Ten Thousand Fists
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On their third album, Disturbed don't as much break out of expected patterns as show their potential for doing so. Fans eager for more of the band's patented fist-thumping gruel will take satisfaction in the album's opening (and anthemic) title track, plus "I'm Alive" and "Forgiven." The band shines brightest in the record's early moments, where "Deify," "Guarded," "Just Stop," and "Stricken" demonstrate that this unit's capable of discovering a song's subtleties and crafting radio-ready choruses meant to uplift the souls of disenfranchised subdivision dwellers. The album isn't without its problems--come the halfway mark ("Sons of Plunder") vocalist David Draiman and his mates lapse into the expected, with a series of songs that are good but rarely as remarkable as those found in Act I. That said, Ten Thousand Fists ultimately reminds us that Disturbed refuse to relent in their journey toward greatness. --Jedd Beaudoin

After a triple-platinum debut and platinum follow-up, Disturbed fuses the brutality and darkness of 2000's The Sickness with the added melodic nature and complexity of 2002's Believe for album number three. Aggressive, relentless and intense-yet at the same time transcendent-Ten Thousand Fists is a rock sledgehammer.

Customer Reviews:

  • A fist to the face!!!
    What a great album. They just keep getting better with every album. This by far is thier best writing, singing and playing. Everything fits. Great album. Buy it, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Stricken
    This album may not be their best at all, but the singles of this album are excellent, especially their lead single "Stricken", it's my favorite song of them.
    As "K. Gibson" said, world flooded with bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, who were trying to fuse rap with metal. Damned rappers you don't have a place near to hard rock & metal music.
    I'm really sick with some "artists", like 50 Cent or Kanye West, which in their first week of sales they make extraordinary debuts and the next week they slight down like an album that never sold more than 50,000 cds in a week.
    ...more info
  • Easily Impressed
    I have just become a Disturbed fan a few weeks ago, and i'm trying to catch up on their music. So i decided to start with Ten Thousand Fists. It was a pretty good album, other than some songs like Overburdened, Avarice, and Sacred Lie, which i truly despise. But songs like Stricken, Just Stop, Guarded, and Diefy really managed to grasp my attention. Decadence is also up there but its lyrics need some work. I have also noticed that a lot of people hate the track Forgiven. To be honest, i actually listen to and enjoy it. And then again, every review has some great comment on Land of Confusion. I could care less about it, and most of the time i just skip through that one. Here's a list of the ratings i'd give each song.

    Ten Thousand Fists - 7/10
    Just Stop - 9/10
    Guarded - 10/10
    Diefy - 10/10
    Stricken - 10/10
    I'm Alive - 6/10
    Sons of Plunder - 8/10
    Overburdened - 3/10
    Decadence - 8/10
    Forgiven - 9/10
    Land of Confusion - 5/10
    Sacred Lie - 3/10
    Pain Redefined - 9/10
    Avarice - 4/10

    This album had its strong and weak points, but overall, i really thought it was a great album. But i haven't compared it to the others yet. ...more info
  • Disturbed : "Ten Thousand Fists"
    This is the first time I've heard Disturbed, and I must say I was very impressed with "Ten Thousand Fists".

    I've been experimenting with all kinds of Metal since the early 80's, and "Ten Thousand Fists" is one of those CD's that will fit in nicely among my all time favortie releases. I think it's a near masterpiece. If you like your brand of Metal to be extremely powerful / semi-techno-progessive, and thought provoking at the same time, Disturbed's "Ten Thousand Fists" is the CD for you. I think it cranks, and should be considered among the years best releases.......more info
  • Very good.
    But not anything that hasn't been done before.
    Disturbed's third major-label release is actually quite good. It takes the best from both previous albums (The Sickness and Believe), and puts them together for a sound that is dark, yet melodic, sinister, yet harmonious. There is only one problem: There is no progression. The band hasn't really evolved their sound in any way, they've just taken concepts from their previous works and glued them together. Which leads to the problem of repetion. The first half of the album is very good, and not to say that the second half is horrific, but it's just very bland. It all begins to sound the same. The songs aren't necessarily bad, just repetitive.
    Good, but there's room for improvement....more info
  • My favorite Disturbed album
    I think all the songs on this are well done...they have melodies which a lot of other hard rock/metal doesn't. I have Indestructible and The Sickness also. Indestructible has guitar solos which i like, but i like the songs better on Ten Thousand Fists. I'm not a great music critic but I think if you like disturbed then you need to have this album.

