South Park - The Complete Sixth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 10/11/2005

The quiet little mountain town of South Park, Colorado enters its sixth season as America's weirdest and most dysfunctional town, and if you thought that title was already claimed by Springfield, I have one word for you: Lemmiwinks. If you thought it couldn't get any weirder, this season will prove you wrong. But the good news is that South Park has always been able to maintain a mathematical-like balance of proportionality so impressive it could be charted on a graph: as South Park gets weirder, so it gets funnier (usually). Which makes sense because one of South Park's greatest strengths has always been to reflect the strangest elements of society, which, let's face it, are pretty strange. Targets this season include exploitive daytime TV shows ("Freak Strike"), celebrities gone wild (Russell Crowe fightin' round the world), the Catholic priest sexual-abuse scandals ("Red Hot Catholic Love"), and the meat industry ("Fun With Veal"). Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker even parody the reality of competing with The Simpsons's longevity in "The Simpsons Already Did It," where Butters, gone out of his mind and in his Professor Chaos persona, can't even come up with an original evil scheme to unleash on the citizens of South Park. Fortunately for fans, the quality of the writing is as strong this season as it has been at any point in the show's run, and it's not like the show's going to back off from its trademark gross-out factor at this point. Proof of that can be found in "The Death Camp of Tolerance." In an extreme satire of sex education class, Mr. Slave and Lemmiwinks, the heroic and intensely unfortunate gerbil, make their, umm, debuts. In South Park, this is what qualifies as a normal school day. Taken as a whole, Season Six is one of the show's strongest punches yet to the face of a society that had it coming. --Daniel Vancini

Customer Reviews:

  • South Park VI
    My favorite episode in the sixth season is with no doubt, ''MAKING MOVIES MAKING SONGS AND FIGHTIN ROUND THE WORLD''. That is the Terrance and Phillip trailer. That is my favorite episode and then I kind of like ''Ladder to Heaven'' which was a pretty stupid episode and it was funny. South Park gets more sucsessful as the episodes get newer, it is December 2007 and the new episodes are really cool like when Cartman is the hallmonitor and he puts a mob tgether to catch the teacher Ike had sex with, then Cartman pretends to have Tourettes in another. South park in the 5th season and up it has gotton sucsessful. My real name is Kenny and to think they kill me in every episode. Butters was a hoot in season 8 when the ninga-star gets caught in his puple, then in the episode''Night of the Living Homeless'', they copy Dawn of the Dead and there is a motiphe of South Park that gets better as it gets newer. Season 6 was a pretty funny season and it has been a treasure of comedy TV due to the fact the south park characters are made out cut out paper and the characters are all getting funnier like for instance Cartmans mom has sex with anybody which proves she's a slut and Kenny talks in the south park movie, Stans dad makes a record with the biggest crap I mean he just goes to the batheroom and he breaks the crap record and then Kyle's family doesn't show as much, WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!! No, but I do think it is sort of racist and vile and funny.

    Grade: A-...more info
  • The Season when South Park started getting REALLY good!
    Jared Has Aides: (4.5/5) Great episode to start off the season!

    Asspen: (5/5)The jokes and storyline are hilarious!

    Freak Strike: (3.5/5) Funny, but not one of my favorites.

    Fun With Veal: (3.5/5) Again, funny, but not one of my favorites.

    The Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer: (4/5) South Park's first and only real-time episode!

    Professor Chaos: (4/5) Get introduced to Professor Chaos, Butter's alter ego!

    The Simpsons Already Did It: (5/5) One my top three favorites of this season.

    Red Hot Catholic Love: (4.5/5) Great episode!

    Free Hat: (5/5) One of my top three favorites! Hilarious and SO true!

    Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society: (3/5) This episode is alright.

    Child Abduction is Not Funny: (4/5) Ridiculous and silly, but funny nonetheless.

    A Ladder to Heaven: (4/5) Funny, creative, and entertaining!

