The Best of The Electric Company
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music) Release Date: 02/07/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow!!!!
    I loved Electric Company when I was little, and now my 4 and 6 year olds can watch it too. They love it also. It's kind of a 70's Between the Lions. Fun and educational show. Teaches reading, punctuation and more. Wonderful....more info
  • This really brings us back and my kids love it too!
    We purchased this DVD because we really need to work with our son on his reading and it's a great supplement to reading books. He loves this DVD and we love the variety in it's approach. We didn't realize until we watched it with our kids that so much of what we viewed as children really stuck with us through the years!...more info
  • Power Turned On
    This collection brought back wonderful memories of learning. All of the favorites from The Electric Company are included. My teen and grown nieces and nephews laughed at first, but soon started moving to the music and saying how "cool' the show was. They loved it just as much as I did. Although the clothing and hairstyles have changed, the interactive learning and fun is just as effective as ever. The Electric Company is still a winner....more info
  • Fantastic
    I grew up watching this and the kids love it also. It's fun singing the same songs and telling them Mommy and Daddy grew up on this ....more info
  • Learning Fun For The Whole Family
    I remember loving to watch this program as a child. My daughter, while watching a fund-raising episode on public television, saw a few episodes. She was laughing and quoting parts of the show. I decided to surprise her with the dvd set and our family of 6 has had a great time watching and learning!...more info
  • Cool Nostalgia...but my 5 year old is lukewarm....
    I bought this for my 5 year old who is starting to sound out words. I used to love the Electric Company growing up in 70s. I remember the AV monitor rolling the television into my 3rd Grade class to watch it - it was the highlight of the school day.

    I was hoping there would be more episodes with Spiderman but I only found one so far. My son is only mildly interested in the videos except for Spiderman. He prefers Between The Lions on PBS which caters to the same "learning to read" level as the Electric Company. He may catch on to it later but right now not a hit with him. For me, it was a nice bit of nostalgia and I have no regrets about the purchase...

    One other thing...considering there were 100s of episodes it is pretty lame that they only released 20 on DVD. Why couldn't they package them in seasons??...more info
  • Don't let the kids watch the previews.
    The Electric Company episodes themselves are great. But the previews that we accidentally let our little girls watch are not at all appropriate for an audience of children who are learning to read, particularly the preview from the TV show, Undeclared. This was a really bad match....more info
  • The original interactive phonics lessons
    I loved this show when I was a kid, and now with kids of my own, I jumped at the chance to give them the opportunity to watch. They love it, and this show is GREAT at teaching basic reading skills. The feel of the show is very 1970's and the oldest episodes can come across as a little creepy at times because of that, but that's just from a 2006 adult perspective. Kids love it....more info
  • You will be turned on by The Electric Company!!
    As a person who has devoted his volunteer time to reading in the schools of Webster City, I am thrilled by this DVD collection of The Electric Company! It was great to see Rita Moreno, Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman teaching kids the joy of reading. I can't forget the rest of this great cast like Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart, Luis Avalos, Hattie Winston, Jim Boyd and Lee Chambelain. What a show. It was too bad I did not see the Short Circus sing "Sing Out" in this collection. This is great family entertainment and educational too! HEY YOU GUYS..BRING ON VOLUME THREE OF THIS SHOW!!...more info
  • Educational DVD
    Helps wife who is an Elementary School Teacher in teaching fundamentals to her students in a fun way....more info
  • Stands the test of time
    Bought for my 7 yr old (first grade) girl and 5 yr old (pre k) girl and 2 yr old boy. The 7 yr old is just learning the ropes of reading and LOVES these videos. We watch one or two before going to bed. She can really relate to the learning as it relates directly to her classroom experience. Really adds to her understanding. 5 yr old does not have as long of attention span, mostly osmosis education and entertainment. The 2 yr old LOVES these movies, he is just learning to speak and is in speech therapy, so he can relate to the oral skills involved and orients him to our language. AND as for me...LOVE seeing these vintage times and classic actors. The commentaries are way cool too. As usual wish the item was less expensive. A lot of videos on the cd's. Have to be really into them....more info
  • Hours of entertaining education
    I am fairly controlling about what my kids watch (no broadcast TV, only dvd's that we preview). Since I grew up with the Electric Company, I got a copy from our library and my kids (8 and 5) love it. It has been a great investment to have our own copy from Amazon. We take a portable DVD player on flights,and it is wonderful use of the time to have the kids learning reading skills while they are laughing out loud. Both kids have quizzed us with things that they have learned on the electric company, such as "Mom, do you know some words that have the letter c with both the sounds of c?" Our preschooler sounds out words as she has seen on the show. And all the fun styles and mannerisms of the 70's are fascinating to watch! So, "get it together" and get the Electric Company!...more info
  • Great Collection
    I bought this collection for my nostalgic husband for Christmas, and it ended up being my 4 year old son's favorite show. He can't get enough of it, and it is inspiring his already budding aspirations to learn to read.
    My husband is a notorious collector, but I didn't want to buy the entire series. This Best Of is a great representation of the show, and I think 4 discs is plenty....more info
  • I'm sure it's great but Amazon needs to change product description
    I have no doubt that this DVD set is great. I grew up watching the show and I was excited about bringing back a little of my childhood. Unfortunately, the Amazon description is incorrect as the set is not closed-captioned. Customer service said the set I received must have been defective. I received another set and.. no captions. CC isn't even on the box. ...more info
  • Still effective in teaching kids to read!
    I admit, I bought this DVD set for myself as a nostalgia trip. I was really shocked and thrilled at how my four-and-a-half-year-old has enjoyed watching the episodes. He is picking up sight words like crazy, as a result of the show, and loves the Spiderman episodes and Easy Reader. Even though the set and costume and some dialogue is clearly dated to the 70s (and there are a couple of moments that make me wonder 'what were they thinking, showing kids words like ALE and adults smoking cigars') the phonics they are teaching still is relevant and appropriate for today's young readers. We're huge PBS fans in this house, but I think this show 'grabs' kids more than the contemporary 'Between the Lions'. I really hope they come out with another set and more episodes!...more info
  • Who thought a Kid's show could be so FUNKY and GROOVY !
    Only in the '70s... !

