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ZyXEL P330W 802.11g Wireless Router
List Price: $43.99

Our Price: $33.90

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Product Description

ZyXEL P-330W 802.11g Wireless Router - This router is the backbone of a home network. With notebook and desktop computers equipped with optional 802.11g network cards, you can wirelessly access the Internet and share files from nearly any location in your home. A built-in 4-port 10/100 Ethernet switch allows for traditional wired network access as well. Network Address Translation Dynamic DNS DHCP Client/Server Diagnostic Tools Works with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems

  • Advanced WPA2 security
  • Network Magic for Personal Network Management
  • Built-in 4-port switch features Auto-MDI/MDIX technology
  • Wi-Fi certified 802.11g access point
  • WPA2 Encryption Support

Customer Reviews:

  • Good features, great price, one bug found
    This is one of the few devices I've found that can be a bridge (a wireless Ethernet device), an AP/Router, or a WISP router. And for the money, this is a great buy.

    I had a problem making WPA work in client/bridge mode, but I found a workaround that I'll share:

    There is a bug in the P-330W Wireless / Security screen. The WPA/WPA2 TKIP Passphrase field is not storing the passphrase correctly.

    I can reproduce this 100% of the time.


    Avoid the Wireless / Security settings entirely

    1. Click on P-330W Setup Wizard
    2. at WAN Interface Setup, click Next
    3. at Wireless Basic Settings, set the SSID for the AP of which you want this bridge to be a client, click Next
    4. at Wireless Security Setup, choose the WPA(TKIP) method (I did not try the other two WPA methods, but this probably applies to any WPA method with a passphrase).
    5. Click Finish
    6. Click Wireless / Basic Settings
    7. Set Mode to Client, click Save

    With this issue resolved, I'm enjoying this device very much....more info
  • Excellent unit, Easy Set up, Great Price!!!!
    I purchased this unit because my linksys cable modem/wireless router combined unit was not working (despite being brand new) with my system. I hooked back up my motarola surfboard and this unit, and within 20 minutes I had internet on my wireless notebook and on my desktop. Very easy set up, easy to follow book and instructions, and CD support software is excellent also. Customer service was also direct, to the point, and quickly answered my one question I had. Highly recommended, nice product....more info
  • Excellent Router
    I highly recommend this router. I had the exact same model, but an earlier firmware that worked splendidly for 3 years. It is highly configurable and, if my first one is any indication, lasts a long time....more info
  • Great as a cheap bridge
    Purchased this router a couple of years ago for use of its bridge feature. I don't have an Ethernet cable running near my TV/DVR. But, I wanted to add a Slinbox to the configuration; the Slingbox requires Ethernet access. Instead of running cable, I purchased the P330W for a very cheap price. The steps to configure it as a bridge were not that obvious; otherwise, I would give it 5 stars. You should be technically knowledgeable to attempt the bride mode setup. I ran my Ethernet cable from by Slingbox to the P330W and it bridged the connection to my wireless router.

    A couple of years later, no problems, no reboots, runs like a champ and not bad (industrial) looking either. Its fits in well in my den....more info
  • Many bugs that are not considered bugs by customer support
    UPDATED 2Oct06: I finally sorted out my issues with these routers. They do not document that BRIDGE mode can only actually wirelessly bridge a single MAC address. You must use WDS to connect one LAN with many devices to another LAN. It works great now, very solid. Their own tech support had no idea, but a very helpful forum gave me that info. It's not a flaw with their product, but with the way wireless bridging protocol was designed. WDS fixes those issues, though it's not completely standard, so make sure you buy the same device for both endpoints (or check compatibility online by testimonials).

    I have a few gripes about this product, because I purchased two of them based largely on the strength of its features (good chipset and WPA2), and the fact that most of the online reviews were positive. I am a computer professional with many years of networking and programming experience, so I have some familiarity with this kind of technology.

    My specific situation was that I had a long cable run that I thought was dropping out on occasion, so I thought, "Hey, let's try a wireless router and a wireless bridge instead!" What a can of worms that turned out to be. I bought one to be my main router, and another to be used in bridge mode exclusively. I thought that they'd have the best chance of interoperating correctly if they were from the same manufacturer, and in fact the same product.

    I flashed the bios to the newest revision as soon as I got them plugged in--that was really easy. This review pertains to Firmware Version: P-330W_V1.7 (10 Aug 2006) Great job on that much, ZyXEL.

    The P-330W does not handle a lot of trivial things correctly. The box I connected to my cable modem does not know how to respond to your external IP address if you ping it from inside your LAN. This means you cannot easily use DDNS or run a domain name from home, because you cannot use that name to access your own server. This is completely asinine. Product support says that is a feature they don't support, and will not plan to do so. Even the cheapest wired routers I've had could do this.

    The P-330W, when set up in bridge mode, does not properly transmit DHCP signals. I have two Windows XP machines over the bridge and they cannot under any circumstances retrieve IP addresses from it over the bridge. If I plug them into the long hardwired cable which goes into the back of the router itself, I get IP addresses fine. One of the XP machines was a fresh install that day, so I know it's not funky in any way.