    The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers: (4.5/5) Funny! Lot's of LOTR references, as you can tell by the title.

    The Death Camp of Tolerance: (4.5/5) Very good animation on this episode.

    The Biggest Douche in the Universe: (3/5) 'Okay.'

    My Future Self and Me: (4/5) A classic episode of South Park!

    Red Sleigh Down: (5/5) One of my top three. Yet again another classic. Hilarious, creative, superb animation and storyline! Great episode to end this season.

    Is this the best South Park season out there? No, in all honesty, Season 7 is much better. But is it worth a buy for all the hilarious jokes and parodies? Definitely!
    ...more info
  • It gets worse after this.
    This the season where Cartman's voice gets less funny, and where the plots get weaker. BTW, Matthew Hollman, or whatever your name is, your not funny, and the whole "We have to defend Bush no matter what" thing is getting old....more info
  • Best Season Yet!
    So far Trey and whatshisname have yet to top this season. I call it the "Gen X" season, and if you are Gen X you will know why. Just a great season. South Park to me is pretty hit and miss, but every episohe in this season is a riot! Highly Recommended....more info
  • My personal favorite (so far)
    There is no season of South Park that is as funny, as gross, and politically incorrect as season 6, and that's what I love the most about it. It stars out normal enough with the humorous, yet unimaginative, episode "Jared had Aids" where it is reveled that the Subway spokesman Jared has managed to lose all that weight because of his aids... then followed up with another funny episode called "Aspen," but that episode also fails to deliver the political and social hummer we all love so much. No, when this season really gets going is in episode 4, "Fun with Veal" where Stan and Kyle find out that Veal is just "tortured baby cows" and make it their mission to save them by kidnapping, uh, cow napping, them and locking themselves in Kyle's room. From that moment on season 6 is full of laugh out loud episodes and social/political commentary that thrashes the Catholic Church (Red Hot Catholic Love), Rushal Crow (The New Terrance and Philip Trailer), Steven Spielberg (Free Hat), George Bush (A Ladder to Heaven), and much more.

    Some of the best episodes in all of South Park are found in this box set. Red Hot Catholic Love where it is reveled that Catholics really just worship a giant spider in the Vatican. Child Abduction Isn't Funny, where South Park gets an Asian man to build a giant "great wall" around the city to keep out potential child abductors, only problem is that Mongolians keep knocking it down. Then there are my two favorite episodes, The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers, and The Biggest D**che in the Universe. The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers (or tRotLotRttTT, hmmm) is a giant spoof of my favorite movies of all time, The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition), in which Stan's dad accidentally puts an adult video into the Lord of the Rings case, and sends it over to Butters house. After watching the tape, Butters terns into Gollum after Stan, Kyle, and Cartman come to take the video back to the movie store, calling it his precise. Meanwhile the 6th graders find out about the tape and scope the town for it.

    After Cartman drinks Kenny's soul in The Biggest D**che in the Universe, Chef takes the gang to New York to see the "great" John Edwards who can supposedly speak to the dead. It is here that we have South Parks greatest quote,
    Edwards, "Everything I tell people is positive and gives them hope, how does that make me a D**che?"
    Stan, "Because the big questions in life are tough, why are we here? where are we from, where are we going? But if people believe in a55whole d**chey liars like you we're never going to find the real answers to those questions. Your aren't just lying, your slowing down the progress of all man kind you d**che."

    Oh yeah baby, the greatest South Park quote ever. And I haven't even mentioned brilliant episodes like The Death Camp of Intolerance, Freak Strike, or Red Sleigh Down. Let's just say that they are all great. You are not a South Park fan unless you've seen these classic episodes.

    Re-watch value; high. ...more info
  • South Park.. a decade old and still full steam ahead.
    First thing, WHO said "Jarred Has Aides" wasn't a great episode? In fact I believe it to be one of the FUNNIEST of its particular season. Although, this season which has some fantastic episodes the subsequent 2 seasons are EVEN stronger, but this is a great followup to season 5.. with only a few.. well no real flat out duds, there's always SOMETHING in there.. but it doesn't quite stack up to the seasons around it.

