actually had more real humanity and a fuller character arch than anyone throughout the entire series. Funny how she was the first one in the Series you saw.

    The movie The Razor was excellent. Michelle Forbes did a great job. I think her character was more real that most of the humans. It would have been fun to see her in-charge instead of Olmos....more info
  • Great Series and Great Price
    Any price that Amazon has on a Battlestar Galactica product is the best around. I'm extremely happy with the set and the shipping. Overall the series is on the best on Television and History, a must have for a BSG fan....more info
  • Battlestar Ultima
    The writers, actors, director, and entire crew put their creativity into overdrive for this show. Watching seasons 1 and 2 was like reading a Hugo-award winning novel. Not only are we treated to military tactics and espionage, various human issues and political/religious themes are explored. I think what makes this series a classic is its ability to make the audience relate to each of the characters, human and cylon. Every episode was top notch. The last series which made me watch back-to-back episodes in a short time span was Firefly. ...more info
  • I forgot what the beginning was like!
    It's been a long time since the first episodes of the new version of BSG aired, starting with the mini-series. Seeing it again "for the first time" helped clear up some "inconsistencies" and background essential for clear understanding of the denoument that was the series finale. An interesting side note: in the mini-series, when Laura Roslin is waiting in the doctor's office to receive the results of her test, the scene opens looking through the glass roof of the building. There in the sky above Caprica City is a Firefly! Check it out!...more info
  • BSG Season 1--better than cinema movies
    We're one of those households that is always on the run. When my spouse and I find that rare time for recreation, it had better be good....I resent going to disappointing movies or music events, out for mediocre food, or time spent in line or dealing with commercials. We can count on one finger the hours a week we get to spend escaping from our business, our jobs, and our family work. We don't have a TV at our house (although we have 4 computers) because we really don't have the patience to have ads pointed at us in our down time. We picked up BSG on DVD on the advice of friends when we complained about being disappointed by the cinema movies, and because I love Edward James Olmos (American Me). We were sucked in and blown away...this is better, more thinking entertainment than anything we've done outside the house this spring. Warning, it's addictive. It just gets better and better. I keep thinking about some of the questions and the themes for days. They have so much good writing and acting in a broad ensemble cast, that current movie offerings are weak in comparison. Enjoy!...more info
  • Humble Excellence
    I bought this set, already a loyal fan of the series, so no surprise that I liked what I saw. For those who have yet to dive into the most imaginative and well written television series of our time, well... re-read this last sentence.
    This is one series that can be seen again and again. The first season is so good, you might think it could never maintain or get better... but it does.

    As far as this specific set; It includes the mini-series pilot, saving you the trouble and money of tracking it down alone. The menus include episode descriptions and original air dates. Each episode is complete, including the "previously on..." bits (helpful if you go through the season slowly). The extras are fairly standard, but there's more than most first season sets usually get (in my experience). Enough to satisfy, especially since it's the show that really counts here. The only thing I would have liked additional - liner notes or a booklet. A microscopic complaint, really, born out of personal taste....more info
  • Truly the best TV show of the last 5 years
    I never really watched Battlestar Galactica when it was on TV. I watched the first part of the Miniseries, but that was it. I didn't think I'd like a gritty adaptation of the original Battlestar Galactica. Then, as I saw the finale was coming up, I found that despite myself I had a desire to watch the series that was so acclaimed.

    So I did. And it truly is great. It is highly addictive; the characters and the plot are excellent. This may be the best series I've seen since Firefly or The X-Files.

    I can't really say much about the plot or the characters without spoiling, but try out this set; if you like it, you will want to buy the others. However, please note, the Miniseries *is* included in this set. Don't buy it separately! I did, then later found out it was on the collection. Thankfully, Amazon was amazing and allowed me to return the purchase.

    If you have any interest in the sci-fi genre or dramatic television shows, buy this season, and I'm sure you'll be back for more....more info
  • BSG seasons 1 thru 3 - good warm up for the FINAL season ...
    I've seen each and every episode on the Sci-Fi channel, plus the extras online. I bought seasons 1 thru 3, plus the "Razor" and the "Miniseries".

    WOW! Can't leave the couch! Watching this series WITHOUT commercials is a true gift! Already into the 4th (and final) season, and can't wait for the DVD set!!!!

