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Bell Gel Relief Bicycle Seat Cover
List Price: $16.99

Our Price: $16.98

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  • Use for your bike or take to the gym for comfortable indoor training
  • Soft, super thick layer of GelFusion+ gel is concentrated right under sit bones for maximum relief
  • Breathable, stretch Lycra cover
  • Improved anti-slip gripping material underneath
  • Drawstring system holds cover securely in place

Customer Reviews:

  • best bike seat
    Bel gel releif bicycle seat has relieved problems caused by my old bicycle seat that I did not realize were being caused by it until recently. I hope to equiip any bike I get int the furure with this Bel seat. Howard...more info
  • Bell has apparently changed the design of this seatpad (for the worse).
    I first bought a Bell Gel Fusion + seatpad many months ago. I still have it and it's very comfortable. I just bought another one the other day since I let my nephew use mine because he just learned to ride, and it is quite a different seatpad than the first one. It seems identical, with the depression in the middle, but it would barely fit my bike seat after much stretching. It is also noticeably firmer than the first seat, particularly on the sides of the depression. This makes it uncomfortable. I don't know if Bell still sells the version I bought before (I bought the new one at Wal*Mart). I plan to try to find a used one that was made a couple of years ago or so....more info
  • Great Seat cover - But....
    Great Seat - sadly it did not fit over my spin cycle seat at the gym. I've returned the item and await credit....more info
  • It's not very good.
    It's not very good because it cannot tightly fit on the seat (keep moving. It would be better if using non-flexible texture....more info
  • Pleases my butt
    First off, I put this on my girlfriend's Gary Fisher Tarpon. It's 3 times more comfortable as before. The gel gives very good support to the rear part of your "end" (Area closer to your tailbone). I use the Bell Contour gel seat cover but find this Bell Relief one more to be more comfortable. Unlike other reviews, I found the seat cover quite tight/stable. It has that rubber like surface on the bottom that grips on to your original seat pretty well. Given no seat cover can stay 100% without any movement at all, this one stays on your seat perfectly fine. If you feel it shifts too much, tie a knot with the two strings around the seat post for extra security. I recommend this seat cover for anyone who likes doing light trail/dirt or just road biking....more info
  • Yes, it feels less painful for sure
    Maybe I shouldn't have read other reviews before I purchased this.
    I think I expected some kind of miracle out of this product.
    It was not as great as I expected.
    Honestly I did not feel must relief as other users felt at first, even though it was better than nothing.
    And then about a month passed, now I'm starting to get used to it.
    It's quite OK.
    At the price of $13.99, I think it's quite OK.
    It's not like riding a bike sitting on clouds, and yet, it feels much less painful.
    I don't think I could ride my bike without it anymore.
    ...more info
  • Hated it!!
    I bought this to use in Spin classes at the gym but experienced one of my most uncomfortable classes ever as a result. First, it barely fit on the seat. My primary complaint, however, is that the gel in the back half of the cover is quite a bit thicker than the gel in the front...this essentially put me on a slope. If I let go with one hand to grab my water or tried to sit up straight, the seat would essentially propel me forward -- my pelvis would tilt at an awkward angle and I'd have to grab onto the handles to keep from losing my balance. It wasn't too bad when I was leaning forward resting on the handles, but even then I had to be careful to not slide forward and down the slope of the seat cover. As far as I'm concerned, it was money wasted and I'll never use it again!! I'd rather go without a gel cover at all. Maybe I'll leave it at the gym and hope someone steals it. ...more info
  • Your butt will thank you
    This seat is great. I started taking spinning classes recently and the seats on those bikes are torture! After spending $30 on a pair of padded biking shorts, I'd still feel the pain. I don't feel any pain when I use this seat cover, though. It feels a bit awkward until you get used to it, because of the space in the middle. But, that space really does reduce the amount of pressure you feel right on the bone.

    Sometimes I wear my biking shorts in addition to using the seat, and then I REALLY feel good! I could spin all day and night that way. But, if I had to choose between either the shorts or the seat cover, I'd definitely go with the seat.

    I haven't tried any other seats out there, so I don't how it compares to those. It does appear to be one of the cheapest, though....more info
  • Seat Cushions do nothing comfortable for the rider!
    WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!! I bought this cushion, becasue the seat that came on my cycle was very small for my large bottom! LOL!! I am an amateur cyclist doing alot of MS150 and charity riding. When I started, like everybody I was very saddle sore and thought I needed padding. What people dont realize is experience brings caluses and with that seat cushion, it negates the caluses and also cuts off blood flow. When this happens you then experience numbness and tingling in your lower extremities. Common sense would tell you that that is not a good thing for long distance cycling. Eat you wheaties and tought through it. Also, the cheap drawstring that holds in onto your seat breaks so quicly, that you might as well buy a cushioned "Granny" seat before wasting your money that is going to fly off a quarter into any long ride! WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!!...more info