    Oh, and shame on whoever tagged this as alternative rock....more info
  • THE BEST!!!
  • They Could Do Better
    The Cd for me sounded the same... i gotta admit it was a good cd but im looking for uniqueness in the cd, and unfortunately i did not see it. The songs on there that shone were Ten Thousand Fists, Stricken, Overburdoned, and Avarice. the rest just sounded the same. This is probably Disturbed's weakest cd. They can do better...more info
  • Growth!
    When Disturbed released their first CD, Sickness, the rock world was flooded with bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and others who were trying to fuse rap and metal. Sickness was not as rap-heavy as other bands' releases, but they were definitely leaning in that direction, probably to satisfy the record exec's who had control of their content.

    Their second album, Believe, was a dramatic departure from Sickness, much more low-key, more complex melodies, more mature lyrics and themes. A nice change, altho fans who loved their first CD probably were not as in love with the 2nd.

    As their third album, Fists demonstrates that Disturbed can continue to grow as a band and independently as musicians. Guitarist, Dan Donegan, took some chances on this CD and embraced guitar solos and more complex riffs, which he had avoided on past releases. David demands more of his voice on Fists, making seamless shifts between singing and his infamous growl (which doesn't translate well in concert, btw). It's a blend between the anger expressed on Sickness and the melodic quality of Believe, striking a perfect balance between the two. In addition, the lyrics on Fists have reached a higher level of maturity as the guys address the issues of war, our current pathetic administration, and the twisted game that is the music industry. (And really, who else but David can throw the word "Elochai" into a song? Go look it up people!)

    As a newer fan of Disturbed, I bought Fists first, Believe second, and Sickness third, remembering that I was not AT ALL a fan when Sickness originally came out. But listening to their entire catalog in reverse order gave me a better appreciation of how far they had come and I look forward to their continued evolution.

    Oh - definitely a MUST HAVE - in case you couldn't tell where I was going with that review ;-) !!!!...more info
  • Freakin' loved it!
    Pure metal heads may again call me a poser - I'll take you in the pit regardless.

    This may be Disturbed's best. It has everything I love about the band, and it works excellently. Rhythms change up in each song, building on one another, which is marked departure from simple verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-end structures that classic progressive rock is known for.

    Each track stands as a message, a work and an effort in its own right. Tracks on "The Sickness" are memorable for vocal dexterity and riff. Tracks on "Believe" are memorable for content and a sharp/flat resonance that almost shakes you on first hearing it. Tracks on "Ten Thousand Fists" you will know by the coalescing of instrument into harmony with a precision that is utterly gripping.

    Each instrument lends its own voice in its own right but in a way that blends every player together.

    Draiman's powerful voice is allowed to growl, grunt and sing with emotive and viscous resonance (yes, viscous, not viscious, though that he can be).

    Donegan's guitar work shines brilliantly here because of and through the layered melodies and the brilliant bass and drum work.

    Wengren's drumming is simply awesome - the drums are their own character. It stands out as its own persona better than any other album (even than "Indestructible").

    Moyer, though a newcomer, lends his basswork excellently though he's not prominently heard. Such is the bane of good metal bass-players: the guitar can sound tinny without them, but there isn't much chance to stand out unless you want to be compared with Geddy Lee from Rush.

