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Drive-In Movie Classics 50 Movie Pack
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Product Description

Studio: Digital1stop Release Date: 08/19/2008 Run time: 4233 minutes Rating: R

Customer Reviews:

  • Try as I may.
    It's all subjective of course, a matter of taste, but I'd have to be pretty desperate, or stoned into oblivion, to watch 99% of the films in this collection. Too bad. High Camp just isn't as fun as it used to be....more info
  • A mix of funny/scary and boring...
    I bought this collection for about $2 at a local supermarket(Shoprite, I think). For that price, it was definitely worth it!

    I watched two: "Moon of the Wolf" and "Mama Dracula."

    They were both incredibly boring, but according to "Bindy Sue Fr?nkščnschtein 'bigfootsalienbaby'," those are some of the worst. There was a surprising amount of nudity in the latter (and it wasn't like I was very interested, being a female not interested in females), which may explain the R-rating. It was also very hard to follow, everything was all over the place. One minute the professor was dancing with an Eastern European woman, the next, he was in a coach to Mama Dracula's castle. Although boring, some scenes were kind of funny.

    The first movie was incredibly boring, and I couldn't sit through the whole thing. The girl was killed and for about the next 15 minutes, the chief walked around talking to bland and uninteresting characters for information.

    I will watch the other movies recommended by the reviewer named above. Overall, I think $2 for anything makes it a good deal. I would buy it at the grocery store, not for $12....more info
  • a lot of watching
    It looks to be a good series of movies that will take a looong time to go through....more info
  • Great value and good time
    I really enjoyed this boxed set. I watched about 35 of the 50 movies, which is makes it a good bargain in my mind. That said, some of the movies stunk to high heaven, but some were really pretty good, and there was the added satisfaction of knowing that many of them are quite rare. Additional point: granted, the movies in this box set don't have the best sound or the best picture, they are good enough, and not every movie I see needs to be digitally remastered quality. Such discs cost money and most of these movies you wouldn't want to spend $10 a piece for. At $0.40 a piece though, watching a few of these movies is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon or a day off from work sick....more info
  • Perfect for Our Theme
    My workplace "adopted" a platoon of US soldiers in Afganistan.Each month we send packages with a theme. For October, of course, it was Halloween. The movies plus lots of popcorn and candy was the most "homey" items we could imagine. I know these movies will bring hours of fun to our troops....more info
  • When Bad Movies Happen
    This is a collection of mostly questionable movies, the primary question being--who thought they were worth making? Are there huge tax breaks for people who put up money for bad movies? There has to be an explanation.

    Many of these movies aren't just bad, they are brazenly bad, as if spiteful filmmakers made them just to insult the audience. Some of them are more like surveillance tapes than professional movies. The few that are worth seeing are undermined by dreadful picture and sound quality. Virtually every film in the collection is a bad print, with breaks, scratches, cue scribbles, or missing footage. When I say footage, I mean sizable chunks are missing from some films, from seconds to minutes. The picture will be grainy, blurry, murky, or washed out. The sound will be garbled or muffled. There is unintended buzzing, crackling, and snapping.

    On the other hand, some reviewers say these problems are part of the charm of this collection. You stand warned.

    One artfully bad movie with decent picture and sound quality is Night Train to Terror. A few more like this would have made the collection a good buy.

    There is an upside:
    I gave the collection an extra star because it might be a good buy for some people. If you have someone in your life who is going blind and/or deaf, watching these movies will give you a clue what they are going through. For someone stranded at a desolate outpost with hours to kill and no TV reception, this collection provides hours (and hours and hours) of low-cost content that conceivably beats twiddling your thumbs. One review mentions soldiers in Afghanistan as likely beneficiaries of these tastefully selected craptaculars. Don't they have satellite TV over there?

    On a portable DVD player or iPod, picture quality isn't as much of a concern. If you are flying from the United States to the Philippines or Australia, this collection might help ward off boredom on a marathon flight. I can think of better material for such an occasion, but this type of movie does have its admirers.