    BTW - did you know that BSG won a "Peabody" award for their writing? W2G BSG!!!!

    If you're a sci fi fan, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

    If you're NOT a sci-fi fan, then GET ON THE BANDWAGON and watch the BEST dramatic (sci-fi) series EVER on TV. I kid you NOT. This show ROCKS!!!!...more info
  • the best!
    Season 1 sets the stage for a highly unusual and ground breaking SCIFI
    series, never to be seen again; worth buying......more info
  • Gripping and intense entertainment
    This has to be the most intense science fiction ever viewed, the music, the acting, the plots, the characters, and the communications style, all intense, all subtle and irreverent, yet deeply and emotionally reaching. However, it would be strongly recommended that this not be presented to children; the drama, the character interplay and the intimacies therein are highly charged, sometimes graphic, sometimes base, and sometimes beautific in nature, but all very mature, if not borderng on the sensually debauched. Although I believe this has to be one of the best choreographed science fiction series of all time, particularly the writing and character interaction, all said, this is one of the most intelligent representations for its Genre. However, buyer beware, this is definately not at all for children, or even for some adults, as it contains extremely sensual or sexually explicit scenes, and the label does not mention this, it just states "unrated". ...more info
  • One of the best Sci-Fi shows out there
    Battlestar Galactica. Although I am too young to remember the original series, I do remember seeing some episodes in syndication. However, you can't even compare this show to the original.

    As a life-long fan of all things "Star Trek" I can say that it is nice to find a show that can sucessfully carry the banner for Sci-Fi shows in this decade. The writing is brilliant, suspensful, and intellegent. This is definately a grown-up show, the audience is forced to think and to care.

    The acting is superb. Edward James Olmos plays a captain the likes of which has never been seen before. He has a command pressence that can peel paint off the walls, but at the same time he can be quiet and unassuming. Mary McDonnell rules the screen as the soft-spoken President Roslin. Katee Sachoff gives Starbuck a tough quality, but at the same time she is in no way over-masculine: she is all woman.
    The other characters are also expertly portrayed. As I said above, the writers have done a great job in painting realistic and beleiveable characters on the screen coupled with an engaging storyline and well balanced visuals, Galactica has sucessfully managed to cross into the mainstream of TV. You don't have to be a geek to understand or enjoy this show. In fact it's right up there with many of the other sucessful fast-paced dramas out there like "24", "Lost" and "CIS"....more info
  • Most Amazing Series Ever Created!
    Absolutely love it! I tried to watch the original, but it was way too corny. Need to know: the miniseries is included in the season 1 DVD set. So don't buy the miniseries separately....more info
  • An Instant Science Fiction Classic
    BSG belongs in the top tier of Television Science Fiction/Fantasy. Up there with Buffy, Firefly (criminally short-lived as it was,) the better episodes of the original Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, BSG's deep character development, compelling story lines and top-notch action sequences must delight any true aficionado.
    Not just for fans of SF, the quality human drama and deft touches of humor should compel anyone interested in quality television to rent (and then buy) this series.
    The last word: Edward James Olmos....more info
  • I can't believe the series is ending
    I was slow to accept the new "re imagining" of Battlestar Gallactica. My efforts were hampered when I lived without cable TV for a couple years. Now I'm struggling to catch up.

    It's not always easy to find the money to buy a season of your favorite show. So far, the only complete collection I have is Smallville.

    One thing about this series: It requires my total concentration, or I miss important elements of the stories. That's not easy for me because I usually sit at my computer and watch TV.

    I bought Battlestar Season 1 from Amazon, and plunged into it. This provided the information I'd missed... so I can more easily understand the current episodes.

    I plan on buying all the other seasons as well.

    In the meantime, I saw that Wal-Mart offered Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1&2 for $19 apiece... So I bought them... but there were a total of 10 seasons of SG1.

    ...more info
  • Disturbing...
    When Season 1 came out, I watched the first three episodes. After that, I lost interest. Why? This is not my type of sci-fi, where a lot of the plot is pure conflicting psychological themes with little basis of human reality. No, I was not expecting a remake of the first BG, but I also was not expecting Psycho in Space realm either.