    Thematically, "Ten Thousand Fists" is more energetic and may not seem as personal of an album to the band. Much of the lyrical work on "Indestructible", for instance, is deeply personal to Draiman, which gives the album a more intimate feel at times (which doesn't always feel reflected in the underlying melody and harmony). "Ten Thousand Fists" on the other hand is no soul-search. It's pure rock. It's a soundtrack to action itself - and would be incredible live. ...more info
  • Metal Maniacs Unite!
    Disturbed is one of the few bands to come out of the past decade without a normal, formulaic, and drab sense of style. So many metal bands have come out, and most of them sound the same with little improvement or with any real unique qualities. In short, most have been entirely forgettable. What I like about Disturbed is that they're hard-hitting, intense, enraged, and if you listen closely enough to the lyrics, Disturbed. The lyrics really tend to be about insanity, anger and pain-filled rages. Maybe this really applies to The Sickness (I still haven't listened to Believe completely), but much of what I like about them translated well into this effort. It doesn't have as many memorable tracks as The Sickness did, but it's still a solid effort from a band who is exploring and experimenting, much to the betterment of their overall style.

    However, I will say that the individual members are not super-talented. The guitar tends to be very simplistic, and their drummer isn't exactly an acrobat. But nobody today is. However, that's not what makes Disturbed great. The sound produced from the culmination of the entire band, and the intensity, the rage... that's what we love about it. "Metal Heads" who listen to hardcore underground stuff tend not to like Disturbed, and honestly, I think it's just because they made it. They get airplay on the radio, they've been on MTV, they've been number 1 (or close to it). Let me cite this example: "The ONLY reason I was curious was because I had heard a rumor of possible guitar solos and I thought a listen might be good for a laugh." This guy sounds pre-determined to hate them before he ever hears them. However, he lists Dream Theater as a better band. I've got news for you, buddy. Dream Theater is all technology. You can hear it in the guitar as well as the drums, and their vocalist isn't really that strong of a singer. People tell me all the time that their drummer and guitarist are better than John Bonham and Jimmy Page, respectively (because every t-shirt I own is Led Zeppelin, and people like messing with me over it.) This is not bloody true. I heard a cover they did of "Achilles Last Stand", the drums were plain, and half the guitar notes were missing from the heavy section in the middle, he cut roughly 50% out. They're posers. Disturbed doesn't try to be anything more than what they actually are. What's next, you're going to tell me Led Zeppelin isn't half as talented as people say? Iced Earth isn't metal? Jon Shaffer is a weak guitarist? I'm tired of people acting like they're so much cooler because they listen to obscure metal bands and trashing great ones like Disturbed and Rob Zombie just because they've made something of themselves. Maybe those obscure metal bands are obscure for a reason dude....more info
  • Would Be a Career Best if Not for the Filler
    Bearing in mind that Disturbed marks itself as a frontrunner in the Nu-Metal genre ever since the band's landmark debut, Ten Thousand Fists would have been Disturbed's finest attainment yet if not for a few unnecessary fillers. I'll start with the bad: The likes of `I'm Alive, Overburdend, Forgiven,' and `Decadence' need to go, just a collage of filler tracks padded by the surrounding genius. The remaining ten songs all reach a level of Nu-Metal quality claimed by very few in the past, especially with the first five tracks. `Just Stop,' with its huge chorus and even huger riffs, and `Guarded,' another of Draiman's signature anti-relationship testimonies, are the two best Disturbed singles since `Down with the Sickness.' The opener title track contains some of the best lyrics of Draiman's career, expressing the band's arena rock immortality with its "We are the ones that will open your mind / Leave the weak and the haunted behind" proclamation. The second half decreases in impact slightly, but still has its fair share of surprises in the excellent `Pain Redefined'--Wow, I really love this song, reminds me of `The Game' off The Sickness--and the Genesis cover `Land of Confusion' in particular--one of the best remakes I've ever heard, much better than the original and right up there with Van Halen's `You Really Got Me' (Kinks cover) and Johnny Cash's `Hurt' (NIN cover) for the best ever! Hidden wonders include the ultra-liberal/Neil Young-like `Deify' and the climactic `Son of a Plunder,' both immorally overlooked. To make a long story short, buy this if you don't have it, an absolute must for anyone who appreciates modern Rock music. Beat out a good deal of competition for my favorite album of '05 (Make Believe, Someone in Control, Mezmerize/Hypnotize, All the Right Reasons). ...more info
  • Since when did Phil Collins become cool?
    When I heard the Disturbed version of "Land of Confusion" I thought it might be from a Genisis tribute CD. Key kids, it's Phil Collins! Dork rock....more info
  • I Salute you Disturbed!!!
    This heavy metal band is awesome...It was recommended to me by a friend so I previewed it and knew it was an instant MUST HAVE CD!! Ten thousand fists is a great song...The cover to many that haven't heard of them is a bit scary..But to me all the more reason to listen to it....They are that damn good and David has an AWESOME voice that is very appealing to me...All I can say is what are you waiting for people go out and buy this CD it will rock your face off and you will not be disappointed with your purchase........Well unless you don't know what GREATNESS is!!!...more info
  • 3.4 not up to Disturbed par
    This CD is good, but it doesnt come close to the intensity of "Believe". The songs like "bound", "Prayer" and "Breathe" arent here. The production and mix isnt quite as good and there are more cheesy keyboard noises on this cd. That pisses me off because it kills any intensity a song may have had. the songs are decent enough, but the stupid cover song "Land..." is lame.. Desperate cry for airplay... I hope for a much better effort next out, but this cd does have its moments. Just not nearly as many as its predecessor.....more info
  • Ten Thousand Fists
    Great headache reliever! What? You don't believe me? It's true... Whenever I have a headache, I listen to this album and my headache doesn't come back for the rest of the day. Tell me that's not awesome.