    Still.. Free Hat, Red Hot Catholic Love, Jarred has Aidea, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers were some of the FUNNIEST episodes of the series.. and are easily in the top 25, the show reached its 100th episode in the 8th season with "I'm a Little Bit Country".

    South Park amazingly hits it right out of the park.. or just nose dives, but even the nosedives can be.. just, that you're not really into that particular aspect.. for example the 8th season, "Good Times with Weapons" really works better I think.. on someone more into the anime style that the episode mocks, whereas the episode Asspen from this season, much like the baseball episode of season 9, mocks 80s movies. The Asspen episode I LOVE in particular that it mocks, to me anyway, the John Cusack flick Better Off Dead (watch it and TELL me they weren't having a bit of fun with it). Much with the baseball episode, from Stan trying to lose the baseball games to the rockin sound of "You're the Best" (from the Karate Kid) to Randy training Rocky III style.. At its best.. the episode is a smart social satire. and at its worst, sometimes it doesn't appeal to everyone at once.. cause not EVERYONE gets the joke.. but, the show always comes back.. that's part of the magic.. and this season definitely has it....more info
  • One of my favorite seasons...
    The sixth season is as hilarious as any season of South Park. The episodes overall are toned down somewhat from the extremes of the fifth season's turning parents into chili and Butter's mother trying to kill him, with some exceptions. This season's humor is a little different, somewhat more absurd, and definately funny. If you're looking for a season to buy on DVD, this is one of the best. There's no more killing of Kenny, but you'll find Butters to be pretty hilarious.

    Memorable moments:
    -Debut of City Wok owner in "Jared Has Aides", as well as his Great Wall building sequence in "Child Abduction Is Not Funny".
    -Professor Chaos unleaches havoc on the world in "Professor Chaos", and learns that none of his schemes can be original in "The Simpsons Already Did It".
    -Return of Chef's parents in "The Biggest Douche In The Universe".
    -Butters. From putting balls on his chin in "Freak Strike", to getting a liposuction in "Jared Has Aides", to his obsession with the porno tape in "The Return Of The Lord Of The Rings To The Two Towers".
    -Lemmiwinks and Mr. Slave debut in "The Death Camp Of Tolerance", and Lemmiwinks goes on an adventure to become Gerbil King.

    Favorite episodes:
    "Professor Chaos"- Butters unveils his dark side. The boys hold a contest to find a new fourth friend.
    "The Simpsons Already Did It"- Professor Chaos can't come up with an original evil scheme. Cartman creates an underwater civilization with his formula "Sea People + Sea Men = SeaCiety.
    "The Return Of The Lord Of The Rings To The Two Towers"- The boys embark on a quest to return a very powerful copy of The Lord Of The Rings to the video store.
    "Red Sleigh Down"- a classic featuring the boys, Mr. Hankey and his Poo-Choo-Train, Santa, Jesus, and the Underpants Gnomes. One of those characters also dies....more info
  • South Park - The Complete Sixth Season
    excellent stuff. what can i say about it to sell this to you. its southpark. its hillarious, its politically incorrect, it rocks. buy it, buy it now. captain chaos rules. in fact why are you even reading a review - your wasting time, it could be in the post to you right this minute.......more info
  • ~Kick the Baby~
    Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh once in a while. This season has alot of good episode on it. Its a great grab for any one who loves South PArk....more info
  • Not the best season, but a few very good episodes (and rarely repeated ones) that make it worth it.
    * The Biggest Douche in the Universe

    -This one isn't that funny. Mainly because it's so dated. If you didn't/don't know/care about John Edwards, about 90% of the jokes are worthless.

    * Professor Chaos

    A pretty good episode, but repeated a lot. My mother loves Butters so if you like him then yes, you'll like this episode.