    And yes, as one reviewer noted, the packaging is good.
    ...more info
    A group of dumb city slickers spend the weekend of HORRORS at a country house where a MANIAC in a FRIGHT mask eliminates them one by one via garroting-hanging-chainsawing-stabbing & hatpin to the head(I hates when that happens) The acting in this makes the actors from CANNIBAL FEROX look like Sir Laurence Olivier and has thee MOST visible boom mike in movie history. Waiting in line at the D.M.V. is more entertaining. Like to thank
    my good friend Stan(runkdapunk) for he mentioned if I had SAVAGE STREETS(never even heard of it but will own) and looked through my DVD catalog and found this Gem(sheesh)...more info
  • On a 1 to 10 scale, this collection is rated: 4.1
    Drive-in movies are an all but forgotten part of the teenage-dating ritual.

    Once upon a time, on Friday and Saturday nights (weather permitting), kids everywhere would head out to their local drive-in theater, ostensibly to catch a double feature. The car would get parked in a somewhat elevated space and a tinny little speaker had to be hung on one of the two front seat windows. After lighting up a dashboard bug coil (to keep the mosquitoes away) then came the quick run to buy popcorn, french fries and Cokes. Finally, back in the car, we'd settle down and wait for the show to start.

    When the snack bar commercial started running (usually right around dusk), we all knew that soon the fun would begin! The "Coming Attractions" and a cartoon were followed by the opening credits of the first film. That was the cue for most kids to stop watching that weathered outdoor screen, and begin to watch each other (and then some). In this fashion, we happily managed to ignore some of the strangest movies ever made.

    The DRIVE-IN MOVIE CLASSICS 50 MOVIE PACK is the perfect way for those of us old enough to remember what we missed back then (and why!) to finally see exactly what was going on up there on the screen. (To the younger folks who may never have experienced a drive-in theater, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what your future parents were doing on movie nights.)

    Based on polling numbers from a film resource website, the current average 1 to 10 rating for this box set is: 4.1.

    The following alphabetized program list includes individual poll scores, original theatrical titles (where indicated), year of release and country of origin (if other than USA), as well as featured performers.