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Now go buy this awesome album. =D...more info
  • Disturbed still trying to stay popular.
    I've read some reviews of this album. One says he can't play it on any cd players, ps2, e.t.c, one said they suck because they gotten worse with the music and lyrics, one says there the same as the last two albums, one says they suck for having politics in it.

    In the end. Everyone has there likes and dislikes. One prefers to have a bunny lyric cd to "get away" from having a straight in your face cd giving you a idea of what's happening today. Disturbed's last two albums were alright that's why i made a mix cd of the two albums Believe and The Sickness. I do agree they haven't changed with there form from the last two albums. One was heart pounding and turn up your stereo, the other was more easyback concintrating on the lyrics. In this pecticular album. They decided to combine both forces. I was interested in the album after listening to deify. I think for new listeners download or buy the last two albums before taking a peek at this one.

    Overall rating: 4 Stars...more info
  • Sickness In Unity
    Disturbed. Yet another triumph from the band who, since their debut album "The Sickness", have given rise to some of the freshest, inspiring, music to the hard rock scene since perhaps Korn. David Draiman's distinctive growl, combined with Dan Donegan's crushing riffs, and the thunderous beats of the percussion section provided by John Moyer on bass & Mike Wengren on drums, allows for complete mayhem, giving us the album we've been waiting for. While their debut album, "The Sickness", gave us a glance at the darkness which may or may not lie within each of us, the band's sophomore album, "Believe", provided a much more melodic effort, proving the overall range capable of the Chicago based band. While some fans criticized the band after the release of "Believe", arguing that they "lost" their heaviness from "The Sickness" in favor of a more radio friendly album, ( "Down With The Sickness" & "Stupify", two of the first singles from the debut album, received plenty of airplay by the way), they might have been surprised when Disturbed received the infamous "ban" from MTV, due to the suggestive nature from the video of their first single, "Prayer". An odd three years later, Disturbed have returned with "Ten Thousand Fists", a true piece of talent, testament to many critics who first dismissed them as "just another nu-metal band". This album provides the true Disturbed fan with a beautiful mixture of the darkness given from the debut album, and the melodic harmony brought forth with their sophomore effort. Another aspect differentiating this album from the others, are the guitar solos shredded forth by Dan Donegan, most notably on the tracks "Stricken", and "Overburdened". This is something rarely found in most hard rock/nu-metal bands today, as Donegan's solos are a breath of fresh air in a rock era dominated with one-finger chords. A defining characteristic of the band is its ability to capture human emotion and behavior, growled out by David Draiman's sharp, staccato, lyrical and singing ability, whether it is rage, sadness, hope, or violence. "Stricken", one of the album's first singles, relates what everyone experiences at one time or another, betrayal and the distrust that lingers. "Overburdened", another memorable track which many refer to as the band's first ballad, gives us the unique lyrical ability only Draiman can deliver, as there is hardly a scream or growl to be heard.
    Lyrics, music, and performance, this is truly Disturbed's best album yet and I highly recommend it. If you are truly a Disturbed1, then this album is a definite must!!

