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Korg TM-40 Large Display Digital Tuner and Metronome
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Product Description

Korg tuners and metronomes are acclaimed for their extremely high accuracy and superb features. Korg TM-40 combines these two functions into a single compact easy-to-use unit. A great lesson and practice tool, the TM-40 offers both tuner and metronome functions simultaneously or independently in a handheld unit that you can carry everywhere. Its large LCD-type needle delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and the excellent visibility of a needle indicator. It also has LED indicators that show pitch deviation or blink to indicate the tempo, making the TM-40 a highly visual tool.
The TM-40's Calibration setting is adjustable in a range of 410~480 Hz to accommodate a variety of tuning standards. The calibration can be adjusted in 1 Hz steps, letting you accurately tune to any song or key. Memory backup is also provided so that the Calibration and Sound Out ( 12 NOTES or ABb ) settings are remembered even when the power is turned off. When intervals of a third are played out of tune in the context of a brass band, orchestra, or other ensemble, it is particularly noticeable. But those intervals can be made to blend more pleasantly by slightly adjusting them (relative to the equal-tempered pitch) to a pure major or minor third. The TM-40's meter scale provides markings to indicate pitches of a pure major and pure minor third relative to a selected pitch. By tuning your instrument so that the meter's indicator needle points to these markings, you can ensure beautiful harmonies when playing in an ensemble. This capability is very useful not only for wind instruments, but also for vocal or a cappella practice.
The metronome section offers convenient functions for practicing a variety of music. Beat mode - choose from preset patterns. Beat mode lets you choose a preset tempo and time signature, and Tap mode lets you specify your own tempo. It contains a large speaker that produces a clear and distinct metronome sound

  • Scale: 2 note equal temperament
  • Detection Range*: C1 (32.70Hz) C5 (4186.01Hz) for a sine wave
  • Reference Tone: C4 (261.63Hz) C5 (523.25Hz) One octave or A Bb
  • Tuning Modes: Meter mode (AUTO), Sound Out mode (MANUAL)
  • Calibration Range: A4 = 410Hz 480Hz

Customer Reviews:

  • Does a great job!
    Bought it for my son who plays the viola. Has helped him tremendously and he loves the tuning feature. It works great, nice and load but not annoying to others. Definitely worth the cost....more info
  • Great device!
    I'm really impressed with this item and so was my music teacher. I'm an adult student taking private flute lessons again after playing flute all through junior high and high school. My instructor has a Korg metronome and a separate Korg tuner that we use during lessons, and she suggested that I may want to buy these items as well. In order not to make two purchases I bought the combined metronome and tuner. I wasn't aware that was an option until I went on line looking for those two items. The combined unit has all the features that each separate one has. It works really well and does the job it's intended to do. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Korg TM-40 tuner - very happy
    I purchased one for myself and half a dozen for my students and am very pleased with the TM-40's ease of use. I don't care for tuners that only respond to normal guitar pitches because if a student's guitar is way out of tune, they have no idea where they are. With a chromatic tuner they can see exactly where the string is and which way to tune it. I like the large display. And can you believe it, batteries are included! 2 thumbs up....more info
  • Excellent Music Product
    This instrument has helped my son learn his music. It is very inexpensive and provides both pitch and timing. He now has a much more professional sound even though he has played the trumpet only one year....more info
  • One of the must-have musician gadget
    I use this everyday to tune in my bass, and my brother use it to tune the guitar. This thing is great. It also serves as a metronome and can be used to practice your rhythm. This little thing is something you cannot live without. Get one if you play an instrument. ...more info
  • Good for a single package, but there are better
    Pros: It's a good tuner, it's a good metronome, and it's a great combination package. The flip-out stand on the back makes it easier to see than when it's lying flat. The metronome has excellent selections of different rhythms and is easy to program.

    Cons: the buttons on the front are raised on top of other raised areas, and it's too easy to accidentally turn the unit on. The tuning sound activated once in my pocket while I was sitting in the audience at a band contest. Also, unlike the CA-30 tuner, this one favors higher notes strongly over bass and makes it difficult to tune low instruments in a noisy environment.

