Sim City 4 Deluxe (Mac)
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Product Description

SimCity 4 Deluxe lets you design, build and watch your city as it takes shape before your eyes. Catch thugs and criminals, put out fires with fire trucks and drive through the city streets that YOU created. Fight disasters both realistic and fantastic, and govern your own virtual metropolis as you see fit. Includes the hit SimCity 4 and the SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion pack.

Weave together a tapestry of cities and watch them share and compete for resources that are linked by a fully integrated transportation network. Be a responsive mayor, and build a world-class city with stadiums, airports, universities, and real-world landmarks. Deploy emergency vehicles and join in the action as they battle blazes, mobs and more. And, with the added bonus of Rush Hour, take complete control over cars, helicopters, and ambulances on the streets of your city and guide them to their destination. Turn up the police siren and catch the car-jackers, or control the helicopter spotlight to track down the bank robbers. So take charge, solve missions, earn new rewards, buildings and vehicles. Watch your rating skyrocket and the desirability of your city soar.

  • Create, build and run the most realistic city you can imagine
  • Deploy police cruisers and fire trucks to the scene
  • Sculpt mountains, gouge valleys, and seed forests
  • Connect your metropolis with other cities you've created to form a massive region of SimCities
  • System Requirements - Operating System - Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later; CPU Processor - PowerPC G4 or later; CPU Speed - 700 MHz or faster; Memory - 256 MB recommended; Hard Disk Space - 2.0 GB free disk space; Video Card (ATI) - ATI Radeon 7500 or better; Video Card (NVidia) - GeForce2 MX or better; Video Memory (VRam) - 32 MB or higher; Media Required - DVD Drive required to install and play

Customer Reviews:

  • This Game is Awful on Mac Platform
    I was ripped off when I purchased this game. IT WILL NOT WORK properly on a standard iMac Pro OS X platform. I contacted customer service at Aspyr and they said, "The game was designed for the Power PC processor and doesn't get along with the Intel processor very well. It's an older title. Sorry."

    Save your money. Do not buy this game!...more info
  • Great Game!
    This is a very good game. It has very good graphics, and you create the plot. ...more info
  • excellent city and region simulator
    This is my first Sim game, and I love it. There are three modes to play in: in God Mode, you terraform the region, adding cliffs or valleys, flattening shores, planting forests, etc; in Mayor mode, you will zone areas, add utilities and services, and receive input from dozens of informative graphs, data and advisors; in MySim mode you can create individuals and then name them, give them a place to live and a car to drive, etc.

    You can run your simulation in three speeds, and there are hundreds of items and options for you to use -- bridges, stadia, landmarks, parks, schools, monorails, industry, agriculture, museums and many more.

    There are also several tutorials that show you how to get started, make money, develop a big city, or use the included Rush Hour expansion pack, which lets you get in the driver's seat of buses, garbage trucks, traffic helicopters, ferry boats, --any vehicle that is operating in your city! Just be careful -- it is EASY to spend hours and hours building your city with as much complexity as you care for. Excellent game, implemented very well.

    I have had no problems at all with installation or performance running the game on an iMac G4....more info
  • fun, but unplayable
    This game was a blast at first, and being a big fan of the previous Sim City games I was really impressed with the content. And then my city grew and the game got slower. And slower. By the time I hit 150,000 citizens I had to turn down all of the graphics to the bare minimum just to get the game to do anything. And then I had to turn the sound off because it was irritating to hear the helicopters over the city batting away endlessly (I think it's an unfixed glitch.) And as I neared 200,000 citizens I gave up. The game had bogged down to a freeze-frame that changes every ten seconds. Yay!
    Now I'm on a brand new iMac (intel-based) and didn't think it'd have trouble like this, but something must have gone wrong in the crossover from PC to Mac to Intel-Mac, because this game is pretty much worthless to me at this point. And that makes me sad, because it was fun for a few hours. Even after searching and digging for patches (which are not easy to find and the game's website/help is not set up well either) it still stinks.

    I'll give it two stars for potential, but if you're on a new iMac don't bother with this one....more info
  • Review for the Military Members Apple User Group
    When so many games these days focus on death and destruction, it's nice to have a constructive alternative that is still truly addictive. Filling that niche, as ever, is the prominent Maxis series SimCity.

