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Grizzly H7583 Tenoning Jig
List Price: $59.95

Our Price: $54.95

You Save: $5.00 (8%)


Product Description

Additional assembly required for left tilting saws.

  • Adjustable guide bar for removing any loose play for precise results and two large grip handles for smooth control
  • Fits left and right tilting table saws with 3/8" x 3/4" miter gauge slots while handling stock up to 31/4" thick
  • The bevel angle is adjustable from 90กใ to 75กใ and the backstop is adjustable from 90กใ to 45กใ
  • The multi-position control levers and extra large clamping handwheel also ensure accurate and repeatable results

Customer Reviews:

  • So far so good
    I just received the Grizzly tenoning jig. The packing was a bit skimpy and a hold-down lever was broken (they could all be made a bit stronger). They sent a new lever but it took a week or more. The jig is very well made. There are several set screw stops for adjustment. The micro adjust knob gives 0.050" per turn. I have not used it yet but expect no problems. I will edit this review if there are. The price is so good compared to others that I was skeptical. I almost got the Delta jig just based on price and name alone. But I'm glad I got this one. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great
    I love this price for the jig. Get it before they find out they can charge more for it. It did not fit the miter slots in my small Delta table saw. (I knew they wouldnt) Told my wife won't fit and need to by a new table saw. Ha ha. Bought a new Ridgid TS3650 table saw and cut some mighty fine tenons with this out of white oak. Time to turn up the project level 5 notches.
    ...more info
  • Great Unit
    Just got the Grizzly tenoning jig - first time I've ever tried to make tenons - and it does a terrific job. I was very pleased with the results. The instruction manual was very helpful also....more info
  • Good product, very good service/support
    The tenoning jig is well made and very useful addition. More important is that one component part had a problem but Grizzly was outstanding. The service person took the part number, thanked me for calling and sent a replacement. No hassle, no delay. THAT'S SERVICE!! I've bought from Grizzly before and will again. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I have not used it enough yet to be 100% sure....more info
  • Works as well as my delta!
    I bought this instead of a delta because it looks and reacts exactly the same. Completely satisfied!!!...more info
  • Grizzly Tenoning Jig on DeWalt Tablesaw
    After reading many reviews regarding tenoning jigs, the Grizzly jig seemed like a great deal for the money at about 2/3rd's less than Delta or Jet. With a slight modification the jig now works perfectly in my DeWalt DW746 table saw.

    The jig is heavy and once adjusted as instructed, cuts very well. It came packaged without any damage. ...more info
  • Pleasantly pleased thank you!
    I was worried because all of the last 5 things I have purchased that must be made in China were so badly made that they were a farse to say the best for them... a complete sham! Things like a compressor who's motor was so poorly made it could not turn itself over unless the ambient temp was at least 65*F, and same for drill press, a belt sander, and a pressure washer! Useless wastes of money.

    The reviews by others gave me hope that this would be worth the money: they were right! No where on the box or on the unit does it say anywhere that it was made in china(or anywhere else for that matter): the instruction booklet does say printed in China, and that's it.

    It has to be made in Taiwan: it is obviously way better than the norm for "Made in China" to be certain. This is the best deal on market right now anywhere, and I have been looking at some of the high priced stuff too. After my past bad experiences, this is a refreshing change for the better! Thanks Grizzley for a good tool.

    I do not know how some of the small stuff will hold up long term like the small plastic knobs (quite inovative too)and tightening screws. [Example: I had to take the expander washers off of the tracking bar. (They provide all the hex keys for the unit in the kit)So when I tried to loosen the screws, yep, the soft junk hexkey merely twisted it's corners off and would not loosen the screws. Even so, I can live with stuff like that if the quality and design is good enough overall, I can build and rebuild all the rest easily enough.]

    You will not be disappointed with this purchase unless you are looking for quality that would cost you upwards of $250 or more in what you are buying for a mere $50. It "IS" worth the price (dependent of course on what your deffinition of "is" is? (humor)).

    Having just bought it and fitted it to my Craftsman 10" table saw: if I had it to do over, I would absolutely buy it again....more info
  • Grizzly has another winner
    Grizzly has another winner w/ this tennoning jig. This is a real tool, NOT a toy. Get the degreaser out, you'll need it! Assembly instructions can be better coordinated w/ graphics ( a couple of errors w/ text vs grahic).My only complaint was the manuevering needed to square/parallel jig to saw blade. Recommended adjustment didn't give me 100% assurance.
    ( performed task 3xs to verify identical results).This jig provides precise, repetitive tenons,with easy,initial set up. A definete MUST BUY !...more info
  • No wood shop sould be without one of these
    I've seen these jigs at twice the price and this one by Grizzley is as good if not better than ones by Delta. The manufacture is excellent, and the operation is perfect for cutting those tenons you should use on most joints. It turns a very dangerous and sloppy operation into a simple and percise one. Buy it!!...more info
  • Grizzly Jig
    I have such total confidence in the purhcase experience of the other people that bought this jig that I haven't even opened the box yet. I know that when I get ready to use it, it will work 100% to my satisfaction. ...more info
    I recently purchased the Grizzly Tenoning Jig. Upon receiving the jig, I performed the manufacturer recommended cleaning and assembly. As other reviewers have pointed out, the instructions/diagrams provided for the assembly process and alignment are not very well written. Fortunately, the process is fairly straight forward and the shortcomings of the instructions only slow the assembly a bit.