    * Asspen
    A few moments, but a pretty slow moving episode with a lot of jokes that are just reaching. The best moment is the Montage song (also in Team America movie with slight changes).

    * Freak Strike
    A cartman/butters episode. Cartman's role is much funnier. Again, a bit light on the quality jokes, but in this case the episode as a whole manages to piece together into a pretty decent "overall" joke. Rarely repeated.

    * Jared Has Aides

    I don't remember this one too well, but it's never been repeated that I've seen.

    * The Terrance & Phillip Movie
    Again, I don't remember it very well. Also rarely repeated.

    * Fun With Veal
    Only saw half this episode. Kind of a Cartman's an ass/social commentary episode. Not that great. Rarely repeated.

    * Simpsons Already Did It
    Decent episode, but repeated constantly. Another Butters episode.

    * Red Hot Catholic Love
    Good episode, kind of falls apart at the end (seems like they are trying to apologize for it almost). Rarely repeated.

    * Free Hat
    Very funny episode, if a bit autistic. I've never seen this repeated, but have been told it has been once.

    * Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
    Never saw this episode, so obviously rarely repeated.

    * Child Abduction is Not Funny
    Go**amn mongolians! Break down my sh**ty wall! Good episode.

    * A Ladder to Heaven
    Very funny episode, but also dated. Fortunately if you remember the godawful capitalizing off the 9/11 tragedy during 2001 and 2002 (commemorative coins selling for $25 anyone?) most of the jokes will ring true. Again, I've never seen it repeated.

    * The Death Camp of Tolerance
    One of the best episodes ever. lemmiwinks. Again, almost never repeated.

    * My Future Self n' Me
    Mediocre episode, kind of lives in the shadow of Cherokee hair tampons (lacks cheech and chong). A few moments, but another social commentary episode that really seems frivilous.

    * Red Sleigh Down
    Pretty decent episode, but possibly the most sacriligious South park ever. If you have a good sense of humor however, it's quite funny....more info
  • Ahil ahil, anyone named John Edwards or John Kerry deserves to be ripped on.. I'm a dun tru patrit ahil ahil ahil!
    To the first reviewer, who broke every episode down, you had me, then you lost me! As for the this season, I give it 4 stars, being that the Russell Crow, and Raiders Of The Lost Arch episodes sucked! As far as reviews go, I give the very first person who wrote a review for this season a NO vote for being a brainwashed, white trash redneck....more info
  • It just keeps getting better!
    The sixth installment of the South Park box sets is probably the most fun DVD trio in the series. I especially enjoyed the mini commentaries by Parker and Stone. They explain the inspiration behind Russel Crowe's "Fightin 'Round the World", and why they named John Edwards the "Biggest Douche in the Universe". The story arc of Kenny's soul being trapped in Cartman's body is fun to watch, and you will not believe the real motivation behind "Red Hot Catholic Love." We also learn a valuble lesson about being yourself even if the Simpsons already did what you are planning. If you like the show, you should check this out! ...more info
    I love this show! They start to change direction a little here,but you can't stay the same forever. A great season, but there were better ones to come. ;-b...more info
  • it is AWESOM-O... well two season earlier, but still
    This season's a good one... so are all South Park's (Kenny's not in this one though... sorry for Kenny's fans). Once again, it treats of both political issue perception and just joking around, having fun , sort of a blast on every things that come to Trey and Matt warped minds... Considered as sick, even blasphematory by some, but it really ain't. It may even mean to educate uninteressed people with thoughts of good will. Episodes are listed as:

