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Royal 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder
List Price: $135.99

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Product Description

Protect your identity. Shred documents before disposal. The Royal 160MX shredder conveniently shreds up to 16 sheets in a single pass into small 5/32" x 1 5/8" pieces. Also shreds staples, CDs, and Credit Cards. Powerful and feature packed to prevent jams or overloads that can damage other shredders. Heavy Duty Usage - 150 shred cycles per day. It also features a 26-liter pull-out wastebasket and it automatic start/stop feature. With a LCD Message Center and a "Bin Full" Sensor the shredder will stop shredding when the bin is full. Shreds paper into small 5/32 x 1 1/8 pieces Shreds staples, CDs and DVDs Approximate dimensions - 26H x 18W x 14D

  • Shreds up to 16 sheets in a single pass
  • Full size console with locking casters for easy mobility
  • 26 liter pull-out wastebasket
  • Auto start/stop automatically senses paper and shreds it
  • Patented jam-free rollers reduce paper jams and clogs

Customer Reviews:

  • A shredder that actually works!
    In my battle to find a shredder that doesn't wrap the paper around itself like the Fellowes Powershred P70C, I finally decided to upgrade on price with hopes of finding something that was, at last, worthwhile. I found it. The Royal 16- sheet cross cut Shredder. Perfect job every time. No back up. No burn out. No clogging just pure unadulterated shreds. ...more info
  • Worth The Money
    Royal 16-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Bought this shredder even though it was more than I planned to spend, but was tired of shredders that quit after a few months of use. Years ago I had a $70.00 Fellows machine that quit two weeks past the warranty. I took it apart to find the PLASTIC gears had stripped. Called Fellows to try and BUY a new gear set, but was told "We don't fix THOSE (non-pro) machines". I've had 4 "Big-Box-Store" brands of shredders since (including one with "Diamond Shred") all die, usually stripped gears, although the "Diamond Shred" got a paper jam that bent a shredder wheel and proceeded to eat itself alive.
    This unit has all steel gears and powers thru everything I've fed it. I've fed it junk mail without opening the envelopes, but don't really recommend that. Shreds credit cards, CDs, etc all with no problems.
    Box arrived pretty beat-up, but unit was fine as it is packaged with molded styrofoam inserts. Unit ran fine from the get-go. Minor problem is occasionally unit shuts-down and flashes and beeps "Bin Full", even though it's not. Shake down or empty the bin and on it goes....more info
  • Royal paper shredder not a very good shredder
    whether I'm inserting 2 sheets or 10 sheets. The product spends more time beeping than shredding. It does nothing but beep. Hard to feed and A total piece of crap...more info
  • Excellent Home Office Shredder
    I killed my old Fellowes shredder by never lubricating the blades. In fact, the Fellowes rep I spoke with said she was amazed it lasted the 5 years I owned it without any lubrication. Oh well, live and learn! The Royal 160mx is actually a lot more effective anyhow shredding 15 pages at a time as opposed to the 4-5 sheets on my old Fellowes. Cuts my shredding time by two thirds. I also like the credit card and CD shredding features, and I especially enjoy shredding all those credit card solicitations without even having to open the envelopes. I get a strange thrill by shoving those ubiquitous credit card offer envelopes down the cutter chute unopened! Bottom line is this is the best home office shredder I could find and I am extremely happy with my purchase. (This time I WILL lube the blades each time after I empty the more than amply sized bin!)

    ...more info
  • If it could speak, it would say, "FEED ME!!!!"
    This thing is hungry for junk mail. It'll gobble up those credit card applications right in the envelope they come in. You'll have no reason not to securely dispose of all of that stuff. The construction seems very solid. Mine was shipped in the retail packaging which was beat to heck when it got here, but the shredder itself was unscathed and functions perfectly. It sits on four locking casters, has some serious steel inards, and has a built in bin to catch the aftermath. Curious fingers are relatively safe as removing the bin cuts power to the unit. It's got a two prong polarized plug. The display indicates: "Ready Auto", "Forward", "Reverse", "Bin Full" and, I would imagine, some sort of jam message. Although, I doubt if you'd ever jam this thing while following the 16 sheet guideline. The display also will indicate an "Overheat" condition, but only if you're stuffing the shredder with 16 sheets at a time continuously for 10 minutes or more. Just let it cool down for 30 minutes and it's ready to go again. And for those of you who need to destroy "sensitive" data on CD or DVD, this will take care of it. Time will tell if it's going to last, but I generated three lawn bags full of shreddings the first afternoon I had this with no problem....more info
  • From Junk mail to Fun mail
    There are so many adds in local papers and store flyers about shredders costing $20-$30 and all of them look so nice, some of them say 8 sheets at a time and credit card shredding and all other great features. In reality, after first few times you will use them, these shredders will show their true colors - very cheap made colors. If you'd ask me 5 years ago that would I spend $1XX on a shredder, I'd say you are crazy. However, now with all this junk in mail boxes, you got to have something that takes care of business.