    In reading the other reviews, I am fascinated by the high ratings and interests. The disappointment for me is that very little (if any) of the reviews extend BG with other sci-fi novels, like from Raymond Bradbury or Arthur C. Clark, where BG's plots could have built on other famous sci-fi themes but made them better (or at least more interesting in a BG's sort of way). I'm glad that BG does have a large following, and if you have never watched BG, I recommend viewing at least the first three episodes before purchasing any BG DVDs, just to make sure you like the series....more info
  • Excellent start for a legenadary show
    I won't give any details, except to say that the plot if first rate, the characters are fleshed out and put through the wringer, the dialog is excellent, and the soundtrack sets a new standard for the genre(or any genre). This is one of the few TV series I've ever seen that really moved me to tears, it's that good....more info
  • Wow!!!
    This is a very Entertaining Fantasy/Sci-Fi show. I love it. I got the First Season at a really good price so I wanted to check it out. So Awesome!!! Check it out when you can get it at a good price....more info
    Its True. I bought this DVD on a friend's recommendation- not really knowing alot about it except how "amazing" it was, because its "hard to explain". My wife saw the DVD and starting complaining immediately about having to "sit through" bad TV. By the end of disc one, she was a changed woman. I mean, she's a Battlestar crackhead now!!! Not only did she make me buy season 2 immediately afterwards but she pre-ordered season 3 herself!

    In closing... BSG is waaaayyy better than any other show I've ever seen on TV. It's just that good. Like, REALLY good. The amazing cast of characters and excellent writing make this show, not the space setting. Its NOTHING like Star trek or Star Wars. In fact, the BSG universe obliterates them both, hands down. Pick it up- a MUST OWN....more info
    This is a kind of weird review for me, because I loved this season, and a lot of what followed, too. But I wished I had never seen it.

    I just finished watching the final episode, and it turns out this is NOT a science fiction series, it's a fantasy series. I'm not exaggerating at all. The answers to the mysteries in this and subsequent seasons end up to be mysticism. I won't get into more detail than that... because there IS no more detail. The "writers" take the laziest possible way out, and it made me wish I had never watched an episode.

    So I'm coming here, in case someone is thinking about starting it, having heard good things about it. After that stinker of an ending, I can honestly say I wished I had never watched a single episode. The promise held by the quality of this first season just makes the joke of the final season that much more cruel....more info
  • I was skeptical, but...
    OK, OK, Fine. I didn't like Battlestar when it was on (you know where you can stick your "Fifth Cylon", guys!?), and then I watched it from the top, and I now stand corrected. I admit it.

    The acting is wonderful (Olmos!). The characters are great, even ones like Helo who seem cookie-cutter but have a cool amount of depth. The effects are great. The cinematography is gritty and original. Even the soundtrack (kind of a world music, flute-y sound) is hauntingly beautiful. Basically, everything is unique and involving. I never watched the old series but I still like how they reference the "first Cylon war" in the miniseries, which kinds of makes it a psuedo-continuation. Nice.

    My main complaint is the same though: the human Cylons are a lame idea. Somehow, this attempt to give a "face" to the faceless robots has not really worked out. The human Cylons are more or less clones, and there's never any exposition provided on HOW they are different from people or what they can do. It's all very underwhelming, and from what I recall, it stays that way throughout. Oh well, no show is flawless....more info
  • best scifi since star trek ng
    excellent production values,plot lines are dense and fully imagined,in depth characterizations that are consistant from episode to episode.
    can you tell i really enjoyed it?...more info
  • Interesting, but flawed, and eventually tiresome
    The first disc, the opening episodes that laid the background for this series, was fascinating.

    But, as the series progressed, some things really started to annoy me.

    A problem carried over from the original series in the 1980's - how could they start off with 20 old Vipers, lose several in each episode, and keep flying and fighting? That part really bugged me about the old series, and remains a fundamental flaw of the whole concept.

    President Roslin - wow, a hard bitten Starship captain takes orders from the former Secretary of Education, with the fate of the fleet and all of humanity in doubt. Yeah, right. Not only that, she acts like a Bill-less version of Hillary Clinton, with an equally grating, nails-on-a-blackboard personality. Ouch, it just got to be increasingly painful to watch her in action.

    Baltar - how come nobody ever notices that this guy is behaving so weird? How come everybody keeps trusting him and puts key decisions in his hands? How come nobody suspects him of being a Cylon? And that British accent is so annoying.