    601 - Freak Strike (Butters has testicules under his chin)
    602 - Jared has AIDES (Jared reveals his terrible secret)
    603 - Asspen (co-propriety benifits)
    604 - The new Terrance and Phillip movie trailer ("Oh! My god! it's Russel Crowe")
    605 - Fun with veal (not veal: baby-cow)
    606 - Professor Chaos (Butter's vendetta)
    607 - The Simpsons already did it (Tribute to the Simpsons)
    608 - Red hot Catholic love (priest Maxi seeks J-P II's help)
    609 - Free hat (Raiders of the lost Ark re-released)
    610 - Bebe's boobs destroy society (They do!)
    611 - Child abduction is not funny ("F*** you Mongolians! Don't break down my wall!")
    612 - A ladder to heaven (USA government: "We must... bomb heaven.")
    613 - The return of the Lord of the Rings to the 2 Towers ("I want my Precious...")
    614 - The death Camp of Tolerance (Lemmiwink: the gerbil's quest)
    615 - The biggest Douche in the Universe ("Ladies and gentlemen: John Edwards")
    616 - My future self 'n' me (parental hypocrisy)
    617 - Red sleigh down (Santa goes in Irak)...more info

  • Get a Grip
    Come on everybody this is a review for South Park season six not some outlet for your politcol points of view nobody really cares about hearing that. They care about reading what you think about South Park season six because that's why they came to read the reviews to decide to buy it or not. So please disclose your politicol points of view for everyones sake.

    Now on to the review this is a great season of South Park it's got great episodes, classics if you will. The best episode has to be Freak Strike. So when this box set comes out everyone should buy it. It's a small price to pay for classic episodes of South Park and it has laughs aplenty....more info
  • Not their greatest but definately hilarious stuff
    Unlike the Simpsons which hasn't really been that great since season 10 or 11, South Park arguably never seems to have one outright bad season (even season 7 had its moments). And so we have season 6 which has some average episodes but not really any filler. There's some show classics, season highlights and episodes that may not be as memorable but will usually contain an incredibly hilarious moment.

    Jared Has Aides: A misunderstanding regarding Aides and Aids leads Jared of the Subway commercials to become hated in town. Not really a favorite but it's definately got funny parts including the City Wok guy.
    A**pen: The gang goes to Aspen with Stan reluctantly having to save a youth center in an obvious poke at 80's sport movies.
    Freak Strike: The boys try to get a free prize by pretending Butters is deformed on the Maury show. Not bad but kinda gross.
    The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer: The boys have to suffer through Russell Crowe's tv show to see the titular trailer. Very funny trailer when they actually show it.
    Fun With Veal: Stan kidnaps baby cows and barricades himself in his room to avoid the cows turning into veal. Not bad.
    Professor Chaos: Adorable Butters snaps when he's fired as the 4th friend and creates his alter-ego intent on doom and destruction.

    Simpsons Already Did It: Butters/Professor Chaos can't seem to come up with a good scheme that the Simpsons haven't already done.
    Red Hot Catholic Love: They take on the Catholic church when priests admit they've molested young boys.
    Free Hat: If you hated the changes to the Star Wars trilogy and E.T, this episode is up your alley.
    Bebe's (....) Destroy Society: Kind of meh episode when Bebe's growing body attracts the boys without them knowing why.
    Child Abduction is Not Funny: A hilarious episode with parents overreacting to new abduction studies. City Wok guy steals the show.

    A Ladder to Heaven: In a comment on the 9/11 sentimentality, everyone think it's cute the boys try to build a ladder to heaven to see Kenny.
    The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers: The boys roleplay when they have to return the movie to the video store, only it's mixed with a (....).
    The Death Camp of Tolerance: Mr. Garrison tries to get fired so he can sue for wrongful termination while Lemmiwinks, the class gerbil takes a perilous journey...inside Garrison's teacher's aid.
    The Biggest Douche in the Universe: Kind of okay. Massive pot shots against John Edward and Rob Schneider's movies as of late.
    My Future Self N'Me: Future Stan visits to scare Stan into not trying drugs. Butters lines about the newspaper ads are hysterical.
    Red Sleigh Down: Santa is shot down over Iraq and the boys and Jesus have to rescue him.