    Many other reviewers stated all of the technical features this machine has so there no need for me to repeat them. Personally when I buy things, I try to do my best to get best bang for the buck like other people do, but my "best bang for the buck" is little different. This shredder for instance, has way more potential than I am going to use on average basis. Once in a while though, there is a time when you wish you had something better for that moment and you would save yourself a lot of irreversible stress time. That's why I've got myself Royal 160mx, for those times when you need extra and you don't want to worry about it. Like the proverb says - "We are not rich to buy cheap things".

    Now trip to mail box turned from frustration of getting so, so, so much Junk mail to excitement of getting that Fun mail - those pesky credit companies, organ enlargement, cheapo membership club, best hunter knife and sticker society Un-Opened envelopes that without further ado go straight thru this very solid machine. Finally, I've got myself little more peace of mind and I feel happier with one less stressful problem of identity theft and time wasting on measly things in this life. Thank you Royal for making a great product and after thorough research on most of the internet sites you will not find a better rated shredder for this or to that matter any amount of money.

    P.S. Can you believe all of this I wrote for a shredder?....this world is sure changing...more info
  • GREAT shredder
    The reviews are all correct this is a great reliable machine. No nonsense, plug in and shred....more info
    I bought this shredder from Amazon, getting the best price at that time. I am typing this review as I am set to order a second of the same shredder. THIS THING ROCKS. It is not the quietest, strongest, or most secure shredder known to man, but for pretty good security at a good price without excessive noise, this is great! I have not yet had a jam, and I've tried to feed bigger and bigger stacks of paper through it. It chomps credit cards, CD-Roms, junk mail envelopes with fake credit cards UNOPENED (yeah, it will shred the whole thing, which is a couple sheets of paper, an envelope, a fake plastic card). Some reviewer who gave it a 1-star rating talked about beeping--it beeps when the bucket is full. Perhaps he has a jam at the place where the sensor for bucket fullness is placed. The bucket is huge, the construction is good, with no little breakable protrusions. It has wheels to move it. It is stable even when full. Unless you are going to spend a significantly greater amount of money you will not be sorry to own this shredder....more info
  • perfect SOHO shredder
    I purchased the Royal 160MX crosscut shredder to replace a Boston strip shredder that I have used for years at home for small office/home office needs. I wanted a quality crosscut shredder for added security. I also wanted one that could shred more documents at one time and handle CDs. The Royal 160MX fits the bill.

    I compared the Royal 160MX with comparably-priced Fellowes shredders, and there was no comparison. You get much more for your money with the Royal.

    The 160MX arrives completely assembled. The packing is good -- no damage from shipping. All you do is remove the plastic bag surrounding the shredder and plug it in. It's ready to go. The motor is heavy -- it definitely feels up to the task -- and it sits atop a plastic housing with a removable basket. The housing has casters so it can be rolled around easily, and there are handles on the sides for easy carrying if necessary. The shredder has a big easily-removable basket to catch the shredded material. The shredder will not operate unless the basket is pushed completely into place, which is a nice safety feature. There is a large opening to feed documents for shredding -- this unit can handle up to 16 documents at one time with continuous shredding at max capacity up to 15 minutes. There is an LCD display to let you know if the unit is jammed or overheated, and it will also tell you if the basket needs to be emptied. I shredded numerous documents and credit card receipts, and the pieces are so small that one can feel secure that no one is going to gain any meaningful information from them. Unlike other shredders I considered, the Royal 160MX does not require any periodic oiling.