    ...more info
  • Phenomenal
    I think this album shows just how much Disturbed have matured as a band since they came into the scene with "The Sickness". The album starts off strong with the title track that gets you pumped up right away. "Just Stop" is another hit with a heart pumping verse and catchy chorus. "Stricken" is arguably Disturbed's best song. It features a very memorable solo from Dan Donegan and the verse and chorus are so perfect for each other. "Sons of Plunder" is a song that talks about all these bands that come into the metal scene expecting to make a name for themselves when they sound like every other band out there. Very racy song that is bound to get you pumped as well and sends a message to all the wannabe rock bands as well. "Overburdened" kind of stops you getting pumped and makes you sit there and think. It is written from the perspective of a soldier who was killed in battle and went to hell for his actions. Very slow song (not a ballad like "Darkness" off the "Believe" record) and another memorable uprising chorus. Overall, this album is full of hits and "should be" hits. There's a reason why this album debuted at number 1....more info
  • Ten Thousand Fists/Disturbed
    It was a good album, but besides Stricken they didn't have many songs that people know about. It wasn't as good asn The Sickness, but they did do a good job and anyone who likes disturbed needs to buy it, or even if you just like to ROCK!...more info
  • Solid with throwbacks to older work!
    I love Disturbed honestly and was again scared of the new album. Trends are for bands to change up their style so dramaticallly that they force evolution or fail. I'm still up in the air with that one on Linkin Park's newest album...

    But Disturbed's latest release is another solid, hard hitting album with depth and passion from a man who reminds me of Rob Halford in terms of stage presenceand commanding of the microphone! Awesome hooks, incredible lyrics and on some tracks, a throwback to their first album in terms of style.

    I love Draiman's harmonic voice with how evil and brutal or how pained and pitiful. Can't wait for more!...more info
  • Strong, but the new Fozzy CD/DVD is better
    I REALLY like Disturbed. Somehow they always sound fresh to me, and are just plain heavy. It's been a while since this CD came out, and I'm really anxious for the new CD to be released....in the meantime I bought the new Fozzy CD/DVD All That Remaains Reloaded....INCREDIBLE!!!! Fills the time until the new Disturbed comes out!!! Might even be better than TTF......SERIOUSLY!
    ...more info
  • Disturbed at their best
    This was a great album. This was way better then their second album ''Believe'' This was hot though, very great.

    Ten thousand fist 10/10
    Just stop 10/10
    Guarded 10/10
    Deify 10/10
    Stricken 10/10
    I'm alive 10/10
    Son's of plunder 10/10
    Overburdened 10/10
    Decadence 10/10
    Forgivin 10/10
    Land of confusion 10/10
    Sacred lie 10/10
    Pain redefined 10/10
    Avrince 7/10