    I found this tool to be well built and easy to use. The learning curve was fairly short--I was producing tight fitting tenons in short order. If I could rate this tool's use and construction independent of the instructions, I would have given it 5 stars. I would have no problem recommending this tool to anyone. Still not sure how Grizzly offers a tool of this quality at this price, you better get one before they wise up....more info
  • Great tool--Great value
    For the money, I doubt you'd be able to find a better tool than this. From my observations, it seems to be the same as the Delta and Shop Fox tenoning jig, although it sells for considerably less.

    You may need to spend some time cleaning the thing though, as all the parts are heavily coated in cosmoline.

    The jig is solid, accurate and easy to assemble and use. I appreciate that the jig allows the user to lock, or unlock the micrometer adjustment to facilitate quick adjustment to the depth of the cut. You simply loosen a lock, slide the jig to the approximate position and re-tighten to fine tune with the micrometer adjustment.

    If I had to point to a flaw, and this flaw would be a stretch, I would say the method of squaring the jig to the blade is cumbersome and inaccurate. To square the jig, you first remove the entire micrometer assembly, then stick a screwdriver down through the body of the jig and loosen the screws that secure the jig to the rail. Once loose, you twist the jig until square, then tighten the screws. Problem is, to reach the screws, the jig must be 3 inches away from the blade, which makes it a guessing game as to when the jig is square with the blade. This adjustment method means you'll need to spend some time moving the jig in a trial and error method until you get it square. It's not a huge deal, but somewhat time consuming.

    Once you have your jig dialed in, it allows flawless tenons to be cut quickly and without constant measuring and re-measuring.

    If you need a tenoning jig, buy this one. Take the money you'll save over the competition and get yourself some other tool you need!

    ...more info
  • For the price it cant be beat.
    For the price I dont think this can be beat. It is pretty much like all the other import tenoning jigs out there. I got mine at $30 off for signing up for an Amazon card. Awesome deal!!! The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was that I noticed some wiggle when using the fine tune knob to adjust it in or out. If it can wiggle like this with just loosening the lock a little then Im afraid that it may be easy to be off square. It did seem to cut my tenons fine tho so it may square itself up once its locked down again. But I just dont feel that there should be any wiggle like that. The runner fits my Craftsman saw just fine. I had to remove the washers and screws on the runner because my Craftsman saw doesnt have a t-slot. Just a 3/8x3/4 groove. But it fit that nice with no wobbling.

    Overall, for non-commercial home use, I think for the price it cant be beat. ...more info
  • Solid
    A great tool...simple and solid. I would expect to pay double for another brand of this quality. I only had one gripe...upon receiving it, the arm that holds the clamp was cracked, but Grizzly cust service had a new one to me in a matter of days....more info
  • Great Product
    The quality of this jig is just fantastic. In any store or on the internet you can buy the same jig by the "D" company for twice the price, but why would you! Very good adjustments and completely holds the wood in place during the cuts, and talk about sturdy, you can't ask for anything more. I'm very happy Amazon showed me "Grizzly" because I had never heard of the company before, but they are Great and their products are better!...more info
  • Good Jig / Very Bad Base
    I believe most of the tenon jigs presently in the US all share this same problem as they seem to come from the same foundry in China. The problem is that the bases are not milled flat and the jigs rock on the saw table, something one does not want with a tenon jig. I've ordered 2 Grizzly jigs, one Shop Fox jig and purchased locally a Delta tenon jig. ALL rock on the saw and are warped in the same plane. The Delta jig (4th one) I purchased from a local Western Tool Distributor and when I explained that the 3 previous (Amazon) jigs were warped, we took it out of the box and put in on a brand new Delta saw. He was scratching his head when it rocked also. We measured a front to back warp of .005" and corner to corner .012" warp. All of these jigs are exactly the same right out of the box except for the paint and name...right down to the broken styrofoam corner over the jig backstop in each box. Until this present stock of jigs get thrown in the recycle pile one will be hard pressed to get a well machined jig. As for me, I returned both Grizzly Jigs and the Delta (it was+$40 more with tax than the SF Jig). I needed one for a project and ended up gluing plastic shim stock to the base of the Shop Fox jig so it would not rock....more info
  • Outstanding Tool!
    If you are reading this review it's probably because you read the reviews for the Delta jigs and kept looking because of their poor showing. Like many others who have written reviews for this jig, I too was both suspicious of the price (compared to other `name' brands) and very concerned about departing from my favorite (Delta) brand of woodworking tools. Bottom line: You have nothing to be worried about. Buy this jig without hesitation.

    Virtually every time I have bought something for ? the price of the "quality" version of the item I have been disappointed and forced to re-learn the "you get what you pay for" lesson. This Grizzly jig is the rare exception to this rule. I am impressed with every aspect of this jig: packing, fit and finish, ease of assembly/use, set-up, quality of design, materials, and overall craftsmanship. Who ever in monitoring quality control in Grizzly's factory in China is certainly earning their salary.

    I spent a couple hours (taking my time listening to football) cleaning and assembling the jig. Lacquer thinner takes the cosmoline (packing grease) off with ease. Set up is very easy and quick. The jig comes ready for a right-tilt saw. Configuring it for a left-tilt saw (like I did) is a snap. I put a coat of paste wax on all the unpainted surfaces including the bottom. It glides across my saw.

    You will not just be happy you got a bargain price and saved some money when you buy this jig. This is an exceptional tool of higher quality than the name-brand companies. The fact it costs half as much is a mystery. Hurry up and buy one before Grizzly figures out they have under-priced this tool!
    ...more info