    The P-330W does not allow my machines connected through the hardwire to 'see' my machines on the other side of the wireless bridge. The machines on this side of the bridge can see the hardwired computers. WTF? I have linux machines and XP machines over the bridge and both show the same symptoms. When I switch back to using the long hardwired cable, everything sees each other fine. Again, the bridge feature is letting me down.

    My final three quick gripes: 1) in router mode, it loses connection daily almost, so I am forced to reboot it... rebooting the cable modem is not necessary, but I tried to isolate which box was causing the problem, and it's the P-330W for sure. 2) This is exacerbated by a lack of a REBOOT button on the configuration web page (which would make the issue a tiny bit less annoying as I could at least then set up a script to reboot it daily) 3) There is no way to see what the DNS servers are going to be if they are gathered from your ISP automatically. You can override whatever it is, but you actually have to go to a machine using DHCP to figure out what your ISP says to use as DNS servers. This is a serious issue if you are forced to use static IPs over a bridge due to broken DHCP. Or you call your ISP and pester them for the DNS server IPs. Very annoying.

    Finally, the steps involved in setting up any kind of bridge is a little convoluted. The product support reps send you a PowerPoint that gives you the instructions you need to do it step-by-step, which is great. I followed it exactly. Still has the same problems. I had a very pleasant conversation back and forth that never seemed to resolve anything, but at least it was pleasant. Again, good for ZyXEL for having customer support that didn't suck. They're just trying to support a broken product the best they can.

    For these many reasons, and the many hours over weeks I have put my unpaid time into these broken devices, I give the product a 2. Unfortunately, most consumer networking products are probably a 3, this is worse than average....more info
  • Drops Connections with Apple Equipment
    I used it for about a month to connect an Apple MacBook and an Airport Express to it. The wifi connection was frequently dropped, on average about once every 30 minutes. Updating the firmware did not fix the problem. I replaced it with a Linksys WRT54G and that router works perfectly. So I blame the Zyxel router. I have not tested it with non-Apple equipment....more info
  • Someone needed to give it a 3!
    I agree with the people on the lower number reviews in that, over time, I noticed that this router tended to drop the signal and had to be reset. by the time I got fed up, it was happening about once a week.

    On the other hand, all the other routers I have tried in my house have some strange little quirks, too, and it wasn't all that hard to unplug it, count to 10 and plug it back in.

    On the plus side, it was really inexpensive (Amazon's price is pretty high for this thing), easy to figure out, and the bridge mode and other little features have been really sweet. I rebuild Macs and other computers out in my garage, and I was hating running a 30-ft wire out there just so I could get online with things as I was installing. With bridge mode engaged (and that has not dropped out on me yet, BTW), I can plug in just about any computer and get online right away. I don't think I would buy it again to use as my primary router (nothing I've ever used beats a Belkin N1), but it is a handy and relatively low-cost addition to my "tool set."...more info
  • Good Entry Level Features and easy to setup.
    THE GOOD: This is a great product and easy to use right out of the box especially if you have a cable modem. DSL is pretty easy as well, but requires a few more steps. This is the perfect product for someone who is setting up their first wireless home network or does not require the advanced features of the router. I was up and running in about 5 minutes with P-330W.
    Price and features! I made the switch from cable modem to SBC Yahoo DSL and needed something that supported PPPOE (point to point protocol over ethernet) something required by many DSL providers. I have a Linksys WRTG54 that have been using for a year and absolutely love (loved) until it came time to hook it up to DSL. For some reason it never kept a consistent internet connection and was constantly renewing it's IP address or was just in a disconnected state. After about 5 minutes of googling it was obviously I was in for a fight if I wanted to continue using the Linksys router. So I wanted to find an inexpensive router that had dynamic dns, pppoe, and port forwarding.
    THE BAD: The only real complaint that I have about the router is that it has limited ability to forward many ports. It supports a few predefined services. You cannot add additional service ports. :(
    If you are a beginner and don't know what dynamic dns or port forwarding is, or have a very simple network: such as a network that is not running a web or FTP server; then this is a great product for the price.
    If you are more experienced and have multiple services you are wanting to expose to the internet, then this is not the product for you.
    ****If you are looking for a router you can control and tinker with, I highly suggest the Linksys WRTG54, it runs on open source Linux and there are many many hacks you can do to it customize.

    Bryon Gaskin info
  • Good Router
    Zyxel has **OUTSTANDING** customer support and any issues you have with the product is handled by a knowledgeable American. Problems solved in a jiffy (due to my ignorance with networking). I had another router from another company and wasted hours dealing with a script reading incompetent from their outsourced India office.

    Zyxel has a great rep for making terric products and this unit is no different. Get the latest firmware (a thing you should do with ANY routing gear) which solves some peoples disconnection issues and you're good to go!

    Remember, with any networking equipment, if you're patching different gear (i.e. access points, routers) with B, G or N from different companies and you have either cable or DSL, you're goimng to have to do different things in the setup. And that's where customer support comes in to the rescue for perfect customization.

    Zyxel is thumbs up all the way!...more info