    This was a great album. I really enjoyed it....more info
  • Excellent metal music
    Great CD!! Excellent headbanging music!! A friend turned me onto Disturbed and now I can't turn them off!!...more info
  • The Sickness
    What happened to them? I ain't gonna hate, but seriously if you want this click the used button and buy it that way... these guys are beyond where they were and on something new. I am not saying it is bad, but some old school fans may not be "getting down with 10,000 fists"...more info
  • Almost as good as the first...almost!
    Disturbed never stops impressing me. I recently did reviews on the first and fourth album, now working on the second. The third album has just about everything you would expect from the metal genre, fantastic guitar riffs, awesome vocals and lyrics(minus the rapping), and it definately keeps you on the edge of your toes. For those that either never heard the first two albums or never liked metal should definately go and buy this, you would probably get hooked. Guarded, overburdened, sons of plunder, deify, and stricken are my personal favorites....more info
  • Amazing
    Disturbed is amazing. And I just want to rate them. I could only do that by writing a review. I LOVE DISTURBED!!!!!...more info
  • disturbed
    disturbed is an excellent band, but i have only heard this album 1 time. i have purchased it 2 times and i have had a problem with these 2 copies. both times i have bought it and put it in all my cd players, ps2, and computers, it wouldnt play the disc. i am dissapointed in the fact that this has happened 2 times with 2 different brand new unscratched copies. so i am gonna give it a 3....more info
  • rock amania
    this album was solid rock and outstanding the guitars in this album plays wicked cool this was the best album and the sickness believe wase'nt to good it was like he was preaching threw his music and thats what made the album boring but only two songs on that album that was good prayer and liberate but this album was hooooooooot. I was playing this album while i was playing dark wacth for the PS2 oh my god it was awsome while i was killing all the monsters sweeeeeeeet awsome album and the sickness tottally worth it....more info
  • Disturbed keeps rising!
    Disturbed has been my favorite band since I first heard them from a friend back when The Sickness was just released. I definitely see a lot of growth in this album when compared to their debut album. Also, John Moyer definately adds some more complex bass lines than did fuzz and dan's 6 guitar solos on the album all add to the kick ass flavor of this album. I personally love both the old and new stuff that disturbed puts out and I do love the direction the band is going and in that I would have to make this my favorite Disturbed album. I would never have classified them as nu-metal as others have done because I have always found Disturbed to have their own truly unique sound and quality that to me is hard to sub-categorize and I definitely don't this the negative connotation nu-metal carries should be tacked on to Disturbed. I definitely appreciate the band's evolution into writing more complex songs and really continuing to increase their talent over the years. I have personally seen Disturbed live 5 times and will see them a 6th time later this year and they have never let me down. The talent of the band really shines live when they are able (unfortunately unlike so many other bands today) to recreate their sound nearly flawlessly live without any of the studio help. For me its hard to pick a favorite song off this album because I find many of the songs so different and they appeal to various sides/moods. Some have a problem with some ofthe polotics engaged into a few of the tracks but believe me it is nothing compared to what System of a Down does and I find it to be less politcal and more just thought provoking. I like music that makes you think, music you can lose yourself in, music that brings out deep emotional feeling, and music you can just plain rock out to; Disturbed accomplishes all of this!...more info
  • Great and heavy album
    My first thought when hearing Disturbed's cover of "Land of Confusion" was that whoever the band was had to have big cajones to do a cover of a song whose original video featured a claymation Ronald Regan half-assedly saving the world dressed as superman. But they took a classic song and made it something different, modern and interesting. From there, I heard "Just Stop," "Guarded" and one of the best songs of the year, "Stricken" and I knew this was an album I had to own. Was I disappointed? I expected to be. When I heard W's voice at the beginning of track 4, I'm thinking "Oh boy, another band makes a 'political' statement." Not that I'm a W fan, but I like to keep my politics and my music separate. True enough, from that perspective the song is weak, to me, but from a songwriting and singing perspective, the song is solid. Sometimes a song can rise above its intention.

    Some highlights for me are "Overburdened," a song that sounds at the same time like it could be out of an 80s horror movie and still holding a more modern edge, and "Pain Redefined," whose synchopated rhythm makes it quite addictive.

