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Catit Replacement Cartridge - 3 pk
List Price: $10.55

Our Price: $4.85

You Save: $5.70 (54%)


Product Description

This replacement filter has 2 functions: 1. The mechanical part collects debris, food and sediment.2. The activated carbon chambers help reduce bad tastes, odors and absorb other impurities present in tap water.

  • Catit Drinking Fountain
  • Catit Drinking Dome
  • 50050, 50052

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Water Bowl for Animals
    This catit water bowl is great, keeps water cool and clean with the filter. If you can get one, do so. ...more info
  • Easy to replace
    The filters are very easy to replace for the Hagen Catit fountain. I have also been known to rinse them out and reuse them while waiting for the next shipment to arrive and they continue to filter out the majority of cat fur even if the carbon is spent....more info
  • Just filters
    The title and picture are both wrong, its just the 3 pack of filters, but the price is right. The filters work as advertised. With 2 cats you're looking at about 2 to 3 weeks per filter....more info
  • My cat loves it...
    I rinse the catridge once a week and use it for 6-8 weeks. It keeps water fresh for almost 5 days and my cat drinks much water then before.
    ...more info
  • Great unit and cartridges!
    I have bought several different cat fountains in the past and of all of them, this CatIt one is the best IMO. While a lot of fountains spray the water down a chute and into a pool. The water comes out of the fountain over a dome, this allows my cat far more surface area and apparently feels more natural to them. They definitely prefer licking the water off the dome over drinking it from the pool. Also I like that the filter comes BEFORE the pump versus after the pump as with other models. Just a great little fountain!...more info
  • Prompt delivery, reasonable price
    The manufacturer suggests replacing the filter in the Catit fountain frequently. Of course, a consumable product like this - or, for example, printer ink and paper - is a cash cow for the seller. In this case the seller, KEY Products, delivered 4 3-packs promptly in a USPS Priority pouch. The price is reasonable, and I see no reason to assume they are anything other than a responsible seller of a consumable that delivers what is promised. Recommended....more info
  • CatIt Does It
    My two kittens were raised by the breeder on a Petmate fountain, and had no trouble transitioning to this, or, to a non powered gravity fed dispenser of water. Unfortunately, they love to splash the regular water dispenser because when the storage bottle feeds it, it makes a blub blub blub noise they seem to find amazing. They drink from the Catit fountain, both from the bowl (which is smaller than the regular water dispenser, so they can't splash it) and from the dome. In both cases, they drink from the spots where the water emanates - rather than from the bowl proper, or the broad surface of the dome. It is unnecessarily tricky to fill and change, but not a major obstacle. Hiding the cord from kittens is a trick, too, but thankfully they outgrow their fascination with 1/4 inch of cord you can't hide. The water is always clean - and, in my case, in the bowl and not on the floor....more info