    Also, it quit working suddenly after about a year. Other people I know who've had this tuner have complained about lack of durability....more info
  • birthday gift
    My daughter is getting a second Masters - this time in electronic music. This is what she wanted for her birthday. It arrived quickly and in perfect order. She is happy, so I am happy....more info
  • novice with tuner and metronome
    this is a great product for a new beginner who is just learning how to play and tune a guitar. you got 2 (tuner and metronome) at a great price too...more info
  • Big help for student practice!
    This tuner was a great help in monitoring my son's summer practice for band. The tuner feature allowed me to ensure he was indeed hitting the appropriate note on an instrument where fingering alone doesn't cut it (trombone). I attribute his improved reach and accuracy to practicing with this device in view. The price was reasonable and it works!...more info
  • Korg TM-40 Metro/Tuner
    Very satisfied with this product. My daughter uses it with her violin. I researched other brands and this was clearly the best choice for our needs and price range. Many other brands have the speaker on the back, which makes no sense at all. Well designed, quality tool that should last for several years....more info
  • Useful gadget
    The Korg TM-40 is as hoped: small, accurate, easy to use. It is a popular item... as it should be....more info
  • compact and easy to use
    really like this product - only reason 4 out of 5 stars is that the packaging (for mailing) was a bit skimpy and the product's box was smashed. product was fine in spite of this....more info
  • Good deal for the price
    It works as advertised.
    Bought it about 2 months ago for $25 plus change.
    no problems so far....more info
  • Excellent Tuner for Guitar
    I recently ordered this product from Amazon to tune a Les Paul standard. I'm impressed with the ease, accuracy, and precision of this tuner. The tuner will tune to the 1/10 Hz level for those of you who are interested getting your instrument tuned as accurately as possible. For electric guitar players, tuning the intonation is a must and a tuner such as this is perfect to maintain the proper tone (or change it accurately).

    This tuner has several inputs that allow you to play an electric instrument directly into it, or you can use the speaker (as I did) which seamed to work fine. The Korg TM-40 will consistently indicate if your instrument is either flat or sharp on a given note. Overall highly recommended....more info
  • reliable, easy to use, built to last.
    Great features, large diplay, easy to use, good construction, the phone output sound could be a little bit louder though....more info
  • The Best Value for a 2-In-1 Model
    This brand came highly recommended to us by my daughters strings teacher. We did our research and ordered this one. We were not disappointed. It has been a valuable tool for helping her tune the instrument and the metronome helps her stay with the proper tempo. This is an outstanding value & a brand that is trusted for its quality & reliability by many music teachers. ...more info
  • Great!
    This metronome is by far the best I have ever used. As a college music major, I was in need of a metronome and tuner that had more advantages than my old one. I think the best feature about the Korg is that you can tap in your own tempo. Comes in handy. I'm extremely happy with my purchase....more info
  • Very Nice
    We received the product much sooner than expected. It is just what my daughter wanted.
    ...more info
  • Tuner/metronome 2-in-1 combo and richness of functions make it a great buy!
    I have owned the Korg CA30 for several years now. For someone who has to tune a hammer dulcimer, this has been a godsend! Very portable; supports chromatic tuning (12 notes) and allows you to change the reference pitch should your dulcimer pitch change.

    Just got the Korg TM-40. I think the 2-in-1 is a huge plus - lot easier to carry with you than having two separate items. Features are more than adequate for most musicians. The "Tap" function is very nice!

    First impressions are that this is another great buy!

    PS: Note that the housing is plastic, not metal. Then again, other digital tuners/metronomes are not metal....more info
  • Best Tuner and Metronome (2-in-One)
    I go for guitar lessons, before starting the class I use Korg TM-40 to tune my guitar. It provides accurate tuning. The Tempo and Tap features are really good. I really like this product. It serves my purpose....more info
  • Awesome package, nicely designed
    It really works. It has more feathers than I need and the price range is great. I bought a second one for my son as Xmas present. ...more info
  • Good...but picky
    It is a very nice tuner but no matter how hard I try I can't get in tune, either its too sharp or too flat. Maybe its just me, but otherwise this tuner is pretty good, especially for the price....more info