    The latest offering, SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition, contains all the robust play offered by a completely new version of the city-building legend as well as a plethora of additional content, tools, and mini-games previously sold separately in the Rush Hour add-on pack.

    Like it's predecessors, SimCity 4 is a deep and visually rich simulation. As Mayor the player gets to turn blank plots of land into complex thriving communities with the added challenge of linking them together to form a productive inter-dependent region. With that much realestate to manage, it should hold the interest of creative problem-solvers.

    It's a complicated game, but not overly so, and the hierarchic interface is intuitive, which helps a lot since it takes a few hours to get a good grip on the basics of making a successful city (I highly recommend completing all the tutorials before striking out on your own). Once you can figure out how to grow while keeping a positive cash flow, the game becomes immensely rewarding.

    Aside from obviously improved graphics resolution and building variety, the biggest change is that every change in the city is calculated around individual sim-citizens rather than grand formulas. Your job, more than anything else, is to keep your sims happy. If you can do that - provide them with jobs, shorten their commutes, educate them, care for their health, and keep them safe - you have what it takes to be a Mayoral Mogul!

    That new perspective also means you can get much more involved with the denizens of your metropolis. You can get down to the street-level and ask them what's on their mind or even give them a hand through mini-games.

    Driving many vehicles (fire trucks, speed boats, and crop-dusters to name a few) you can navigate the city you've made. While the simplistic pilotage can be clunky, change of perspective is both fun and helpful. It also splashes a little variety on a game that can get slow once in a while. Besides, what soldier can resist taking a joy ride in a tank or skimming the rooftops in an attack helicopter?

    What really keeps you playing this game though is layer upon layer of replay possibilities. Since there are no criteria for winning you can set your own goals and measures of success and you can use any number of approaches pursue your ambitions.

    You can play one city aiming for a large population and another for the greatest income possible. You can play the good guy or the ruthless dictator and create everything from slum-ridden industrial towns to tiny farming communities to towering pinnacles of civilization!

    And of course you can blow it all up and start over...

    There's no multiplayer in SimCity, but an active online user-base provides both a community aspect to the game and a wealth of new land marks, buildings, and utilities you can download to keep your virtual communities fresh.

    If you own The Sims the people you've created can even interact with your SimCities. What's more, there's a little Mac-only integration in the game. Unlike Windows, you can override the default soundtrack with any playlist in your iTunes library.

    While that's a nice touch, the manual refers to Windows keyboards and there are known graphical problems (especially when "drawing" roads or zones) that are unlikely to be addressed (turning on the Z buffer in the options helps). They aren't fatal, but I found my building techniques developed around minimizing the effects those glitches rather than productive gameplay.

    Even with drawbacks like performance and price (when compared to the Windows version), it's a quality title and a handy long-term time-waster for creative, micro-managing, or ambitious future base commanders!

    SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition is a great gift and worth owning if you remember SimCity 2000 on the Mac or are looking for a constructive game that exercises your creativity. Of course the inclusion of military facilities like Army and Air Force bases and ICBM silos earns it some kudos too!...more info
  • Mom wont stop playing.
    So when I was a kid, my mom and i would play the original simcity. We would build huge citys and print them out and make these big wall maps. Well time went on, and simcity 2000 came out.

    I had moved out, but i would come home and play with my mom on holidays. But she would play all the time when I was not there. She has spent so much time with the simcity games, but between 2000 and this one she tried them all and for one reason or another said they werent any good, nothing like 2000.

    Well this did it. I dont know what was different about this one, as I didnt play all the ones inbetween, but I still call home and she will say, "Can I call you back I am playing SimCity" So this must be an incredible game....more info
  • Best Sim City Simulation
    In Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition you get the original Sim City 4 and the Rush Hour expansion pack together.

    In this game you can build, run, and manage your very own city.

    There are three modes to play from:

    God Mode
    Mayor Mode
    My Sim Mode

    In Gode mode you can do anything that is all natural. Create mountains, valleys, ect. Plant the land with trees and animals that roam, graze, and stampede. You can create disasters, such as meteor, volcano, tornado, robot attack, ect. In other words, you create the circle of life.