    Like many South Park seasons, each episode is great in its own way save for some average ones but rarely do you find an outright clunker. May not be a perfect season, but it's sure a funny one....more info
  • Fun for southpark fans
    This season is among the funniest out yet and the commentary from trey and matt is hillarious!...more info
  • It just keeps getting better and better
    Ok so Cartmans voice changes, big deal, this season still kicks butt. The Russel Crowe episode is hillarious! Pay no attention to those losers who gave this DVD a bad review simply because they cant take a joke. They need to develop a sense of humor or find something else to do with their time besides sitting in their parents basement writing stupid comments online all day. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT WATCH IT! I dont need to hear you b#%$@ and complain! Hippies...more info
  • This series makes family guy looks like trash
    Is the best series on the whole planet, i can't wait more gor this wonderfull season....more info
  • South Park 6th Season
    My husband loves South Park so it was easy to log on and buy him his DVD....more info
  • Great....when it comes out
    Im very excited for this release....Anyone who thinks that this is the beginning of Sout Park's "downward Spiral" is not a true south park fan. I mean come awn!

    *Asspen- Hilarious....."more like stan darsh!!" hahaha, classic!

    *the new terrance a phillip trailer- "oh my god its russel crow, why dont you go fu*k yourself you c*nt" another great episode"

    *Proffessor Chaos...the beginning of a legend, right?

    *Simpsons already did it- MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF ALL!. "close your eyes and suck it out of a hose"....effing hilarious man

    *A ladder to heaven- "where were you, when they built the ladder to heaven"...another classic

    *The death camp of tolerence- another goodie

    *My future self n' me- another standout

    *Red sleigh down- HANDS DOWN THE BEST CHRISTMAS EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!! I mean they electricute santa's balls for cryin out loud!!!

    *** Those, in my opinion, are the best of season 6. The other episodes arent bad by any means...but not the highlights of the season. IF YOUR A SOUTH PARK FAN WHY WOULD YOU NOT GET THIS?...more info
  • south park rulez
    funniest cartoon ever!
    * The Biggest Douche in the Universe
    really funny. biggest douche=John Edward
    * Professor Chaos
    Butters is really funny
    * Asspen
    They go to aspen
    * Freak Strike
    funny. fake dick rulez
    * Jared Has Aides
    kinda boring
    * The Terrance & Phillip Movie
    never saw
    * Fun With Veal
    * Simpsons Already Did It
    * Red Hot Catholic Love
    very funny. queen spider! ha, you'll love it.
    * Free Hat
    * Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
    what happens when girls grow boobs
    * Child Abduction is Not Funny
    ha. very funny. mongols vs. chinese
    * A Ladder to Heaven
    the ending was funny. god wasn't really bright
    * The Death Camp of Tolerance
    * My Future Self n' Me
    funny. in the middle when the imposter had his hand cut off, i nearly laughed myself to death
    * Red Sleigh Down
    boring though the jesus scene was kinda like madness combat. except jesus died saving Santa and CHristmas
    * Lord of the Rings Return of the King
    BEST EPISODE EVER. when butters borrows the return of the king from either stan or kyle, i forgot, butters accidentally takes a porno. this episode is exactly like lord of the rings. butters is corrupted by the video and the sixth graders come after the gang searching for the video. will stan, kyle, and eric destroy (return) the video in time?

    this season along with every other season is a must.
    -great plot
    -funny jokes

    what else can you ask for? ...more info
  • Great season, usual poor "Special Features"...
    This is one of my favorite SP seasons...Stone and Parker finally ditched the tired, unfunny Kenny gag and brought in Butters. If you love the Butters character as I do, this is the season for you.

    Lots of bad taste and edgy humor in this season. Subway Jared loves eatin' "sammiches" and thinks "everyone should have aides". The Simpson get ripped on, or maybe paid homage, funny episode either way. The infamous Lord of the Rings parody where Butters turns into Gollum under the influence of a misplaced porno tape. Jesus Christ Action Star. And on and on. This is a great season!