    (6.0) Absolution (UK-1978) - Richard Burton/Domenic Guard
    (3.3) Beast From Haunted Cave (1959) - Michael Forest/Sheila Noonan
    (3.2) Black Hooker ("Street Sisters") (1974) - Durey Mason/Sandra Alexandra
    (5.1) Count Dracula And His Vampire Bride ("The Satanic Rites Of Dracula") (UK-1974) - Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing
    (3.9) Breakout From Oppression (Hong Kong-1978) - Fonda Lynn/Alan Tam
    (2.8) Country Blue (1973) - Dub Taylor/Jack Conrad
    (5.3) Creeper (Canada-1977) - Hal Holbrook/Lawrence Dane
    (6.7) Creepers ("Phenomena") (Italy-1985) - Jennifer Connelly/Donald Pleasence (in support)
    (4.0) Day Of The Panther (Australia-1988) - Ed Stazak/John Stanton
    (2.8) Death By Dialogue (1988) - Ken Sagoes/Laura Albert
    (4.6) The Devil With Seven Faces (Italy-1971)- Caroll Baker/Stephen Boyd
    (4.5) Don't Look In The Basement ("The Forgotten") (1973) - Bill McGhee/Jessie Lee Fulton
    (3.2) Don't Open Till Christmas (UK-1984) - Edmund Purdom/Alan Lake
    (3.0) The Firing Line (USA/Philippines-1991) - Rob Brown/Shannon Tweed
    (4.4) Going Steady (Israel/W Ger-1979)
    (2.4) The Guy From Harlem (1977) - Loye Hawkins/Cathy Davis
    (2.7) Horror Of The Zombies (Spain-1974) - Maria Perschy/Jack Taylor
    (1.9) In Hot Pursuit ("Polk County Pot Plane") (1977) - Don Watson/Bobby Watson
    (4.8) Invasion Of The Bee Girls (1973) - William Smith/Anitra Ford
    (2.7) The Island Monster (Italy-1954) - Boris Karloff
    (3.2) I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now? (1975) - Bob Dishy/Joanna Barnes/Bill Dana/Vito Scotti
    (4.9) Jive Turkey ("Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes") (1974) - Frank DeKova/Paul Harris
    (6.7) Katie's Passion (Netherlands-1975) - Rutger Hauer
    (5.7) Lazarus Syndrome (TV-1978) - Louis Gossett Jr./E.G. Marshall
    (1.9) Legacy Of Blood ("Blood Legacy") (1971) - Rudolfo Acosta/John Carradine (in support)
    (3.9) Legend Of Big Foot (1976) - Ivan Marx/Peggy Marx
    (6.0) Mad Dog ("Beast With A Gun") (Italy-1977) - Helmut Berger/Richard Harrison
    (2.4) Mama Dracula (France/Belgium-1980) - Louise Fletcher/Maria Schneider
    (4.7) The Murder Mansion (Spain-1972) - Evelyn Stewart
    (1.9) The Manipulator (1971) - Mickey Rooney/Keenan Wynn
    (2.2) Night Train To Terror (1985) - Barbara Wyler/Jamie Scoggin
    (5.3) Prime Time ("American Raspberry") (1977) - Paul Ainsley/Royce Applegate/Joanna Cassidy (minor role)
    (4.1) Prisoners Of The Lost Universe (UK-1983) - Richard Hatch/Kay Lenz/John Saxon
    (4.3) Rattlers (1976) - Sam Chew Jr./Elisabeth Chauvet
    (3.9) Savage Journey (TV-1983) - Maurice Grandmaison/Paul Warton/Richard Moll (minor role)
    (3.9) Savage Weekend (1979) - Christopher Allport/Jim Doerr
    (6.3) Shock (1946) - Vincent Price
    (4.9) Slave Of The Cannibal God (Italy-1978) - Ursula Andress/Stacy Keach
    (4.0) Snowbeast (TV-1977) - Bo Svenson/Yvette Mimieux/Robert Logan
    (5.9) Spare Parts (TV-W Germany-1979)
    (2.8) Throw Out The Anchor! (1974) - Richard Egan/Dina Merrill
    (4.0) T.N.T. Jackson (USA/Philippines-1975) - Jeannie Bell/Stan Shaw
    (5.8) Trauma (Italy/W Ger-1978) - Fabio Testi/Christine Kaufmann
    (3.1) Treasure Of Tayopa (1974) - Gilbert Roland/Rena Winters
    (3.1) Twister's Revenge! (1987) - Dean West/Meredith Orr
    (7.1) Unsane (Italy-1982) - Anthony Franciosa
    (3.9) Vengeance Of The Zombies (Spain-1973)
    (1.9) Voodoo Black Exorcist (Spain-1973)
    (4.7) The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Women (Spain/W Ger-1971)
    (3.3) Women Of Devil's Island (Italy/France-1962) - Guy Madison...more info
  • Drive-In Movie Classics
    Had ordered this collection because a specific movie was listed as being on this disc. It was not....more info
  • Good Titles - Poor Quality
    Some great B grade to Z grade movies that are often hard to find, so if the movie you're looking for is in this collection then be warned that the quality of the source (old video)is no match for any reasonable expectations.
    Example: The Invasion of the Bee Girls is still much clearer on my 30 year old video copy than it is on the DVD version.

    The B/W ones are reasonably clear and I prefer to watch these than the washed out -no contrast - over saturated colour versions.