    Bottom line: excellent shredder for home or small office usage. Highly recommended and well worth the price paid ($139.95)....more info
  • Best shredder I've ever owned
    I owned 4 shredders previous to this one, mostly around $60. Two were Fellowes and two were more generic brands. My last Fellowes said it could do 8 sheets, but that wasn't really true. The most that I've been able to run through it was 5, maybe barely 6, sheets but every time it sounded like the motor was choking on that load. This has been my basic experience with all my shredders regarding the advertised amount of sheets they could eat at once. Anyway, after several months, the basket got overfilled a few times by accident and the motor got clogged and would take only like 3 sheets anymore. (When a basket overfills, the motors starts eating already cross-cut sheets from the bottom and clogs itself).

    I finally decided to get a new shredder when the fellowes couldn't accept some back_up CDs/DVDs with some sensitive information on them. It ate about 1/4 of the first disc and decided it was full. I'm really impressed with the Royal I bought myself for Christmas, it's the first one of it's brand I had. It was an indulgent purchase, being pretty much double the amount I ever spent on a shredder. Previously, I only bought the best of whatever Walmart/Target offered, being "8 sheet", $60 models of various brands..

    Things I like about it:

    1. The advertising is true for once. The motor is feels and weighs much heavier than the other models. I count up 15-16 sheets and it just eats them no problem. This is the only shredder where I felt I could actually put more in without it choking but I don't, don't want to void warranty:) I actually never had to make it go in reverse for the 7 weeks I used it to spit things back out.

    2. I can pull out the basket. On a lot of other models, I'd have to take off the motor on top of the basket and from the bottom of the motor, little crosscut strips would spill everywhere - making me sweep:( Here, I pull out the basket and carry the contents where I need them - cleanly. (BTW, because of all the air inbetween, crosscut strips burn very well, in case you need to make a fire in the fire place.)

    3. The basket is big! At least twice as large as I'm accustomed to, I have to empty it a lot less.

    4. It has an automatic sensor telling you when the basket is full - overfilling a basket ruined or severely degrade the future performance of some of my previous shredders.

    5. Along with the automatic sensors, it has an LCD panel telling you exactly what, if any, problems occur. If it's overheated, full, etcetera - it will tell you what's wrong so you don't have to fiddle with the thing guessing what's wrong.

    6. It accepts cds/dvds/credit cards no problem. I chased about 30-some back_up cds through it without it even burping or temporarily overheating, which is common with other, cheaper, shredders when it has to eat a decent stack of paper.

    7. This is the first shredder I've had on wheels. Maybe it's because I only had cheapo shredders before, I don't know. But moving it around is much easier.

    8. Even though the motor is heavy, the rest of the boy doesn't feel skimpy - it's doesn't feel topheavy where it would spill. On the other shredders I've owned, the motor was really heavy and the basket would be like a thin and light metal cage. They were so topheavy, sometimes they'd spill over because of a little nudged - making a mess.

    9. 16 sheets! I know I said this before. But I can't overstate the convenience. On my old machines that claimed 5-8 sheets, to shred a 200-paper stack, I would sit there feeding the machine 3-5 sheets a time. It would take me a better part of half-an-hour or more (with dumping the waste basket at least once). This shredder could do that in less than 5-7 minutes and probably hold all that in it's basket.

    Before Christmas, I looked at all the shredders out there and this was the only one under $200 with the features and the power. Some other companies offer 12-sheet shredders at %50 more! It's really a steal for the price. If you are thinking of getting a cheaper one, don't. Like I've said, I've had 4 other shredders around $60, whatever model I could buy local. None of them really did the job well, but ended up costing me (collectively) twice as much as this one did....more info
  • One month, and no problems
    I was looking for a multi sheet shredder because I had tons of paper work to get rid of. Old credit card invoices and pay stubs etc... My old one was a so called 7 sheet. Lucky if it took 3. I rarely put 16 at a time, but when I do, it takes it. I put 10 to 12 in the slot, and when that's shredding, I'll sneak an envelope or 2 in the CD slot at the same time.
    The only thing that bothers me is the full basket sensor goes off quite a bit from paper flying into it. What ever. I just shake the basket a bit and that takes care of it. When the warranty is up, I'll take the sensor out. It's also quiet. My other one was like an airplane. Maybe I'll update every month or so as I use it more and more. So far, it's great....more info