    I deduct one star though, because the special features are even worse than usual. Many episodes don't even have mini-commentaries. Comedy Central needs to do better on this, until they do, I'm more inclined to just TIVO the episodes and forget about shelling out for the DVDs....more info
  • Overall ; more great stuff from south park!
    South park has matured in the past seasons and it still continues as far as it goes season 6 was the first season without Kenny but it was still hilarious.This season doesnt miss funny episodes as `the return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers`wich is one of the funniest south park episodes ever.

    Season 6 is one of the best south park seasons and
    If you like Butters then you will enjoy this season as he appears a good part of the season,as he is replacing Kenny,becomes proffesor chaos.For all of the season they have problems with Kenny`s replacement as it was first Butters then Tweek.But that doesnt stop the show from being good.

    There arent a lot of bad episodes the only ones i dont like is `jared has aides`and `the new terrance and philip movie trailler`exept that the season was solid.The best episodes are;`the return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers`,`Professor chaos`,`the simpsons did it`,a ladder to heaven` and others.

    This season has a lot of stuff happening like Butters and Tweek replacing Kenny,Kenny `soul gets trapped into Cartman`s body,the lord of the ring parody,Tweek almost gets abducted and many more season 6 is rich in weird plots and humor.As season 4 showed lot of Timmy,season 5 showed Jimmy season 6 now shows a lot of Butters.

    The episode list;
    disc 1

    602-Jared has aides(jared says he has aides and people think its aids`)
    603-Asspen(the kids `s families decide to go sking in asspen)
    601-Freak strike(they put balls on butter`s chin and sent him to a disfigured people show while cartman goes to a show for the most uncontrol kid to win )
    604-Fun with veal(the kids tries to save cows)
    605-The new terrance and philip movie trailler(the kids have to watch russel crowe to see the terrance and philip trailler in the comercials)
    606-Professor chaos(Butters become proffesor chaos and tries to dominate the world)

    607-The simpsons already did it(every plot professor chaos comes up with,the simpsons did it)
    608-Red hot catolic love(occurs with catolic sex abuses by mens to kid)
    609-Free hat(the guys tries to save directors from remaking their movies)
    610-Bebe`s boobs destroys society(the boys gets over bebe after they discover she has .....)
    611-Child abduction is not funny(Tweek almost gets abducted and the parents wants a brick wall around the towns)

    disc 3
    612-A ladder to heaven(the boys build a ladder to heaven to reach kenny)
    613-The return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers(stan`s parents give a mission to them ;go give the lord of the ring tape they rented to butter`s parents,but they left a porno in it)
    614-The death camp of tolerance(m.r garrison tries to get fired from his job as the boys`s teacher)
    615-The biggest douche in the universe(They try to get kenny out of cartman`s body)
    616-My future self`n`me(the parents pay a guy to be stan`s future self to get him to never touch drugs but stan discovers it)
    617-Red slight down(cartman has to do a nice one to get a christmas present as he helps santa,m.r hankey and jesus to bring christmas to iraq)

    One of the best season of south park ,they leave the kiddy humor of the first seasons and instead bring in the mature humor to make a great season you can see here that the plots are more mature and there is nothing wrong against that.There are about no special features only short comentaries comedy central quickies.

    Despite Kenny`s death they were still able to make a great season with awesome episodes i congradulate Trey parker and Matt stone.Its the most recent season released as south park season 7th comes out march 21.