    So, if you like what you've heard so far, pick up a copy of this one. You'll like 90% of it and those songs are good enough to prop up the weaker ones....more info
  • One Of The Best CD's I Own
    This is the first cd I have bought by Disturbed but it will certainly not be my last. This is the best cd I have bought since I bought both Shinedown cd's almost 6 months ago. This is one of the most perfect cd's I have ever heard. There is not one weak track on the whole thing causing it to be extremely easy to listen from first song to last without having to skip anything. Trust me, buy the cd, you will definitely not feel sorry for doing it....more info
  • Metal at its best in pace I would say.
    I've always admired Disturbed's music which was good in taste. While many where in favorite of their debut "The Sickness", & some what a mix reaction of "Believe". This album has everything that everyones gunning for. Some good singles like "Just Stop", "Stricken", "Guarded", & The new single off of Genesis "Land Of Confusion", theres nothing much better than to expect whats coming to this. I must say, Disturbed became popular so fast, they've just keep getting better than ever. I'm looking foward for a next album from Disturbed with their return of explicit lyrics!...more info
  • Cut above the rest
    I bought this album without having heard the previous two. I bought it on the strength of the songs "10,000 Fists" and "Land of Confusion". I'm glad I did. This album maintains a social and self-awareness not demonstrated in a metal album (in my opinion) since Marilyn Manson's "Holywood". Starting the album with "10,000 Fists" as a call to arms, so to speak, gives the listener an idea of what to expect from the proceeding album. From here, song after song continues to bring your attention to the central theme of the album. "Deify" is of particular importance here, stressing the need for constituents of a given place (say, this country) to not blindly follow their leaders and to recognize underlying agendas.
    The reason this album only gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that as the album progresses, the songs become slightly less memorable. The obvious exception to this is the cover of Genesis' "Land of Confusion". This song remains lyrically as potent as it did in 1984 while Disturbed's overdriven guitars stresses the violent political means that the song's theme addresses. This works well in opposition to the decadent pop-rock sound of the Reagan-era original. It is a shame that Disturbed is not a more high-profile band as the prevelance of this song is as important to our global and domestic political situation as it was when Genesis performed it. (I recommend buying the single Land of Confusion or obtaining a copy of the video to further this significance for yourself. It is comparable to the Genesis video.)
    Overall, I would recommend this CD to anyone looking for a good metal album or someone who prefers there music with a little significance....more info
  • Raise Your Fist...yes, all Ten Thousand
    Ten Thousand Fists offers up some of Disturbed's best work, and if your a Disturbed fan, then thats a good thing. Believe me. Disturbed is one of those bands that don't really stray too far from the forumla that they have established for themselves, but they still somehow manage to produce good music. I found Ten Thousand Fists to be a great and refreshing album. When listening your not ever going to be confused on who this band is. Its Disturbed 100% of the time, all the time. It does what Disturbed does best, kick you in the face with fist pumping, adrenaline charged music. Ten Thousand Fists does a remarkable job of sounding fresh and being engaging while not being a drasticly new sound for Disturbed.

    I still feel that frontman David Draiman has one of the most unique and compelling voices in all of rock today. You almost can't help but listen when he is doing his thing, and he doesn't disappoint on Ten Thousand Fists. You'll still hear his trademark sound on every track, and it's never sounded better. The band itself sounds great as well. Even without Draiman's vocals over the top, these would be some great intrumental songs to listen too.

    There really are some great and engaging tracks to be found on Ten Thousand Fists. The first half of the album is just full of singles; little surprise that 3 of them are. The opener & title track is a great way to start off the album. But, perhaps my favorite track is the next one, Just Stop. From the first time I heard it, I loved it. Guarded & Stricken were the first 2 singles, and they are both very strong tracks and some of the best material to be found here. Interesting lyrics and strong delivery keep you interested and coming back for more. Deify is another interesting song, and it's quite obvious what that song is about once you've listened too it. One of my other favorites is Decadence. I love the intro, and again David Draiman does a fantstatic job with his vocals to give the band a unique sound. Ten Thousand Fists is full of great songs, there are really only a few duds that I can't get into, but the strong songs more than make up for it.

    Overall, great album. Better than I had expected considering I was never a "big" disturbed fan. But this one doesn't dissapoint. All thats left to do is just raise your fist....more info