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Schwinn TrackRack 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
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Product Description

2 Bike Vehicle Carrier, Come Pre-Assembled, Mounts In Minutes, Fits Most Vehicles Including Sedans, Hatch Backs & Square Backs, Folds Quickly & Easily For Compact Storage, Grips All Bike Frame Sizes Easily.

Get your motor running and head out to your favorite bike trails with the Schwinn 170R trunk rack, which can carry two bikes. It features four straps that secure the rack to your vehicle and patented, coated "S" gutter hooks that fit a wider range of vehicle trunk hinge lines. It offers easily adjustable support arms, bike hold-downs that separate and firmly hold the two bikes, and a narrow frame configuration that fits a wider array of bikes. This rack folds down for compact, convenient storage.

About Schwinn
Founded in 1895, Schwinn is an American icon that has been synonymous with quality and innovation. They have built some of the best-known and best loved bikes of numerous generations--Aerocycle, Paramount, Phantom, Varsity, Sting-Ray, Krate and Homegrown. Today, Schwinn continues to be a leader in the industry with innovative bikes such as the new Sting-Ray, Rocket mountain bikes, and Fastback road bikes. With a continued dedication to quality, forever synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle brand looks forward to providing another century of innovation, freedom and performance to people of all ages.

  • Two-bike trunk rack with narrow frame configuration to fit wide variety of bikes
  • Fits regular trunks to square back SUVs and minivans
  • Coated "S" gutter hooks fit a wider range of vehicle trunk hinge lines
  • Bike hold-downs that separate and firmly hold bikes
  • 4 straps secure rack to vehicle

Customer Reviews:

  • Do not buy
    I wouldn't give this one star if I had that choice. We bought this carrier when we bought new bikes. We installed it correctly and after driving only a few miles the straps holding one of the bikes detached and dropped my brand new $1200 bike to the ground. Buy this only if you do not care if your bikes fly off....more info
  • Good for me
    Bought this at Target for $40. Opened the box and found a vehicle compatibility guide and a referral to saris website. It seems to be the same as the Saris Sentinel 2 bike. I was a little concerned since I had never used a rack before and this one did not have side straps, just top and bottom. Instructions say to check it in 30 miles and then every 200. Took it 1250 miles from Omaha to Boise using a Pontiac Vibe with one bike on it. Never had to tighten a strap. Very happy with it for only $40. 4 stars because I don't know if having two bikes on it would have a negative effect....more info
  • Low price, works only for driving slowly
    This rack is a little disappointment for me. It easy to setup but it really designed for toys bikes that has no weight. With adult full size bikes, it has no way to hold when car is driving on regular car speed. First of all, they should have six straps that can hold the rack steady and this rack only has 4. Second, straps are easy to get loose. Third, the brakets that hold the bicycle are no way to tight up. They use 4 plastic botton and 4 holes on the plastic strap to connect in order to hold the bicycles, which is too week and very easy to just open the connection when the car moves fast.

    To make use of this rack, you have to use some other assistant. I bought a basket of bangee cords and use them tight up bike with rack....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time.
    I would give this no stars if possible. Held the bikes fine, but the rack did not stay on the car. We had to pull over several times to tighten the straps. Eventually, we got SO frustrated that we took the bikes off the rack, took the wheels off and put them in the car! HUGE waste of time and money. Do not buy this product! ...more info
  • Didn't fit my car despite fitting guide saying it should
    I bought this rack at Target after checking the vehicle compatability guide, which said that it would fit my 1999 Buick Regal (special instructions to attach straps under the plastic bumper to the frame). When I tried to install the rack, the straps were not long enough to attach to the frame. Luckily I was able to return it....more info
  • Straps come loose!!
    I purchased this rack to use on a Ford Escape. I mounted the rack and tightened the straps a tight as possible. After a brief drive the lower straps came completely off. I retightened them and continued. They came off again. They then came off a third time. I then went home dropped off my bikes, went to a bike store and bought a real bike rack. Don't trust your bikes to this rack!!...more info
  • Not too shabby
    This rack was $40 from Target, so I can't complain. The directions were terrible, but I figured it out on my own. I had to stop after 10 minutes because my bike was bouncing around. I adjusted the bike and put it in a different position, as the rack is made for a man's bike and mine is a woman's. After that, it worked great! It didn' sway or bounce around, didn't damage my car, and lasted for 4 hours on a windy coast road to and from.
    Felt safe with it on. You may have to ajust it for your own bike, but it works fine. I couldn't complain since it was $40 dollars and worked fine....more info