    I recomend it!...more info
    As a HUGE south park fan I feel that out of all the seasons there is none which can compare to this one, every episode is brilliant, buy it now!...more info
  • Wow this Mathew Hullman is an idiotic piece of white trash!
    Well What can I say, once Cartman's voice started to change, the whole series went straight to hell. However this season is not as bad, and pathetic as the current ninth season, with only 2 decent episodes, and the rest is crappy filler, be it Matt & Treys personal opinion (The idiotic episode with the hippies), just plain disgusting (mentally handicapped jimmy seeing a hooker), or just not funny, (trying to loose little league games so they don't have to play all summer). However, I'll save all of the crappy ninth season episodes for when that DVD comes out, and I don't buy it. This 6th season is when it starts getting bad. There's the episode, where the boys fire Butters, lets face it, I was hoping Butters would open a can of whoop ass on the brats in that episode, instead, the outcome is something very dull and not funny.
    As far as Mathew Hullman is concerened, you are an idiot, why don't you give Bill O'Liely's book a rave review and try to convince us on how much he's such a great "middle-of-the-road" (Bullsh**, he's more extremely right than Bob Dole) while your at it. The John Edwards/John Kerry remarkds where moronic!!...more info
  • The Ghost of Human Kindness
    In my opinion, "Child Abdcution Is Not Funny" is one of, if not the funniest South Park episodes of all time.

    This is simply one of the most classic seasons of SP, so worth it....more info
  • Fast shipping and great quality
    I received my order in a timely manner and it was in great condition. Thank you so much! ...more info
  • Funny episodes included in the Season 6 DVD set
    Included in the Season 6 DVD set is "The Return of Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers" episode, one of the funniest South Park episodes ever! In that episode, a parody of the LOTR movie, the 6th graders are attracted to the power of an adult DVD, unknown to the main characters Kyle, Stan and Cartman, who surmise that the DVD's powers are great and must be destroyed. On their journey to destroy the DVD, they encounter many funny obstacles along the way.

    Other episodes included in the DVD set are:

    * The Biggest Douche in the Universe (very funny parody of the John Edwards show)
    * Professor Chaos (funny episode on Butters)
    * Asspen
    * Freak Strike
    * Jared Has Aides
    * The Terrance & Phillip Movie
    * Fun With Veal
    * Simpsons Already Did It
    * Red Hot Catholic Love
    * Free Hat
    * Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
    * Child Abduction is Not Funny
    * A Ladder to Heaven
    * The Death Camp of Tolerance
    * My Future Self n' Me
    * Red Sleigh Down ...more info
  • "Stan Darsh..."
    They have done it again! Season 6 furthers the greatness of South Park and the misadventures of the boys.

    As we remember, Kenny is dead, so someone has to fill in the gap. Butters is automatically the new friend for Stan, Kyle, and Cartman. However, this soon wears off as the original three kick Butters out for being too lame. In this episode "Professor Chaos", after Butters is kicked out of the group of friends, he goes home and creates his evil alter ego: PROFESSOR CHAOS! His attempts at revenge, though, fail miserably, even after taking in a new sidekick, General Disarray (who is first grader Dougie from the third season). Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman are trying to fill the void left by Butters left by Kenny. So, they end up choosing Tweek...who doesn't turn out to be a very good replacement for Kenny, either.

    The absolutely funniest episode this season happens to not belong to Cartman this time. Instead, it belongs to Randy Marsh and Mr. Liu Kim, owner of City Wok. The episode is "Child Abduction is Not Funny". Mr. Liu hash to buird city warr. And he rearry pissed at those Mongorians who come and try to break down his warr. Randy Marsh's stupidity delves deeper as he thinks that his son has become a Mongolian and forgotten who he was. He tries to speak Mongolian, and then he talks dumb English. "Stan. Your name is Stan...Yes, son. Remember, son. Reeeemeeeeeeeembeeeeerrrrrr." (It's funnier on screen, trust me.)

    This season also makes fun of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. When the boys get mad about the directors changing the original movies over and over, they start an organization to stop them from ruining more movies. (The only reason I am mentioning this episode exclusively besides being funny, it is also true. While the new Indiana Jones movie is not a remake, it IS a change from the actually good Indiana Jones movies. WHAT HAPPENED TO STEVEN SPIELBERG AND GEORGE LUCAS?!)

    In conclusion, another stellar season from the inventive creators, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone. May their fortunes continue to shine upon their imaginations as they move on to Season 7....more info