    In Mayor mode, you pick a city name, and your name, and then you begin to build zones: Commercial, residential, and industrial. They soon build up by them selves. There are businees deals such as a casino; which helps raises monthly profit for your city. You can also build Research Centers, resort hotels, ect. Grow the population and build to the sky.

    In My Sim Mode, you can pick from a a variety of sims, choose their names, and move them into a home. You can deside where they work, and what car they drive. You can even balance their wealth. Dispatch them to work or to the park, which ever place you want. Also, you can do misssions with cars, air planes, helicopters, and boats. Shoot missles from tanks and blow up buildings, or take kids to school. If you are sucsessful, you get rewards.

    I recomend this game if you like Sim games, or if you like politics. (You might want to be at least 9, or you probably will not understand it) This game is complete wtih tutorials and a booklet. ...more info
  • Too bad about Intel Mac
    It's too bad this game does not run on an Intel Mac.
    I used to enjoy it on my G4 but when I upgraded to a new Mac Pro and installed the game it repeatedly crashed. Support from the company Aspyr says unfortunately it does not run on Intel Mac....more info
  • Nice Game...Not as nice as Windows version...
    I think it's great that SimCity 4 is available for the Macintosh operating system. The only problem is it doesn't have half as many features as the Windows version. No building editor, no nothing. You also do not gain access to the EA website which is half the fun of the entire game! Being able to download new buildings and create maps from real world terrain! Not only that but the price sucks. One half the features for double the price. Typical....more info
  • Does not work on OSX 10.5 (LEOPARD)

    This is an awesome game, but it STILL does not work on the newest operating system (OSX 10.5); it is slow and it crashes. IF you have an older mac system, this game is great. If you have a newer system, do not waste your money until they release an update for Leopard....more info
    I bought the first Sim City several years ago and I loved it. I have been buying later versions, but have been getting more and more dissatified. The problem is that I never liked Sim City in the manner it was always inteneded. When I a kid, I loved construction toys. That is how I used the original Sim City. I used a cheat which gave me all the $$$ I needed and turned off disasters. I just wanted to build cities. I had no interest in it as a game being mayor. The best sim city 4 cheat I found so far is for an extra $1000.0. Doesn't really do it for me. As a game it is just boring. ...more info
  • SimCity4 on Intel Macs?
    A great educational and experimental game! Recommended for everyone! Kids will learn about how government and economy work! Adults will be frustrated that their brilliant strategies in SimCity can't be implemented into the real world! If you're wondering if you should buy it, do it!

    For those who have Intel Macs... Does SimCity 4 for Mac work on the new processors? ...more info
  • Not made to run on a Mac
    I love the Sim City games and this is a good addition to the series. However, something is wrong with the programming and it simply runs too slow on a Mac....more info
  • awesome game for PC but its a terrible version for Mac.
    I used to play simcity 4 deluxe on PC when it first came out. I played it non-stop for over 16 months! i just got this game for Mac and am extremely disappointed in the franchise. they totally butchered what i considered to be one of the best games ever made. theres tons of bugs that make this Mac version unstable. even the patches do not help. the graphix are pathetic. my graphix control panel doesnt even work... the graphix are worse than simcity 2000. I am VERY disappointed. ...more info
  • Way Overpriced For What You Get, Unless You Are Paying For Frustration
    Computing power makes little difference with this game; performance is poor! Some processes in the game are very slow, such as trying to select subway stations, subway tubes, and water mains. There is also an issue with city boundaries becoming misaligned with neighboring cities, of their own accord, it seems. If you choose to correct this, be prepared to loose any development(s) along those boundaries.

    If you choose to accept any of the driving missions or helicopter missions, be prepared to lose mayor approval points because the performance while trying to control either of them is ABYSMAL and Infuriating! The hospital helicopter mission is the only mission I will even bother to try because it requires the least amount of precision. The police copter mission cheated me on 2 of my 3 attempts when the criminal I was supposed to spotlight left the city limits in under 10 seconds after the mission began.

    Another issue I encountered involves the planting of trees to try to improve my environmental rating; trees will not necessarily survive between gaming sessions. That is a nice way to waste time and money in the game. Also, some options do not save.

    Aspyr does not seem to offer any support or patches. There is no "booklet" with the Mac version. This purchase has left me feeling as if I wasted a lot of hard earned money! If it worked correctly, the game would be fun instead of an exercise in frustration....more info