    Cylons - they are so good at infiltrating the humans. Why infiltrate them with defective models that question their purpose? What the heck is all this talk about God, etc.? Hybrids? Way too weird. Do they want to annhilate humans or create a new race, what? Surely a toaster can't be too confused about its goals in life.

    All in all, better than than the average fluff that's on TV, but flawed.

    Update: Now that we have Sarah Palin on our national landscape, and Hilary has faded, it's time to update this review to say that President Roslin resembles Governor Palin even more than Hillary did. Talk about a complete neophyte suddenly being handed the controls to weapons of mass destruction, and having to make decisions that could change the fate of all humanity!!! Same grating, nails-on-a-blackboard personality also (shudder). The main difference: Hillary's late efforts to morph into a gun-toting redneck were utterly silly, Sarah Palin is the real thing already.

    Update 2: Sarah Palin thankfully fades from the scene, but Hillary makes a comeback! And is soon to be Secretary of State, and fourth in the line of succession.......more info
  • Mini Series plus Season 1!
    This DVD season 1 from Amazon was a very good buy for me. It's awesome that it comes with the Mini Series too. You really need to see the aprox. 2 Hr. Mini series to enjoy the episodes fully.
    As for the show itself, All I can say is its a very well written show. The acting is very good. I love how each episodes sucks you in that you end up rejoicing with the crew members as soon as they completed a dangerous mission successfully! You'll definitely get attached to each characters and care for them. ...more info
  • Excellenct!
    This series is so well written and has the perfect cast. I'm disappointed that its ending on season 4 BUT how many great shows end when they are supposed to and still on top?

    This series is not a rental. You need to buy this because you will watch it several times. Actual amount depends on your life span....more info
  • What the Frak is Battlestar Galactica?
    Developed by sci-fi veteran, Ronald D. Moore, not only is Battlestar Galactica the best show on television these days, it is television at its frakin' best. The sci-fi epic chronicles the journey of the last surviving humans from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol after the nuclear annihilation of their home planet (Caprica) by the Cylons (an alien Empire of machines intent on destroying the "inferior" human race) in their search for a new home (the mythical and long-lost thirteenth colony, Earth). The survivors (approximately 50,000 in all) are led by President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) in a fleet of ships with the Battlestar Galactica, a old submarine-like battleship ("The Bucket"), at the Fleet's command. Season One of BSG opens with the Cylons (which have now evolved into human form) in relentless pursuit of the Galactica and its "ragtag fleet" of survivors, and ends with a cliffhanger.

    THE HISTORY OF BSG: Battlestar Galactica is a "re-imagining" of 1978 television series. In 2003, a four-hour Sci Fi Channel Miniseries became the pilot of the 2004 television series, which premiered on Sky One in the UK and Ireland in 2004, and then on the Sci Fi Channel in the U.S. in 2005. Season One seamlessly picks up where the Miniseries ended. The fourth (and final) season of BSG will begin on April 4, 2008.

    THE THREE-PART STRUCTURE OF BSG. BSG involves three equally-fascinating, intertwined storylines: (1) the Colonial survivors' quest for Earth; (2) the possible psychosis of Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis), whose every thought and interraction is closely scrutinized by a beautiful Cylon incarnation (Tricia Helfer) (one wonders, is she real or Baltar's fantasy?), and (3) the Caprican Resistance efforts of crash-landed pilots Helo (Tahmoh Penikett), Boomer (Grace Park), and others. Ultimately, BSG is a lesson in the value of human love.

    THE APPEAL OF BSG: BSG transcends the sci-fi genre, which is what makes it so appealing to both young and old, male and female viewers, alike. Critics have referred to the show as a "space opera." It is an intelligent drama that confronts cutting-edge issues, set in Deep Space. In that respect, BSG is a departure from other science fiction shows like Star Trek. In BSG, traditional male roles have been reversed. Military leaders such as President Laura Roslin and unconventional Viper fighter pilots such Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and Boomer are played by actresses. The alien Cylons have evolved out of "flawed" humanity. Most of the show's human characters struggle with personal issues: dysfunctional relationships, alcoholism, smoking, and a variety of possible mental illnesses. Cylon blood is resistant to human disease. The show resonates with post-9/11 moral and ethical issues: terrorism, sleeper cells, suicide bombers, the torture of prisoners, the erosion of civil liberties, and conflicting religious beliefs.