    Sesame Street and Electric Company ran up back to back. Sesame Street was unique for its multi-cultural and multi-racial cast, however, when it came to downright cool, groovy, urban groovyness, Electric Company hit the spot... What's even more amazing, not only did it make phonics so fun, entertaining and memorable, in my mid-thirties (like many other people) I find the episodes so wild to watch... Sure, Irene Cara (member of the SHORT CIRCUS for a season or two) was just a baby back then... however Hattie Winston with that huge afro of hers and cutting edge 70's looks was Pam Grier/Tamara Dobbs bad... and Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman were remarkably young and jivey... and the sets and musical numbers were so... trippy, vangard 70's and out there... not to mention good (Especially when Rita Moreno was involved.... and considering the show's top notch creative team.) - - Oh yeah, and what about spidey... the Adventures of Letterman and the sillouettes that would say one word and finish the other and all those other wierd and trippy segments... (The show was famous for its unique visual graphics - - both technology and design wise.) Overall... cult TV where you'd least likely espect it... especially in an era where Children's TV was supposed to be corny...
    All in all, a show like ELECTRIC COMPANY that really DID teach people of my generation to read, yet was so hip and countercultural will probably never happen again... the TIGGERS and BARNEY's have taken over... and now look what's happening... Our kids are on crack.. and atleast 49% of the registered voters voted for the wrong guy... Pity, pity!

    As a foot note, keep an ear out for Skip Hinnant, the voice of Fritz the Cat... (The most amazing thing though is to see a young LIKEABLE Bill Cosby, or remembering Morgan Freeman when he had an afro and wore bell bottoms.) - - hard to believe that most of the adult cast are now in their early to late '60s !...more info
  • great reading fun for the family
    I had forgotten how much of my afternoons were spent with the electric company and how much of what I learned in school was reinforced by the show. My son struggles with reading; so, when he started teaching his little sister the words and begging to watch them again and again I know it was money well spent. ...more info
  • Hey, you guys!
    In this "hyper-world" of elementary school educational tools that seemingly moving faster than the speed of sound - while working the angle of selling some type of action figure - the relevance of The Electric Company remains incredibly strong.

    Each disk contains five episodes - touching each season, from 1971-1977 - and a special feature, which travels down the neat road of nostalgia (interviews with Rita Moreno, June Agela, executive producer Sam Gibbon & writer Tim Whedon and Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of The Children's Television Network).

    The charm is in the pacing in the introduction of material and concepts to help children with their reading skills that are accomplished in a fun manner, but with keen focus. The sketches, music, animation and special effects allow for lessons/topics to be approached and reinforced from different angles. And the viewer is part of the "neighborhood" that is emphasized by the actors.

    Yes, "The Electric Company gets its power from the Children's Television Workshop," and may it continue to be a strong beacon for good education.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic set!
    My kids just love these shows, as did I. The characters are funny and the shows are innovative and instructional. I recommend these for anyone with school-age children....more info
  • Electric Company Still Rocks!
    I teared up when I heard the music from the theme song to the Electric Company for the first time in 30 years. I grew up with this show and now my children are learning from it too. Thanks to whoever arranged to have it released on DVD. It was and still is a great show!...more info
  • Highly Recommended!
    Children will surely love watching all the episodes of this educational, yet at the same time, entertaining TV series!...more info
  • excellent in every regard
    As an elementary ESL teacher, I get a chance to see just how many hoops kids have to jump through to show they are literate. Mind-numbing spelling drills don't seem to help much, but you wouldn't know that from looking at the average teacher lesson plan. And why aren't kids coming to school more capable at reading? Well, they haven't been read to enough. But they also haven't gotten the right kind of television viewing. As an occasionally rabid anit-televisionist, I apply overly strict requirements for the programs my 4 1/2 year old son watches. They have to be edifying - fun, yes, but educational in the broadest, non-fundamentalist sense. The Electric Company is/was excellent, endlessly creative and on the mark. I find myself laughing out loud when we watch it together. A model approach, both creative and thoughtful - an introduction to a skill that will last a lifetime.
    And FUN!...more info
  • The Electric Company Returns!
    I love this show. It's too bad they stopped making it, but I guess after six years they were all kind of burnt out. It's also too bad that they don't run it on regular PBS anymore. I don't feel that it's dated at all. The chroma-key stuff looked quirky then, and it still does now. I know they've shown some episodes on Noggin, but I don't have cable. Here's hoping that they'll release a second box set, and also if the booklet is correct, a return to the air with some new episodes (provided that they are written and performed as well as the originals were)....more info
  • Highly recommended
    If you were a kid during the 70's and you watched this show, you might not remember just how funny it really was. I was expecting a kind of hazy nostalgia at just being able to see some episodes again - but I was completely surprised and amused to find that the humor is still fresh, almost subversive in tone, while keeping faithful to its educational goals, aimed mainly towards underpriveliged children who might not have been learning to read otherwise. The cast was a phenomenal group of performer-actors who provided true dedication and spirit unlike anything there has ever been in American children's programming. The Electric Company was created by adults for children and adults - a unique combination that likely will never happen again. ...more info
  • fantastically entertaining and educational
    the kids love the show and the beginning reader is reading much more after only a few weeks of viewing. as far as i am concerned, this is the best reading teacher out there!...more info