    Millcreek (the production company) seem to have done little to fix up the source stock, or maybe the source stock was incapable of being fixed.
    Too bad! If you are desperate for the titles then I recommend that you buy this collection, otherwise try and find it yourself as an original....more info
  • worth it!
    i bought this item because one title sprang out at me which was absolution starring richard burton, a movie i've been wanting to see for ages now. i almost bought it on it's own from amazon which would have costed me $13.99 ++ shipping costs but buying this pack costed me $12.99++. the movie itself is still in good condition as it's only about 30 years old so i considered this purchase as extremely good and i got the other 49 movies as a bonus, so i,ll have an enjoyable time wading through them....more info
  • Savage Weekend has NOT been cut!
    I just wanted to say that the previous review, stating that the film SAVAGE WEEKEND was heavily edited, is not true. The reviewer must have been referring to the individual DVD release of this film. The SAVAGE WEEKEND film that is included in this 50-movie DVD is definitely the ADULT version. There are several nude scenes and sex scenes, including a completely naked Caitlin O'heaney. In fact, Caitlin spends most of the movie either naked or in her underwear. The violence, too, is included, complete with chainsaw and table-top buzz saw. Also, Yancy Butler made her screen debut in this film as a cute 6-year old. The picture and sound quality of this film, and the other dozen or so that i've watched, isn't perfect. But it's much better than i expected, and certainly more than adequate to enjoy the movies. In short, i'm very pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    This DVD release of Savage Weekend is not the complete movie; it's a badly butchered, heavily censored version. Why? Who knows. But you don't want this. If you're looking for it because you're a fan of Caitlin O'Heaney, you especially don't want this....more info
  • the best 50 movie pack ever made!!!
    this is a great deal theres action, horror, and comedy films theres also some argento movies in here some movies were once banned in the uk check out the 2 paul naschy films if your a fan

    heres a list of the best films in the pack

    savage weekend
    prime time
    day of the panther
    death by dialouge (so bad its good)
    the guy frome harlem (the worst greatest movie ever made)
    horror of the zombies
    mad dog
    night train to terror (cheesey fun)
    slave of the cannibal god
    spare parts
    tnt jackson
    voodo black exorcist
    werewolf vs. vampire women...more info
  • waste
    I didn't realise how awful these movies were - when I think we used to really look forward to seeing these stinkers at the show - guess our senses have matured ...more info
  • Terrific gift, amazing price!
    My son is a film student, and like me, he loves the heyday of pure cheese and low-(or NO)-budget thrillers. I bought the SCIFI pack for myself and the DRIVE-IN pack for him on his 23rd birthday. He and his friends have movie nights and play MST3K-type games, and I love to just pop one into my laptop instead of poisoning my mind with Dr. Phil or CNN. The quality of the reproduction varies greatly but every one I have seen so far has been very watchable, and the price is like a gift from Movie Lovers' Heaven....more info
  • Beware of two different versions of this Boxset.
    This is the second time I have ran into this problem with Mill Creek Entertainment products. Chilling Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection also has the same problem.

    Here are the titles listed from the boxset I purchased.

    Beast From The Haunted Cave
    Black Hooker
    Breakout From Oppression
    Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride
    Country Blue
    Day Of The Panther
    Death By Dialogue
    The Devil With Seven Faces
    Don't Look In The Basement
    Don't Open Till X-Mas
    The Firing Line
    Going Steady
    The Guy From Harlem
    Horror Of The Zombies
    I Wonder Who's Killing Her?
    In Hot Pursuit
    Invasion Of The Bee Girls
    Island Monster'
    Jive Turkey
    Katie's Passion
    The Lazarus Syndrome
    Legacy Of Blood
    The Legend Of Bigfoot
    Mad Dog
    Mama Dracula
    The Manipulator
    Moon Of The Wolf
    Murder Mansion
    Night Train To Terror
    Prime Time
    Prisoner Of The Lost Universe
    Savage Journey
    Savage Weekend
    Slave Of The Cannibal God
    Spare Parts
    Throw Out Your Anchor
    TNT Jackson
    Treasure Of Tayopa
    Twister's Revenge
    Voodoo Black Exorcist
    Women of Devil's Island....more info