    BSG SEASON ONE DVD: BSG Season One includes the four-hour Miniseries (001-002) and thirteen episodes (101-113):

    001-002 Miniseries
    101 33
    102 Water
    103 Bastille Day
    104 Act of Contrition
    105 You Can't Go Home Again
    106 Litmus
    107 Six Degrees of Separation
    108 Flesh and Bone
    109 Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
    110 The Hand of God
    111 Colonial Day
    112 Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1
    113 Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

    SHOULD YOU BUY THIS DVD SET? They say patience is a virtue. I recommend waiting for the release of the Miniseries/Seasons 1-4 box set, if you can.

    G. Merritt...more info
  • Box set includes miniseries
    Awesome show! This box set includes the miniseries that started the remake, so don't buy it separately, like I did :(...more info
  • When the going gets tough, the tough watch a good TV series...
    In difficult times, movies (and television shows) have often provided us with a helpful uplift. What's more, I think it is fair to say Hollywood makes movies and television better than anyone else, and in fact, movies are one of America's most successful exports. Hollywood has a huge share of the world's entertainment market, with over half of the audiences for Hollywood's movies coming from outside the USA.

    And so it is always a delight to discover a really good movie or TV show, not just because the show is enjoyable, but because it is nice to see what America can produce. I think Hollywood succeeds so well because making good movies requires a mixture of good business sense, imagination, technical skill, and audacity - typically American virtues.

    These elements certainly come together in the SciFi Channel's "Battlestar Galatica." This series, which ran four years and won both Emmy and Peabody Awards, features great writing, acting, and superior special effects (the special effects are better than that of most big budget Science Fiction movies).

    The plot is a science fiction standard, and yet it is complex and multi-hued. Mankind created a race of increasingly sophisticated machines, which of course have become superior to their creator and rebelled. Now the two are at war. The story arc has a bit of a dark edge. Humanity is struggling for survival, and at times the machines can almost seem like the good guys, as they take on increasingly human qualities, while the real humans can at times behave quite cruelly. What is left of mankind is only about 50,000 people who are on the run, traveling through space in a sort of wagon train to the stars.

    I tend to avoid the SciFi Channel, but after reading the critical acclaim the show has received, I am glad I made an exception. I am just finishing Season 1, and I am looking forward to watching the next three seasons on DVD.
    ...more info
  • From a Fan
    Consider the review as written from a fan. I used to love the Sci-Fi channel when they had great shows like Farscape, Doctor Who, The Invisible Man, and miniseries like Dune & Taken. Now they show cheap movies, wrestling, and ghost hunter. Anyways, it's always nice to be able to own and watch an entire series without painful sci-fi upcomings & commercials. One thing to note, Series One does include the Mini Series on Disk One, this was a bonus as I thought I would have to buy it seperate. ...more info
  • Just Amazing...
    Not much I can add but be assured this is a GREAT series be warned you cant watch just one episode its very captivating, I restarted my Netflix just to see it all im happy I gave it a shot you will be aswell! (-_-) ...more info
  • Surprisingly underwhelming
    I was prepared to love the remade Battlestart Galactica after the many rave reviews - but was ultimately left disappointed. This may be due to the fact that I haven't seen the mini-series (in fact I wasn't even aware there was a mini-series until recently), which meant I was often confused by "previously on Battlestar Galactica" references to things I hadn't seen! I also found the device of showing what happens in each episode as a thirty second trailer after the opening credits really annoying - I don't want to know what happens before it happens!

    The first two episodes promised much, but the series failed to deliver on this promise. The atmosphere of claustrophobic desperation from episode 1 was effective, and the characters seemed well drawn. However I began to find some characters annoying, Gaius Baltar in particular (who seems to be a clone of the archetypal weedy Englishman Wesley from Buffy/Angel). And I found myself asking "if some Cylons have infiltrated the fleet, why don't they tell their Cylon buddies where they can find it, and so wipe out humans once and for all?" There are just too many things that don't stack up.

    The cinematography has obviously borrowed from the far superior Firefly, however the effects aren't that great - especially the old school Cylons. And the separate plot arc set on Caprica is frankly quite boring

    All in all BG is not bad, it's just not great....more info